Loop Current Changes in Temperature

The Loop Current “stall,” caused by the BP oil spill, appears to be effecting the temperature and flow of the loop current.

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~ by Marianne on December 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Loop Current Changes in Temperature”

  1. h a a r p i s n o t l o v i n g y o u

  2. h11rp (1=a) is not loving you

  3. HAARP had nothing to do with this mess – BP gets all the credit – tho I am not minimising the dangers of HAARP

  4. HAARP is doing major damage but I agree with the others. BP can take the credit for some of the problems related to weather. My area is also being effected from chem trails. I have footage of the sky being clear beautiful. Then the planes or jets come through. I can’t say what they are spraying for sure, but it within minutes it blocked out the sun. I can’t believe how many people pay no attention to what’s going on all around them. Wake Up America!

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