2 Rainbows


Sometimes,  God speaks without words.


This happened about 10 years ago.

I was burdened for my children’s salvation.

Many years,  and many tears.

Many thoughts of regret. What had I done wrong?

Had a been a bad mom?

Was I a failure as a witness for the Lord, to even my own family?

It had been raining, and I was on my way home from work.

I was crying out to God in my heart, crying as I drove.

My heart was broken, as I remembered distressful events I had just experienced.

The route home was the usual one.

Somewhat rural, which would lead to a busier highway and the next town.

Suddenly, I looked up, and there was a rainbow actually ending on the portion of the road I was driving on.

It was in front of me.

Amazed, l looked around.

It was beautiful!

And there was a second rainbow too!

What I actually saw looked similar to this.

It was 2 rainbows, forming a curved cross in the sky.



The first rainbow I saw ended on the road in front of me.

The end of second rainbow was a little more difficult to locate, but it appeared to end on the path I was taking to get home.

I felt such joy to look at this unusual event, and was excited as I made my way home. 

I felt this was God’s open promise and covenant with me for my children.

It is many years later, and when I get discouraged, I remember the 2 rainbows.

One for each child.

And the shape of the cross in the sky.

Someday, it will come true, because God made it clear to me.

For all those of you who have lost loved ones:

…. remember that God will keep his covenant with you, if you remember His promises for good, and not for evil.

For all those in a “flood,” there is a rainbow covenant that comes with it.

And you WILL make it through to final victory.

This is not my promise to you.  It is God’s.

47 Responses to “2 Rainbows”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful beautiful. I too need that covenant
    for my child.

    If you think about it, none of us mom’s would “make it
    home” from work if we didn’t believe God’s promise to
    save our household if we had faith in Him.

    Your sister,


  2. That rainbow thing happened to me during a troubling time in my life.. No rain, sunshine and a rainbow.. I knew it was the Lord promising peace..

  3. Sunami in Japan and the lesson of fig tree told by Jesus and what do you think?

    • hi Sunimal

      The Lord always warns us. Jesus himself said pray nothing happens in the winter. Most likely, it is too late to prepare at that time.

      So, it makes sense that the warnings to prepare occur in the spring, while we still have the resources to do so.

      Israel has had trouble start in the spring. In 1948, after its rebirth, it was attacked by 5 Arab states. Then in 1967, it was attacked again in the 6 day war. But these were tsunamis of enemies, not mother nature.

      It is my hope that warnings are something we can all live through, and learn what we need to do, so our lives are spared.

      Right now, we still have time to pray and repent, and we should focus on that. We can prepare physically, but things like tidal waves will overcome anything physical we do. So, prayer for protection is the most important.

      My prayers are with Japan, and all those in the Pacific area, who could experience harm from this.

  4. Beautiful, Marianne. I never see a rainbow that I don’t feel the touch of God. He spoke again ..without words..as HE allowed the earthquake in Japan. He continues to align economies, nations, hearts as He accomplishes His perfect work on the earth. Considered the dreams many had shared here…concerning ‘deatruction/fires/earthquakes.’ CNN reports this one is the 7th largest in history…’7′ being God’s perfect number of ‘fullnss’.

  5. Sunimal…this ‘historic’ earthquake is surely one of many seaonal ‘signs’ of where we are on God’s calandar. Seems God is continuing His alignment of nations, economies, and peoples as He continues His perfect work on the earth. This earthquake and its worldwide impact is another degree of swelling of the fig’s ‘bud.’

    Mt 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8 All these are the beginning of sorrows.

