El Shaddai and the Destroyer in ancient texts

El Shaddai is translated as God Almighty.  The koldrin bible, written by the Egyptians, also describe an “almighty” object sent by God.


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~ by Marianne on November 8, 2011.

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  1. al Shaddai is one of the 99 names of A1G8D in (*slam, it means al-Saheed(The witness), the 1 who witness every th(*ng! It is indeed a one of the most beautiful names of our Creator!

    • hello Ahmed

      That is interesting that the name has a different definition in your language.

      The name “El shaddai” is to be loved by those who love God, and feared by those who oppose him.

      Satan is the enemy, and works to deceive mankind.

      I wish you peace and love.

      • not really when both meanings lead to one and same Creator and are H1S names, i wish you cha(*, this could mean tea or l(*fe, but i shall say to clarify, i wish you 18, Peace Salaam Shalom are three words meaning one and same , it is another name of al-Shaddai or al-Shaheed! Yes word Shaddai is used in urdu to refer to a form of love too. and surely no love is greater than the love for A1G8D who created us all to a perfect rat(*o of 1618 and made 18 the golden numbers not only in fibbionacci series but also when it comes to all divine scriptures and the standing praise of all religions too. Thanks for your comment

      • The name “El shaddai” is to be loved by those who love God and act righteously being mindful that GOD is witnessing their every move and thought, and feared by those who oppose him by acting wrongly thinking no one is witnessing their acts and thoughts. so r18ht, i agree.

    • Ahmed, YHWH is also a beautiful name and one which is the true name of the Creator for He is weary of His name being polluted as in (KJV) Ezekiel 20:vs.9 and Ezekiel 20: vs. 39. Many today need to realize this truth for the day of YHWH is nearing we are close to the end of the 4th kingdom for which was prophesied in Daniel 2: vs. 1-49 we are at the feet and toes of this day that burns like an oven Malachi 4:vs.1. Praise YHWH.

  2. Dear Marianne and Bros. and Sisters,

    This past week I had a dream of a large bumple bee stinging the arm.
    The color was vibrant, with a white stripe, black stripe and a gold stripe.

    Isaiah 7:18 says : And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall hiss for the fly that is in the uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt, and for the bee that is in the land of ASSyria.

    The word hiss means to whisle in this versus, when you read the verses before and study around this verse you realyze that God is speaking of the mouth of the arm of the rivers that join together.

    I think many Christians are going to be a sleep when the maker returns and if there lamps are low the marriage supper will go on but they will not have the oil to enter in.

    I would also like to say to all of us, Jesus christ was and is love. It is not Gods hope that any should fail but that all would accept and enter in. So
    in order to go in we must keep ourselves with love realyzing when the enemy comes he brings hatred and evil that makes sense but these things are vain imaginations which will destroy our souls.

    You know dreams are two fold provide warnings that we may change or ways or for God to communicate with us and for us to know why certain things are going on, right.

    So it is possible that the bee is a thing to describe the part above but also too describe what is happening to the bride of Christ. Is she being refined to make her pure to enter in, we enter holiness as a state first from our baptism into Jesus Christ death, then we enter the black area in relationship to God. This black area comes when we seek his face and to know him fully. Then we enter the Gold state of final Christianity when we have gone through the complete refiners fire which happens as we come to know him.

    He wants you to bear fruit on the branches, therefore our arms.

    We are tested at that point I think, do you trust him truly, do you love him truly, are you as Abraham that you could leave your own family behind for Christ or watch your child or grandchild be slaughtered by those who think murder and sacrife of human life is nothing.

    We must be prepared, proven, able to understand go through and still stand enduring all hardships and still love him and all that is human with the love of our savior. If you have not been purified? Why? Most of Gods’ children I know are going through the refiners fire or as one sister says it, God keeps putting me back up on his wheel to fix my imperfections.

    God has away he speaks to all who know him his voice is known.

    Many say the hour is not? This is not so, God is the word and he does not lie. The word says in the parable of the figtree which we are required to know as his children, that this genreation shall not pass until these things be fullfilled. The generation born the day and there after of the figtree. Which began on 5-15-1948, making the figtree 63 years old in 2011.

    A generation to the LORD is 70 years. The years assigned to the tribuation is 7 but it shall be cut short to 3.5 years or none would live if he did not return because the slaughters are said to be so great. (that is my interpretation)

    No man knows the hour or the day according to the word but the approximate time is expected to be known by the saints.

    Jesus likened it to the man who had the vineyard, if he knew when the robbers were coming he would have stayed at home?

    One better be living the life he requires or he will be left behind. I believe the marriage supper is for the believers. The word provides understanding that some will make it during the tribulation period.

    The wrath is not for us, thank you Don for increasing my understanding of this but if you are not ready you are going to endure some really horrible times that God did not intend for you.

    I believe we are in the pre and tribulation periods. We have been like the little eaglets being dropped from the nest. Dropped out of the Eagles (our saviors) mouth in midair and basically left to know do you believe and trust or not.

    When the word speaks about the falling away but it had to come everyone should get it now and we all need to be doing all we know to do plus looking to Jesus Christ for our patterns.

    Alot of people think hope is enough, works or fruit is not required. Do you think at this point that hope is enough based on the word?

    • pattiefarm, it is wonderful that you want everyone to have the true works of serving YHWH in their lives you are a great person. As I mentioned in an earlier post that YHWH really wants His true name to not be polluted and for many centuries now it has been. (KJV) Ezekiel 20:vs. 9,39. Many have used other names and images to serve the Father to this day. This is normally known as idolatry and the reason why there is much suffering in the world today. People need to read the Book of Remembrance in Genesis – Malachi the so called ‘old testament’ for the truth, Malachi 3:vs. 16. YHWH’s name and His ordinances should be addressed by many people first and foremost and as I also stated that the day of YHWH is coming soon Malachi 4:vs.1 for we are at the 4th kingdom now prophesied in Daniel 2:vs. 1-49 and people do need to do what is asked from YHWH through Moses for YHWH does nothing without His prophets Amos 3: vs. 7 and that is to do the law the Commandments and the Sabbath and live a righteouss life for YHWH the Creator does not change as He says in Malachi 3: vs. 6. Therefore many of us must turn back to YHWH soon as He says in Malachi 3: vs. 7 and yes it will be as the bee sting not so good for many. As for the robbers the ones in Daniel 11:vs.14 they will not prevail and Ezekiel 36:vs.5-8. YHWH will bring the true ‘Israel’ His son and firstborn Exodus 4:vs. 22,23 back home for there cannot be two firstborn sons.

  3. Hi, koldrin bible (or collection of books) written by egyptians and kelts…is
    twisted narrative of what happened in Egypt during the 10 plaques and the exodus of Israelites from Egypt. It’s not reliable source of information, as
    it is written by man, not God, only the Holy Bible is inspired word of God.
    So, if you want to know more about what will happen in the future..just
    read the real news in the Holy Bible, especially the book of Revelation.
    Thank you

    • hi maini

      It sounds like the egyptians wanted to explain their failure, but not give credit to the god of Israel. thank you.

      • Marieanne, the Father of Israel YHWH is all of our Father and many do not take heed to this and is why there is so much pestilence today for our Father YHWH is truely hurting for us the human race to turn back unto Him He says in Jeremiah 9:vs. 1, Jeremiah 10: vs. 19-21 and Jeremiah 13: vs. 10. The Father the Creator is paining for us all to turn back unto Him Malachi 3:vs.7. Remember YHWH does not change Malachi 3:vs. 6 the time is nearing for the day of YHWH not lord anyone can be lord so this is an insult to the Holy King YHWH of host, Malachi 1:vs. 11-14.

