You need to help the poor more……

How does God do that?

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~ by Marianne on October 12, 2010.

8 Responses to “You need to help the poor more……”

  1. well, who is poor? The rich with empty souls?
    Am I poor with the 400€/month*?
    *It is just enought for food, heating, petrol and sometimes some new clothes.
    If I lost my job, I will get money just for breakfast, no heating, electricity etc. In my county is unneployment over 20%. Are we poor?

    • zomi

      yes you are poor.

      • If I m poor, what could say those in africa, who are happy when they get daily a half liter of dirty water?
        Am I poor?? NO.
        How about You dear friends, soulmates?
        They say, if you have the basics (Maslows pyramid), then you can start the research of the way of your soul.
        But what If all the material daily things, doings are stopping Us to do that research?
        The theory of relativity suits to everything 🙂

        • I see what you are saying. By USA standards you are poor, but you are getting your needs met.

          Other countries have lower standards, where they think a cup of water is having one’s needs met. Do they survive? yes for some. Others die.

          That is all they know. This is what they are used to, but this is not good enough for me. They should have more, and have better. Decent food and water and shelter and clothing.

          I personally have just enough to have my needs met myself.

          None of us should rest when others do not have what they need to survive.

  2. are we talking about material or spiritual poverty? ain’t that the point?

  3. Let our words and prayers be sweet before our Lord.

    Many are suffering, my husband and I are eating and today have a roof and clothing. A few months ago we lost everything but by the
    grace of God, he made away for us. We collect money every week for the needy and prepare food baskets for the homeless and within our church their are times when our own memebers have less than they need to survive but the Lord makes away as he promised us.

    I would like to ask you regards to some of the statements the versus of the Bible where the Lord said he gave Ethiopia, Iran and Eygpt for Israel. Some things can’t be questioned, but if we have we should always share with those who are in need. We
    have so many children and people in our nation who are hungry and without. Let us thank the Lord for all that he has done, he is the giver who giveth to us the ability to have wealth.

    We need to understand the times and seek Gods face and his love and keep his laws and precepts, writing them upon our hearts and praying always for the poor and for the peace of Israel.

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