Antichrist Will Divide the Land for Gain

So, who would benefit from a division of the land of Israel? 

That would be a big clue.

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~ by Marianne on May 14, 2011.

5 Responses to “Antichrist Will Divide the Land for Gain”

  1. Several Bible prophecies are now fulfilled. The woman of Revelation 12 is now here… God is very precise: A woman delivers the true word John1:1, Rev 12:5, Rev 12:13 who restores Acts 3:21 all things to the world before Christ’s return. This woman exposes the lies of Satan who has deceived the whole world Rev 12:9. This woman creates a new thing in the earth by fulfilling God’s promise to Eve Gen 3:15, Jer 31:22, Isa 14:16. She is meek like unto Moses Num 12:3, she was raised up Acts 3:22 from the Laodicean church that becomes lukewarm because they refused to hear her Rev 3:14-17. She is also bold like Elijah Matt 17:11, her witness alone turns the hearts of the fathers to the children Mal 4:5-6 to prepare a people for the Lords return before the great and dreadful day of the Lord Matt 17:3, Luke 9:30. Moses and Elijah are together with the word Matt 17:3 they all three are in this one woman. Those who will not hear Acts 3:23 the true word of God now delivered to the world free of charge, as a witness, at the heel of time from the wilderness Rev 12:6 will not be allowed inside the walls of God’s coming kingdom from heaven Rev 21. This true word turns the hearts of the fathers to the children of God by giving the truth that not one child of God will be put in a hell fire no matter what their sins. It never entered the heart or mind of God to ever do such a thing Jer 7:31, Jer 19:5. God created evil Isa 45:7 to teach his children the knowledge of good and evil Rom 8:7, Gen 3:22 so that at their resurrection they become a god Matt 22:29-30, Ps 82:6. Prove all things. Be a workman that needeth not to be ashamed. You cannot rightly judge this unless you read all that has been written by this woman first Pro 18:13 check out the bruising of Satan the true testimony of the blood of the lamb is delivered.

  2. Minigoodtale,

    I doubt you are who you say you are. Where does it say when we are raised up at the resurrection we become Gods? I think we become priests, but not a god. Same old same old lie! All kinds of false religions say we will become a god!

    Did you say that you backslid for years? I doubt that this woman would have spent her life backslidden. This woman has spent her whole life serving God and knowing Him.

    The devil is lying about everything now to get people off, be warned people! Satan does not want people to know the real truth now and he is saying anything he can to prevent truth now from every angle, even people claiming to be the woman from Rev. 12.

    Sister Kim

  3. Minigoodtale

    I think that you don’t know that God lives? Trust me I am with
    Sister Kim. You either find your statements a joke or you are confused, but understand this the Lake of Fire is no joke. Turn to the living God and he shall save you but that means turning away from Satan and to God.

    There is but one God, one faith and one Baptism. We are not “gods”, we don’t believe in little gods either. God didn’t give us a spirit of fear either.

    Are you perhaps confused that you do not know who the women is?

    You need to go and speak with the minister of your church and pray to God that he may save you. God is on his way people think he delays and isn’t coming but it is not so. Wake up before it is to late!!!!!

    We serve God on this site not fairy tales. If you knew the living waters, you would be angered by your statements, because
    God Jesus Christ our Lord is not about treating the word as if
    it is a thing to play. Do you not know God is the “Word”?

    You can write all the words you want but you can’t change the word of God. His word lives he is not a man that he should lie.
    And to true believers he lives with in them. A true believer would never think that he is a God. Get to an altar or kneel at your bed and don’t get up until you give that wicked spirit to God.

    These types of spirits are lying spirits they deceive and manipulate, they take a person to a place of sorrow if not resisted and then to believing they are delivered and something special. None are special but God who is our Lord and Savior.
    Who was able to open the books the living lamb of God, Jesus Christ. He and he only is Holy, Holy, Holy and worthy to be served. The bible says in the last days there will be those who teach fables and not truth, their will be women who are lead away to this type of junk.

    Over coming the enemy doesn’t make us special we are to strive to continue with the Lord that we may enter in, pride is a sin.

    None are anything living here but flesh and when it dies it decays, and then the soul waits for judgment not to be a “god”.

    What did the devil say to Eve if you would eat of the fruit you will be like us. The devil is a liar and those who follow him are going to hell.

    Please don’t try to lead people to hell with your fables this is a site of believers. Many will be separated from the believers and cast into the Lake of Fire with the one they believe in.

    Find God and he will lead you to the path of righteousness sake,
    because he is a God of Love but the word also says temp not God.

  4. Here are some confused people? What types of issues will come from people thinking we are all disappearing right away? How fearful or stressed will they be when they are unprepared? Lord Jesus Christ help this world of ministers who want to teach and preach things of non sound doctrine. Please help our world and all Christians to be ready for the return and everything occuring and affecting them in between.—jon-hunts_n_864936.html

  5. How you love others is how you are loving God for he made them Matt 25:40.
    A real Christian loves their neighbor as themself. Therefore they do not harm any child of God, for any reason.
    Satan has deceived the whole world Rev 12:9 by his words in the book of the knowledge of good and evil, the Bible Gen 3:22, 2 Cor 11:15 that have not been rightly divided 2 Tim 2:15.
    The true word John 1:1 of God is now delivered Rev 12:5, 13 at the heel of time Gen 3:15 at
    Satans lies are exposed. Not even one child of God will be cast into a hell fire no matter what their sins. God is not a murderer, Satan is the murderer and liar.
    Love never fails. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess each in their own order. Ps 82:6 says ye are gods and all of you are children of the most high,
    A righteous judge gathers all evidence before making a judgment. You doubt because you have not read the true word that has been delivered. Check out the bruising of Satan this truth will set you free to true love. The prophecy of Rev 12 is being fulfilled.
    The word Gospel means Good Tale. The true Gospel of God is now going to the world as a witness and then the end will come.
    A true witness delivereth souls… all souls are now delivered Pro 14:25, 1 Pet 2:5, 1 Pet 2:9.
    The bible says the Lord will create a new thing on the earth Jer 31:22 where a woman shall compass a man. This man is Satan Isa 14:16. A woman now bruises Satan at the heel of time Gen 3:15 to restore all things Acts 3:21-23 to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children before the return of Christ. Obey God and prove all things.

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