The Jezebel Spirit and the Single Woman in the Church





Who is the stereotyped Jezebel in the church? How does the single or divorced woman fit into this stereotype?

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~ by Marianne on November 28, 2007.

36 Responses to “The Jezebel Spirit and the Single Woman in the Church”

  1. I have been through divorce twice as a man ,and have been studying the marriage ,divorce ,remarriage issue for over 30 years when being a catholic meant that who ever divorced who,both were excommunicated.
    Remaining single for 10 years living Holy (without sex sin)well
    maybe not in the physical realm,but the thought is ever present .married ,after attending a 4 Year bible a vaginal
    so called virgin(so she lied) is it easier to be a liar or a whore,harlot,adulterous woman.I guess that a liar is the lessor of the evils.She was a 30 year old life long lesbian who was raped into incest by her father and she became a lesbian sexual preditor.She said even after a life of actually living as a christian woman the she was healed and delivered,And married
    Being a pastor and a Holy Spirit baptized minister of the Gospel ,
    In my study on marriage.Divorce is not permitted ,and the moses
    exception is removed by Christ Himself in Mark 10 and Luke 16v19 or 18v16 not to mention !st Corinthians 7 v39 specifically.but read the reast as well.yes there is a Jezebel Spirit that is trying to kill the prophets ,mentioned in Revelation 2:18 and following.I empathize with your rejection by the church ,which are all cults money motivated not doing the three things that Christ did mcst out demons,healed the sick and raised the dead literally and spiritually.I would be willing to share the thesis that I concluded with my deliverance ministry ,and Word ministry of 30 years of study and application.

  2. I would caution in using the words “Power” and “Authority” together to describe Biblical leadership.

    True Biblical Leadership does not use “Power”, and it derives its “authority” from its adherance to True Biblical teaching and living.

    Where the visible Chruch today has LOST its Biblical Athority is by using “Power”.

    This is why the visible church today has lost the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. And why the western visible Church is dying.

    True Biblical leaders are to be servant leaders. And in regards to divorced or single women and how they are perceived, this is the result of the visible church losing its Spiritual discernment to discern the hearts and motivation of people, therefore it becomes legalistic and dogmatic.

    My advice to divorced and single women who feel that they are not being allowed to assume leadership positions, even though they may be pure in heart and have a close walk with Christ is to not make the same mistake the visible church has made by pushing for “power” to the detriment of True Biblical Authority.

