Quetzalcoatl – the god behind the Mayan prophesies for 2012


People wonder about the date 2012, which came from the Mayan calendar. Attached to this creation of this calendar was a winged serpent named Quetzalcoatyl, who was part man, part god. He is also expected to return. Will 2012 be the date? Click here for more

~ by Marianne on February 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Quetzalcoatl – the god behind the Mayan prophesies for 2012”

  1. I cannot beleive the blindnesss of so many christians who know about the “great slaughter when the towers fall passages” as written plainly in their Bible.
    This prophecy fails to awaken them to the events of 9/11 being an actual Bible prophecy written for our day for millions to witness, and plainly read!
    Wake up, yee blind ones!
    If this is not a direct biblical prophecy about 9/11, then, what is it???
    First, Isaiah describes the exact time of the year for September, the very time of year when the farmers have sown with seed, and it comes forth from the ground as bread, meaning (wheat crops) or, the increase of the earths harvest, both fat and plentious, while the cattle feed in large pastures. The donkies are eating directly from the ground “clean provender “(wheat crops and straw) as it is being cut by a fan and harvested up, says “Isaiah 30:24”.

    God is directing you to the beginning of the harvest time within the month of September!! Was it September 11th?
    And speaking of the day of harvest time, there shall be streams of water or, (Irrigation canals like rivers flowing with water) Isaiah states that this occurs in “the day of great slaughter when the towers fell.” The towers on 9/11 did fall, and three thousand people parish while the beginning of the harvest is going on.

    This prophecy is a direct biblical message from God.
    What is it about?
    It Pinpoints the month of September depicted in Bible prophecy when these towers fall and cause a great slaughter.
    “Isaiah 30:23-25”

    Was there another time in the Bible where this prophecy may have occured in the past? No, THIS PROPHECY has never been fulfilled in the Bible nor in world history, until right now.

    We know that millions of American Christians came together in a national unity like we had never before seen following 9/11!
    Churches were overflowing with people!
    Faith became extremely bright in AMERICA, AFTER 9/11.

    Isaiah states, “the light of the sun shall increase sevenfold” after the towers fall.

    He gives us several clues about the number seven. Seven days depict seven years in Bible prophecy. Seven years were to follow after 9/11 says the prophet. Days mean years in prophecy. See”Exekiel 4:6″
    After the stroke of America’s terrible wound is healed comes 7 times after the towers fall, The prophecy predicts something must happen seven times or years later.
    What happens after the seventh year after 9/11? The pivital 12rth bank fell on September 12th 2008 which is exactly 7 years after 9/11 occured! This is the pivital date that America’s economy fell into an out of control tail spin.

    What was the false solution to save the economy? A seven hundred billion dallar bailout. Again witnessing another prophetic number seven! The towers falling represented our economy being attacked. Exactly seven years later our economy received a 2nd sneak attack by Freddy and Fannie and the socialistic democrats which took down our economy.

    Exactly seven towers were destroyed on 9/11, besides the large twin towers. Remember Building number seven and all the media concern? One year must passes for each one of these seven fallen towers which begins the countdown of seven years after 9/11. I have a question? If this is not the fulfillment of this prophecy happening in our day, then find a place in the Bible, or in world history which matches these exact details?

    It cannot be demonstrated to fit any event before 9/11. This is the time for this prophecy become fulfilled right directly now in front of our eyes, and millions were too blind to even see it. Has the Bible ever been so bold as to name an exact event with specific details before in our day? Not this specific!

    This is the time when George Bush has transformed Iraq into a free eagle, as the prophet promised in Daniel chapter four. While Christians have been going about your life distracted by many unimportant events, a huge Bible prophecy has just exploded in front of them, and they could not even see it.

    See it now. Click my picture above and view the youtube video that takes you through this prophecy scripture by scripture. Open your eyes to the most exciting prophecy connecting our day and our time. Your life is now a key to the end times. Click picture above!

  2. See Bible prophecies of 9/11 as above at http://www.eternaltruth.net

  3. hi Paul,

    I do not see a picture, or video, but the readers can know to click on your name to get to your site. I did not see a video over there, since it is presented as an outline.

    That is an interesting interpretation. We have been arguing a lot about which babylon fell the first time, and which one will fall the second time. It very well be that it is referring to one fall, with 2 structures involved.

    So now that the 7 years have past, what next?

    Also, you are on the introductory page to this post. There is a page 2 here:

    blessings and thanks

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