Seed Time and Harvest – False doctrine of money


Yes, God promises to bless us. Yes, there is something called “seed time and harvest,” but in the natural world, it is of natural living things, not dead things. And in the spiritual world, it is the same way. Only life produces life, and dead things cannot produce life! The real seed is the Word of God, and those in whom it lives….it is NOT money, nor ever will be.

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~ by Marianne on February 12, 2008.

10 Responses to “Seed Time and Harvest – False doctrine of money”

  1. Amen!
    Minister Fred Hatchett

  2. Dear minister Fred

    Thank you for visiting. I was looking at your website. I never belonged to a Greek organization so I did not know the issues. It is interesting reading.

    see also page 2 of the post, if you did not realize it was there


  3. my name is James e Chance, i am so glad to see that some one is in agreement with the truth about tithing and offering, it is a lie from the pit of Hell, God never intended for us to pay a tithe, if some people study the word in the spirit, they will see with the Eyes of their understanding, and not be deceive with a lie about tithing, thank God i came to that understandind, i my self will never give a man? (chruch) ten persent of nothing, know i give as my heart tell me not because a man said so, also calling a doller a seed, how can you sow a doller in the kingdom of God, and the kingdom of God is withend you, what they going to do eat the money? get sick and die, you can not sow something natural, in Gods kingdom, it can’t be done. just continue to pray that the eyes of their understanding be open to truth

    thank God for you and i thank God for you!

    • Hi James

      Jesus died for us, and asked for nothing but our hearts in return. He collected no tithes from his followers.

      That is also why you see no “donation button” on my site.

      How could anyone make money off the suffering and death of someone else – someone they are supposed to love?

  4. My sister read Malachi 3:8 to me and I’ve been tithing since 1993; 10% of the gross. As I read God’s Word and seen the leaders around me prosper, new cars, nice suits, kids going to college, family members only prospering; something pricked at my heart and it all just didn’t seem right. The Church administration started to ask for more money by creating a pound Sunday which is money for the Bishop, ministry fund, building fund, funds for this and funds for that, even an offering at class time. I starting really listening to what was being preached and I noticed inconsistencies. I read God’s Word more with a desire to know HIS truth and not man’s truth. I’ve come to believe that Jesus is not God, but the Son of God, and God is the Almighty God Jehovah, alone. I do believe that Jesus did die for us, our sins and Almighty God raised him from the dead. I read your article on tithes and the guilt has gone from me. God’s truth will set us free! Freely we received the Word of God, freely give. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

    • hello Louise

      I am happy to hear you feel better, and feel free from the tithing issue.

      Give according to what is in your heart, and give to those who really need it.


  5. I am so happy I found this as I live on 700.00 a month, I never have much to eat with bills being what thy are, and the church has put so much guilt on me over money. I have even been told that God don’t answer prayers if you don’t pay, that was so devastating to me as I have been praying for sometime over my marriage and my husband. I were hand me downs never have a dollar in pocket the first, and a lot of churches have you hold the money up in the air so the pastor can pray before thy pass the plate, so then you have that shame, Thank you so much because I love God and I sow seed by telling people about the Lord and now I know I don’t have to carry that guilt

    • dear sharon

      The tithe is supposed to go to the widow and the poor, but now, they neglect the poo,r and take money from them, and the money goes to the pastor’s salary.

      So I am glad you are free of this.

      May God bless you and provide for you.

  6. Selah. God has Spoken. Again I say…Selah.

  7. Reblogged this on Thirsty Souls Brew Break and commented:
    He that hath an ear to hear…hear what the Spirit of The Lord is saying.

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