Heaven Awaits Chat and Fellowship Link

This Ning network link is for those who do not have comments, but would just like to discuss, chat, and fellowship.

It is a more direct way of communicating without having to wait until someone writes a comment back to you on a certain page.

Arrange times with people to contact them.

You can even write your own blog.

Click here for more

~ by Marianne on January 17, 2010.

14 Responses to “Heaven Awaits Chat and Fellowship Link”

  1. marrianne-

    are you the author of heaven awaits blog site?

    • hi jd

      Yes, I am the author/ creator of the blog network “Heaven Awaits.” I did this because some people just want someone to talk to, but they do not have any comments about a particular post. I will be sending an update soon which will notify more people about this, if they are interested.

  2. Your insight and research is amazing and commendable. It is presented in a non-authoritarian way and by skimming through 70 % of this information there is much here.
    The devastation in Haiti is unbearable at times to even fathom and I agree that the Lord is speaking. I am writing to thank you for this because the hour is late and the time to pray and repent is NOW! Jesus is the only safe place to be IN HIM, covered with his blood. So often I am consumed by the care of the world and the things to do and this website and helped me to refocus and cry out to the Lord even louder and with more desperation for Him as the days are truly dark and evil. May God have mercy on us.
    Father Corapi (www.fathercorapi.org) speaks of Fatima and has been warning about things to come in America. He has called for a 911 prayer of 9 Memoraies, which are directed to Jesus through Mary, One rosary, and One Divine Mercy Chaplet daily. It is a hard discipline but I can sense it’s urgency. Praise God for your obedience to consider such material and call for all to repent. I am praying with you sister.
    In Christ who protects us through Blood that he shed for us.
    Praise Jesus Chirst Forever!

  3. The rosary is from paganism, the bible warns about praying as pagans do. It’s good to pray to God through the Lord, Christ Jesus, not through the rosary, as the bible gives extensive examples of what happened to the children of Israel when they started mixing paganism with biblical worship. (like the voodoo capitol of the world, haiti)

    • this is true. haiti is one of the voodoo capitals out there. and this is also correct that we are to pray through God the mediator, the Lord Jesus Christ. all other types are blasphemous according to the bible.

  4. BTW: 80% OF Haiti is ROMAN Catholic and 50% of Haiti practices voodoo, a conjuring up of satanic spirits which is EXPLICITLY forbidden by God in the holy bible. Pray that God would break this evil spirit of voodooism and that all the people of Haiti would come to KNOW the one true God, the Lord Christ Jesus, through, as the bible says, whom all things were created.

    • BTW: 80% OF Haiti is ROMAN Catholic and 50% of Haiti practices voodoo

      Mike, your numbers may be right, but voodoo is also practiced in the Catholic church. Therefore, there is more voodoo than anything else.
      We must love them anyway, and pray for them, straight to Jesus, without going through anyone. Let the Holy Spirit lead in prayer.

  5. No other name than Jesus name we have to pray, if you pray Mary, you pray a dead person and it is totally forbidden by God , it is important not to mixe up prayers to the Lord and praying idols

  6. father Corapi
    We all mean well…but at times find we have swung into the wrong line. The Good Book nowhere tells us to pray through Mary, its a no no, only through God’s Son. Please dear man take note of that.

  7. You should all save your energy for the future.
    You may need it shortly.
    Who knows what the day or the days ahead holds?
    I personally think the Judgement of The Lord is on the doorstep.
    This time He will shake The Heavens as well as The Earth.

    You may not believe me but I think you should.

  8. Marianne, Thank you, once again, for opening another avenue for those who love the Lord to communicate with each other to obtain knowledge and to encourage each other in Christ. I have been reading the responses left on this blog and the words of Christ keep coming to my mind…”..Love your neighbor as yourself.” I believe the Lord is watching us; our response in these critical times to provide aide and support and love and to spread His word may indeed be a key in how much mercy God shows us in the future. God bless you and keep you safe in Him.

  9. IN Jesus Christ YESHUA’S name Heavenly Father YAHOVAH YHVH i pray you bless this post , Marianne who made it possible and all who use it. Also please help and heal all the hurting and fearful people in Haiti all the injured, the very old, the hungry and the very young children. Amen Thank you Heavenly Father YAHOVAH for hearing and answering all my prayers. To you be all glory , honor and praise forever and ever. Amen

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