6th seal, DUMBs, 2012

Is the government unwittingly confirming prophecy, and giving us clues as to when the time of wrath begins?

Or, has it been listening to too many New Age predictions?

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~ by Marianne on March 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “6th seal, DUMBs, 2012”

  1. Yes,i feel that they have been keeping up with everything.And giving the public signs as in movies and other things as well.Thanks,GP

  2. i also agree with the movies that been coming out some one has been dueling some of there home work not all but some

  3. What movies?

  4. God is giving opportunity to film His own movies.
    For starters …. here is a strange enough one.

  5. And here He gives them black rain to drink.

  6. Because they desired darkness and loved NOT the Truth and the Light …
    God gave them ….

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