Bilderberg Plan for 2011 and 2012

Will they be successful?

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~ by Marianne on March 24, 2011.

One Response to “Bilderberg Plan for 2011 and 2012”

  1. Important confirmation to financial report posted here and a personal message – from scripture.

    There is another information source to support the financial issues presented in this post. Stansberry & Associates Investment Research. This report was posted on Drudgereport a few weeks ago. This report was passed along to subscribers of Dick Morris (political analyst) web site. Mr. Morris was compelled to share the devastation report to prepare his subscribers.

    Also, I was invited to a private financial planning event in November. This was a presentation to “ministers” to help them make money and protect their earnings (false prophets).

    In one session – the presentation was made by a financial planning firm with connections to the World Order players. He was not a believer. Why? When I met the man, he launched into a history of my last name – beginning in the time Rome occupied England. He gave me root name to the location of the family name “Maxwell”. How could a man – off the top of his head – remember the details of a family name Maxwell with such clarity and specificity? Maybe he had help?

    This “devil” of a man said – They are buying land in Iowa [great for growing crops – price of farm land shot up the last months] and they want to be in a position to back the truck up to Wall Street in 6 months to pull out before the markets crash. That was Nov 2011.

    The Stansberry report – Mr. Stansberry writes: this will all take place within one year (by Feb 2012).

    Stansberry key points:
    Riots in the streets, Run of banks[1929 x 3], Run on food at markets [only 3 day supply on shelves], Stocks wiped out, Retirement plans gone [taken over by Feds to cover losses], US Military will be grounded [Joint Chief of Staff gave notice of this a few months ago], National Guard on the streets, “Get out of the city and go live with relatives in the rural homes/cities”, Save/store up 6 month of food, Silver coins not gold [try getting change for one unit $3000of gold].

    So, I asked the Lord “How long with this last?” Two days later I pick up my bible. Sometimes my way to read is open to passage and read what is before me. That day it was Isaiah 37:30-32. It made me cry with humble heart to receive such a clear answer simple straight forward question -“Lord, how long?”

    Read the passage. There is more to the answer than “3 years”. There is much more. I believe the Tribulation is part of this and the Great begins.

    Considering the “Red Moon / Feast” line up for 2015 and counting back 3 years…the crash of the dollar in 2012.

    You do the math and read the scriptures. I’m not setting a date and time. But my ticket is punched and I am working to save souls every day!

    Do your part – forget $$ – witness to your family and anyone the Holy Spirit brings to you.


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