Only One Fourth?

That means 3/4 are NOT harmed.

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~ by Marianne on August 20, 2011.

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  1. Other Scriptures 9:18 1/3rd. Other texts does not tell us how many deaths even though many died as a result of those causes. So it is over half. Many Tribulation Saints were also martyred. Then during the Great Tribulation up till the Second Coming many more so there were not many left at the Separation of the Sheep from the goats.

  2. May I ask a question?! After death is there a ‘limbo’ or ‘purgatory’ place were we await judgement? Are we judged right after death and then sent to our destination? Please give me scripture to back this up because I am haveing a hard time explaning this to others. Thank you and the Lord Bless you!

    • hi marlucia

      I think the best answer here is, there used to be a place like that, but no longer.

      In the old testament, and until jesus rose from the dead, there was a holding place for saints in “hell.” They could not ascend into heaven until after Jesus had paid for their sins.

      Jesus told the story of Lazarus and the rich man in hell. Luke 16:19-31.

      Both were there. But one was comforted ( Paradise), and one was suffering ( Hell). So there was a place for saints before they went to heaven.

      When Jesus died, he descended into hell to remove the saints away from there and bring them to heaven. They were therefore no longer “locked” in there with the wicked.

      Rev 1:18
      I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.

      This left an empty space in hell…..which left space for future damned souls, and devils.

      after the resurrection…..

      2 Cor. 5:8 Paul said…..that when we die, we are absent from the body and present with the Lord.

      There is not a “waiting room” anymore…..we go straight to heaven or hell at that point/

  3. is that when we are all brought back in front of god for are judgment and sent to heaven or hell i was thought that we all seeped tell judgement day please explain

  4. i was always told once we pass away we all sleep until the great judgement day when we all face the lord to receive are rewards for the things we have done and thoughts we haven’t done i was just wondering you said we go to heaven or hell and wanted to know which one is true i didn’t understand were you were coming from please explain thank you

    • hi kathy

      I do not know. I can tend to believe something based on some scriptures, but then I may not be right. I have heard both opinions. that we just “sleep” and that we go immediately to the Lord.

      Paul said once that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. this gives the impression that there is no waiting.

      before jesus came, people had to wait in “sleep.”

      • Dear Marianne,

        The human soul is a living being much like we are (though it is made of what science currently calls dark matter). Once a body is dead, they are freed after three days (unless the body is cremated or the brain destroyed- in which case it is quicker).
        It has been my experience that after they are freed, many return to places that they are familiar with and try to communicate to loved ones, after which they are caught up in a state of deep reverie as they review the entirety of their lives (their memories are perfect and photographic).
        If they do not get lost in this state of reverie and ignore their guide (in which case they are lost), they are judged and their path determined.

        Many blessings,



        • dear abel

          what do you see happening in the next year?

          • Dearest Marianne,

            This world is at war. The disasters we have seen (and will see) are directed at its’ enemies. Our leaders (religious and political) and our wealthy have been compromised. I believe the disasters that have struck Japan were directed at the bio-warfare labs there (H1N1 was their first attempt). Because of that strike, I believe the next plague has been forestalled. If that lab has not been destroyed, I would expect more severe weather and disasters there.

            The alien’s UFO factory is being supplied from an area in East Germany, I expect a massive disaster there (I will not tell you where the actual factory is, the technology the aliens possess is sacred and not meant for humanity: it is God’s intent to see it utterly destroyed).

            The vast majority of their fleet and their hybrids have already been annihilated. He is now locating and targeting their human agents for the final judgement.

            God has a plan. God knows the future. He will prevail.

            May His archangels watch over you,


            • Dear Marianne,

              One last thing, times are hard because when times are good humanity will endure tyrants (economic, political and religious). When times are bad, these tyrants will be drawn off of their thrones and deposed. This is the way it has always been.

              God wishes humanity to help itself, eventually, it will.

              Many blessings,


              • dear Abel

                This is page one of two pages. here is page 2:


                Where do you see us now in terms of the first 6 seals of Revelation? Do you think they have started yet?

                • Dearest Marianne,

                  Since you asked for my interpretation of Revelations, I shall provide it.

                  The first seal was the rising of the Antichrist. This was Hitler with the support of the Pope. The antichrist has not yet fallen, he has moved from one leader to another since then. The “mark of the beast” is the dark matter technology that was implanted in these poor souls brains that made them into living puppets under the command of the psychopaths that are bent on the destruction of humanity and the colonization of this world.

