Juanita Bynum’s Booty Gospel

Bishop Weeks is no prize either. The government needs to shut down this church as a sex cult, or porn club. This is NOT Christianity !!!   This is not the way Jesus would act.

What is really bad is that people bring their children to church to hear this kind of trash. Listen to the congregation laugh and cheer them on.

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~ by Marianne on April 14, 2008.

12 Responses to “Juanita Bynum’s Booty Gospel”

  1. Why were these videos edited? How are we to know the context out of which they were speaking, if we don’t hear the ENTIRE thing? I didn’t see any children in the audience. Does anyone take into consideration that maybe this was a marriage seminar? Has anyone taken into consideration that maybe they were giving their testimonies of what they USED to do? I know for a fact that the clip of Juanita Bynum saying, “when I used to masturbate…”, she was speaking of her testimony. The same one that you can read in her book, ‘No More Sheets’. I’m not a big fan of Thomas Weeks or Juanita for that matter, I’m just saying, if you’re going to “call” somebody out on what they’re doing, get the full story, and not just clips. And by the way, sex is GOOD. God MADE IT. It’s ONLY when it’s done OUTSIDE of covenant, that it becomes DEFILED.

  2. I respect your comments.

    Even for an adult audience only, this is not the gospel. It is a crude presentation of their personal sex life. If it is a “marriage seminar,” it is not presented in a godly fashion. I have heard this pair speak a lot. They are always this way. Their topics rarely include Jesus.

    Jesus is the role model for Christian leadership. And Jesus would definitely not have conducted himself this way.

  3. I was totally shocked when I saw this video. But then again, not really. The American church today is buying into one buffoonery and foolish gimmick after another. It really breaks my heart. There are so many precious souls that need Jesus Christ. People are dropping into hell and I fail to see why the Christians would ever support people like Bynum. Thank you for your work. Keep it up….

  4. You fools are being lead by a bunch of ignorant, greedy people who are only in the religion business because it is so easy to get money from the flock. A preacher needs a 10,000 SFT home why? A preacher needs a luxury automobile why?? Our people seem to be weak minded and easily led. This lady is a thief but keep right on prayin’ for her and wasting your time in the process. I say read a science book, get your kids through college, stop buying BMWs and Mercedes (they don’t want your money anyway–ever seen anyone but whites in the commercials). Buy homes and property and obsess about that like you do hair, nails, and sunday dress. Buy stocks not cars. Go to PTO meetings and get engaged in your childs education. Exercise–our people are too fat because of greed and laziness. Pick up the trash! Vote–apathy is tatamount to genecide. That’s my sermon…sorry to be blunt but I hope the truth helps.

  5. I agree. The point of putting this video here is to wake people up to problems like this. I hope it works.

  6. WE Need to pray for this couple.I am saddened that they would take the ministry God gave them in this direction. What a shame that the word is not being taught.The Word is so beautiful.Our Daily lives are a gift from our Father and all instruction is created by him there are instructions for marriage in his word . This is the word we should be preaching. I will pray for them.

  7. WE Need to pray for this couple.I am saddened that they would take the ministry God gave them in this direction. What a shame that the word is not being taught.The Word is so beautiful.Our Daily lives are a gift from our Father and all instruction is created by him there are instructions for marriage in his word . This is the word we should be preaching. I will pray for them.

  8. Mona,

    thank you for your comment and providing a balanced view. Yes, I do hope they get the spiritual help they need.


  9. Rev Paxton, you must be one broke preacher because you sound real bitter. You are not speaking the truth you are just HATING plain and simple. Spreading the word of God shouldnt be about the type of status you get or the amount of money you make. However where in the Bible does it say being rich is a sin? Now i am not a fan of wanita at all but you made the whole “wealth” comment as though it was for preachers in general. Now for those who use their preaching skills just to have some sort of wealth instead of yearning to help people grow in christ is dead wrong. But if she or any other preacher wants to ride out in a mercedes then let them . why should us christians be broke. its ok for these rappers and singers and famous actors to have money but when a preachers becomes wealthy you people are ready to send them straight to hell. but i bet if they were lending out money to you and anyone else thats in a finacial crisis it wouldnt be a problem then huh. the last time i check God wants his people to be wealthy. but i do think this couple needs help

  10. Hi Rain.

    I guess the problem with ministers like this is that they cause confusion. God wants us to be blessed so that we can bless others, and bring them to Him. But many people abuse wealth, and keep it for themselves. They do not share with the poor and needy.


  11. Look for all these people that. Are bashing this couple get your self right with God think about it are you really being who God has called for you to be.leave these people alone you have No Say so in their lives see we all fall short of the Glory of God but it is in the repentance witch God really dwells in ok. So just stop and i DO NOT think that these clips were not the full message it was just edited i garented and amen to that Rev Paxton Cause i Own a Lawfirm And i got money and aint a thing wrong With it i own 4 churches and i do pay my tithes and i do not use 1 rusty penny on the church money on my own expenses have a blessed day and keep Mt.Zion Deliverance Taburnacle Ministries In Prayer Sanford, North Carolina

  12. All I want to say is that Juanita Bynum is a very very powerful woman of God and iF God saw fit to choose her to deliver the Word of God, then we are not to judge no matter what they are doing or what they are not doing. We are to be Christians not Pharisees and we are to walk this christian life out but if we messs up and it isnt even that big of a deal it is still sin, but if i tell yall that yall are goint to hell for being mean to someone one im sure that you woudnt like if i tell you your not a christian and youre not saved. Its not a black thing or anyother thing, when we get to heave (whoever does make it) there wont be black folk or spanish people or whites only but there will be a mixture. The bible does say not to even remember the things of the past (im paraphrasing) but we can always use it for a testimony, the bible says that He requires the things of the past (Hmm…i wonder y?) And about the prosperity thing, God said that it would rain on the just and the unjust and if u want the BMW or the Mercedez then guess what, you have to work for it. If u got the money, the n go ahead but dont complain just because u cant. The Bible also says (im paraphrasing) ‘do not muzzle the ox that treads the corn’, if the preacher got blessed, then he just got blessed. I hevent even seen the videos but it still makes no ifference to me, we are not God we are brothers and sisters, like the other preaches said we ahave all come short of the glory of God.

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