      • Many people are talking a lot about satan at this site is that suppose to be a big attraction here. I know that this so called satan are only the desires evil acts, and the temptations of mankind. For YHWH the Creator gave us all the free will to do as we please but He wanted us to do the righteous things in life and is why man cannot govern himself and why He the Father left us the law to follow and do so that we may prolong our lives Deuteronomy 32 in the Book of Remembrance. There are unforseen things that occur but this is what living in an unperfect world is but with the law we can learn how to help one another better and get through these kinds of things. Deut. chapters 4 and 5. We all need each other and YHWH. Praise YHWH. Read the Genesis – Malachi and learn how to be real people and the truth and leave the fables to the movies and producers.

        • excuse my grammar please

        • Old Knob gave Job a hard time. This is the Dragon we write about. The fallen Angel who rules this world system after taking the deed from Adam.

          Christ has won the deed to heaven, and earth back from Lucifer. He paid a heavy price for it. Soon, Christ will be sent back to earth by G-d the Father to claim what is his.

          Some of the fallen Angels have been given respite until judgement day. Some here believe they are the aliens, and UFO’s reported from time to time. The reports of those abducted, are like how it was before Noah’s flood. When the watchers took wifes of whom they chose, and had offspring called the Nephilim whose evil spirits are with us to this day.

          If it is Ok with you, I will exerice my freedom of speech from time to time writing about this evil world system, and Old Knob.

          • Leatherneck, are you simply stiffnecked for christ and messiah only means anointed ‘look it up’ and many if you would read in the Book of Remembrance the so called ‘old testament’ left for us by YHWH the Father who by the way has a name ‘YHWH’ in English from the Hebrew form of it in Malachi 3vs.16 to let us know the truth about everything that did happen and that will come. Other anointed ones were from Cyrus the Great when YHWH gave this Persian His spirit to conquer many nations that went against YHWH then He anointed the jack ass in Numbers 22vs.21-31 to talk to Balaam to serve YHWH. For YHWH says that He changes not in Malachi 3vs.6 and Malachi was the last prophet until this day. Job’s temptations and pride were great upon him and this is all it was it seems that people want to believe in fables and fairytales go ahead it’s your choice but the reality is that Job had to find His way and remain faithful to YHWH regardless of the setbacks from life’s uncertainties and mishaps or calamities. Leave the hollywood to the producers and read Genesis – Malachi to know the real word. Oh and the only Savior is YHWH the Father Isaiah 42 and 43 and His only son and firstborn is in Exodus 4:vs.22,23 there cannot be two firstborn sons so lets keep it real people. It was prophesied in Deuteronomy 31vs.29; 32vs.15-21 and others that newly strange gods will be worshipped by the future generations ‘the latter days.’ and in Daniel 11 particulary vs.31-39 with the beginning of Constantine one of the ten horns described in Daniel 7 with taxation and Christianity in the 4th kingdom until this day. We are at the end of the 4th kingdom people ‘now times.’ Prophecy fulfilled according to the political gains of Christianity.

          • UFOs, fallen angels, and the Nephilim spirits are still here I thought they were all drowned to death oh leatherneck I like you a lot and peace and love to you. Do express your freedom of speech for manytimes we need some humor in this world ‘Old Knob’ I like that. Although, yes evil is still here for YHWH gave us the free will to make choices and many of us can go to the extremes of no return ‘bad people’ but this is what it is their free will to choose right from wrong and they unfortunately like doing wrong or what they might feel is the right thing for them but I do not follow their ideology of life but we have many who do especially in this world order systeml have a blessed life. Praise YHWH.

  4. All religions are idolatry to YHWH the Father the Creater of the Living Waters, the Earth and the Heavens so many of you should get out of that!!! they have already been prophesied not to do them. The law the Commandments and the Sabbath and the Passover in Abide April 14 evening Leviticus 23 is the way of YHWH and living a righteous life to prolong it Deut.32, and remember He changes not Malachi 3v6.

    • Cocodol
      I suggest you read second Peter, and Jude.
      The fallen Angels were not killed in the flood, merely locked away to be Judged at the day of the Lord. They are eternal beings, and will be punished eternally.

      This is not a topic which should be taken lightly. Many Christians believe that UFO’s and aliens are manifestations of these spirits (demonic). (notice how the sightings began around the time Israel became a nation). Others use these spirits to gleen information (technology) from them, which is dangerous to say the least.

      • Beloved, is there a scripture that tells us of how the sightings were around the time that Israel became a nation? I like to substantiate not guess at the truth. Also fallen angels? All that I see in the KJV the so called ‘old testament’ originally called the Book of Remembrance Malachi 3vs.16 that YHWH gave us is that in Genesis 6vs.1-8 are the sons of God which were the men from the linage of Adam who took the daughters of men who were not about YHWH this angered YHWH the Father and from this they bore children ‘giants a metaphor’ who were too cunning and cleaver and wicked for their or anyone’s good and they had to be distroyed. This is why Noah the only righteous man on earth had to do his work for YHWH to bring on a new. The NT is idolatry and none of the men in this book have the prophetize of YHWH for YHWH does nothing, says nothing, but through His prophets and servants Amos 3v7. Malachi is the last prophet in the so called OT until this day. In Malachi 3v6 YHWH says He does not change. Praise YHWH of Israel O Yhwhudah (Judah).

        • Cocodol

          Regarding the fallen angels.

          So what was Jude talking about when he said, “And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day.” Jude 1:6. KJV.

          Wouldn’t that God breathed scripture state that the angels that did not keep their first estate, (but fell from it) are held captive and awaiting their judgment?
          The phrase “sons of God”, or transliterated “ben ‘elohiym” is only utilized 5 times in the Tanakh.
          That being, Genesis 6:2., 6:4., and Job 1:6., 2:1., and 38:7., and in Job the context is clearly referring to “angels”.

          And then doesn’t Jude refer to Enoch, as being a prophet in Jude 1:14? This reference to this prophet, would then be confirmation to Enoch’s Book as being valid and truthful. Perhaps you should read it.

          Here is just one link, out of the few that are available. Perhaps you should broaden your knowledge.


          • alienated, the Book of Remembrance confirned by YHWH to the prophet in Malachi 3v16-18 or just read the whole book of Malachi is the book that the Creator YHWH left us to go by and if you can substantiate this book Enoch to the words of the Father YHWH then it is true. Also, the Book of Remembrance is difficult to understand because it is a juxtapose text giving us the pass, the present and the future about what YHWH has done or wiill do. Therefore, in Genesis 6v3 it tells how YHWH was angry with the ‘men’ sons of God for which He will not always strive with, for he ‘man’ is of ‘flesh’ so YHWH shorten the years of the life for mankind to 120 years just read it. You must remember that YHWH does all things. As I have said in earlier post the NT is idolatry it has changed many scriptures something that YHWH assured us that He does not do for our own sakes, in Malachi 3v.6. Example: In 1 Timothy 4v.4 that every creature ‘meat’ is good and don’t refused them yet in Deut. 14, and 32v.12-14, Genesis 7, and Leviticus 11 these scriptures tells us what clean and unclean creatures to eat this is the law of YHWH and He does not change. Also this too is why many of us are dying from diseases and illnesses causing premature deaths in the world. All religions are made of man’s insights and are the idolatries that YHWH hates it was prophesied that in the ‘latter days’ we would go into them Deuteronomy 31v.29 and 32v.15-39 of (gods newly raised up, strange gods) and our descendants were warned by Moses in Deut. 30v.17,18 about the blessings first Deut. 28v.1-14 but then the curses Deut. 28v15-67 for vs. 68 has already been fulfilled for we disobeyed YHWH. The NT has people believing fairytales not substantiating the truths from YHWH as does the so called ‘old testament’ which is truly the Book of Remembrance from YHWH the Father in Malachi 3v16. Peace to All and Praise YHWH.

