Star of David at Tehran Airport

There is a star of David on top of one of the buildings at Tehran airport.

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~ by Marianne on January 2, 2011.

2 Responses to “Star of David at Tehran Airport”

  1. Not surprising at all, knowing that the same cabal money-loving trouble-formenting enemies of Yahuwah El Shaddai, those a.k.a synagogue of satan, so called Khazarian Jews, spear-headed by the Illuminati families bankrolled mainly by the evil house of Rothchild (red shield with the form of the “star of David”) and established upon the foundations of the Vatican beast, the false prophets of USA/UN/UK/EU and their foot-soldiers of secret societies- in concert with the House of Saud, are those playing Hegelian dialectical politics and policies of war and war-mongering all over the the place. They are the human faces of the dragon who decieves the whole world through the mind control systems via inherited collective mind patterns based on all the established system-domains of educatrion(false science and conjured-up histories), military-industrial-complex,political alliances, so-called NGOs and foreign-AIDS(including HIV), pharmaceutical & drugs poisoning(chemtrails,antipsychotics,pills,plastics, antiretrovirals,etc etc) and the culling of humanity via abortions,condoms… .They have made slaves of mankind and have partitioned the land for gain. We Could go on and on, and whats their purpose? The ruling human agencies of evil are deceived into thinking that its about their long-term survival and unending reign, but their deceiver ha Shatan knows simply that his time is short. So the strategy is to wage war on the true remnant of Yahuwah’s chosen seed in Yahushua, to prevent the fullness of the exiled “gentile” Hebrews from coming in. But ALMIGHTY YAH LAUGHS at their puny efforts and HE UPHOLDS the seed of Yisrael. Who is the lover of TRUTH? Let us love our ABBA YAHUWAH with all HE has given us, hold firm to the testimony of YAHUSHUA ha Mashiach, obey ALL the applicable commands in the TORAH, gird up our loins and get out of Babylon. Its all in the mind.
    Shallom Shabbath Yisrael.

    • lots of messianic language to impress us, but enough hatred and lies to put you in the hell you send the jews to.

      Israel is not guilty of all that.

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