The Number 666 according to Muslims

According to the Bible, 666 is an evil number, and represents the beast, or the anti-Christ. But to Muslims, this is a holy number. Which interpretation do you choose?

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~ by Marianne on May 15, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Number 666 according to Muslims”

  1. well it really matters since those who brought these words to us quoted them with the article “the” Jesus called him Eli, El- shadai. Mohammed called him Al-lah, Al-rahman, among others. so we ask, why has the article disappeared?
    moreover it is never true that muslims see the number 666 to be holy and never will such a thing happen.

  2. moreover do you know that muslims believe that the god of Jesus is the same as the God of Muhammed?

    • hi FG

      I think the use of the word “the” is subjective, and a choice of the user.

      You are asking about the historical use and changes in the languages of two different cultures. I cannot answer that completely. I was not there in history when changes occurred.

      Eli means “my God,” not ” the god.”

      El shadai means “god almighty.” There is no “the” translated here.

      I think you are confusing the two languages.

      THe Hebrew for “the” is “Ha-”

      I think “al” came from “la” originally, but the Hebrew ha- and the Arabic la- have very little in common.

      I have gotten different feedback from Muslims about the 666. Originally, I went to a Muslim site to get the information, but then other Muslims deny the association with the 666 as anything significant. That is why I allow disagreement here.

      I do know that Muslims believe the God of Jesus is the same as the God of Muhammed.

      I just do not believe it is possible, with the many differences between the personalities of the 2 gods, their ideas, and their commands.

    • Did you know Muslims believe Jesus was not the son of G-d, and never died on the cross? Muslims do believe in a Jesus that was a prophet, but that is not the same Jesus Christians believe in.

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