            • correction…not ‘does’ but although the OT has been tampered with a bit by the enemy of YHWH it is truly the Book of Remebrance from YHWH the Creator and as He told us in Micah 7 not to trust and to decern even the guide. There are things in the ot that should be worded differently such as in the word ‘kings’ they should read ‘governor’ for only YHWH is the King. Also, the word ‘virgin’ it should read as ‘almah’ for the veiled married woman or young maiden. Worded as virgin misleads people to believe in a false meaning for in Isaiah 7 when his ‘second’ son Immanuel was prophesied as a sign for the govenor Ahaz from YHWH ‘almah’ the Hebrew word for being a wife should have been used not virgin. For the word virgin in Hebrew would not have been used in the case of a child being concieved and prophesied. So there are things to be decerned. Sometimes they have an ‘s’ behind father or have it in lower case when referring to the Creator and remember the Father’s true name was removed over 6800 times replaced with lord and god or God and LORD when he does have a name and is angry for the pollution of it Ezekiel 20vs 9,14,39. These and the NT are the works of the enemy of YHWH Esau Malachi 1vs.3, and his descendants of then and of today.

              • Cocodol,

                I believe that I am adequately versed in the Tanakh, (comprised of “Torah” which is the law, “Nevi’im” which is the prophets, and “Ketuvim” which is the writings), and possess a relatively sound understanding of it. However, if you yourself cannot see that the New Covenant that is expressed within the belief that Yeshua died on the cross for our sins, and therefore is the fulfilment of what you refer to as “the book of remembrance” then my heart goes out to you. For Yeshua and His grace, is the whole point that is expressed within the Tanakh. He is the culmination of it. Yeshua is the way, the truth and the life to El Shaddai. Yeshua is our perfect blood sacrifice for our Salvation.

                I can not even begin to debate this with you further, until you come to the realization of this fact.
                I wish you shalom and understanding.
                Signing out.

                • alienated, I don’t refer to it as the Book of Remembrance the so called OT the Father YHWH does through His prophet Malachi 3vs.16, it is His glory and gift to us not mine, and our sins are redeemed by YHWH 44vs.22. and all of Isaiah 43 and 44 read it. For we all die for our own sins Ezekiel 18 these prophet although they were in captivity did leave us through their Father YHWH many truths proven through history and our Father does not change Malachi 3v6 and the nt has changed so much and this is why people are now questioning the way the priest pastors and popes along with the politicians have lead the flocks astray. Evidence of what is going on wrong in the world today. Come back to YHWH the Creator the Only Savior, Malachi 3v7 Isa.43v11,and do the law. Isaiah 66vs.3 many are after their own ways and are delusional for this is what YHWH will serve them their own pride.Isa.66vs.4. Isaiah 47vs1-11 is what many are with fancy words and such but nothing only twisted pride. No one has suffered more than our and YHWH’s servant and elect who is in Isaiah 42,and 42vs.17-25;49 and 53 none of these scriptures sounds like jc what job did he hold 49vs. 4 working for nothing and being despised through all the centuries and decades for many people like jc today and since many years ago this does not sound like the servant and the elect of YHWH’s. Didn’t jc start preaching at 30 well YHWH’s elect and servant has not found his seed yet Isa.53vs.1,10 he is a tender plant and have not been watered yet of the knowledge this does not sound like jc for they say at 12 he taught. Our elect and servant has suffered been despised hated and abused from birth all through manhood this is not said about jc. Suffering is being tied to the back of a truck and pulled until your whole body is torn to pieces and your head roles off,the Hebrew Israelite so called black person scattered to the four corners of the earth the ‘curse’Deut.4vs.27,and Deut.28vs.15-68 check out vs64 is what happened to”Mr. Byrd” I don’t need to go on do I? Praise YHWH!!

  5. So, Job was not set apon by Satan/Lucifer/the Dragon/ or Old Knob? He was just tempted by G-d the Father? Then why is Old Knob in the story of Job?

    The spirits of the Nephilim, or earth born ones are the creation of the sons of G-d with human females. It reads that way in the first book of the Bible. Enoch states it. They are not from G-d, and will not be sent to hell, but destroyed on judgement day as it is not their fault to be created.

    What Bible do you read Cocodol? Are you a part of the Universal Church that believes in the Queen of Heaven?

    • Leatherneck, the sons of God were men of the pure linage of Adam who bore children by the daughters of men who were not of YHWH the Father and the children were wicked, too cunning for their or anyone’s good too evil. Nephilim meaning ‘giants is only a metaphor’ it is not in the so called OT (KJV) which is truly the Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16 that YHWH gave to us and is the book ‘not bible’ that I learned from it substantiates the history as well as the prophecies of YHWH through His prophets and servants, Amos 3v7. All religions are idolatry and the NT is idolatry and has changed many scriptures and does not use prophecy from YHWH the Father the Creator who says only through His prophets as in Malachi 3v6 that He changes not. Yes satan who has no power was told by YHWH to do to Job what was done because Job’s pride had the best of him. YHWH does all for in Isaiah 45:vs.7 YHWH says “I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I YHWH do all these things” and also in Isaiah 44:vs.21-27. read it. YHWH is the only Savior Isaiah 43v3,11. Peace and Love, and Praise YHWH.

      • Cocodal,

        By what you are saying above, I would have to conclude that you don’t believe in Yeshua as being the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. Or the true fulfillment of the Tanakh for that matter.
        This is a Christian website where most who come here have been born again of the Spirit.
        Nothing that you could say, (or type) is ever going to change any of our minds that Yeshua is our Salvation!
        “Praise and Glory to Yeshua Ha Mashiach the Holy Annointed Son of God.” Amen. He is the way and the truth and the life.

        I think that I speak for all here if I were to say, that each and everyone of us would willingly lay down our lives to defend that.

        So perhaps you are simply wasting your time if you are trying to change our minds.
        Very few of us here, (if any) are going to agree with your theology.

        May God open your heart and mind.
        Be Blessed

        • Beloved, Zech. 12:10 and 13:1 it is “Israel” the son of YHWH His firstborn His chosen people ‘son’ in plural tense and so reads in Exodus 4:vs.22,23 as truth and remember YHWH the Creator of all things does not change for our sakes Malachi 3v6. The David of old is gone he died an old age but his ‘seed’ is here to stay. Jeremiah 33:vs. 14-26 and Jeremiah 23vs.1-8 the new kingdom to come YHWH Our Righteousness will be of the seed of David, the seed of the Levites ‘the high priest’ the two families in the Branch shall Sheppard over us along with YHWH and for all mankind who love YHWH. Believe what you want (bless you), I Love YHWH His word is substantiated by historical facts and His prophets Amos 3v7 in the so called OT the Book of Remembrance, Malachi 3v16.

        • alienated, I would never do that try to change the minds of those who have their own belief I just Love YHWH so much and please forgive me if I insulted anyone for when I read that in Isaiah 42,43 and 44 when YHWH says that He will not give His glory to another it let me know that He is the first, the last and besides Him there is no other but He does have His prophets and servants chosen from His creation of mankind ‘sons of man’ and from which His elect from the seed of David will come from. What part of YHWH Changes Not dose not anyone understand? Malachi 3v6. Praise YHWH.

      • Cocodol
        Zechariah 12:10-13:1 Who is it that the House of David has “pierced”?

