Pole Shift

Normally, pole shifts take thousands of years, but some believe a passing planet X will create the largest one known.

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~ by Marianne on May 27, 2011.

One Response to “Pole Shift”

  1. I see My Own & My Own sees Me,
    Where I belong can’t be mistaken
    When every step i take is ordered
    By My Judge.

    This is where I belong
    Without a friction of doubt.

    The Born Again Star,
    No Black Holes,
    Like the Logg of A LEGEND’S Thoughts
    In The Hearts of Kings.

    It is a Mystery Hop.

    But First Things First…
    As The X Plannet Explores and Examine The Basic Functions of Life on the extremes of ORIENT flow.

    Carnibals & Outsiders can’t understand It’s FLOW
    Untill all said and done
    And The SHAFTS have been swept AWAY
    In this WHOLE PLACE
    In STYLE.

    First, “The Fish in QUESTION” must be CATCHED.
    Who Holds “THE BAITED HOOK?”
    Kirk Franklin has “DOWNED THE HOOK”
    ON the American idol…stage.

    Planet X’s Pole shift have got GREAT RECEIPTS
    It is a reconciliation CHAPTER
    For the very LAST LOVE & TIME

    Who understands?
    It is a mystery HOP.

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