© Copyrighted

©   Copyrighted. 2007  Marianne Tioran. Please contact author for permission to use material.  Thank you.

11 Responses to “© Copyrighted”

  1. Great site Marianne!!
    How do we contact you to send private message rather than post in public spot?

  2. yes, I’d like to know this, too, thanks!
    I’m really being blessed by a lot of your work here, thanks for sharing what God’s given you!

  3. We like to ask for permission to use some of your pictures in our online daily devotionals.

    • dear Devotional2010

      I got most of my pictures from the public domain.

      There are a few that are copyrighted, and I have an agreement with the artist. You may see some pages with an acknowledgment.

      Since, I do not accept donations or money, it is not an issue for me.

      There are some “drawings” graphs, etc, that are really mine.

      You would have to indicate which images you want so I could tell you if they are free to use.

      God bless you.

  4. Peace!

    I do not believe that word of God is free. They said in a School that results of scientific knowlede are free. When I was in the school they really did not give me religious knowledge at all besides the names of Jacob’s sons.

    So I am having a problem concerning your writing: Babylon destroyed by a millstone. I went to Youtube and I found videos about crop circles. And one thing led to another. Those crop circles had these geometric pictures and they are quite scientific. And they can be explained.

    And I did explain couple of them in one forum. And now I think it was too much. All I want to know is that did you get an idea millstone being same as a crop circle from some forum or is your own original idea?


    • hi Tapio

      The millstone Babylon idea was mine, but then, it could be a coincidence if the same idea is somewhere else as well.

      What I meant that the word of god is free: since jesus paid the price for me with his life, I cannot make myself make a profit off someone else’s sacrifice.

      Notice I do all this and do not ask for money or donations.

  5. If the idea is your own then everything is o.k. But if you have got it from some other forum then I am feeling sad. And I need to know it.

    Here are the explanations that came in my mind. They are quite wild but everything is o.k. if millstone=crop circle was your own idea:



  6. O.k. thank you for your response. I am a little bit afraid where I got when I started to study crop circles geometry.

    • Tapio

      I am not sure I understand the pages you sent. They are talking about hydrogen, wavelengths, and data collection.

      What does this have to do with the crop circle? I did see one comment about crop circles, but none of the other comments seem related to it.

  7. Hi Marianne! 🙂 you have beautiful artwork and graphics! I am contacting you as i would love to use your Burning Bush Art for my Acoustic Album! 🙂 Please let me know if this is possible my email address is Stephen@edifyinvestmentsolutions.com The album is about truth and the picture is so perfect i love it so much. Kind Regards Stephen 🙂

    • stephen

      the writing is copyrighted, not most of the images,, there are a few images that I did myself, but is not in question here.

      other images are taken from the public domain, where no copyright is indicated, and used for educational purposes only. I collect no money from anything I write or post.

      so the burning bush is public domain, you would have to search further such images and see if you can find the originator of the image, since you are planning a for profit venture.

      I wish you the best on your albumn

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