        • Cocodol
          Why is it that you avoided answering the previous question I posed to you regarding who the house of David has “pierced”? We hold to the testimony of Jesus, That he is the Messiah. That is not some rant on the part of Pastors and popes, but his words, which we believe by faith. For it is by faith that we are Justified. and by Yahweh’s Grace through his Holy Spirit we are sanctified. The only thing that changed from old testament to new, Is the need for Blood sacrifice for the remission of sin.
          The Law alone, without faith leads to self righteousness (Phariseeism). The Goal of sanctification is still obedience, but with a pure Heart.

          With the exception of what I said about Jesus, These are all concepts which are found in the OT. As for the “book of remembrence” of malichi 3:16. I do not believe this is a reference to the OT, but a reference to the “Lambs book of life”. Is your name written therein???

          • Beloved, I did answer you in an earlier post so I have reposted this: Zech. 12:10 and 13:1 it is “Israel” the son of YHWH His firstborn His chosen people ‘son’ in plural tense and so reads in Exodus 4:vs.22,23 as truth and remember YHWH the Creator of all things does not change for our sakes Malachi 3v6. The piercing is of YHWH’s prople the son ‘Israel’ that were delivered from bondage out of Egypt and later again who have been in bondage all through the OT and until this day they were scattered to the four corners of the earth in Duet.4vs.27 and Deut.28vs.15-67 for vs.68 has already been fulfilled, is the curse that was put on them for their transgressions and iniquities against YHWH the Creator. The first David in the OT is gone he died an old age but his linage the‘seed’ is here to stay and a descendant from his seed will be the servant the elect of YHWH that will be raised in the new kingdom. Jeremiah 33:vs. 14-26 and Jeremiah 23vs.1-8 is the new kingdom to come YHWH Our Righteousness will be of the seed of David, the seed of the Levites ‘the high priest’ the two families in the Branch shall Sheppard over us along with YHWH and for all mankind who love YHWH and want to serve Him. Believe what you want (bless you), I Love YHWH His word is substantiated by historical facts and His prophets and servants in Amos 3v7 in the so called OT the Book of Remembrance, Malachi 3v16.

            cocodol5114 said

            • cocodol
              Sorry, I missed your response above, I did not think to look above my question.
              Are You Jewish? I assume you are, (if I am wrong forgive me.)

              I am not here to argue with you, only to see if you have thought out your responses. For example. Amos 9:11-12 says “In that day I (Yahweh) will raise up the booth of David that is FALLEN, and repair its breaches, and raise up its ruins and rebuild it as in days of old, 12. that they (Israel) May possess the remnant of Edom, AND ALL THE NATIONS WHO ARE CALLED BY HIS (YAHWEH’S) NAME, declares the Lord who does this.”
              (Emphasis and Italics mine) Who are all the nations that are called by his name? Obviously, they are gentiles, if they are not of Israel.
              How is it possible that Gentile nations will be “called by his name”, Unless they have turned to the God of Israel? As A Christian, it is through Jesus, the Messiah, that Gentiles will become One with Israel. Willingly submitting to the Messiahs righteous rule via Israel. It is through Jesus, that we are called by Yahweh’s name. If there was no first coming of the Messiah, then there would not be the possibility of this event occurring at his revalation to Israel, which zechariah 12:10 talks of. If Yahweh is to restore Israel, then she must have “fallen” away, and denied Yahweh. It is all part of his plan, and his covenent with them. If Israel is the “son” as you say, (Refering to Zechariah 12:10,) Then How is it possible that “they(Israel) will look on me, On him whom they have pierced”? Or how is it that they will mourn for him, If they (Israel) are him? How can the mourner and the one being mourned be the same thing? This is where your logic is leading you here.

              I am not trying to convert you as a Jew, as you are of Yahweh already, only trying to show you that we are “called by his name” as well. We hold to the testimony of Jesus, who is “Immanuel”. Who will return again as The Messiah of Israel. at which time Israel will for mourn for “him whom they have pierced”.

              • Beloved, I can not agree with you more, yes my KJV Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16 reads in Amos 9v11,12 that David will be raised up out of Israel the people of YHWH but it is through his ‘seed’ of David the original David who wrote Psalms is at rest but his descendants ‘seeds’ are here and if you can show me a scripture that says that we must go through David to be with YHWH the Father then I could agree. Isreal is the son and the firstborn who are the chosen people of YHWH the covenant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob with YHWH and out of whom the seed of David will be raised. Jeremiah 33v14-26 and Jeremiah 23v1-8 to restore Judah and Jerusalem Zion yes and the third Temple Haggi 2. It will all be called YHWH (The Lord Our Righteousness)The ‘son’ is used in plural tense for YHWH’s people in Zechariah 12v10 being pierced just as when YHWH’ s son was being persecuted or ‘pierced’ by the Pharaoh of Egypt He said let my son my firstborn people go to serve me in Exodus 4:v22,23. YHWH does nothing without His prophets or servants and He has no secrets Amos 3v7 and I didn’t see that command to go through David first to be with YHWH anywhere in the so called OT. We were commanded to do the law the Commandments and the Sabbath and passover and live righteously. This is why in Isa.63v1-6 it will be a spiritual war on Edom from the destruction of these ordinances Isa.24v5 on the high ones. No I am not a jew I am a north Hebrew Israelis from the ten lost tribes scattered. The jews edom are not His chosen people the Hebrew Israelites are and the jews are the robbers of the inheritence Daniel 11v14, but will fail and Malachi 1v3,4 and in Obadia it will tell you so. Not all jews are complicit to this. Also, I agree that the other nations will be called by YHWH as a light for them to see who the true Savior and redeemer and King is Malachi 1v5-14. Gentiles was not originally in the Hebrew text only goy a word in Hebrew meaning nation ‘look it up’ gentiles is a transliteration but anyhow it means the same the other nations will be brought in. I never thought that it was an agrument but the truth of history and substantiation for I see at this sight that many are complaining about the mislead flocks and the priest pastors and popes and political gains that has turned people’s hearts to an answer to this world’s demise. The answer is YHWH Our Righteousness the Father and His law for all other religions have been tried for over 2000 years now and things are just getting worst because they are idolatry and was prophesied in Duet.30,31 and 32 so we are under the sword Jeremiah 25 for turning against YHWH it will get worst many has not hearkened to Him yet.

              • Beloved, I missed your question as to who is “Immanuel” first, I’d like to know why does jc have 4 names jesus, yeshus,Emmanuel is how they spell it in the nt, and michael? which is it really? And it also seems that they have his birth at 6bc, 8bc, 4bc which is it? Alright, now Immanuel is in the book of Isaiah as the second born child of Isaiah as a sign for the governor Ahaz in chapters 7 and 8 in 8vs.1 it tells you that all 3 of Isaiah’s sons were signs from the Father YHWH for different historical events so “Immanuel’s” event was for govenor Ahaz to be warned not to congregate with two other govenors who had turned against YHWH the Creator to serve in idolatry, and in 7vs.15,16 it describes the sign for Ahaz that before the child knows right from wrong the two govenors will be killed. Isaiah’s oldest son Shearjashub was a sign in the book of Ezra2v64 for the remnant that return during the battle of Cyrus the Great, Isaiah’s oldest son’s name means a ‘remnant’ so read both chapters and with the anointment of YHWH you will understand that these people were signs prophesied. Praise YHWH the King.