                  The second seal causes great warfare. This was WWII and the wars that succeeded it. The aliens that were behind these atrocities were unprepared to win that conflict, though they tried to assist the Axis powers by distracting the Allied forces with their ships (they were called foo fighters by the pilots that saw them and tried to shoot them down).

                  The third seal causes famine. Of course these were the famines that struck in the 20th century after WWII.

                  The fourth seal was broken about 1975 the plague it speaks of is HIV.

                  The fifth seal was broken around the year 2000. The fall of the twin towers was simply a sign of the times.

                  The sixth seal was broken in 2010. Simply look to the earth and skies, the signs are there.

                  It is my hope that when the seventh seal is broken, the meteor it speaks of will strike the alien’s factory squarely and not cause the level of destruction that is spoken of to the remainder of this world.

                  The skies go dark, the moon turns red and rivers run with blood because of atmospheric dust raised by volcanic eruptions and this impact.

                  Prepare, these are the times that so many have prayed for.

                  God bless,


                  • Dear Marianne,

                    One more thing. This world will not see the full extent of the devastation predicted by the Book of Revelations. The majority of that devastation was to caused by the enemies of this world, not its’ friends.
                    The writer of this book of prophecy could not have predicted the choice of one of God’s servants who risked (and risks) his very existence to save as many lives and souls as he can. The archangel charged with shielding the mystery of his identity was taken aback by his decision as well.
                    Praise be to that servant’s Creator.



    • Hi Kathy,

      I know exactly what it is that you believe, (or were taught in the past) because for years I believed that we sleep too.

      I had a plethora of biblical material to debate that particular position as well. However while studying a completely different subject, that premise became a stumbling block. Yet if I were to allow for that previously held belief, (which I fully believe now to be simply a preconceived error on my part) to change, and accept that we do go either to heaven or to hell when we die, all of the pieces of the puzzle I was having difficulty with, fell into place.

      I believe that the confusion over this topic was borne from the choice of words that Paul utilized to express the state of death. Yet I now believe that when we die as followers of Yeshua our Lord, our spirits are immediately in His presence. Be comforted in this, in what I now believe to be true.

      Be Blessed

  5. dear abel

    I think you lost me. 🙂

    Who is God’s servant at risk?

    Where did you get the data about the place in east Germany?

    which archangel? is shielding whose identity?

    why is he taken aback?

  6. dear abel

    My impression is that jesus will return at the 6th seal, but you feel that has already occurred, although I do not see anything yet.

    When you think he will return?

    Also Revelation mentions 7 thunders but at the time john was not allowed to write them down.

    Do you have any opinion as to what they are?

  7. Dear Marianne,

    I believe that Jesus, the messiah and king, has been born unto this world, but is still too young to understand his role or to assume his throne (Praise be to our Creator).

    The servant at risk is reviled by man, acquainted with sorrow, suffering, pestilence and disease and no man who knows his identity would look upon his face. He has had many names. Hindus and Buddists call him “the greatest teacher”. And though the Jews called him the “rod of Moses” and “the servant”, most know him as “the Angel of Death” (he doesn’t like that name and carries that burden with the greatest of sorrow).

    The archangel that was charged with shielding the mystery of his identity is one of the seven that walk the path of life. I would not give you his name even if I could. I believe these, perhaps, are the seven thunders that John was not allowed to record.

    The archangel was taken aback, because though all those that walk the path have lost their lives many times, the life of the archangel that walks with them was never at risk. The aliens have the means to slay an archangel that is trapped in the path of life, and came very close to doing just that several times. Death is charged with trading lives to preserve God’s plan (killing the few to save the many). He did not consider himself to be above such a trade.

    Do not ask me to reveal Death’s name. He is not human, and if men find him he will be treated like an animal (and most likely tortured and dissected). God stayed Death’s hand when he was poised to free himself from his shell and pursue his enemies to finish what had begun. He now awaits until the appointed time as he has been commanded.

    The supply depot the aliens use was established by the Nazis and is still in use. (The Nazis also helped them build their secret factory though the aliens used their own technology to cloak it).

    God sent the ghost of one of the German engineers to show me what they had built. It shall be destroyed.

    May God walk with you,


    • Dear Marianne,

      There is one other name that this servant was called that I thought you should know: it was Peter (the foundation of the throne of God).

