From the Pit to the Palace

About 4000 years ago, one young man went from dreamer, to slave, to ruler and savior of his nation, in what seems like less than a decade. How did he make his dream become a reality? And, what is his message to others, who need to rise up, to save their world as well? Click here for more

~ by Marianne on October 6, 2008.

10 Responses to “From the Pit to the Palace”

  1. very interesting and terrifying

  2. Hi Bret

    Yes. There is a lot to think about in the next month before the elections. May God be with you in your choice.


  3. Bret,

    It is beyond terrifying. Based on the politics in Washington, this Presidential race has become the worst, most divisive and destructive in our U.S. history. There are no winners in this poisonous atmosphere. The U.S. economy is a joke, the politicians are outright liars, and if anyone thinks that 95% of the working people aren’t going to have to pay more taxes, then I feel sorry for their lack of understanding. Our liberal schools have lulled to sleep our youth into a lethargy worse than being in a coma. Once the working class of this country understands that they have been totally deceived beyond their wildest imagination, then there will be an uprising the likes of which has never been seen on this earth before. I pray for the survival of our beautiful country, but I am especially interested in seeing what happens in this country on the day after the Presidential election. November 5th will be a day to remember.

  4. Dear JR

    Maybe this is why you needed to make the change that you did. You needed to be in a different position, that would help you, and avoid helping those who would do evil.


  5. Indeed these times in America yearn for those washed in the blood of the Lamb,to pray without ceasing. Many people would like for church and government to have total separation. I believe this is impossible. Moses, Joseph, Elijah, Nathan, Jesus and Paul all had to face government officials for various reasons. Billy Graham and Martin Luther King Jr. have gone before government officials also. Men and women in public office often need Godly counsel; thank God there is a remnamt in this land who can fill the slots. Larry Stockstill, senior pastor of Bethany World Prayer Center has written a book called “The Remnant-Restoring Integrity to American Ministry, states the Lord told him that he was going to “shake this nation”. Why? Because ministers and government in America are in peril. Another prophet in North Carolina informed me that the Lord told her “there is a remnant that has not bowed”. Have not bowed to what? The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. All of which Satan tempted Jesus with. Some mega churches and big government have,regretfully,succomb to theses sins. Therefore we need Joseph’s, in church and government, who have a vision from God to restore our nation back to the God of the Bible. Who can see the famine and prepare men’s hearts and minds.

  6. Satan is working overtime now because he thinks he is winning the spiritual battle that we are in during these last days. God’s word is there to comfort us and to see that HE will never leave us no matter what happens all around us. It seems that there are those who see this so clearly, and there are those among us who cannot see anything but this world. I would be completely and totally in a state of perpetual fear if I did not have Jesus. Since we know that HE will come soon for those who are looking for HIM, I have a peace that passes all understanding. Let these words be a comfort to all who read them, and all the glory goes to Jesus.

  7. Hi JR

    The message here is for the righteous to stand up for God in a country where God is rejected. Can we turn things around?

    Pray! and act when you can.


  8. Hello

    I’ve just uploaded two rare interviews with the Catholic activist Dorothy Day. One was made for the Christophers [1971]–i.e., Christopher Closeup– and the other for WCVB-TV Boston [1974].

    Day had begun her service to the poor in New York City during the Depression with Peter Maurin, and it continued until her death in 1980. Their dedication to administering to the homeless, elderly, and disenfranchised continues with Catholic Worker homes in many parts of the world.

    Please post or announce the availability of these videos for those who may be interested in hearing this remarkable lay minister.

    They may be located here:

    Thank you

    Dean Taylor

  9. Hi there, I am new to blogging and to the world of internet faith 🙂
    I am looking for help, for followers and for inspiration to write. I wonder if you might have a look at my site and spread the word?
    Thanks ps (what happened to your video?)
    I know God works, through people, and I am hoping for a miracle.

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