Raised from the Dead

A man legally dead is raised back to life after 3 days.

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~ by Marianne on April 22, 2011.

5 Responses to “Raised from the Dead”

  1. Marianne, I didn’t see a link to email you, but I wondered if I could ask you your thoughts on Mosaic law? I have grown up in the Methodist church (and still attend one), but have started worshipping with a Messianic congregation on Saturdays as well. (How different the two are!) I am hearing different views on whether or not we as believers are to also follow the Torah/Mosaic law. I know the Messianics believe the Jesus/Yeshua is the ONLY was to salvation, but believe we are also supposed follow most of the laws laid out in Leviticus because we should strive to be like Jesus and because He did not come to abolish the law. My Methodist church follows little of the OT and as I’m sure you know, does not keep the Feasts. (We are the only family in our Methodist church that also celebrates God’s appointed times) I have really been studying the bible more in depth since last fall, but there are verses to “back up” both sides of the argument regarding the laws given to Moses. I am confused, and I respect your opinions and thoughts and enjoy the information you so kindly share with us. I was hoping you could offer me some food for thought. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Hannah,

      If I may help, I am new to Messianic Judaism and have been studying the Feasts of the L-rd for a year now (after the Holy Spirit told me to learn them). Jesus fulfilled 4 out of the 7 Feasts.

      Passover-Jesus died
      Unleavened Bread-Jesus was buried
      First Fruits-Jesus was raised from the dead
      Pentecost-Holy Spirit given

      (In Leviticus it has the Sabbath day as the first Feast which we observe every Friday eve to Sat eve; this is a dress rehearsal for the “7th day”/Millenium)

      Leviticus 23

      While trying to observe the Feasts, specifically Unleavened Bread, the Holy Spirit has shown me that it is impossible to do this without Jesus and that this is the reason why Jesus came to fulfill this Feast.

      Unleavened Bread requires that we remove all yeast from our homes. Yeast = Sin. Notice that when Jesus was buried, he was buried during Unleavened Bread….taking/removing our sins/”yeast” away.

      Because of this, I do not try anymore to remove the yeast from my home. It is impossible to do this because you have to get every crack and corner absent of yeast. And my son keeps bringing the bread and cookies BACK into the house! LOL

      I am reminded also by the Holy Spirit (who brings to our rememberance all that is written and bears witness to Jesus Christ) that Jesus’ YOKE IS LIGHT. We are now under GRACE…..the “yeast” has been permanently removed for those IN CHRIST JESUS.

      It is a personal choice. I certainly don’t want to give false information here. For me, this is what I have learned so far.

      So, for the Feasts that have already been fulfilled, I do acknowledge them and teach my children about them. But I don’t stress myself in doing them to the “letter of the law” because they have already been fulfilled-Jesus fulfilled them and His yoke is easy.

      For the Feasts that have yet to be fulfilled, I do believe that we need to follow these, for again, these are “dress rehearsals” for what is to come and what G-d has planned for us.

      I hope this helps.

    • hi Hannah

      Well, the answer is “all of the above.” 🙂

      We only receive salvation through faith in Jesus and the grace of God.

      However, we work out our salvation with faith and trembling. It is a precious thing. We are also told that faith without works is dead. So how we live our life and what we do to please God is also important.

      We are given a choice in Deuteronomy as to blessing and cursing. If we obey God, our life is blessed. If we disobey, we get cursed.

      People think the OT commandments are oppressive, so they reject them. What is oppressive is the man made component that gets added. Example, the pharisees had an obsession about washing their hands and their dishes.

      However, as Jesus taught, they are there to teach and enrich us, not oppress us. He himself followed the true law, which is God made, and not man made. In observing the true law, or teaching of God, one finds freedom and richness of experience.

      You can be saved, and live in a closet, and experience nothing until you die. And you will go to heaven.

      Or you can be saved and ENJOY obeying God, and ENJOY his feast days, and ENJOY doing other things that please God, and ENJOY this life before you ever get to heaven. There is freedom and enrichment in pleasing God.

      The “law,” which really means teaching in Hebrew, is like a fence that God puts around us to protect us from the enemy, Satan. If we stay inside the fence, we are really free and happy. If we go outside the fence, we can experience harm to our bodies and souls.

      Some want to be “free” of the fence, and go where they want. So, how safe and happy are they? They are open to many dangers.

      True, some of the ceremonial law is not needed, since there is no temple. Atonement sacrifices are not needed, since Jesus did that for us. But we still sin, and it is a blessing to do something to “make up” for what we did wrong, and when we do, we are blessed.

      This is because the spirit of the law is still there. We have atoned for something by paying a price, and achieving reconciliation with the injured party. Jesus has already taken care of our eternal soul, but with an act of reconciliation, we have achieved peace with another person.

  2. I stumbled upon you while searching usa/war/illuminati, etc. I cannot stop reading and which to stay on and get more acquainted, please.

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