America’s Motto: In God we Trust

For those who don’t know!

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~ by Marianne on January 1, 2011.

3 Responses to “America’s Motto: In God we Trust”

  1. This is a blessing for the people! Remembering whose we are, as we are nothing. Because of him I can live to face tomorrow. He is our hope, without him we are nothing. He give to get wealth and he watches over me even when I am crying out about his refining fire. Thank God he knows we are flesh and puts up with our crying and complaining he is the Father. He wont however put up with our forgetting him, or taking other Gods before him.

    It validates my dream about Mount Rushmore and In God we trust.
    He just wants us to Love him, he is always there. We leave him he never leaves us and he will never forsake us, Praise his name and may all of the glory for what we have and how we live go to him and his goodness.

    Oh today maybe the refining fire but tomorrow we will be raised to his honor and glory. Let us pray for Israel, England and the USA and all of the sinners in the world. Let us hear him and understand him and be the redeemed that are gathered in.

    For I can truly say he is my help in time of trouble, the bridal that shuts my mouth, the conqueror of my soul by love of the refining fire. I just want to be ready to go home.

    I believe that paper was because of all of the Americans who are praying for their Brother and Sisters in the US and through out the World

  2. God’s Name is NOT the USA. The USA IS the whore of Babylon prophesied in Revelation.

  3. The system within the USA has become a whore, there is no doubt. This system that Lucifer controls by misleading men into worshiping money, or themselves helps spread porn, hate, and the desire to worship oneself as a god.

    I do not think America is the whore of Babylon. That would be a false religious system. Islam would be a good example of a false religious system. Perhaps, the New Age mixed with a type of Christianty would be too.

    I think America is heading to be a part of a world system controled by a few, then controled by one. That one, who the New Age call Superman, will desire to be worshiped. A false prophet will demand all to worship the one, or be murdered.


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