China – blessed or cursed in the end times?

Many interpretations of prophecy say that China will come against Israel someday. Is it reasonable to assume this? Will China be blessed or cursed by God in the end times?

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~ by Marianne on April 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “China – blessed or cursed in the end times?”

  1. Well, they have to stop serving fetal soup if they want any chance at all of being blessed.

  2. That is true. I just read about that this morning.

  3. I “found” you through Blog Search! I’ll be doing some poking around. Hope that is okay. God be with you!

  4. Hi Net,

    Sure, feel welcome as my guest. Best wishes on your site too.


  5. China is being blessed and will in the end rule over the world in the next one thousand years. The white mans rule will fall and China will be given reign over the earth. These are the only people who came to worship at jesus’s birth. We the white race has killed and distroyed all over the earth over the last 500 years. Distroying the indiginous people every where. All in the name of JESUS, through our religions. What we have done unto others (Reds, Blacks, ect…) We are going to see happening to us. THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS IS AGINST THE WHITE RACE ONLY. GOD IS DISTROYING THOSE WHO DISTROY THE EARTH. This is starting very very soon. We are comming under judgement!!!!

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