Comet / Dwarf Star Elenin

Is this a threat?  Or will it pass?

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~ by Marianne on March 19, 2011.

2 Responses to “Comet / Dwarf Star Elenin”

  1. All this will have to pass greater ‘threats’ awaits you so dont be perplexed

  2. I have heard about the Round Table & UK ROYAL SOCIETY-CLUB OF ROME etc-too bad this man’s CONFESSION did NOT include telling us about the NWO AC-what form he would take or Come etc-The PLAN- that is what I think? the Lord was telling me about this Fraudulent Official-a son of a KING- that is approaching Swiftly???
    Are we supposed to know the FORM or PLAN-I keep praying that G-d weil PROTECT me from seeing or hearing this-PROTECT me from the DECEPTION-I closed all my Blinds- to BLOCK any VISION from OUTSIDE
    May we all hear HIS TRUMPET & BE TAKEN UP!!!!!!!!!

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