Lucia reveals the 3rd secret of Fatima?

There is a Catholic prophecy about the end times, because of a reported apparition of the Virgin Mary. What does it say, and how does it match up with what we already might know?

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~ by Marianne on June 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lucia reveals the 3rd secret of Fatima?”

  1. when will be the end of time according to the third scret in fatima?

  2. The Third Secret of Fatima is about Armageddon. The Battle of Armageddon is not doomsday. The Battle of Armageddon is where Satan is defeated as ruler of the world and Jesus takes over as Ruler and King of the world, forever. Jesus will Rule with and through His Church, the Catholic Church. Angel Gabriel, tells us that, according to God, Jesus taking over as King and ruler of the world happens on week seven of seventy weeks. The seventy weeks start when the restoration of Israel, is first proclaimed. Father Jacob/Israel proclaimed the restoration of Israel in his life time. This would push doomsday, the end of Messianic Reign on earth (doomsday), out to the year 32,000 or so.

    The angel holding the fiery sword, in the Third secret of Fatima, is Michael the Archangel himself, of course. The weapon of a combat angel, the only weapon that can hurl the wicked into hell, is the sword of Christ’s mouth, Church anathema. Jesus swore to His Apostles that anyone that they hold bound to sin on earth, He will bind to sin in heaven. Any one held bound to sin in heaven by Jesus, goes to hell. Seeing that Apostolic Successors possess the weapon of Christ’s great combat angels of the Apocalypse, is a pretty big clue as to just who Michael and his angels will be. The Pope and Bishops will be Christ’s great combat angels of the apocalypse. A massive number of people repent to love God through obedience to God, in the post-Armageddon era of Messianic Reign. Jesus also gave His Apostles the power to loost sins. Many of the wicked struck down by the sword of Christ’s mouth, anathema, rise back to spiritual life throught the power of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

    The mountain Catholic clergy are climbing, is Zion. Zion is the restored kingdom of Israel, which is the post-Armageddon Catholic Church. With Jesus a descendant of king David, Ruling the world, Zion is born. Jesus will rule through His Church, the Catholic Church.

    The reason the world has to go through Armageddon to get to Zion, as indicated in the third secret of Fatima, is because Jesus is not Ruler of the world, until His subjects are enforcing His Laws. Catholic Popes and Bishops putting Christ’s Laws into enfocement, through auto-anathemas, is what enthrones Jesus as King and Ruler of the world. St. Michael the Archangel is the patron saint of law enforcement officers for good reason.

    There is peace and tranquility on earth in the post-Armageddon era. God has His beautiful Bride Zion, whom loves Him through obedience. Anyone living outside Zion’s gates can repent of their sins and enter into spiritual life with Jesus in Zion. God will show His face to Zion, meaning God is going to preform a massive amount of miricales for His Bride Zion. Life is good in Zion. Not so good for the spirtually dead who physically live, in obstinate unrepentant sin, outside the gates of Zion. But hey, the world goes on for another 30,000, even for the unrepentant who hate God, simply because God’s beautiful bride, who love’s Him with all her heart, through obedience to His will, exists. Armageddon is a good thing for even hell goers.

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    I think Pope Benedict XVI is going to take us through Armageddon and into Zion in the year 2012.

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