The Baby Boomer generation is dying early?

I found a “baby boomer death counter” that predicts when the baby boomers will die off. It is earlier than normal. What could this mean, if true?

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~ by Marianne on July 22, 2008.

9 Responses to “The Baby Boomer generation is dying early?”

  1. This is kind of gloomy I guess..Is it that our diets are bad, m ore stress or more indulgences…I think we are caught up in a “I must have” society and are constantly buying…esp. gizmos and TVs and cars etc…We do not keep things very long…THere are no guarantees in life as we know…So we wonder about healthy eating, taking care of stress..Hopefully it works…carol stanley author of boomerbook “For Kids 59.99 and Over”

  2. Hi Carol,

    I cannot say for sure why baby boomers might die earlier. But it does seem that we live in an accelerated society, with a change in values. Our parents lived in simpler times. The mom stayed home and cared for the children and the father worked. Now, both parents work, and strangers take care of the kids, who grow up with “issues.” Then there is the huge increase in single parent homes, with little help from the other parent, and the mom might have to work, whose absence contributes to either poor grads in school, leading to failure and stress, or delinquency.

    So I see the breakdown of the traditional family and extra stress on whoever is left to carry the burden. The cost of living has grown faster than people’s salaries. Competition is fierce in the workplace. The lack of moral standards which this generation rebelled against has also come full circle. Many have AIDS now, or their children do. People will have to make some changes in their lives, reduce stress, and increase family contacts for support.

    Thanks for the book reference.

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  3. I think death rates vary hugely. Even in the same family. My father was an identical twin. He died very young, at age 56. His identical twin is still alive and will be turning 91 this year! So, there’s no accounting for death rates. Enjoy life!

  4. Hi Rhea,

    Maybe I will live to be 91 also! That way I can get all my taxes back from the government that I paid in. 🙂

    note: there is a page 2 to this post….


  5. Hi Rhea. You are right. Enjoy life! I enjoy life by preparing for eternity. This temporary life is not where I want to stay, but while I am here, I will enjoy all that I can and, for me, my greatest pleasure is to serve HIM the best I can. I will be with HIM forever, and only a very little time here. Enjoy!

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  7. HELLO,

    I am interested in the photo that you have posted. Do you know if/how I might obtain the rights to use this photo in my documentary film? Thank you for your help.

  8. Thank you for your reply, Marianne! You are probably right about it being one of Life’s photos, they had loads like that one. Our film is also not-for-profit, but we’ll probably need the rights to any photos used so I’ll continue to search. Thanks again!

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