Iyar 5, 1948 – Re- Birth of Israel

On May 10, 2011, Israel will celebrate its 63rd birthday being back in its land.

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~ by Marianne on May 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Iyar 5, 1948 – Re- Birth of Israel”


    Let us consider this oh nations;
    “The fathers have eaten sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge?
    Israel will never say this again.”
    The question is;
    Who owns TECHNOLOGY?

    The soul of every business is finance,
    And the soul of every finance is man-
    The soul of every man is His-
    And the soul of every his is hers-
    And the soul of every hers is life-
    And the soul of every life is wisdom-
    And the soul of every wisdom is His.

    Where then do we place TECHNOLOGY?
    But there is a countdown to;
    The soul of everyone is TECHNOLOGY.

    Let us begin from here,
    But Love must follow,
    For love has sighted the End of death-
    Being dead and buried…
    But did not keep silent in death,
    But spoke out with authority against death
    And came out from the death victoriously
    And ascended on high to the most supreme mercy seat
    Of The Father
    To crown the soul of everyone
    With equity and justice…

    …Set me out and place before me a goal.
    I work hard to make it through,
    But religion and laws of man
    Keep my path slippery.
    My soul is glad
    For I have known His Name.
    My spirit works in me aright
    For it is His Spirit.
    My body cannot help but keep to the flow
    For it has become dead to sin.
    My life sings for joy
    Even when I am sleeping.

    Oh that I was given a rich chance
    To bring Law back to life,
    For it has become stunned,
    Watching the stunner from a corner.


    Man’s heart meditates on terrorism today,
    Woe to the thieves.
    Terrorists are given a short while…
    Then they fade away forever,
    Woe again to the thieves.

    Terrorism, trembling and fear
    Are keeping the minds of men
    No longer at ease,
    Again I say
    Woe, woe to the thieves who
    Plunder though they are not plundered.

    Terrorists are not to be tamed,
    The final lap is a bruised reed,
    Afghanistan must not be broken,
    Even though their lines may go up in smoke for a long time.

    Cease the fight
    I may say;
    Cast the terrorists to the Lion’s den.
    Osama-Bean-Laden ,
    A figure of speech to scare away terrorism
    In this whole place.
    Give the name away to dust,
    And the inhabitant will not say
    “I am sick”— When the prey of great plunder
    Is divided, for
    God reigns in Righteousness forever
    With His People
    On the throne
    Forever more.


    “…Bring Jacob back to Me”!
    And set off
    By The Cross of Calvary,
    As Love
    Descended below-
    Beyond evil ghost,
    Down below…,
    Controlling peace and war
    Deep down practical blues-,
    Bearing our darkness,
    Encrusted in The Holy Ghost.
    Captains of temples
    Devoted to Priesthood services
    Deserving Mk’lew Painting rebuke
    Azure tag
    By the Byzantine by-way
    And set off
    Christ Jesus going
    Before every Diaspora—A
    Decalogue within us, and
    Beneath the true Ishmaelite of God
    For ever more.

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