The Jezebel Man – the charismatic lover


What is it like falling in love with a Jezebel man? Did he sweep you off you feet, and now he has dumped you?

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~ by Marianne on March 30, 2008.

8 Responses to “The Jezebel Man – the charismatic lover”

  1. how can jezebel spirit break in a man? in other words a man who sexualy active on the outside and negleting his own wife, and even accusing the wife of cheating and more lie

    • hi cassandra

      The most ideal way would be for a righteous man with more authority than the Jezebel man to deal with him. This is what I call a Jehu personality. He is very close to God, and is not swayed by talk of sexual desires or conquests. He is faithful to his own wife, and walks a straight path before God. He is not submissive or passive, but has a strong male manner, and demonstrates leadership qualities. He is immune to any suggestions made by the Jezebel and will understand, and focus on, taking command over the spirit.

      The next best way is for a strong godly woman to stand against him, but she would need back up, because the Jezebel would resort to his usual tricks, and use his charisma, and gender against her. He would have to be outnumbered and forced to confess and reform.

      Some jezebels never repent. You would have to be prepared for that also.

      Neglecting his wife is cruel, so unless she can recover from the injury, she is not the best one to deal with him. If she can gather strength, and collect a support system, I would recommend that. she needs to recruit righteous people and get them behind her to stand up to the husband. Otherwise, he will just deny everything. She can also hire a detective to follow him and confront him.

  2. Jezebel man I call Jesse is shrewd. He must win at all costs to keep his system of lies, charm, manipulation, control (pretending to be your friend to get detailed information from you).

    He may not look as he will act in the future when he believes you are loving him and get close into his company.

    Be very careful who you “bed” with and become intimate with, be careful.

  3. I recently had an encounter with a Jezebel. He continually told me how gorgeous I was, what beatiful eyes I had. He also wanted me to read the Bible with him. We were sending texts back and forth for a short time (bible verses) the “bible verses” he started sending, looked anything like bible verses. I actually confronted him with this, and his remark was “I’m a sinner and satan attacks me”. I don’t really believe that this individual wants to change. He asked forgiveness a couple times but went back to his sexually oriented messages. He is also a married man.

  4. This sounds exactly like my husband of 16 years. He constantly puts me down and seems so jealous when I accomplish somthing. I ama worship dancer at church and he gets up to dance in a fleshly manner. All the women that come to my house and my firends, he has taken over. He acts like an angel in church, but when we get outside he cusses me out for talking to a man or woman. He barely attended one church with me and when i stopped going, he goes every sunday. He has not fooled the pastor though and my husband does not like him. And he will not go around those who are prophetic (like Jezebel). He yells and hollers and makes me feels like I am nothing, then apologizes and i forgive him. He goes to the women (daughter, sister, mother) of my family without me. He wrote harrassing letters to my job (signed my name until I lost it) and now he works there! And on and on!

    • albertha

      Why are you still with this nut?

      You need to learn to fight back.

      you are a pushover…..

      Yell back and tell him he has a demonic spirit and needs to repent of his ways.

      Tell his “new” job that he wrote those letters, and you want your job back. Tell them he is a liar and a backstabber.

      tell his church what you told me, and challenge them to do something about it. If they have questions, they can call the former pastor.

      He is a phony husband, a phony christian and a phony employee.

      tell him.

      Do not forgive him because he does not mean it, and won’t change. your permissiveness just gives him the message that he can do the same thing over and over again.

      he is immature and needs to grow up, or go back to his mother! let her change his diapers. You are not going to anymore.!

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