    • I must respectfully disagree with you. Jesus told us that He did not give us a sprirt of fear but a spirit of POWER, love and a sound mind. and yes, I completely agree that He came to serve in humility as we all need to in the body of Christ as He commanded us to love others as He has loved us, but He also walked in a demonstration of POWER AND AUTHORITY over our enemies, and tells us that He has given to us the POWER to trample scorpions and snakes and EVERY evil spirit the none shall by any means harm us. Paul also said that he did not come with convincing words but in a demonstration of POWER. God is all powerful. Omnipotent, and we were created in His image and have the very power source of the Holy Spirit that indwells us. He also told us and commisioned us to cast out demons in His name, to Heal the sick and went on to say that the same things He did, we would do and even greater things then these things we will do. These things shall follow those that believe. Believe in who we now already are thru the finished work of the cross. We have too few walking in a demonstration of His power for no other reason then the fact that this natio is under a strong religious spirit that has people still striving to become the very thing that the cross has already provided for us. Has too many people feeling they are not good enough instead of realizing that He not only forgave us at the cross, but also completely traded places with us, taking everything we were, and exchanging it with everything that HE IS. We are now seated with Him in heavenly places, blessed with every spiritual blessing according to scripture. It also goes on to tell us that we are perfect and complete thru our union with Christ, (His finished work). Everyone instead is in guilt and condemnation, waiting for Jesus to do what He already accomplished for us at the cross. He is just waiting for us to believe in who we now already are thru Him. When He said “It is Finished”, He meant everything was accomplished at the cross and is now a free gift to us by His grace. Not works, Striving to become something we could never do on our own. What Christians need today is a revelaton of the full finished work of the crossinstead of the religious ways of striving to become, that we have been taught. These tactics of the accuser of the brethern and slightly twisted scripture, has denied and hidden the power of the cross. We are now new creatures in Christ. The old things have passed away and behold, ALL things have become new. The only thing that He left unfinished was to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. That is, to believe who we now are because of all He accomplished and finished in its full completion. To become BELIEVERS. These things shall follow those that BELIEVE. They will cast out demons in my name, etc… etc… Paul decided to know NOTHING except Christ crucufued and the power of His resurrection. This is the biggest secret that satan wants nobody to know. This country was founded on religion. Not GRACE. Paul says that you can have it by works if you want, but you better do it perfectly every single moment. OR you can have it by GRACE. The free gift, purchased by the cross of calvery. When this country gets a hold of the truth of our Gospel, which is the POWER OF God, unto salvation, we will see so many more healings and deliverances and even raising the dead, according to His will. Even the Corinthian church, in all its infancy and sins they were still doing in there infancy as believers, were clearly given spiritual gifts. Read scripture thru the eyes of the Holy Spirit, not thru the eyes of age old teachings that act as if the cross did nothing more for us then forgive us of past sins and maybe, if you are good, provide a place for us in heaven when we die. This is the Gospel preachedin most churches. Did you see the Passion of the Christ? He certainly suffered horrifically then for more then the forgiveness of past sins. The word GOSPEL, means “Too good to be true, news.” Tell me, is the GOSPEL that has been preached here with churches on almost every corner, sermons available on T.V. 24/7, is it healing the sick, transforming lives, as Jesus did? This country NEEDS the power that Jesus walked in and promised us. They just need to know the truth. Because Jesus said that the truth shall set us free. So since so few people are at all free, we must not be preaching the truth. I know this is hard to believe. Some will, Some wont. But for far too long, we have been goats and not sheep. Believing everything we are taught and told and swallowing it as truth. Test the spirits. Consider the whole of what you are hearing. In the last days that we are in, many of His people will be decieved. Many false prophets. Just because something has always been taught, does not make it true. For centuries, the whole world believed the earth was flat. One man, who found a scripture that said the earth was round, set off on an adventure to disprove what the world had always believed. So please, I beg everyone, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth, as scripture tells us He was sent to do.

      • Thank you refreshing to read this… Because I believe what you have written is the Lord’s truth ( revelation) hidden from so many. After returning home to Christ went through recovery program studying 12 steps I proceeded studying the Word of God scripture applying to 12 steps. It’s not the study of behaviors that set me free it’s the studying of God Word that has done this yet the real start is knowing the and believing of the Work Jesus did on the Cross and resurrection that all is completed by Him in Him for us. That is when my life and my relationship with God (triune) has grown leaps and in depth. Thank you…


  3. After some interaction with you,The strongest weapon is confrontation,with the Word ,and over coming the intimidating fear
    that this spirit possesses.I relearned that fear is the opposite of faith,Faith comes by hearing the Word of Christ Fear is a spirit and can be bound in yourself and others,In Jesus Christ’s name,the red letters of Christ starting in Matthew chapter 5.This spirit is deceptive ,but you can discern what it is up to by what it accuses you of ,”your a liar” your mentally ill,etc.This spirit hates confrontation and intercession doesn’t allow you to pray passed another’s free will.Even having the ability to cast out demons ,I would not as the person must be mature enough to fill the space temporally vacated ,with the Holy Spirit.Or 7 more spirits will return and they will be worse off then before.I witness that Jesus Christ bound spirits ,we can do the same “out loud satan can hear your commands he can’t read your mind.therefore “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I bind you satan,then “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I bind the spirit of Jezebel in my self and
    who ever.I have developed a self deliverance daily warfare prayer.
    but in less a person has prayed the inner healing prayer ,self deliverance can do more harm than good.Under no circumstances allow any one to cast anything out of you ,as you will open a door that you cannot close,without the Holy Spirit.Any questions? the end time battle ,is a spiritual battle ,and is fought openly in the battle of the sexes,with three spirits that attack the church and the picture of the church marriage.They are;the spirit of seduction,aka the spirit of Delilah,the spirit of criticism aks the spirit of Michal (David’s ) wife When she saw him dancing before the Lord ,she despised him in her heart,and the spirit of Jezebel aka the spirit of control.All can be bound in Jesus Christ’s name.

