Satan’s use of God’s symbols of creation

The mind set now is to avoid anything Satan uses that God made.

This leaves us with nothing to use or enjoy, since Satan will will use everything God created for his own purpose.

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~ by Marianne on June 29, 2010.

2 Responses to “Satan’s use of God’s symbols of creation”

  1. Remember when the enemy comes in like a flood the Lord raises up the standard!!!!

    Oh, Praise his holy name; the creator has never forgotten any of his creation. He is more than the human mind can comprehend.

    I have come to the conclusion that the enemy is like a rebellious child. If you give him any attention it doesn’t correct your situation but adds fuel to the fire. God will allow him to become a grand delusion when you give him this position. Remember he has informed us that he has a great love for us, giving his only son for us his family. As any parent he is jealous over us

    KJV Psalms 105:43 says; Psalms 105:43 He brought forth his people with joy, his chosen with singing. The NIV says He will rejoice over you with joy and will calm you in his love.
    So he has joy in our joy, as we ought to remember he is “Everything”. Every good thing has been or is made by his hand directly or indirectly. So what God has made, should be in our remembrance always. In all things put him first, speaking of him He is perfect in all things.

    Is the creator more then his creation? All things of God or by God and fit for use or he wouldn’t have made it. Exercise wisdom and thank the Lord for the wonderful things he made for us to enjoy, to utilize in making a day in our journey easier.

    He is your way maker and the enemy is his own vein imagination unless, you give him place; as James said, give him no place. In doing so we make ourselves his voice armor bearers, giving place to his importance. He is nothing let us reason! The king of kings is our something.

    To the children of God he isn’t important to us, as the Lord didn’t put spirits of fear in us.

    One opens becomes open to an attack with negativity, draws more negatives for attention. Glorify the right things and the creator, not the creations. So instead of complaining, let us compliment the handy work of the Lord, which is right in his sight. Because the positive works attract positive words and things and the savior and creator of all of us, the very work of his hands and mind are miracles that nothing can match.

    Let not vanity take control of our hope but the blessed savior who supplies all of our needs according to his riches and glory, praise his holy and blessed name who keeps us, never slumbering or sleeping but continuously keeping us in all things, sharing always in our burdens and even having his angels to pick us up that we don’t dash our feet.

    Don’t be a spokes person for the enemy; the world will end when the Lord says so, not a day late or a day early. The enemy is nothing but an unnecessary nuisance; he doesn’t want us to claim or proclaim the promises of the Lord. Why? Because our creator is the shining light to our feet on the path, and as his creations he loves us, watching over each and everyone. So much so that if you have faith and say to the mountain be thou removed, it will jump into the see. He is faith to hear and to answer, some times even when he knows it might not be his own plan or design but he gives us charge and freedom.

    He is the creator, and how much more is he then us the creation.

    So when the enemy comes looking for attention, tune him out and make it our business instead to speak of the what the blood has done and what it means, speak to the number of miracles God created. Maybe better yet put a special place on the site to speak to the miracles of God, a writing on the number of people each week coming to God.

    Peter took his mind off of Jesus and he fell in the water. Take our mind off of our maker and the creator of all we will fall. We are of God, his creations, made for his joy and he has adopted us as his family.

    What can we fear, if he be for us who can be against us, he is our high tower of strength, the Gardener of our faith and all things, if there be something growing in us and he didn’t plant it he tears at it and roots it out, he bore the debt of our transgresions before we entered into them, as a Father anticipating every need, cloaking us in a covering when the enemy is roaring and hammering waves upon us in tribulation, keeping our minds stable and sane by putting our focus upon him, allowing us to walk upon the water, giving us a foundation in the rock, through his stripes taking every illness upon himself, paying the debt for everyone, being always faithful to forgive a repented heart, forgiving all who called and calls in need and in love upon him and puts their faith and trust in him in to this great faith. The faith of miracles, that no imitation or imitator can ever replace.
    James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God rest the devil and he will flee from you. Tune him out! We are the children of the light. The word says in Matthew 5:39 But I tell you, don’t resist him who is evil; but whoever strikes you on your right cheek, and turn to him the other also. (See NIV)
    When we take our mind off of him the evil can take us into dark water, but keeping our mind upon the savior and praying by faith with hope in our hearts, knowing that we our called to his purpose.

    Who loves you, who is it that you can call upon and knock and he always opens and never turns away, who has seen your life from beginning to the end, who picks you up when you don’t know how to turn or the way to go forward, who carries you when you think that another mile isn’t in you, who makes his face to shine upon you, who is it that
    Made all plans for you, who built the word with us in mind, who tolerates our selfish willfulness and still continues to bear us, who brings hope in every dark thing, who brings all joy and love, who wipes away the tears and sorrows, who made the sun and the stars to be in the sky, who made the waters to run up the mountains and the seas and waters to have fish and the lands to multiply, only one. Let us serve him with fullness of our hearts that our joy maybe full. Because the waves of our prayers and praise lift up to the Heavens, it is impossible to please him without faith!! Let us reason together in the love of him, the hows of what he did and the can dos he will does
    Your Sister in Jesus Christ, Pattie

  2. Thank you for sharing this. *Big hug*

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