Marianne note – Yom Kippur

for 9/17 – 9/19

I will not be around much starting Friday evening (after 5pm east coast time) and through Sunday afternoon.

So if you write to me, expect a delay.

Thank you and God bless you.


~ by Marianne on September 12, 2010.

27 Responses to “Marianne note – Yom Kippur”

  1. I will miss you but please be safe.
    hugs Rosa.

  2. All right, sounds good, have a blessed memorial “day of atonement” Marianne. Its good to know these days are not forgotten here in North America. I hope your fasting goes without a hitch hopefully like mine too. :)just

  3. Then I wish you an early good Shabbos & a time of accessing the Divine Presence on Yom Kippur.

  4. You might want to direct your readers attention to this article “MariAnne.”

    • Mohammad raped, and murdered. You forgot to write that in your history lesson. Also, you forgot to write the word of G-d made flesh in Jesus Christ who was murdered for mankind’s sin, rose from the dead, and holds the deed to this earth lost by Adam.

      I noticed you grouped all Christians together as burning witches. What evil men do in the name of Christianty does not make Christ evil.

      Your human logic, is just that, and it is foolishness next to G-d’s wisdom. The first step in wisdom is fearing that which created you, and gave you orders to live by, then died for you out of love.

      Good luck to you.

  5. I do not see how the day of Atonement applies to Christians? We have Christ that atoned for us, and if we pray all day to G-d the Father, the G-d of Moses, will he forgive us of our sins, if we do not ask in Christ’s name?

    I do not understand this post, other than we support Jews to pray as they wish.

    • Leatherneck

      This is just a notice. I will not be around at that time, so people will not wonder why I do not answer their comments or emails. I will be with my jewish friends.

      This notice is not supposed to have any other particular meaning besides my absence.

      So I am not instructing anyone to observe the day. I am just saying I will be missing.

    • So if the day of atonement doesn’t apply to Christians, why did Paul keep it? (Acts 27:9) He wasn’t a Christian?

      • hi nigel

        I was merely explaining to Leatherneck the purpose of my Yom Kippur note, which was to say I would be missing. I was not advising for, or against, observing Yom Kippur.

        While Jesus was our atonement for sins, God had originally ordained certain feasts and times he wanted his people to observe for all generations. Yom Kippur is one of them.

        I personally think christians should continue to observe them, as God instructed. It is honoring God on his feast days, and a good time to remember what Jesus did for us.

        These feasts are not “Jewish feasts” but feasts of the Lord, and a time to get closer to God. And we all need to do that.

        • ???? I understood that Marianne, if you notice my post and how its not offset below yours, I was replying to Leathernecks post, not yours. 🙂

          • I have no idea why Paul kept it. However, if it was to reflect on Christ’s love for us, then that might explain it. Thoughts?

            • We know Paul kept the Holy Days like unleavened bread, atonement, because they were never done away with like everyone thinks. The Holy days picture Gods plan of salvation for us and we are told in the bible we will be keeping them in the world tomorrow so you have to ask yourself………. why are you not keeping them today? No where in the bible does it say they were ever done away with. As followers of Christ, we honor Him by obeying Him and following His example as best we can because thats what He said to do. He kept the feast as well so we should too.

    • Yom Kippur begins an hour before sundown on Friday, September 17th. which is a Shabbat this year. It is customary to eat a late afternoon meal with loved ones (called Seudat Mafseket, a meal of cessation), just before the fast begins,(the 25 hour fast runs until an hour past sundown on Saturday, September 18th.)
      This is perhaps the most important holiday of the Jewish year and holds tremendous prophetic significance regarding the Second Coming of Mashiach, the restoration of national Israel, and the final judgement of the world. It is also the day that reveals the High Priestly work of the Mashiach Yeshua as our Kohen Gadol (High Priest) after the order of Malki-Tzedek.
      (Hebrews 5:10,6:20)
      The sound of the shofar at the end of the Yom Kippur minchah
      (afternoon service) is called gedolah,since it signifies the
      “sealing of the books” for the coming year….Yom Kippur prophetically pictures “The Day of the Lord” or the Day of Judgement in Acharit Ha-Yamim, (the End of Days)

      I believe the reason for Marianne to have made this post is because of what she states in her response to Nigel below.
      Leatherneck, I agree fully with what you say here in your post. We do have Christ, and Amen for that, but we can`t continue as Christians to simply deny the Jewishness of our roots.

      If I may, I would like to suggest some resources for you to look at, where you may perhaps have the opportunity to receive more knowledge regarding the importance of this subject.

      A site of Joe Amaral`s ……..
      The Day of Discovery site……
      And my personal favorite and from where I gleaned the above comments, administrated by John Parson`s….

      Here within these sites, I believe you will have many questions that you may have had answered, and I guarantee, that you will grow in your understanding, and relationship with our Lord.



      • Shalom Ben-Ha’Or

        I wish you G’mar Chatima Tova and well over the Fast.

        Your mentioning of the shofar reminded me of something from scripture.

        It will be at the last trump that we will be called.

        So as we are sealed, we are taken away, possibly?

      • One thing you say here is quite typical of people today……. “the jewishness of our roots”

        Thats not quite true. Gods Holy days were given to ALL His people not just the jews. ALL 12 tribes were given these days to observe at the mount, its the jews that just managed to obey them the longest. Gods Holy days are for His people. 🙂

        • Nigel,
          Thank you for your comment. However, I believe the reason that this phrase, “Jewishness of our roots” is so “typical today” as you say, is simply because it’s context is understood.
          (by most at least)
          It also rolls off of the tongue a little easier than say,”Judah,
          Joseph,Benjamin of our roots”
          Wouldn’t you agree?
          Shalom 🙂

          • Unfortunately, I have heard a lot of people say “I’m not Jewish, therefore the things in the bible don’t apply to me” The things in the bible like Holy Days, Gods Law etc apply to all of Gods people including the other 11 tribes and the Gentiles.

            Instead of saying jews, whats wrong with Gods people? I know we are all Gods children, but we are all not Gods people, those who follow Jesus.

  6. I just sent you an email that you might enjoy from my job…thanks

    Stay blessed

  7. I’ll miss you, take care and share with us what God say to you this weekend.God bless you very much.


  8. Nigel:

    In response to November 14 post.

    I can tell Marianne is very fond of you and you like this blog.

    I think you are looking for the Truth and someone needs to point you in the right direction.

    The Jewish people are “Chosen” not better. Herbert Armstrong’s Religion is replacement Theology and is British Israelism. The purpose of the millennium is to fulfill the promises God made to the Jewish people.

    There are blogs to discuss with other people who have been members of World Wide Church God and the many splinter groups to discuss doctrine.

    Here’s one of them:


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