  4. My interpretaion of what the Jezebel spirit is, is this: Jezebel usurped her wimp king husband’s authority to force her will upon the people “under” her. “Usurped” is the key word here. Likewise, many of today’s Christian leaders usurp God’s authority to gain from those “under” them. Now in this, I must quote Jesus’ words on the cross. “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” They don’t! This is why it is so hard to convince them of their twisting the Scriptures to fit their own purpose. After all, it has worked for them, and they believe it should work for us, as well. (We just don’t happen to be on the stage to be the logical ones for people to give into, like they are.) Let’s be accurate on this. The Jezebel spirit is an evil spirit, and thus it is demonic. Yes, even in Christian leaders.

  5. You are absolutely right. I agree with you. Jezebel is demonic. There are several pages here about Jezebel that goes in deeper into the thoughts that you expressed. I had it broken up into sections for easier reading.

    Identify and remove the J spirit
    J- am Man’s view
    J – in the church- carnal Christianity
    J- single woman ( where you left your message)
    J in the workplace
    the roots of J
    Healing J

    Feel free to visit anytime and leave comments.

  6. Hi
    A new friend of mine just came to my house, drunk at 9;00am
    stating she has the Jezebel spirit.
    She described it like this.
    Every time she meets a man she has sexual thoughts about him. She knows these thoughts are not from her and someone once mentioned the spirit of Jezebel and immediately identified with it and knew that this was her problem all her life, from her youth. She admits to be very manipulative in a sweet, subtle way. She says she doesn’t look to control people or situations though. She claims to be a Christian but a passive one, as in not attend church or her own Bible studies. She knows it is a spirit as she says It’s just not her and she cannot stop these thought coming into her head.
    because of this spirit she tends to be very quiet and reclusive and not mingle too much with people so as to avoid these thoughts.
    But of course you cannot avoid all people all the time as one needs to work. does she have the spirit of Jezebels and if so, what do I do for her from here. i am a woman myself and will not be confident in trying to rebuke this spirit myself.
    We live in a small town and do not know of any ministers in the area who would be clued up with this sort of thing.
    Any advice or books would be helpful.
    Thanks and Blessings

  7. Hi Bee,

    Thank you for writing. You have certain options. While you do not feel comfortable rebuking the spirit yourself, you can still provide emotional support. The spirit oppression results from a wound created by a sense of abandonment (or lack of attention) by the father, and the person is seeking ways of finding companionship, by seeking out men as a substitute for the lost father..

    Maybe you can start by helping her understand her situation. I have 2 pages under the Jezebel category. Have her read the descriptions, and discuss any past life history.

    Remember, there are different types of Jezebel behaviors, based on the personality type, history, and how they personally respond to rejection and control issues. But read them all anyhow. She may find that she switches from one to another at times. There is also a section called healing Jezebel, that might help.

    The power to change is really within her. She needs to first understand herself, find emotional security in friends, some older people would be nice (mother and father figures), and then make a decision that she does not want to be this way.

    The fact that she is drinking at 9 am means she is depressed about this. It also means if she is depressed about this, then she does not want to be this way. This is an encouraging sign. She really does want to change, but she does not know how.

    She may be able to heal with the help of others. You do not need a fancy minister with special gifts. A true minister is only acting in agreement with the person to deliver the spirit out anyhow.

    The real person rejecting-removing the spirit is the person who has it, because her will is important in its presence or removal. She also has a spirit of depression. So what she needs is emotional support, happy experiences with others instead of isolation, acceptance instead of rejection. She needs to feel loved by those around her. This will make her stronger, and then any spirit has less hold on her. Spirits go after wounded people, so if the wounds heal, then the spirit leaves.


  8. Thank you for your help.
    i will take your advice.

  9. Identify & help people who fall for this unclean spirit. Go by the way & life of Jesus, the appointed one of the Father. There is no other way. Beware of the snares of Talmudism Which deep inside is basic paganism through which Jezebel spirits work.

  10. Hi
    I recently became saved, and all this information is so new to me but very helpful. I do know that I did not just end up on this website as a Coincidence. I will take this info. as a sign of being more aware of what is out there and what I will not let in my life< Thank you!!

    • hi @bb!e

      I am glad to have you on my site. It sounds like the Holy Spirit is teaching you by bringing you information.