              • Beloved, I would like to reiterate on this post about Amos 9vs. 11,12 and Zechariah 12:10. I do not disagree with Israel falling for they did transgress against the Father YHWH and are being punished until this day this is why the prophecy to restore is here in Amos 9vs. 11,12; in vs.9 YHWH says He “will sift the house of Israel among ‘all nations’ etc..Then vs.10 YHWH sayys “All the sinners of ‘MY’ people shall die by the sword etc..” Next, vs. 11, YHWH says “In that day I will raise up the ‘tabernacle’ of David that is fallen etc..” and vs. 12 YHWH says “That they ‘Israel’ ‘Jerusalem’ may possess the remnant of Edom, and of all the my book has the word ‘heathen,’ which are called by my name that doeth this.” and in Zechariah showing here the same prophecy to restore and will be saved again. My KJV book, originally called the Book of Remembrance shown in Malachi 3v16 is a (1977) copy and so I wanted to share with you on your comment of how can Israel its Jerusalem in my book, but how or why can or would it read that they mourn for themselves; well, they are mourning for the destruction of the other nations against them and also for their sufferings. And, if you first read Zechariah 12vs. 8,9 in vs.8 you will see here that YHWH is saying that He will defend the inhabitants of Israel;Jerusalem among ‘them’ at that day shall be as David; and the house of David shall be as YHWH GOD, as the angel of YHWH before ‘them’,” and in vs.9 YHWH states “And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy all the ‘nations’ that come against Israel;Jerusalem,” in vs.10 YHWH says “He will pour upon the house of David and upon the inhabitants of Israel;Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and supplications: etc..” and there shall be a great mourning of all the families David, Levi,and Nathan of the piercing and mourning of all of the inhabitants of Israel;Jerusalem and their suffering from all of the nations that were against them and that will be destroyed. It will be as a father that mourn for his only son and shall be in bitterness for him as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn; in other words the other nations against YHWH pierced YHWH’s son so you have in turn pierced YHWH, and these other nations will have to be destroyed for that all the nations against YHWH son and firstborn Exodus 4v22,23, which is Israel;Jerusalem. The way of the other nations or the gentiles to be able to get forgiveness or be saved is not through idolatry or jc, but through doing the law the commandments the sabbath and passover and by living righteously ‘do what’s RIGHT’ no lying, cheating, in differences, prejudices, no hating,spreading poverty,swearing, no covenanting of anyone else wife or husband,no fornication, no perversion, no greed etc;, as the rest of us have to do or we too die is all YHWH ask of us in Duet.32, and in Malachi 4v.4. YHWH Bless.

    • I think Cocodol is saying that ……

      the sons of Cain( who was banished) married the daughters of Adam (through Seth)………

      instead of……

      that the fallen angels married the daughters of Adam

      • Hi Marianne,

        I know that is what he, or she is saying. However based upon the linguistic construction the premise has never made sense.

        If, as the premise speculates, the “sons of God” were merely men, (from the lineage and descendants of Cain), I doubt that they being wicked, would then be elevated and referred to in Holy scripture as being the “sons of God”.
        As well if being merely men, how would this explain the genetic mutation that manifested into beings of gigantic proportions?
        The Hebrew transliterated “nĕphiyl” or “nephilim” is defined literally as “giants”. And if understood within its correct context, it is not being utilized as a “metaphor”. (Jude is specifically referring to this and another event, (to these fallen angels) in Jude 1:6.)

        Also Genesis 6 describes Gods destruction of mankind, and not only of mankind, but all flesh (basar), including animals and birds, other than that of Noah and of those that were on the Ark. (Gen.6:7.) So if “all” of mankind was then killed in the flood, how would the descendants of Cain being merely men, somehow materialize in the future to create giants again?

        “There were giants in the earth in those days; AND ALSO AFTER THAT, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown. Genesis 6:4. (emphasis mine.)

        For we see in scripture, that hundreds of years later the “nĕphiyl” have returned in Numbers 13. (specifically verse 33.) The context of the passages in Numbers clearly expresses that the word is not being utilized as a metaphor, but is to be taken solely in the literal sense as being giants. For the spy’s when reporting back to Moses compared their stature as being like locust, or grasshoppers, (chagab) beside them.

        In my opinion, those that are limiting these first and secondary events where fallen angels cohabitated with the daughters of men, as being somehow the descendants of Cain, are simply expressing their lack of scriptural understanding. The passages of discussion can only be read and understood as being referring to the “sons of God” as the “fallen angels”.
        The Book of Enoch substantiates this premise, and with Jude acknowledging in scripture that Enoch was indeed a prophet, that would then add further credibility to Enoch’s writings themselves.

        • alienated, I did not say that the sons of God were descendants of Cain I said Adam a pure linage remember he too did sin against the Father so it carries on but from the beginning of the first creations of mankind is what makes it so pure and Cain could be a good choice but these men were wise beyond the average and righteous men, and were of YHWH and His Commandments and laws of the Sabbath and the passover and they knew better than to mingle with these women who were not of YHWH this is why they called the women ‘fair’ meaning they were very good looking; beautiful irresistibly fine but they were not of YHWH. According to Numbers 13 did you also read vs. 26-33 particularly vs.32 where it explains that these men ate well according to the vs.27 the land was rich and all through these scriptures Moses’ spies described the men as ‘strong’ skillful even in the way they built their cities and walls, and yes ‘giant’ is used as a metaphor here in vs.33 because they were so greatly stature. Shak O’Neal and many others today are too hard to believe. But..because they Moses’s congregation turned away from YHWH they lost this battle and was sent to the wilderness for fourty years to wander for their transgressions against YHWH.

          • Cocodal,

            This is my last response in addressing your theories.
            These men that you believe the “sons of God” are referring to, had not been given either the Law, the Commandments, or the Sabbaths YET! Therefore the rest of your supposed argument is without foundation.

            Regarding “giants” as to only to be utilized as a metaphor……

            So I guess Og was like only 5’ 8” or 6 feet tall maybe? Just an average sized guy?

            “For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold, his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man.”
            Deut. 3:11. KJV.

            I guess that this is not to be understood literally either, and is instead a metaphor?

            The word that was translated into the English “giants” within the verse above is derived from the transliterated Hebrew “Rapha’” (Strong’s 7497) and its definition is “giants, Rephaim, old tribe of giants”. The word is also utilized in Genesis 14:5 where the tribes rebelled against King Chedorlaomer of Elam and a war ensued.

            “And in the fourteenth year came Chedorlaomer, and the kings that were with him, and smote the “Rephaims” in Ashteroth Karnaim, and the Zuzims in Ham, and the Emims in Shaveh Kiriathaim.”

            This would then explain as to why Og was one of the only giants left remaining. My point is that scripture clearly suggests that there were giants in the day, and I believe that if you were to investigate all of the available material, that you would then understand how to correctly interpret Genesis 6.

            • alienated,

              You have made the aguement by using the Bible. Well done.

              There is no doubt in my mind Lucifer has once again created Nephilim for the end times. It will be as it was during the time of Noah said Christ.

              I really enjoyed reading your posts.

              • Thanks Leatherneck.

                That very well could be the case.
                Keep them there side arms, locked and loaded. Yee-Haw.

                Be Blessed

            • alienated, I knew you would bring up the Commadments and the Sabbath you’re right they were not made yet but these men were of YHWH the Creator and I also realize that the Father is not a concern of yours but it has its full bearings of anointness and sprit from YHWH the Father for He makes all things. Also, this was why YHWH the Creator said that “He Will Not Strive With MAN, For He Also Is ‘FLESH'” not angels for they cannot be flesh that is why when they then did come down many would vanish right before the son of men. Also, this is why YHWH shortened the years of the son of man to 120 years;or are you saying it was all the women’s fault? Oh, and did you see how big Shak O’Neals’ bed is it is unreal you could put two huge size pianos on it and a full frige. lol ok i’m done here.

              • I would agree that you are definitely “done”.
                And I would also add, that you are rather amusing as well.

