The Power of Love

By Christopher B. Copas

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~ by Marianne on February 15, 2011.

One Response to “The Power of Love”

    After world war II,
    Policymakers and scholars
    Ran along parallels
    Of development,
    …Debating towards
    Enhancing good economies
    And the appropriate role of
    Public Policy.

    Here comes active Public Policy;
    …Where is NGO officials’ place
    In government?
    Touch that market!
    Is it real?

    East Asia has troddened that part
    Of a policy,
    Laying forward
    Great possibilities
    As she goes.

    Right NOW
    The INEC like the NDDC is moving Nigeria
    The World Bank is involved.
    Will nigeria understand
    Which policies contributes to Her
    Rapid growth?

    What strategies for development policy?
    Let the Nigerian Government develop the ARTS;
    Let The INEC like the NDDC penetrate into Arts
    And Tourism development.
    Here comes the Danites
    Helping us out
    Where we are weak,
    And bringing us peace
    Where we war.

    Conscious of economic development,
    …A healthy Human Resources
    Soundly and skillfully applied
    To work force—,
    Such appropriate public policy objectives
    And Instruments,
    Human resettlement and
    The Artists
    For developing economies-
    World wide-
    Where specialists and non-specialists can access.

    What Human Resettlement?
    …Such holding superior physical and
    Human capital- for
    Most extraordinary growth,
    To highly productive investments.

    Where is technology’s place
    On the New Earth?
    Master Technology !
    Developed economies have passed through essntial workings
    Of growth
    Better than most other economies.

    Before now,
    Developing economies
    Must have become used to
    The common market-friendly
    Economic policies
    For its better allocation and
    Higher accumulation of resources result.

    Two things are involved;
    -A stable macroeconomic
    And investments in people
    Side by side.

    In order to build Human Capital,
    Better educated mothers raise better educated children, Complementing public investments
    In basic education.

    “Mercy and Truth preserve the king: and his throne is upheld by mercy”.
    Prov 20:28

    Ogija is a paradox,
    There is a ‘very bad’,
    And there is a ‘very good’.

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