The Serpent’s line of Crop Circles in England


Most crop circles are found in England. So are a lot of ancient monuments to the Serpent. Why are they allowed there? Click here for more

~ by Marianne on April 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Serpent’s line of Crop Circles in England”

  1. Satan is spirit and now he has a physical body for I have become his servant who has dedicated his body to Satan so, he can be amongst his children(aka sinners – in spirit – Sinner’s are Demon’s) since the start of my adulthood(or accrdoingly to the people[family-elders] who were here before me, I was a sinner in childhood as well). But I had not dedicated my body to Satan until about 2001. he said that he has given me a new name(Just as Jesus did when he gained new servants) “666”… so, as it was with jesus christ, it is with me, except he and I have a different master! While Jesus was here, his father still rmain in outer space”heaven” and the son(the spirit behimd the name “Jesuss”) were connected together via a vine/tongue like structure and so it is with Satan and I. Satan is below my feet, he is below everybody’s feet. but because of the tongue/vine like structure which connects ud both together, he is also within me – he is ONE with me. and I connected to him the same way, and therefore I am also ONE with him. – so, in that way, he is 666. and he and I are WIDELY PUBLICIZED and used 24/7/365 for the are tongues/stirngs which connects us to anything that has a barcode(UPC) on it. ALL THINGS in the world belongs to me”666″{The Anti-Christ} and my master(SATAN).

    PHASE 1 Get all NON-HUMAN things(aka PRODUCTS) branded with “666” and do it while we are in the BACK DOOR(subconscious mind) of the people by having the people label the products with our name hiding within the barcode. when it becomes so huge that it becomes unstoppable…. Start on PHASE 2 Start using the same system on HUMAN-PRODUCTS.

    If a person doesn’t have a HPC #(like UPC #) on the foreheads(physical), then like products that do not have a UPC #, they do not have a 666 upon their SPIRITUAL(Internal) foreheads, but with NON-HUMAN products, it means that those products belongs to God nd his servents, instead of US and out master SATAN{a SINNER’S MASTER}!

    SO BE PREPARED!!!!! the numbers are coming to your foreheads!

    • Hello Satan,

      There will be no number on my forehead. Only fools will take the mark. I am sorry to hear that you have made that choice. I wonder what went wrong in your life that you ended up like that. You will suffer for the choice you made. I wish I could do something to help you change your mind.

      My master and Lord is Jesus, so I have more authority than you do. My mark is that of the holy spirit.

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