American Idol is a Christian

As many predict the downfall of America, due to the loss of morality in our culture and government, it is encouraging to see that the heart of America is choosing a Christian to represent them in the world of music.

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~ by Marianne on June 2, 2011.

4 Responses to “American Idol is a Christian”

  1. Please God’s People, READ & have THE UNDERSTANDING.
    The “Kingdoms of the world are becoming the KINGDOM of GOD & of His JESUS CHRIST”.

    If u r still sleeping under or walking in criticism against other people’s work,
    SORRY for you.
    My Judge has NO PLEASURE in you.
    Oh, how the table will be turned against many who can’t see, hear,read and UNDERSTAND THIS TIME.

  2. Hello, I don’t understand why you are stating the Idol winner being Christian,
    the point of the contest is the best singer which Scotty was not..
    he was voted in by girls whom had stardust in their eyes. not really knowing
    what a great singer really was suppose to hold.
    life is not about religion as I am Muslim however, fairness is more relevant
    than who is Jewish or Christian or Muslim .. etc..

    • hello Fatimah

      True, the goal is to pick the most popular singer.

      We see a very strong atheistic trend in modern music, so we are just glad that someone who is devoted to God won the contest.

      If he was from Jewish or Muslim, we hope it would still be a vote for God, and not atheism.

  3. Scotty is a horrible singer period… He’s going downhill from here anyways!

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