In Memoriam 17 – Dreamed a dream

Seems like what we dream for, and work for, and sacrifice for, never comes to pass.

But, if we give up on the dream, we die, so we take it with us to our graves.

That is what you did, and I still do.


~ by Marianne on December 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “In Memoriam 17 – Dreamed a dream”

  1. This time of year can be so happy or so sad for so many people. It either brings up good memories or bad ones.

    This is the Pastor that married my daughter this summer. My British/American friend living in London, called his church “Trendy” and called my daughter’s wedding “Hippie Vive”.

    My daughter sent this to me:
    Have you heard of the song by Steven Curtis Chapman:
    All I want for Christmas?

    This Christmas, I Want a Family
    tags: Christmas, connection, family, friendship, holidays, isolation, loneliness
    by louderthantheworld
    There seem to be a variety of things to polarize people this time of year. Top of the list is which—if any—holiday you support/celebrate/tolerate based on your heritage/religion/obligations. I’m a no-holds-barred Christmas boy, but I still have to be aware of the many nuances of tradition among us Yule-types. Some don’t do presents, some open them on Christmas Eve. Some do a Santa-thing, some think Santa is another way to spell “Satan”.

    But what I am increasingly aware of are those of us who are detached and isolated. You may feel that way all the time, but Norman Rockwell has made certain moments in our calendar especially crummy.
    We all absolutely have to belong. We have to. We need family in some sense. We’re wired for it. No, Jesus isn’t enough (keep reading, folks). God doesn’t want you all for Himself. God wants you to need people. It’s always been that way and it always will be. This isn’t to be cruel, it simply reflects the nature of God Himself—complete perfect union of 3 Persons and one God. God is family and God created us in His image.

    So, what do you do with that ache? The answer: start with you. As painful as it sounds, the fact remains that you can’t change other people. If someone is often neglectful, they’ll be acutely insensitive in December. The people that God creates you to need are the same ones we all know will disappoint you. So, start with you.
    Nice, Joseph. What does that mean?
    Let me give you a couple of ideas:
    1. REACH OUT
    It’s incredibly easy to retreat and it’s mortifying to ask someone to “be your friend”. But the truth is, you have to do it. Talk to people within arms reach and let them know you’re a bit isolated this year. It’s not pathetic, it’s realistic. AND, you’re allowing people in your life the privilege of a response. What they don’t know might hurt you.

    2. RISK
    I love the word “belong” to diagnose this need. It’s not enough for us to ”attend” communities at convenient times (like we can do with Facebook or church services). To belong is to share sacrifice. You give a little, I give a little. I’m vulnerable so that you can trust me more and be vulnerable. It’s cooperative. This season, think of a way you can give or disclose a little of yourself to another. Eternal community is founded on sacrifice and that will begin with the thing you hold most precious: you.

    Whatever your experience this time of year, I have a word. Celebrate Emmanuel. I’m floored that God has decided to live among us. Not “up there”, not “back then”; but HERE. NOW. And when Jesus arrived, it displayed the God Almighty of the Old Testament as Father. Now, through what Jesus accomplished on the Cross, I have the right to be a son and a brother in a very real, unending sense. HERE. NOW. Though we’re broken, bruised and often an embarrassment; we have the power to be the family we’ve always needed.

    For His Kingdom alone,

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