Alien or human-like fetus born from a cow

This “dead baby” was aborted from a cow in Thailand. What would be the explanation for a human-like torso and head with hoof like legs and a tail? Is this genetic engineering gone wrong, or did something else happen?

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~ by Marianne on June 16, 2008.

2 Responses to “Alien or human-like fetus born from a cow”

  1. I can not tell if this is a real cymea, or a deformed calf. However, the topic is one that happened before the flood of Noah. Then, it was Satan and those with him that changed human DNA creating the Nephlem.

    We see the same thing happening today with reports of aliens kidnapping humans, and taking their sperm or eggs. Later, the same humans are shown human/alien offspring.These are not really aliens, they are of the fallen that was given respite until judgement day. Remember, Satan asked for respite. He has been condemed. Most of the fallen are to powerful to be allowed lose. They are chained underground awaiting judgement day to be thrown into hell.

    As it was in the time of Noah…

  2. Dear Leatherneck,

    I agree about the days of Noah being here. It also said violence filled the earth at that time. It is interesting that the Hebrew word for violence is HAMAS. Terrorism has done much to fulfill prophecy as well. The only way, I guess to prove what the baby is, is to do a DNA test on it.

    Note: Did you see page 2 of this? you are posting a note on page one.


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