Human gestation and the Feasts of the Lord

This is an interesting study I received on the relationship between the human gestation period and the Feasts of the Lord. As usual, God is amazing.

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~ by Marianne on July 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Human gestation and the Feasts of the Lord”

  1. Christianity is evil according to Al Gore and the Green movement.
    The green movement is based on Gaia the pagan earth goddess.
    That is why McGuinty tried to remove the Lord’s prayer from the Ont. legislature. It is also the reason for the attempt to remove God from the national anthem.

    One world govt. requires a one world religion.

    The churches have been led to believe the green movement is godly, it’s exactly the opposite.

    Canadians need to wake up and wake up fast.

    Please read The Green Agenda found on the page bar of my blog.
    It is the best I have found on the subject.
    Read the words of the men that would rule the world and remove the Christian faith.
    Please-read The Green Agenda.

    Enjoy your day-very interesting times ahead

    If you are involved in the church I would like to be in touch.


  2. Atomcat,

    Wow, I was just finishing this post, and you found it as I was working on it.

    I glanced at your website just now, but I will look at it further.

    I have a church. I am somewhat involved. I am not in any special role there…just one of the people.

    To me, the green movement is bogus to much extent. Terrorism is a bigger threat to our future than the environment.


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