      Many blessings,


    • Abel

      Jesus was born once and left.

      He is not a baby on this earth. he is in heaven.

      he was only meant to be born once. he now has a glorious body.

      • Dearest Marianne,

        Jesus (Adam) has had many incarnations. Though I am uncertain of all their names I believe Moses and David were both Jesus. It is my belief that his second coming will be his final incarnation.

        This world needs a messiah now more so than anytime in it’s history, and though you and many others might be willing to trust a man who came from the stars to lead you, the vast majority of humanity would not (not to mention the legal problems that non-citizenship would cause to such an ambition). I believe God understands this too.

        The first person that shows up on this world doing miracles is going to be branded the Antichrist, not Christ, by the majority of christians anyway and can pretty much count on being killed.

        The aliens I spoke of planned to elevate a man to such a position (the Antichrist). The “miracles” that he performed was to be performed via the dark matter technologies that they implanted. It was to be the duty of that poor soul to rationalize the genocide they planned (billions of mysterious deaths, meteors striking our cities, universities and dams, etc), as the end of times described in Revelations (and strangely enough, those might have been the exact events being described).

        Though the aliens could have chosen the Pope or someone else along those lines to be this betrayer, they knew of the myth that Christ would give this world the cure for cancer, and sought to use that myth to further their own ambitions. They did not find Christ, they found Death and he had no interest in the job that they offered.
        Death now possesses the dark matter technologies they gave him and the aliens do not have the opportunity to reclaim them.

        Death gave this world a warning (the CDC, WHO, many scientists and theologians) about these aliens and their intents prior to their release of H1N1. That is why, if anything, these agencies over-reacted when this long-dead virus was resurrected just months after they were warned. Death also explained how the technology in his hands work (light emitted at the spectral resonance frequency of peptidoglycan) so that humanity could reproduce this technology to cure bacterial infections (leprosy, flesh-eating bacteria, anthrax, etc).
        That technology, though subsequently patented, has yet to be developed. Unfortunately, it may need to be demonstrated, before the concept is actively pursued.

        Ultimately what I am saying is this, what was foreseen has changed. You will see. And when you die (as we all do) all your questions will be answered.

        May God walk with you always,


        • hi abel

          I do not agree with you about reincarnation.

          I believe he came only once, unless it was in a supernatural form, to visit someone here, like to visit to Abraham, or in the lions’ den with Daniel.

          But we all have our views.

          re light used to detect peptidoglycans?

          what detection system do you mean? NMR? MS? HPLC?

          • Dear Marianne,

            It is not a spectrum of light that detects peptidoglycan, it is a spectrum that is specifically absorbed by this ubiquitous chemical constituent of bacterial cell walls. The peptidoglycan begins to resonate (much like a resonant frequency of sound will eventually cause a glass to shatter), effectively “cooking” the bacteria while leaving human tissues relatively unaffected.

            I hope this clarifies the concept.

            It is my hope that the individual that patented this concept develops a working prototype soon so that the one that is possessed by Death does not need to be demonstrated. You can be certain, that if this is done, he will speak the truth as to how he came to possess such a “miraculous” ability and disappear into the shadows as quickly and quietly as he arrived.

            Walk with God,


            • abel

              You are then saying you are denaturing the protein. How do you do that without denaturing all the surrounding protein of the host?

              • Dear Marianne,

                Technically speaking, peptidoglycan is a polymer consisting of amino acids and sugars that form a structural net on the cell wall of bacteria.

                To phase the issue as simply as possible, every substance has a “color” (though this is not quite technically correct since the color you see is the light reflected from a substance rather that the frequency that is absorbed). Thus a black surface (reflecting no colors) will heat more quickly in sunlight than a white surface (reflecting all colors).

                In this sense every substance, if illuminated with the specific frequencies that it absorbs completely, would appear “black” absorbing all the energy with which it is irradiated. Other substances, would reflect or transmit that energy through them. Thus they are not “heated” with the same intensity as the substance (in this case peptidoglycan) that is being targeted. If the intensity of the radiation is set properly these tissues can be irradiated by this spectrum continuously without denaturing any of the proteins and/or other substances that this light interacts with (if it did it would have already “cooked” Death’s hands).

                Peptidoglycan is not utilized by the human body, so none would be found within any of its tissues. Thus, it is a perfect target for resonance frequency ablation.

