Does Satan have a body?


Is Satan only a spirit, or does he have some sort of body?

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~ by Marianne on February 9, 2009.

6 Responses to “Does Satan have a body?”

  1. The lord is what you make him to. He is always with you and gives you strength and courage, when needed.

  2. He didn’t ask about Yahweh. He asked about Satan.

  3. maybe Satan is his lord?

  4. yes I do,

    here’s the story.
    In 1973, January 12, I was born to God’s Image as Nathan John. At 3 months I was adopted and given the David James Berlett. Revelations Chapter 3 verse 7 (paraphrased) he with the key of David, I know your deeds and you do not deny my name……

    Well Natas is a Celtic derivative or orgin of Nathan. And from what God shows me and what I can piece together, I was and possibly will be one of God’s finest Killers. They say words backwards have a satanic message and Natas backwards is Satan. So it is quite possible over lifetimes that one came before the other
    as far as a name, but the reputation of the Arch Angel Satan is filled with mistruths and misrepresentations. The pure evil entity existed for the enemy on the battlefield, and every lifetime I kill for the people of God. That time hasn’t come for me yet, but when it does, I fight for and kill for
    Universal Divinity and Mother Terra with UnHoly terror in the name of God, doing unspeakable horrors to the enemies of God. I recall cutting a man’s joints and the elbows and knees, and as he fell helpless and terrified unable to defend. I would walk and bend down, my face to my victims and then pluck out an eye with only my finger and eat it while they watch. The Arch Angel Satan is Natas, The Gateway of Sorrow. And all indications and signs say it’s time soon again. The Fallen will find forgivness and reclaim the place in the House of God at God’s Table.

    • ND

      You either serve YHVH (GOD) or you serve Satan, who is not God, and does not serve God, but opposes Him.

      But you are right. Satan will walk this earth in his final hour soon, then he will be destroyed.

      You need prayer.

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