      Yes, there is good and evil, and sometimes the evil is camouflaged as good. So we have to learn discernment to protect our faith, and avoid harm.

      The bible predicts a great falling away from the faith, and we are in it right now.

      The Jezebel spirit is active in our churches now, and it is wise to be able to recognize it, and not be influenced, or harmed by it. I encourage you to keep learning. 🙂

  11. Iam now dealing with her in major ways please say prayers for me. brother sardis, (jake babineau in norwich, ct)

  12. Well it starts to the fact of my calling into the priest hood and the will of our father that has calles and created me to do. in my walk i always had weakknesses and problems with woman getting to me and touching the right buttons so to speak. Im a professional musician and ritter also , so the nature and enviroment is deep it self. Well as in ministry that iam riseing and i been deliverd from woman and sexual sin i see how jezabel is manifested through young and older woman all aorund me trying to saduce me.I begain to study and learn about the spirit real good and relise it is by almeans the spirit of jezable moving all around a possesing these people. she keeps geeting trickeier so to speak but i keep seeing her to the point i will confront her and she talks back through the woman admitting shes a whore and wants me cause of power, she admitts shes trying to seduce me, and has offerd me anything and to do what ever i want. now it hurts to see pepole effected by her.. now that i can see and have studyed and know her im ready to exspell and rebuke i believe i can and its what iam called to do, im just getting a strong grip on my situation and getting ready prayer is important, my email is please contact me, if you know soem one i can call just send me a phone numbr but please get as many people to pray for me as also norwich ct were the spirits are strong here and power full well thanks for your prayers,

