Tribulation in Matthew and Revelation

Tribulation here is defined as the first 6 seals.

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~ by Marianne on August 12, 2011.

2 Responses to “Tribulation in Matthew and Revelation”

  1. Marianne. Hi. Just want to share something with u that will change your life forever. The reason whe many people never get free from witchcraft is because their serving satan and don’t know it. The bible says in many on the name of the lord. The thing with that is.. whats is the name? When the bible was first was in Hebrew and it had the Name(s)in it. If You look in the back of your bible..and look for the letter will see Yahweh! Thats God’s name. It tells u that translaters replaced it with God and Lord. See..thats a revelation. The name Jesus was a name they added also. Ths son of Yah Weh God is Jewish. The name Jesus is Greek! Now why would Yahweh go through all the trouble he did in the old testiment to make sure that his son be born in the jewish bloodline..and then turn around and give him a GREEK name! Ths son of Yahweh God..his name is YESHUA..and its going to be YESHUA forever! Yahweh didnt authorize NO ONE to change His Son’s name. His Name is Sacred and it is HOLY! People will say..well they translated it so we can understand it. Thats not true. All u have to know is how to say it in your the only thing that will change is the spelling of it. They gave Yeshua a WHOLE nother name. Thats why were not blessed like we should be..because we havent been calling the RIGHT NAME. God and Lord are titles. A Lord is subject to a king. Yahweh is the MOST HIGH GOD. He is the GREAT King. So Is YESHUA. Thats why the Jews are so bless..because they know the truth..They know the name of their God and they know the system of Yahweh(i will explain that in a while). I will give u scripture on this truth if youd like. When u call on God,Lord and Jesus..your calling on another god. Theirs many gods..therefor u have to be specific..just like the people in the old testiment did. How would u like it if someone kept calling u the wrong name? Because u have probly would still do things for them..but not the things you REALLY want to do. Thats how Yahweh feels! Jesus is a greek god..along with zeus..jesus comes from the name zeus.and zeus is another name for satan. I stop saying God, Lord,father and Jesus and started to call them by their original..names and i learned that Yahweh answers quicker than i thought. I only been doin it for a month..and i have my own business now..making $104 dollars an hour. I said the same prayer Jabez said..bless me indeed..but i used the name..and the next day..a business just fell in my hands. Thats how were suppose to be living. He says I wish above all thing that you may prosper even as your soul/mind prosper. So first its something u gotta know..and it is HIS NAME! The system of Yahweh is the Hebrew Letters. the Alef Bet.The Alphabet is satans letter system. Satan is Alpha..meaning A! Thats why it sometimes be hard to get free from him because were using his system. we are connected to him even through the Alphabet letter system! His letters does something to you where u can only use about 10 to 40 percent of your brain. But Yahweh Hebrew letter system causes you to use 90 to 100 percent. Thats why jews(the ones that Know the name) are the smartest and the richest people on the face of the earth! The alet Bets releases blessing on your life..because the hebrew language is the Language of Yehweh.Its a heavenly language! Other languages are of the earth. They keep u grounded! Youll find the Hebrew letters in Psalms119. Aleph,Beth,gimel..etc..when u say these letters.youl1 actually feel demons come out of u! (as u repeat them one at a time) Ps. the Hebrew Letters dont have a J. So everybody in the bible with a j in front of their names are incorrect.. its suppose to have a Y. The hebrew names!Yehovah,Yabez,Yerico,Elayah,..i found this truth in the Hebrew greek concordance! When u study where that name came from. The Greeks! Find out who the greeks served. When u find that out study their god..and you will end up at SATAN! Thats why when you’ve seem many people tryin to cast out devils..sometime they have a hard time doin it..because they were using the wrong name. HOw can U cast Out Satan with Satan! When we cast out devils in the name of Yahweh or Yeshua..youll have no struggle. they obey! Theres no name above the name of Yahweh..Its Heavenly..jesus is Earthly! My aunt cast a spell on me when i was nine.. Im 26 now.for 5 years ive had been tryin to figur out what she did so i could be free. I was searching diligently for the answer..while serving Jesus..and i never found an answer. As soon as i drop that name and Called on the God Of Israel Yahweh..He told me what she did and HOW she did it! Now He’s walking me through the deliverance process. He told me that i wasnt the only one with this type of curse on them! It made my face transform..making me look and act as a retarded person. Feels like your trapped in a nut shell. YahWeh told me Delilah and her people put that spell on Samson! See..Yahwey even help u understand what the scriptures are really talking about!

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