  6. Hi Marrianne….I loved reading your rainbow story ….I had a similar experience….I hope this encourages you in return: My children are dear to me too when I became a christian the eldest was 13 our youngest child had not yet been born. I thought God would instantly resolve our marital problems and our children would all grow up to know the Lord, sadly that never happened after 25 years a christian my husband is further away from God than ever : HOWEVER God definately has a plan and is faithful to answer our prayers for our children: One day about 8 years ago I decided to take a bath..it was the afternoon and I didnt usually do that BUT I found a bottle of bath salts I had been given as a present with a scripture attached it was Genesis 9:v12 – 14 About the Rainbow and the covenant….As I lay in the bath suddenly a small rainbow appeared on my bathroom tiles I did not know how as it was not sunny I started moving objects to see if it would go but it was a supernatural sign for me. I prayed fervently lord what are you saying to me!! That evening I was due to go to a ladies prayer meeting so I made a pact with God!! and said ok Lord if any of the ladies at the meeting tonight mentions a covenant I will tell them all about this bath-time experience. As the prayer meeting that evening drew to a close suddenly one of the ladies opened her Bible and began to read from Isiaih 59: v21 ‘ As for me, this is my covenant with them says the Lord. My spirit who is on you and my words that I have put in your mouth will not depart from your mouth, or the mouths of your children, or the mouths of their children from this time on and forever says the lord.’ I beleived this to be a direct word for my children. Soon after that my two girls both made commimtments……I’m only waiting for my two sons now but I have the promise and like you every time I see a rainbow I am reminded!!! God Bless I am going to post this story which is written down on my computer as I’ve been keeping a diary for many years of what god has done in my life/ on my blog: http://angieskitchen51.wordpress.com
    Be warned though I have not had time to update it since the last time you looked…..I am retiring at the end of this month and I am going to develop the blog ….BIG TIME from then on.

  7. Marianne, God’s ‘rainbow’ covenant is especially significant on this day of ‘deluge’ connected to tsunami.

  8. Matianne, A beautiful, sweet, touching and enlightening story, thank you. It reminded me, that about 10 years ago, as you say, and for years before, that we would see rainbows so often. There was a time when double rainbows were frequent as well. In that time period a frirend and I were driving home from the Nappa Valley, in northern Calif. to coastal, southern Orange Co. It was the MOST spectacular day of rainbows we had ever seen, to this day. During our entire journey,from the beautiful northern couintryside to the sea, there were muliple, rainbows and miutiple doubles, we were in AWE! We knew the Lord was speaking in a most glorious way, showing His mighty awesome presence, to all who couiild see! .Since that time period, 10 years ago, rainbows are rare, infrequent, we may see one or two a year. For the longest time I have wondered why. I think it must be part of the end times? How very special it was in how the Lord spoke to you…awesome!

  9. well, that nice god said this should be OK ?

  10. god will be ok, when the radioactive clouds come to your homes to usa????

  11. Let the evildoer still do evil, and the filthy still be filthy, and the righteous still do right, and the holy still be holy.‘See, I am coming soon; my reward is with me, to repay according to everyone’s work. rev 22 : 11-12

  12. Revelations 10:1 And I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was on his head, and his face was as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:

    I love rainbows they remind me of a spring rain as a young girl. How good God is that he makes it rain and then he would leave us a rainbow of his presence.

    Ezekiel 1:28 Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord. When I saw it I fell face down, and I heard the voice of one speaking.

    Knowing the things the word says about who makes the rainbows you would think it would scare anyone else to make a rainbow?

    Take a look at this site? I don’t get it are these people lying?

    Evil may lurk but God is always near, praise his name.


  13. Forgot the site, caught up in thinking about the Lord and the Rainbow.


  14. A similar thing happened to me about 15 years ago. I was praying for my mom’s salvation after she disowned me for being a Christian. I was driving and crying so hard, I could barely see. It started raining and then the double rainbow appeared and I had a great sense of peace come over me. She didn’t speak to me for years, but in the past year, I’ve seen a huge change. God is so faithful!

    • hi Anna

      I hope the best for you and your mom’s salvation. This vision was back in 1998, so it has been awhile for me too. Let us have faith in the salvation of our loved ones to occur very soon….maybe this year.

  15. In 1985 my wife became a Christian and the day she was baptized she saw a beautiful rainbow on a perfectly cloudless day. She told me that she thought God Himself showed this rainbow to her as a sign of His happiness that she was saved. She died 2 years ago and I know she and Jesus are together now, and I can’t wait to join them someday.

