Moving for Safety during Tribulation

What does the Bible say about relocating during dangerous times?

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~ by Marianne on December 28, 2010.

8 Responses to “Moving for Safety during Tribulation”

  1. Is Australia included in biblical prophecy somewhere along the line?

    I just want to share the latest news as to what is happening in our country.

    • HI Jill

      This is very serious. I am concerned for you. What is causing these floods.? too much rain? Do they see an end to this?

      Australia is not mentioned in the bible. It is only part of the world in general, as end time events come to pass, which include everyone.

  2. Hi Marianne

    Thanks for your reply, apparently it just won’t stop raining over there and the rivers and dams are overflowing. Btw I live in NSW, QLD is on top of us. We don’t have floods here, where I live.

  3. Hi Marianne

    But the rains in QLD are going to affect our food supply as most of our food comes from there. So there will be less crops and much higher prices as well.

    It’s a real national tragedy.

    • hi Jill

      I am so sorry to hear of this terrible tragedy in your country. The bible mentions famine in the last days. It could be due to bad weather conditions which ruin crops. Here in the USA, people are beginning to collect extra food for bad days ahead. Dry foods, canned foods, etc. and water and other drinks. Even if it does not get worse, it is a wise idea to have emergency food on hand. Imported food will be very expensive. I have bought extra flour to make cake and bread with, since stored fresh bread will not last long. Do what you can to have emergency food on hand. Then trust God for what you cannot do.

      I sincerely hope your country can fully recover from this situation.

  4. Yes thank you Marianne, we some reserves of food but will continue to stock up, as I always take what I hear happening nationally or internationally as a possibility that it can happen here too (where I live).

    Thank you for your concern.

  5. Hi Marianne

    The latest update from Australia.

    The floods continue on and on, the rivers are still peaking. Will they ever end? Now there is a danger of venomous snakes swimming in the water and entering people’s homes. Crocodiles roaming free. It has been described by the media as biblical. God’s wrath is severe.

    • Jill

      My heart goes out to you. I pray that the righteous will be protected, and the sinners repent. This situation will not stay in Australia, but will occur in other places as well. The whole earth is going through birth pangs in the last days.

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