What is a Christian?

Do we really match the description?

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~ by Marianne on July 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “What is a Christian?”

  1. I am not sure about many, but it seems that not many really match the description. Sometimes I wonder about myself as well. But when the thought enters in I have to get rid of it because nothing will be able to replace or come near the HOPE that is in the LORD to help me and change my heart. NOTHING. Even my comparison to what is and what isn’t. Not even my doubt.

    Hope in Him. Love Him. The desire to KNOW Him and what His nature truly is. What He wants us to do. No law can be against the LORD God Almighty. Yet He doesn’t change…

    I was reading Job. Most ministers told me that Job’s sin was fear. Okay. But when I read closer and applied it to my life, it said differently. It was self righteousness. And in no wise should anyone, most of all me, be self righteous. God is above all. He is more powerful than even the deepest fear or self righteousness. If we let Him and confess these things (recognize and confess them to Him and ask Him to clean us), He cleanses us. He said He would. And we press into that hope.

    Knowing that we are not perfect, though we strive to the death to know His Truth… This is what has been given to my heart of a true Christian. To know and accept what He says. Doubting nothing, because we give up our control to Him. Shedding the worldly nature for being clothed by Him. And I will praise and thank Him that HE IS GOD ALMIGHTY. That He is merciful and forgiving. That He is changing me and those that love Him.

  2. Chritian Extremist killer of 76 people from Norway.Do these Norway people folow the religion? I do not know whether they go to churches, do they know Jesus?But Chritian Countries.
    Only Christian Label?

    • dear sunimal

      Christianity does not teach us to kill people. The enemy satan disguises himself all the time like this. This is why we need to pray and study God’s Word, and obey his commandments. Crazy people are used by him to destroy what God has done on this earth.

      I can only guess that people were in such shock that they did not respond correctly. Fear takes over them and they freeze.

      But this is something we should all pray against happening to us. God does not give us a spirit of fear, but a sound mind, and peaceful spirit.

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