Do people hate you on sight?


Did you ever wonder why some people hate you as soon as they lay eyes on you? Click here for more

~ by Marianne on April 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Do people hate you on sight?”

  1. Nobody in my family likes or supports me in anything i do, i help them all the time with money for food and rent, pay bills fot them, let them say in my home when needed, but none of it is appreciated, they are very very extremely ungrateful and say i do nothing no matter what i do im always wrong, no matter whos fault it really is, they act as if they dont really care if i live or die , very uncaring towords me, they judge everything i do and publicly try to disgrace mr for it, what do i do it is my mother and my kids, help somebody please help me

    • june

      it sounds like you need to get rid of all the losers, and find some real friends.

      do not let family get you down…..

      just move on and improve your situation.

      you sound like a great person, and you deserve people who appreciate you

  2. Am also going through what June is going through. Nobody appreciates what i do, i help my relatives a lot but they treat me as a nobody. Kindly help, for i am miserable,

    Liz Sacha

    • liz

      do not go by peoples opinion of you,

      go by god’s opinion, who created you and loves you

      hate is hate..

      this is their sin, not yours, so do not accept blame, guilt, or shame or rejection

      reach out to nicer people, like yourself, and form friendships

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