It is not about us!

Are we oriented toward Service to Self, or Service toward others and Jesus?

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~ by Marianne on August 23, 2011.

6 Responses to “It is not about us!”

  1. Lovers of self – we are oriented to toward service to self – AKA spirit of the Anti Christ! Even when we truly believe in our hearts we are following Jesus’s path we may be deceived – even the elect are deceived – only about God’s will, any thoughts towards blessings and benefits you receive (which are true) is spirit of Anti Christ deceiving us in our churches in an attempt to save more people. All must be lost to be gained, we don’t take this view correctly

  2. Hi Mrs Marianne! Long time no hear. Anyways I thought you might find this interview useful:

    • oh hi warlock

      yes, it has been awhile.

      I found your interview interesting.

      I would like you to consider writing an explanation of Gate walking for those uninitiated in your realm of thought. I have a general idea, but let me know.

  3. Remember, Merciful Jesus, that I am the cause of Your journey.

    from “Requiem” by Mozart

  4. Sure. Can you contact me on email about it?

  5. I will work on it today.

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