                By the way, does Shaquille know that you were in his bedroom? 🙂

                • alienated ,no not done yet, and by the way you are corrupted they do tv shows on celebraties you know and their homes you’re funny but alas, the law was in the days of Genesis 6vs.1-7. First you have to understand that in Genesis 2v7 YHWH gave ‘life’ to the man that became a living soul, then you go to Deuteronomy 32vs.46-47 where Moses told the people that the law is their ‘life’ then you revert back to Genesis 26vs.5 and YHWH says “Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statues and my law” is the word of YHWH of Host. Also, when in Job1vs.5,6 when Job set a burnt offering to YHWH in behalf of his sons the sons of God were men with Job and the spirit of satan was there also and these men are of the line of Abraham for he took on a second wife after Sarah died that second wife had six other sons and Job was from this line and how you know is that Eliphaz one of Job’s three friends was one of the eldest sons of Esau from one of his first wives around 2000BCE. This proves that doing the law prolonged ‘life’ especially in these days for Job live another 140 years after the deaths of his first family after his repenting 42vs.1-7 to YHWH from his pride which was the spirit of your man ‘satan’ in 40vs.1-12 and he lived to see four more of his generations. For this book is juxtaposed and one has to really keep up with it from the anointment of YHWH of course. Praise YHWH!!

                  • alienated, your man satan is doing something because my clock on the computer and tv guide says only 11:37pm here where i am but my post reads 4:26am oooh yeah right, but besides why would the book describe the word angels all through the OT when YHWH uses them and not here at Genesis 6v1-7 and not at Job1vs.6 think about that if they were angels it would have worded so and been said by YHWH. Once again keep it real people and lets leave hollywood and satan to the tv. Satan is just the spirit of man’s desire and his temtations and evil acts.

                    • cocodal,

                      I believe that Marianne has the time set as to what it is in Jerusalem.

                      Please see a post to you below at the bottom of the page where there is more room.

              • correction….no that’s not the proper term the word should be ‘anointment’ sorry lol. i must admit that many of you here at this sight are so well educated but it saddens me of our political and the educational system figures today’what happened?’ i guess this is what’s called the have nots.

  6. Very very simple according to his word isn’t it! The word was God and God was the word and the sword of the spirit with which to cut off the head of the intruding snake is the word of God.

    We are to study the word, we are not to add to the word or make up words or to believe in the things of men. Isaiah 45:7 I form the light and create darkness, I bring prosperity and create disaster, I, the LORD, do all these things. Job 2:10 He replied, You are talking like a foolish women. Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?” In all this, Job did not sin in what he said. Jeremiah 32:42 “This is what the LORD says: As I have brought all this calamity, so I will give them all of the prosperity I have promised.

    God tested Job as he test us. The children of God are being tested to bring forth the gold. The stinging on the arm in the dream above: I believe the spirit has furthered my understanding even more. God has the believers in the valley, the valley is the place of heat, but without the heat who can bare fruit, the arm is a branch of the body of Christ. The new testament teaches us does the body have need of the parts, the arm the leg and so on. Well the arm is a branch and the branch is were the children of God bare their fruit. The arm signifies a specific time I think, as it is a part of the body of Christ. This part I am still seeking so I am thinking through and maybe some have comments, let me hear from you. The legs of the body are used as plowman, either by tractor in old days pulling behind the plow team. With out the legs the word and gosple could not have been shared. The legs of the plowman in the beginning was the apostles who carried the word through the world and delivered it to different roots (spread abroad today in nations). The arms are a part maybe of the latter day rain where the reepers over take the plowman. Fruit upon trees have to be picked, the pickers are the reepers of the crop on the arms. Some turn the soil and open the heart of men with the word, others speak and sew the seeds, some water the seed, the individual grows the fruit from all of the assistance of the entire body of Christ, Much like the website, the grown fruit is reeped.

    Please don’t speak evil of Job, my Lord did not speak evil of Job but said he told the truth and had understanding. Job to the contrary of being good was so well loved by God that he was given up to the enemy to test because he was found faithful by God, let us all be as faithful as Job. He endured the fire of wickedness and hardness and he continued on in his love for the Lord. How can any say other, it is wrong to say good is evil and evil is good. To twist the words of God is sin. To speak that the Bible is not the words of God inspired by the redeemer is a sin. Where did it say that Job had pride? I never read it. God loved Job as he loves every believer who bares up under his time under the rod of the master or of the hardness of the world. God is making his children ready to go home, he is separating the wheat from the shaft, he is putting the wheat through the winnowing fork where the wind blows through it after it has been through the treshing on the floor.

    Love God with all of your heart and ask him to make you ready and cry out when you are beaten. The old testament says we are beaten and don’t cry out. Cry out to the Lord he is our hope, our salvation and by his blood we are healed and saved and in faith repenting and believing are in the great hope saved by his gift in the receiving of the Holy Ghost.

    In the twisting of his words we are no different than the barren fig tree, full of leaves with no fruit, twisted wood as a tree that easily beset of attacks by others. Spending time just questioning and pontificating about the word but never praising him or worshipping him. David loved the Lord and the Lord him, he danced before him with all of his might to praise him and to give honor unto him.

    So if we bare no fruit, we are without gain but if in the heat of the day we bare up under the heat in the valley and we take his rod upon our back , enduring the hardships he puts upon us and he/we purges ourselves of sin and things which displease him and we make ourselves ready to be his bride and to go to the wedding then he will take us to his home.

    He who judges through the “word” not a fantisy or made up pretense of men or their traditions, judges based on the great hope of him. He who did it all, taking all upon himself of our wickedness that we deserved hell but instead we have the heart/soil that turns from evil doing of the world to the word that makes us pleasing to God in the obedience of it . The righteous receive the word which is the seed of God and in your death the grave has no sting and you shall not be tormented but shall serve him and praise him day and night in the new city.

    I am like leatherneck, if you love the Lord you love your brothers and sisters of this day, but you also love the ones of the word given you as ensamples of what God is looking for in us. Job is a Brother to a believer.

    Our Lord and Savior, who is also our bridegroom is jealous for us. He does not want us to love the “what” is in the world as things instead of him. When our things and having them are more than him, we are in trouble. A poor man can’t afford things, this is why the Lord loveS the poor they spend more time in prayer and in praise to him than the rich who is always busy tending to the things.

    Don’t get me wrong I believe God wants us all to have nice things but the things are for the purpose of use not for the purpose of taking our time but instead freeing our time. If washing a vet for example keeps you out of church or keeps your mind on keeping it save, it has become a idol. Disobedience is as witchcraft.

    He want his house/church/temple to be full this is why we as believers who are sanctified are his temple of indwelling his spirit. So those who are weak and those who are strong should go to church together.. So that the strong help the weak or afflicted or oppressed or sick to their over coming. God is an all consuming fire who corrects through pruning or purging of our impurfection so that we overcome the enemy that we not be left behind. Some are weak in the body of Christ. The word says their will be a great falling away, but also a latter day rain. In Jeremiah 14:14 it speaks of the plowman not being able to put seed in the ground because there has been no rain. Let us not be without rain, let us water ourselves and all who will pay heed or attentions to our words for his coming is soon as evidenced by the Fig tree and the signs of the times and the skies.

    If we leave church because of twisting of the word, teaching traditions of men and not the word let us find a house of God where the word goes forth and let us go and be the wheat as God has called us and let us correct those who interpret or with intent teach words of twisting to the wicked ones delight for the Lord God does not take these things lightly.

    Blessed be the word of God and honor to him and praise to his name of his word which saves us from this wicked world and an evil generation.