  16. thank god for speaking to me through rainbows a few days before my autistic daughter started school i dreamt a rainbow over the school bus. believe it or not on the first day of school while waiting for the bus we a saw a rainbow. another situation with my husband i told i know i am not worried it only took a few minutes when a rainbow appeared. there have been other situations where i saw a rainbow. also i just feel it it and when i look outside its there.

  17. GOD speaks to us,whom HE knows well; in LOVING WONDERFUL ways.

  18. This is so strange but about two weeks ago we were driving through some rain and on the right side of us was sunny clear skies and all of a sudden as we looked out of our windshield it looked as if we were driving inside of a rainbow for about 5 secs. The colors were right in front of us as we drove inside of it. We were utterly amazed. I hadnt heard of anyone ever having gone through a rainbow until I read your post! Love, Brandy

    • hi Brandy

      I am glad to hear you had that experience with the rainbow. It is amazing.

      It is like you are inside God’s protection, and living his promise as you drive through it.

  19. I am going through a very hard time with my oldest daughter, she is 19 and not living with us anymore. We have had problems with her for several years. For the last month my husband and I have prayed, tossed and turned and worried like we have never worried. We are both heart broken. We don’t know what to do. We have made contact but she is so cold and rebellious. Her friends and my family are not helping. I have prayed and commanded that Satan and his demons release her. I read the prayer against witchcraft and that helped me. Then I read this rainbow story. A day or two ago, my other 2 children and I were riding to Tractor Supply and we were leaving sunny skies and drove into a spring thunder storm. As we pulled into the parking lot my daughter spied a rainbow. I always think of God’s promise to Noah when I see them. As we were checking out, the young cashier asked if we had seen the double rainbow. I said no only one, she showed me on her phone the picture she had taken of the double rainbow. I don’t know how I missed it. Then today after talking to my oldest daughter again and feeling miserable and worse I got on the computer looking for hope, comfort. I found the prayer and then this story of the double rainbow. I hope this is God talking to me.

    • dear p

      I share your hope and prayer for your daughter. When it comes to God, there are no coincidences.

      The double rainbow was there for a reason, to remind you of God’s promise of salvation and deliverance from this world.

      Just as Noah was saved by the ark, there is an ark waiting for your daughter.

      Do not give up. Turn her over to the Lord.

      Sometimes a prayer takes a long time before an answer comes. But when it comes, it will be on times, even though we wanted it sooner.

      Speak positive things to your daughter, no matter how rebellious she is.

      Then, once you plant the seed of love, let it grow, with God’s help.

    • Dear P…….Your comment touched my heart. 15 years ago our youngest daughter ran away from home with a drug addict, heartbroken but the next day I turned on the radio and the first words I heard were ‘Have faith in God’ Our daughter returned home a changed person 15 months later. God was faithful. I praised God every day that she had left!! that he had the whole situation in his hand……..this story continues please follow my blog to hear more http://angieskitchen51.wordpress.com

  20. Hold to your faith through Jesus he paid our sins. Glory too GOD ALLMIGHTY..may HIS rod and staff help us find the way. GOD bless

  21. I’ve experienced the blessing of the rainbow too. It was during a day I felt much grief and trouble and I came to accept that perhaps I needed to fall first so I could come to God… and then there it was, a beautiful and huge rainbow right in front of my face… something I haven’t seen since childhood. It was a truly divine feeling for me and it personally touched me.

  22. Tks so much 4 sharing this. The Lord promised me my famile will be saved to. I also felt like I somehow failed. But He’s confirmed to me by scriptures & a dream that they will be. He said that my resonsibility is to continue to believe in Him & it will happen!

