The Garden of Eden and the “Pit” – the Tioran land drift theory

Where was the Garden of Eden? Where is the “Pit” many people consider the entrance to hell? An alternative view based on continental drift and fault lines.

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~ by Marianne on June 20, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Garden of Eden and the “Pit” – the Tioran land drift theory”

  1. In case you don’t know, your nasty little friend “Rogue Jew” deletes any of my comments and moderates me out. Plus, he’s actually gone into my comments and altered them on his blog which should tell you what a liar Jews are (Jews against Obama did the same thing).

    He’s too chicken to have me say a word. I can’t believe you patronizing that blog with all the claptrap you put out here about Chritianity.

    You are evidently willing to consort with those who are leading us by the nose into WWIII and are destroying America like a cancer from within. You should be ashamed of yourself if you really are a White and not a Jew.

    Fortunately, people are waking up to it. My blog is really getting some serious traffic these days and everywhere people are fed-up and are asking questions about those people.

    Just wanted to stick my head in the door and tell you all this. You’ll probably delete it, so others won’t see it — just like your buds, the Jews.


  2. Incogman,

    I am sorry that you and Rogue Jew have such a difficult relationship. I have no control over what other people do to each other.

    The only time I have ever “edited” comments was when someone was using sexual and other vulgar language. I left the content, and basic message. I only removed the bad words.

    I support the return of the Jews to Israel. It is part of the Christian expectation before the Messiah comes. WW III, according to prophecy, will occur when Israel is attacked by an assembly of Arab nations, backed by Russia. It may be preceded by what we call the Ezechiel 38 war, when there is an attack from the north of Israel into the land, in which that enemy gets defeated. What actually triggers the attack is a little vague. We have to wait and see. I am guessing the nuclear weapons threat….”who will attack who first” issue.

    In a biblical view, the Arabs do not have a right to claim the land of Israel as their own, but they do have a right to dwell peacefully there. There really is room for everyone.


  3. I wonder if the trigger for this war is basically people’s faith in their interpretation of prophesy…Faith can move mountains…by the way, I’m sure you’re aware of Russia’s increasing naval presence and military ties with Syria recently!

  4. Hi Adrian,

    History has been more influenced by personal opinions than facts. So yes, interpretation of prophecy will enter into the next war. Everyone will think God wants them to win.

    It will be interesting to see how quickly prophecy unfolds from this time point onwards. Things are getting rough everywhere.


  5. I was wondering if you could tell me if the art you used here is yours or where you got it if it is not. The reason I am asking is that my husband would love to use the art on his CD cover but, of course, wants to talk to the artist about it or whomever owns it and see what the cost would be to use it. Thanks so much!!!

  6. Hi SAbrina

    The art was searched out and found on the internet, without restrictions, so it is public property.


  7. Marianne, Found this in the Book of Enoch, Chapter 24..thought you would find it interesting because it sounds to me as if the “Tree Of Life” will be in Jerusalem…near where Jesus will sit on his throne and rule if I am understanding this correctly….

    3Among these there was a tree of an unceasing smell; nor of those which were in Eden was there one of all the fragrant trees which smelt like this. Its leaf, its flower, and its bark never withered, and its fruit was beautiful.

    4Its fruit resembled the cluster of the palm. I exclaimed, Behold! This tree is goodly in aspect, pleasing in its leaf, and the sight of its fruit is delightful to the eye. Then Michael, one of the holy and glorious angels who were with me, and one who presided over them, answered,

    5And said: Enoch, why do you inquire respecting the odour of this tree?

    6Why are you inquisitive to know it?

    7Then I, Enoch, replied to him, and said, Concerning everything I am desirous of instruction, but particularly concerning this tree.

    8He answered me, saying, That mountain which you behold, the extent of whose head resembles the seat of the Lord, will be the seat on which shall sit the holy and great Lord of glory, the everlasting King, when he shall come and descend to visit the earth with goodness.

    9And that tree of an agreeable smell, not one of carnal odor, there shall be no power to touch, until the period of the great judgment. When all shall be punished and consumed for ever, this shall be bestowed on the righteous and humble. The fruit of the tree shall be given to the elect.

    ***For towards the north, life (tree of life?) shall be planted in the holy place, towards the habitation of the everlasting King.****

    10Then shall they greatly rejoice and exult in the Holy One. The sweet odor shall enter into their bones; and they shall live a long life on the earth as your forefathers have lived; neither in their days shall sorrow, distress, trouble, and punishment afflict them.

    11And I blessed the Lord of glory, the everlasting King, because He has prepared this tree for the saints, formed it, and declared that He would give it to them.

    ….WOW! Sounds to me as if God turns everything back around to the beginning and allows his children to take of the Tree of life which according to Enoch will be in the “Holy Place” which I understand to be Jerusalem….right? so… this where the Garden of Eden began in the first place?

  8. And….there is more!

    Chapter 31

    1After these things, surveying the entrances of the north, above the mountains, I perceived seven mountains replete with pure nard, odoriferous trees, cinnamon and papyrus.

    2From there I passed on above the summits of those mountains to some distance eastwards, and went over the Erythraean sea. (37) And when I was advanced far beyond it, I passed along above the angel Zateel, and arrived at the garden of righteousness. In this garden I beheld, among other trees, some which were numerous and large, and which flourished there.

    (37) Erythraean sea. The Red Sea.

    3Their fragrance was agreeable and powerful, and their appearance both varied and elegant. The tree of knowledge also was there, of which if any one eats, he becomes endowed with great wisdom.

    4It was like a species of the tamarind tree, bearing fruit which resembled grapes extremely fine; and its fragrance extended to a considerable distance. I exclaimed, How beautiful is this tree, and how delightful is its appearance!

    5Then holy Raphael, an angel who was with me, answered and said, This is the tree of knowledge, of which your ancient father and your aged mother ate, who were before you; and who, obtaining knowledge, their eyes being opened, and knowing themselves to be naked, were expelled from the garden.

    • It sounds like Jerusalem is the place to be with with all those great trees. The bible says we will know the end from the beginning, so we are on our way back to Eden. 🙂

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