    • Ms. Pattiefarm, I do apologize if I offended you in any way, but I too was baffled to find that Job may have fallen short and the best of us do sometimes we can be so caught up in the things and occurences around us that we just don’t realize it. So, what I saw was in Job1vs.5 where Job had continued to ignore the behaviors of his sons against YHWH the Father’ignoring brings pride’. Then in the last section Job42vs.1-7 where YHWH the Creator accepted Job’s repent vs.6, and then punished his friends for not doing the same as Job did they just took out blame on Job instead of being humble and understanding and suppotive of Job their friend in his troubles as many of us do when things go wrong for others we tend to judge. Do as Job, no matter what they did to him he prayed for his friends is our lesson. Bless us All and Praise YHWH.

    • Pattiefarm, I missed the most important part the ‘pride’it is in Job40 vs.1-12 where YHWH The Lord is answering Job and then add that to the 42vs.1-7 when Job repents for it. This shows us that sometimes no matter how good we are in Jeremiah 17vs.9,10 the heart can do some things to us and we are not aware of it for we are only human and are not perfect. Which helps us to realize this is why we need YHWH the Father for guidance always. Praise the Father YHWH.

  7. Cocodol

    I don’t read 1:5 of Job to be pride but fear. God said he did not give us a spirit of fear. I read it , ” even though satan is condemned he still goes about as the roaring lion seeking whom he may devour”. Otherwise how does he show up at Gods’ role call.

    In verse1:7 the Lord inquired of where he had been and he responded, ” to and fro in the earth”; then in 8, he inquires if he has considered taking advantage of Job. As the Lord said there is none like him in all of the earth.

    God would not make this reference if it was an issue of pride as what did God have issue with Satan? Pride, right?

    Another point is God said regarding pride, you can have pride only about your eternity and which place you will spend it.

    I might have seemed to be going off on you but I don’t mean it that way. If you are going to serve God, then love him and do so with your whole heart.

    If you are a saint and serious believer, as Job was then you have empathy with his plight. Job was brutalized in all ways and he did not curse God as his wife suggested. Some Jewish Rabbi’s say the word interpretation is bless God and die, I am not sure but you from the words get the picutre even without seeing it with your eyes. I feel he loved the Lord, and I feel he did all he knew to do.

    It is difficult to suffer continually and your understanding can not comprehend the difficulties surrounding you. It is as if your Mom is an Eagle and you are being continually dumped out of the nest and never have an opportunity to recover and to know the direction of your understanding or lack there of but yet you are seeking morning noon and night with all your being. You find that your behavior when going through a checklist can not find the failure but the fact is God sets up whom he will and he takes down any he feels need testing or to chasten in any way. He is perfect not us, who are we to question.

    None of us are perfect we have all fallen short of the glory of the Lord. Maybe you call this pride, I call it sincere Christianity.

    God is jealous over us and he puts us into the fire and the flood as he says he will go through them with us. The arm is a branch, the branch is in the valley and the valley is full of heat. The bumble bee polenates and the arm bares fruit but not without continuour pressure and swirling to catch ones breath and to cry to the Lord as to why the horror. What was done that raised such anger, but the reality is God is maturing us for the wedding and it is a painful process. God will make his bride everything he is looking for, without spot or blemish.

    Be blessed in the Lord who loves us all’

    • pattiefarm i reposted the answer to the pride earlier i found where it truly was for why else would Job repent? you can check it its under your reply.

      • cocodol,

        The anointing of the Holy Spirit is only received when one sincerely gives their life to Yeshua, (Jesus Christ) the King of kings.
        He now, after His death, is the only way to actually have a relationship with YAHWEH.
        Believing In His Son and the Grace that is offered to us by His death, brings Glory to both Yeshua and YAHWEH.
        To deny Yeshua, and what He did for all that would believe in Him, is not only jeopardizing any and all chance of your salvation, but is in actuality, denying YAHWEH Himself.

        I realize that you simply don’t believe what I am saying to you here. And it does break my heart that though you obviously have a love for God the Father, you have chosen to not believe in His Son. And since no one else is witnessing of our Savior to you here,
        (which I find particularly odd?) I will attempt to express this, one more time.

        Within the Tanakh there are verses that state that a Messiah will appear, (Daniel 9:25,26). There are literally hundreds of prophesies that Yeshua fulfilled, (though I suspect when it is all said and done, He will have fulfilled each and every one).

        For just a few examples for you.
        Micah 5:2: “But thou, Bethlehem Ephratah, though thou be little among the thousands of Judah, yet out of there shall he come forth unto me that is to be ruler in Israel; whose goings forth have been from of old; from everlasting.” Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

        Also prophesied were events like John the Baptist preparing the way, Jesus teaching in Capernaum and Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a colt.

        Psalm 41:9 even foretells Judas’ betrayal, “Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me.” And Zechariah 11:12 perfectly predicts the payment Judas would receive, “And I said unto them, if ye think good, give me my price thirty pieces of silver.”

        Jesus’ death on the cross was prophesied to the smallest detail. Isaiah 53 spoke of His sacrificial death paying the price for the sins of all. Psalm 109:25 tells that He would be mocked by those who watched. Psalm 34:20 records the miracle that would happen when none of His bones were broken. Psalm 22:18 says that people would gamble for possession of His clothing. Psalm 31:5 contains the words that Jesus said when He committed His spirit into His Father’s hands. Isaiah 53:12 says that He would plead for the forgiveness of those who persecuted Him. Amos 8:9 records the darkness that would follow the death of the Messiah.

        The Tanakh and its Covenant was for a season. Yeshua heralded in a new one with a New and Better Covenant.

        Pray to Yahweh, and then read the New Testament with an open heart. Allow for Him to reveal His truth to you.

        • alienated, good try but Daniel 9:vs.25,26 is talking about Zerrubabel his slave name Shashbezzar he was the Prince and the Messiah of Judah Jerusalem YHWH’s homeland to his chosen people and son ‘Israel’ who was given the command from YHWH to build a house a temple for YHWH and they had 70 weeks according to Daniel’s vision, Ezra 1vs.1-8, 2,4vs.1-5 under Cyrus the Great the Persian for only a remnant came back out of millions who fought Ezra 2vs.64. Cyrus was given the spirit of YHWH to conquer Nebuchadnezzar and in Chronicals 36vs.21-23 is also the command to build a house in Jerusalem which is in Judah. And Micah I do agree with yes he the elect the servant shall be raised from the seed of David from out of the descendant of Judah in Bethlehem who were scattered to the four corners of the earth the 10 lost tribes and in Zech.11v12 this was the poor in Lebanon who were not being paid fairly. And Psalms was talking about the poor again and who considers them be blessed by YHWH of Israel. None of these used jc’s name but every other prophet was there Ezra,Zechariah, the word of Jeremiah,Zerrubabel, and Haggie but no mention of jc humm? This command is continued in the vision of Zechariah 4vs.5-10. I knew you would get to Isa.53 this is not about jc but the servant of the seed of David and if you notice in vs.10 it says he will ‘prolong’ his days and in the nt it talks about jc raising from the dead and living forever prolong means you eventually die then the next seed of David will sheperd along with the high priest seed the Levites just read Jere.33vs14-26 and in Isa53 it talks about him not knowing his seed yet this is not the case in jc he always knew who he was and yes Psalms 109 he is being mocked til this day,Psalms 34 yes the righteous will prevail the wicked regardless of all the afflictions they have recieved for they are his chosen and will be saved by YHWH.Psalm 22 you do know that these Psalms are written by David his chosen his beloved right and why wasn’t jc name ever mentioned? and 53v12 yes I agree the seeds of David have been persecuted since days of old he is depised and rejected and we hid as if it were our faces from him,we esteemed him not this isn’t jc you and many for decades have placed him on high which was prophesied in Daniel 11vs.18-39 where many doing wickedly against the covenant of YHWH came and went to rise for gain using strang gods that increased with glory.The truth if YHWH the Father He is Our Only Savior Isa.43v11.