  13. Hi, I have been being led to websites by the Holy Spirit for quite some time now getting much confirmation to each and every tactic that this particular spirit uses to gain control as I have been battling this spirit to free others for 8 years now. Many people being attacked by this spirit needs to realize some simple things as I too am constantly attacked and threatened in the spirit realm by this spirit, attempting to get me to quit. They also show me visions of me or my children getting there throats slashed or car accidents and many other things but satan is a liar. No weapon formed against us shall prosper, and we are the protected of God. It mainly controls by lies and as we know, Jesus conquored our enemy at the cross and gave us the power to trample scorpions and snakes and every evil spirit that none shall by any means harm us. But we are also taught not to be ignorant of his tactics. Simple things that I have learned, experienced, and seen in others that i have been fighting for are for 1, they will attack your sleep. Tired people are easier to control. So get sleep any time you feel tired. I have learned these things the hard way. Also, your brain needs much water to function properly. Please drink. I see a constant set up over these people to not be able to eat as well. Again, this spirit actually uses mind control and we need our minds to be alert as scripture warns. Be alert, be vigilant, your adversary, Satan roams as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Now you will also see her victims being led to alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs that alter your minds ability to think clearly as they are easily led and deceived. I have consistantly watched these people being taken under complete control and turned into something they are absolutely not, by these tactics. Television advertisements are now the new drug pushers as she will not get many believers to do illegal drugs, but steal your sleep constantly and I have watched many turn to sleeping pills. Myself included. Next she will torment your dreams and inject constant thoughts of suicide or many other lies, experienced this and have rescued many others from this same set up. Next comes the mind altering anti-depressants. This witchcraft is more cunning then people believe and I hate it with a passion. Many years ago, I experience her every tactic til I too was suicidal. This new set up by Jezebel does not have to touch people anymore, just isolate them, lie to them and cause them to kill themselves. I have been sent into many a persons life, most women,(so dont think this spirit is mainly active in women. Many men possess this Jezebel Spirit,) and just at the moment of their deciding to kill themselves. So please, take this seriously without getting into fear. We simply need to not be ignorant of her tactics. Satan comes to rob, to kill and to destroy. And he is serious about this in these last days. Finally, know yourself. Please do not try to be a lone ranger if you are under attack by this spirit. I have been battling this for 8 years and know how desperately I have needed the prayer support, and unity prayers and even sometimes people to help protect me as this spirit wants me to stop exposing it and freeing people. Please remember, satan is an expert deceiver. Dont over estimate yourself. We need other members of the body of Christ. We need to be open and honest with some believers you can trust. Do not get into guilt and condemnation if you start battling sexual thoughts and feelings that are foreign to you. You have the mind of Christ. These are not your thoughts. Your mind is the battlefield. Have someone you trust who you can have as an accountability partner. Sex is one of her biggest weapons. She is also behind pornography. I have met many awesome Christians who love the Lord with all there hearts who are constantly being tempted and led into these things. Secrecy is not in your best interest. Have an accountability partner. This spirit has caused me to feel and do things so foreign to me in my learning of its tactics so what I am telling you, I have learned thru much experience as well as the faithful leading and teaching of the Holy Spirit. The main reason, that many may not know, that sex is her strongest desire is that when you have sex with someone, the two become one flesh. We already know from the aids epidemic that when you sleep with someone, you are sleeping with everyone they have slept with and risk exposure to aids, but this is just a physical result of something far more spiritual. The demonic realm and all they carry, will now also become yours. Again, I am telling you this also from old experiences. There is no protection from this fact except understanding that God left us His perfect ways to have and protect sex in scripture. Not to keep us from having fun but as any awesome parent, to protect us and keep us safe. For some reason, most churches will not talk about sex at all, as if they fear offending or losing their congregation. This is pure ignorance. God is absolutely not condemning any of us who have been deceived by this spirit and fallen into any sin, including sexual sin. But He is exposing Satans tactics so we can become a free people, and stay free. Their is so much I have learned in this battle and need constant prayer and support as it has attempted to kill me many times but God is faithful and I will continue to fight the good fight of faith and expose these tactics and fight for the freedom of Her victims. Please take this battle seriously, and know that you serve an awesome and amazing, forgiving, grace filled God. There is now NO CONDEMNATION for those of us who are in Christ Jesus so do not let the accuser of the brethern condemn you and cause you to draw away from the very Jesus who is your strength, and wisdom and healer and the very lover of your soul. I pray this helps as my heart absolutely breaks for the many, and their are many, who are under attack from this spirit. So please also realize, you are not at all alone. If you are led to another believer, to share your battles and thoughts with, they too are probably dealing with the same things and are ashamed or afraid to talk about it because they do not know the truth. I have experienced this as well. They actually cry when I tell them my own story. They have been locked in a prison of fear and shame and lonliness, thinking they were bad, or crazy and a million other things and then they isolate themselves even further, which is Jezebels tactic. Divide and conquor. A single strand is easily broken. That is a person alone. But a cord of two is good. Three is even better. There is power in numbers. Please, whatever you do. Do not isolate. Fear that keeps you isolated is a bold faced lie. Fear is a huge tactic. And scripture tells us that God did not give us a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power,love and a sound mind. So press thru your fears. They are lies, they are not from God and satan is called the father of lies. Resist him. Press thru. Even if you do it afraid. I lost at least 12 years of my life begging for death from these tactics. I have learned much the hard way but will use my experiences and what I have been taught, even if it embarrasses me, to see that others do not have to go thru what I went thru. I pray for you all and I pray this helps.

    • hi Just Grace

      I fully agree. You have my support too. I have learned that Jezebels recruit support and gang up on people. So we have to have our own circle of support as well and be ready to fight back.

    • Also outside of the church. I just don’t understand why would a grown man could even look at a child sexually. God we need You.This has really inspired me. I need help. I feel all of this. My husband has been accused of enticing my grandchild and niece but we’re under the age of 12. How can I still love this man and forgive and want my marriage to work. Help me

  14. I have recently been on a spiritual journey lately I want to change I was bad in my past life I’ve always said to god I want to be good kind and caring I have a lot of regrets and mistakes I have made lately on this spiritual journey lots of people have seen improvement of me and I feel good helping my family and others I love god and pray he will forgive me bit sometimes I loose hope how could god forgive a person like me and I get said and depressed and I tell good to take me away that he doesn’t love me why am I here and sometimes I make comments like I’m just going to kill myself I had recently meet this spiritual lady and she asked me my name and she said Jezebel so on my journey I’m always looking for signs from god but when she said that name I looked it up and when I found out what it meant I was spiritual broken and lost all hope and faith in god because I was doomed and god hated me I found this site it gave me hope I now know I have this spirt I want to get rid of it but I don’t know what to do I have been praying to god to get rid of this spirt for me all the charistics of this spirit I have had can someone please help me what do I do?????