                It sounds a bit complex, but I can assure you it is relatively simple (and quite effective).

                Take care,


                • Dear Marianne,

                  As an aside, I thought I would add this bit of dark irony: GE has just applied for a permit to build a plant that uses this technique (resonance excitation) to enrich uranium (laser enrichment). I had nothing to do with this, the theory was proposed by another decades ago and only recently has his vision borne fruit.

                  No one ever considered using it to cure disease (men love their weapons). I find what they do predictably disgusting.

                  Many blessings,


                  • abel

                    What is your connection with all this research? do you work with them?

                    • Dear Marianne,

                      I have no financial affiliation with any individual or company that is pursuing my ideas. What I gave to them was a gift. There was only one string attached: in disseminating the concepts they were given widely (to hundreds) I rendered the mechanisms themselves unpatentable, thus encouraging the rapid development of these ideas by the many, not the few.

                      One company that was founded upon my concepts did do me the honor of calling itself Agios Pharmaceuticals. That is the only thing that I have received for what I have given.

                      To these companies and individuals I am nothing more than a highly gifted and inspired layman (who might be a few fries short of a happy meal): after all no sane man would give away billions of dollars when he is poor himself. That is the way of this world, not mine.

                      Many blessings,


  8. Huh?

    I thought that I’d stop by to see what was happening. However, rather than reading some biblically sound theories presented by someone, I seem to have found myself stuck on the “Space Channel”?
    Nope I’m sorry. My mistake.
    The call letters just came up, it’s actually “Comedy Central.” 🙂

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

  9. alienated,

    I cannot fill a full glass. Believe as you will.

    May God guide you,


    • Abel,

      Well somebody is definitely full of something?

      Opinions are a lot like navels…. everybody has one.

      However most here, when expressing or proposing a theory, will provided passages of scripture to assist the reader, and to perhaps clarify and substantiate their position.

      “But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts, and always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear;” 1 Peter 3:15.

      It is apparent that you don’t believe that this is necessary. Therefore accept the fact that you will be challenged by those that are not quite so naive and that seek the truth.

      Be Blessed

      • alienated,

        Given that the concept of “the Rapture” has been extrapolated from a couple of passages in 1 Thess 4:16-17 by extra-biblical writers starting in the 17 century and further expounded by others since then to become the intricate theory that it is, I would suppose you must hear the same thing quite a lot.

        I spoke from experience alienated, not from something I read in a book.

        Many people can speak the words of the Bible that are in their minds, I am more interested in those that speak them from their heart.

        May God guide you,


        • Abel,

          I see that you chose to utilize the common (though rather pedestrian) practice of “deflection” within your reply.
          Why am I not surprised with that?

          Frankly, I have better things to do with my time.
          You may carry on unencumbered, side stepping to your hearts content in your ruby slippers.
          Your comments are not without there entertainment value.


        • ok guys

          I do not think arguing here is going to do any good.

          You both have your ideas.

          • Dearest Marianne,

            Please forgive the post below, I was writing it at the time you requested forbearance and my web page did not update until I posted it.

            Please feel free to delete it (or any of my posts) that you might find offensive.

            With my sincerest apologies,


        • alienated,

          One last thing. Jesus taught in parables as did Einstein (neither provided references, knowing the truth would be apparent to those with the wisdom to see.) The cure for cancer was provided to this world in a parable concerning the nutritional needs of non-pregnant cats vs. pregnant cats (cells intent on only surviving vs. those that are intent on surviving and replicating). That paper provided no references as well and yet it changed the world.

          The bottom line is this: if what I have said is false (not of God) it will fall to ashes, if what I have said is true (of God) it will endure forever. Nothing that you or I can say or do will change that.

          Many blessings,


  10. thank you for helping me under stand better`there’s a lot Ive been learning from this sight and will keep learning

  11. this has no then to due with the above whats your thought on all them died fish and birds that just died it happen all over was reading about it earlier anyone i am not a smart person but i no my god and pray every day that he finds me wealthy to stand in front of him i have no ideal on what you guys are talking about so i have no right to comment

    • hi kathy

      all nature is suffering because of the sins of man….we are seeing this suffering and death in the birds and fish.

    • Dear Kathy,

      I believe that someone has coined the phrase “aflockalypse” to describe the mass animal deaths that has been observed around the planet. A search of that phrase should provide you with more details of these events.

      Be blessed,


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