Is Black liberation Theology the True Gospel of Jesus?

Is this righteousness, or apartheid against whites in a communistic state?

Some of this is the political talk we may have already witnessed, but continue on, and listen to what Black Liberation Theology is, and compare it with the gospel of Christ.

Liberation of one people while subjection of another? Power to one group, and destruction of the other?

What do you think?

**I do plan to look into this “theology” more myself, and give it a fair view. I will post it whenever I figure it out myself. But for now, I do not understand why any theology is focused on freedom for a certain class, excluding others.

update: See also Islam and Black Liberation Theology

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~ by Marianne on May 8, 2008.

9 Responses to “Is Black liberation Theology the True Gospel of Jesus?”

  1. Marianne, this is an issue that has troubled me since childhood. If a caucasion sins, then it is wrong, if a black sins, it is overlooked in the eyes of another black (not all blacks, but it is problematic). When I have confronted this hypocrisy, the response was to somehow blame the white man for blacks sin. So in other words, they’re not really interested in justice and doing what’s right, but they’re interested in power and subjugation while claiming to be the victim.

    God will not overlook these hypocrisies:

    barbaric slayings of women, men and children in Rhwanda…
    in Somalia… in South Africa…
    in the US, HOMICIDE is the leading cause of death for black males ages 15-24.
    Liberation theology can only lead where all the other groups claiming supremacy lead to, and that is delusion and judgement.

  2. Also, is there any way I can save this video to my home computer?

  3. Diane,

    WE live in a liberal society that provides money and benefits for being a victim. Therefore, being a victim is rewarding and profitable. The “oppressors” are supposed to pay for everyone that complains. any decades of trying to help the victims is never enough. There are, of course, also constructive activities that occur.

    I have programs such as real player, FLV player, and flash, which should be free downloads from the internet. If you have these, you should be able to copy and paste the link into the program to play and then hopefully save it to your computer.


  4. Marianne. You have gotten to the core of the problem. Jesus taught love, but mankind didn’t and still doesn’t get it. Some leaders of the clergy are so absorbed in political stances and posturing, that the message of Jesus is clearly not taught. Rather, it appears that one guy, Reverend Wright is caught in a time warp. He cannot let go of how the blacks were, and probably still are treated, thus his church message isn’t of love, but of revenge. Revenge against the white race, in particular for causing all the problems for the blacks and other minorities. Yes, there is a need to heal and overcome bitterness that dwells deeply in Reverend Wright’s heart, but ultimately it is God who makes all things possible, but first one must earnestly seek God, not deliver messages that only divide the people instead of bringing them together. Thanks for your putting the hard issues out there. They must be faced by all of us.

  5. Hi JRA

    They seem to forget that friendly Muslim slave traders sent them over here to begin with, and now they want to be just like them. Sigh.


  6. this video is embarrassing. i can’t believe someone would take the time to make such fear-mongering bull crap. fear. this video forgets that there are real people with real stories who underwent oppression and racism for centuries. i believe God stands on their side. God stands on the side of the poor, the oppressed, the under-privileged.

    let’s try and see things from the other’s perspective for once. which America do we ask God to bless? the one where the Natives were killed by government soldiers? the one where numerous revolutions were instigated in Latin America and elsewhere? the one where Jim Crow reigned in the South? the America where many go without healthcare? the America that continues to invtervene against “terrorists” where oil is king and continues to ignore the terrorists killing their own in African countries like Sudan? which America are we asking God to bless?

    if that was your history, which it is, would you be so quick to make sure people are wearing flag pins and putting their heart over their chest? in fact, if we are truly Christ followers and proclaim allegiance to one Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, should we ever pay homage to a human created instituation like the United States?

  7. Dear Chad,

    I guess we are on opposite sides of the fence here.

    This issue really centers around whether Obama is really a Christian, or a loyal American. I do not believe he is.

    God is on the side of the poor, but not those who disobey him, or reject His ways. Being poor does not justify racism.

    You forget that it was the white man who liberated the blacks, reversing slavery. The civil was NOT the blacks fighting against the whites. It was whites fighting for black people’s freedom.

    You forget that Muslim slave traders sold blacks into slavery, and continue to do so today, and that includes Sudan. The WHOLE world is ignoring Sudan, so do not blame America. You know why? Have you ever considered that the United Nations now has an arab majority, and the Islamic nations can vote down any intervention, and condemn anyone who opposes them?

    Why aren’t you striving against the ones who are killing the Sudanese, instead of America, who has done nothing to hurt those people. I think you are also ignoring all the social aid workers who have gone over to Sudan from America to help people. We have Christian groups active there in missionary and relief efforts.

    AS far as Iraq goes, and your oil issue, I do not see any free oil coming from there for our benefit. Look at the price of gas.!! So we are NOT exploiting Iraq for our economic benefit.

    I support fighting terrorism, anywhere it exists. Otherwise, we will see more of it here, and soon.

    Obama’s loyalties are with the Muslims, not Christians,

    From Barack’s book, Audacity of Hope: He said, ‘I will stand with the Muslims
    should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’

    HE DID NOT SAY STAND WITH AMERICANS or with Christians !!!!!


  8. Marianne, America was the only Nation condemning and addressing the Darfur problem, the African and Arab Nations sit back and ALLOW it.


    do you hold black American men responsible for raising their children or do you expect the Government to do that for them? It is time to get off the Government Plantation and stop asking for handouts and become responsible parents and productive citizens.

    For thousands of years there has been human brutality committed against Africans by other Africans and Arabs, how can we follow Christ without getting the log out of our own eye first? Jesus Christ is not a marxist racist.

    The video exposes the fact that black liberation theology is a false gospel – that Barak Obama embraced this racist theology without condemning or separating himself from it until just recently.

  9. I agree with you, Chad. Trying to convince people who want to hold on to their racism and fear is futile. Pray for them.

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