  15. Thank you so much any help I can get to get rid of this evil spirt I just want to be a good person and have gods forgiveness but until it is gone I know why I have been in a mental and spiritual battle for so long words cannot express what a gift u have given me I am latterly in tears because u were so kind to answer back all my blessings to u Jessica and thank you berry much

    • hi jessica

      you have the love of Jesus going for you. so do your homework, and look up those churches I sent you. remember, you are so important to jesus that he gave his life for you. So no one should treat you any other way.

      • If a Jezebel repents how do u know if it’s to late for that

        • jessica

          As long as you are breathing, there is always hope in Jesus, and complete forgiveness.

        • Jessica, My heart truly goes out to you. I pray you come to know the fullness of the unconditional love of Jesus. You are having trouble forgiving yourself when i assure you that jesus has completely forgiven you and remembers your sins, no more. Thats a promise. Seems to me that you are dealing with the accuser of the brethern. Jesus is not accusing you. U have repented. and just the fact that you want to know Him and repent, lets me know clearly that He is leading you to Himself and this spirit does not have full control as I have seen that even the thought of repentance will enrage a Jezebel spirit, Guilt and self hatred causes us to pull away from God, feeling unworthy as if he is angry or disappointed with us. The full wrath of God was settled in the body of Jesus. For you. So you can now go boldly before the throne of grace to recieve grace and love, in spite of our current inperfections. he sees your heart. We are not the sum of our actions but as we grow in the knowledge of His great unconditional love for us, our actions start to change out of our love back toward him. I pray tou find some books on His grace. That will free you from so much, as quilt and condemnation will actually keep us bound. I will be praying faithfully for you. He has you in the palm of His hand. he will NEVER leave you, nor forsake you.

  16. Everything described here about Jezebel is true. It is the most hideous of demonic spirits since it finds itself very comfortable and even embraced in many churches. Jezebel is merciless and will do anything and say anything to accomplish her selfish goals. She will call herself a Christian and do “good works” and at the same time will stab you in the back. Truly, a coward when confronted with her lies and who she really is at her core. Confrontation in person will definitely kick up some dust but confrontation in the spiritual realm is where the Lord is leading me today. My weapons of warfare are not carnal but mighty for combating this wickedness and seeing triumph for me and my family who have been beaten down far too long by my out-of-control-sister-in-law.

  17. i have a chreistan friend that tells a lot of lies, and allso calles other christian felllow to me how they have used her and how they have taken the micky out of her in the past and how she payed for everything excetra , yet when she is pooly she has these people running around after her and at her beck and call , and when i say look dont be cooking for these people n paying for there friendship again she jumps down my throught , like im in the rong when in all im just trying to protect her as for what she has told me about them , she is always preaching to me but yet lies and does things the lord doesnt like herself…. yet everyone thinks shes the true devoted christian and does no rong …. is she a jezebel ?

  18. thankyou very much for your reply marianne, i am glad i found this site being a new but true christian , as im seeing things as i never seen befor and haveing seen and herd things this 20 yre christian is doing and says about others, i thought as much . godbless and thank you x

  19. Yes; the 21st century church needs a lot of insights on this…because disposition and general status of these Jezebel fellow make it impossible for people to believe they are actually witches and commonly living among us(society, church or family) -You can publish it.

  20. I still love my husband after the fact he enticed my 12 yr old niece. I’m so confused how can I still love this man and forgive him. Am I doing the right thing by God. This is worrying me. Can someone help me or tell me where to get help. He is a drug addict and this happened while he was doing drug (not trying to defend him) and I was a alcoholic.God kept telling me to stop and we said that night we was tired of this addiction and was going to church. What happened that quick I don’t understand.

    • robin

      you have not described enough for me to answer you

      are you both still addicted? if not, how long has it been?

      is your husband even sorry for what he did?

      if his spirit or behavior has not changed, then he is not sorry

      if he is sorry, then it is ok to forgive him…he should be making this up to the niece as well.

      I hope you have both changed your lives. your eternity in heaven or hell depends on this

      • No I no longer drink and he is in jail. He can’t have any contact with my niece. He said he didn’t. As a true Christian what would Jesus tell me to do.

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