Hide yourselves!

Perilous times are here. So, now what do we do?

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~ by Marianne on September 17, 2011.

3 Responses to “Hide yourselves!”

  1. dear madam
    glory to jesus!being born in2 a Hindu family HE chose me2 b HIS daughter!im a medical student,by gods grace ive been successful in my studies&popular.but everywer i go ive army of ppl who never stand me,dreadful enemies,false accusations and hatred consume me.nw since few months ive lost my peace,forgotten to smile,lost focus n drowned in frustration.al ths peaked a few days back n ive hd sleeples nites.an online pastor warned me abt witchcraft by roomate.ive vry tough xams ahead n m scared&lost

    • dear meghna

      Do not be discouraged. God is still with you. The saints are all being tested now, because the time for the Lord to return is soon to come.

      This affliction is all from Satan. You have done nothing wrong. You are attacked because you belong to the Lord Jesus.

      Do not worry about your future in this world, because this world is going to fail all of us very soon. Keep your eyes on Jesus, pray the blood of Jesus over you each day, and ask God to cancel the curses, and replace them with blessings.

    • Hi..megna. I’m Gina here. I came from a Hindu background too. Don’t worry you are not alone. Am experiencing the same thing. God is with us and will show us clearly His path and will take us into it. We will get a clearer picture soon. Just be patient.

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