  23. […] 2 Rainbows […]

  24. Hello fellow Christians,
    I had this rainbow experience also..It was at the darkest moments of my life. I had been going through a terrible struggle with trying to save my marriage and follow God’s Will and precepts to determine what to do about the situation. I went through 4 Bible Studies, all correlating unbelievably to my circumstances. I met a wonderful Christian man and was very much in love with him. He was a Deacon at a church. However, I would not leave my marriage to be with him. After 40 weeks of Bible Studies, trying to understand what God wanted me to do, I still believed that if God wanted me to leave the marriage and be with this godly man that He would make that clear, but it seemed against His Word. I told my friend that I wouldn’t leave and that we needed to not talk anymore. He said that that wouldn’t be a problem because he was going to put a bullet in his head. I didn’t understand his words clearly, but heard the blast over the phone. I thought that he had just stopped talking and that the loud noise was a car going by.. But devastatingly, days later got a call from the Sheriff’s Department asking me what my relationship was to this person..?
    On the way to my last Bible Study a couple of weeks later, not wanting to go, above the church was a BIG BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE RAINBOW! I knew it was His way of comforting me and I felt His peace. Then about a week later on the day of his funeral, once again up in the sky, above the church again on my way to his service, in perfect position for me to see, another PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL, DOUBLE RAINBOW! God is so GOOD! ALL OF HIS WORDS AND PROMISES ARE TRUE!
    God Bless You All..

    • susan

      I am both happy and sad for you.

      happy to hear about the rainbows,

      but sad to hear of this terrible, avoidable death.

      he must have had some serious emotional problems, and it would have been a mistake to be with him, even though he seemed to be a good person.

      God rewarded your faithfulness to his Word, and showed you that he was aware of your own emotional and spiritual needs, and comforted you.

  25. G-D is abundance, Life, Peace, light & faithful providence to us.

  26. God is so faithful and his promises and covenant with us stand the test of time. Our deliverer and the lifter of our head. Praise God for double rainbows and his never ending covenant!

  27. Thanks for sharing sister. It’s beautiful! God also made a covenant with me using two rainbows. It carried me through much. He is always there and always loves us, even in our darkest times when we can’t sense His presence. He is faithful, even when we are faithless and He will never leave, nor forsake us, even to the ends of the age. I apppreciate my brothers and sisters in Christ even more as persecution increases. Love always, In Christ to all my brothers and sisters!

  28. This happened to me when i had problems with my child

  29. In 2000,I had a big dession to make,to marry this man with 3 young children,he needed a answer,not telling him I fasted,prayed and waited well my answer came in the form of two rainbows crossing each other right infront of me in the Kroger parking lot,well so far so good,sept 7 will be 14 years and 2 wonderful little boys of our own to add to the group,the crossing rainbow means a lot to me,thank you jesus

  30. I have been blessed with unconditional love both from God and also by Christ and my partner who loved me deeply even in passing away in my arms one quiet day. You dont just feel him leaving, a million pieces of you leave too. I never knew how deeply i was in love until someone in church asked me the one question i pleaded with God not to hear. How long has it been. In that moment i felt the deepness of this void. It was nothing close to anything i was willing or ever hit with in my life before. I will not have it.

    It wasnt about how long it was,,, for me it was a measure if miracles in moments. Every warm smile, that look in his eyes, the soft kisses, hugs and comforting gazes across a room. My fuel my timeline was everything i fell in love with like anyone else remembers what you fell in love with is still the onlythingthat matters.

    I will always leave a light on and a warm pillow for your weary head.

    Yes, those double rainbows, reminding me each one crossing brightlyglowing reflections of every color of every moment i fell in love. Now i understand how deeply God loves us.

  31. I have seen him put shapes of Himself and the cross in the sky before. Sometimes I see Jesus, God the Father and a dove in the sky at the same time right next to each other. The Father would have the sun out of the cloud for His head. On a piece of type in a bathroom, there was the shape of Jesus with one hand extended and the other behind His back in the marble lines.

  32. Awesome… I just saw two rainbows!!! I had a dream about a huge magnificent rainbow with stars attached to it just last weekend and since that day, June 24the precisely, I’ve been spotting a rainbow every other day! Today, capped it. The third time I’m spotting a rainbow but this time, TWO!!! God is amazing. I believe he has heard my inner most desires and my struggles will be over soonest!

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