          • cocodal,

            Well, as I have said to you before, “I give up.” Though I obviously did try one more time.
            Yeshua knows that I witnessed to you about Him, and He also knows that you denied Him as well.
            I sincerely feel sorry for you. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force it to drink.

            I wish you luck in what you happen to believe, (though I don’t think that will account for very much when Yeshua the Messiah returns). No matter what I would say to you, (in my attempts for you to possibly understand a different point of view), you will simply propose an alternative interpretation, (not matter how misconstrued it may be), to support that which you believe.

            Good Luck

            • alienated, this is not a belief it is substantiated from the so called OT the Book of Remebrance Malachi 3v16, and the history of the 3rd kingdom of judaism to the 4th kingdom of christianity. I do not believe when you believe it is subjective in the mind and it could be true or not true, but when you object now you can take things for face value and discern for real. I go by facts sir only from our history so I know. The OT holds true to the facts that are proven from all of our history. I will leave the beliefs to those of yourselves who believe in the the goodship jesus and the sanctionary of the pope Eugene IV in the 1430s of christianity and of slavery. gook luck to you too.

        • alienated, jc yeshua cannot do that bring in a new covenant this was prophesid in Moses that the people’s children would do this in the latter days gods that came newly up in Deut.30,31 32 not without YHWH THE CREATOR’S SAY SO through His prophets or servant so if he is the son as they used to say of Ba’al he was too the son and firstborn of YHWH in 1Kings 18 and the people were killed so why don’t you praise the father anyway for he is the one who made the son? To no avail to truth gain is reign!! good bye and I wish you well that means bless you this is over ok.

  8. Cocodol

    Yes i see that now. I have a new provider for internet and I posted before your next response. Not sure why the one above that was written two days before showing up on the posting. I will call the provider and ask them what is going on regarding it. It does not take genious to figure out that it is not due to the delay of God however. We know he is not the author of confusion but Satan is!

    You politely blew away the comments of the openning scriptures of the first verse. God said there was none like Job in all of the world! Since God is the judge and not us, I feel the statement to be complete before I read the whole book. Why?

    God makes “no mistakes”, God does not and can not lie, God is good and good all of the time but the enemy who hates God hates me and all who love him. Job loved God. Answer this are you like the ones who judged Job so harshly, does it say to a believer judge not that you shall also be judged. What you meter out to Job will be meter backed to you? Why was God so angry at the friends. It rains on the just and the unjust. Did God see the begining to the end? God knows all things, including our thoughts from afar.

    Who can stand before the Lord our God and judge him? None! he is perfect, but we as human beings think the things occuring to us as oddity that when evil comes and it seems in our minds not to be just that it must be the evil one. God has said in verse 40:8 that Job is contending with him by questioning why these things are happening to him.

    I read verse 40:11 it ask Job if he is able to abase those who have pride? It does not say that he has pride, but it aludes to the fact that Job knows the word of God, he has studied it and is skillful in the undstanding of many things but is unwilling to admit that the God we serve would turn him over to the wicked one to bring harm upon him to prove how good he is, not to prove he has pride. God is asking him can he do these things, Job is humbled by and in awe of God as we should be every day.

    I find it impossible to contend with any of Gods words when there are times that I understand not. Measuring out mercy upon the word about those who were ensamples is not to difficult for me because with out the Mercy of the Lord who saved me from the mirey clay I would be lost.

    If one is fully persuaded regarding Gods’ love, his word and the death of Jesus Christ and all that he did for us, should we not know if we are living according to the word. Repent when we are wrong or if we are lead astray by the enemy repent knowling, trusing and believing that he forgives our sin. He is the great hope with out him we are all lost. The word says you can have pride in knowing you are right through the blood of Jesus Christ.

    I find no place in Jobs words where he speaks any evil against my Lord nor do I find where God did anything but treat him with Love. He spoke to him man to man. He ask him wilt thou disannual my judgement, Gods judgement is in the first verse. To disannual Gods judgement Job would of had to argue with him and argued that he was all that God spoke that he was in verse ie “a perfect and an upright man, one that fearth God and eschewed evil”. The spirit must have caused him to put his hand over his mouth that he sin not.

    Maybe what we are suppose to get from the text is that if you love the Lord and are living right with a heart to go to Heaven that you are going to be tested in the valley, the heat of the valley brings forth blooms and the blooms bring forth the bumble bee and the bee polenates the blooms and the polenation the fruit of a servant.

    No I will not speak evil of Job, God called him upright and said there is none like him in all of the earth. Since he saw the beginning to the end, do you wish to believe that the Lord some how would have caused Job to get pride and to fail? God said he would go througth the fire and the flood and that he would never leave us nor forsake us. Please reread the word.

    Praise his name for the God I serve is perfect in all of his ways and he wants to destroy all of my spots and blemishes that I may enter in through the complete washing of the blood in my robes.

    • Hi Pattie,

      I was just wondering if you happened to have read any of the correspondence between “cocodal” and myself?
      He or she, doesn’t believe in Yeshua, (Jesus), or in satan. I just thought that you should keep that in mind when you are reading their responses to you.

      Be Blessed

      • I think he believes in Jesus, but not as the word of G-d made flesh. Therefore, cocodal must be Jewish. His heart has been hardened.

        Is that right cocodal?

        • Leatherneck, who said jews were Israel it wasn’t YHWH so somebody is lying. Daniel 11v14. Oh, and I’m a Hebrew Israelis so that makes me ______.

          • Cocodol
            Obviously you are not well versed in Jewish history, as Daniel 11:14 is a reference to events that occurred during the inter-testamental period, under Antiochus III, also known as Antiochus the Great. The internet is a wonderful place to research this history, I suggest you do this. As I have said to you before, Jesus is the Messiah, “him whom they have pierced”, Jesus is “God with us” or Immanuel, And I will hold to the testimony of Jesus till I die, or he comes again.
            Yehovah Eloyhiym

            • Beloved, the El in Immanuel means “With Us Is The Strong One” ‘look it up’ and I am respectful for your choice good for you. Also, i agree that Antiochus III was there in that time but what was important in Daniel 10, and 11 is that this was a vision given to Daniel from the angel Gabriel for him to understand what is to come in the ‘latter days’ the 4th kingdom of the many governors (kings)of the ten horns over a period of time who will reign and rule and use various religions for gain was my point. For til this day it is happening and we are still in the 4th kingdom the good thing is none will prevail in the end only YHWH will stand and reign in the end. Praise YHWH the King.

              • Cocodol
                well I have to agree with your last statement “Yahweh will stand and reign in the end”. Jesus was the “word” of Yahweh, Just as the Holy Spirit is the “power” of Yahweh. Yahweh spoke and the world was created, The “word” became flesh in the form of Jesus, Humbling himself and taking on the likeness of man. After his sacrifice on the cross, the Lamb sacrifice for sin, (the fulfillment of the Law), The Power of Yahweh was given to those who believe the “word”, At pentecost. That is the Holy Spirit, Or “God with us”. In revalation it says that two groups will stand, the remnant of Israel (those who hold to the commandments) and Christianity (those who hold to the testimony of Jesus). These are the two groups that Amos talks about.

                • Beloved, in Amos I read that YHWH will save Jacob, Israel and the house of David ‘Davee’, no mentions of jc anywhere. Amos 8:vs. 7-15, and then get rid of the heathen for us to posses the remainings of Edom to build in. Also, the power or spirit is not always given to those who you say ‘believe’ for the one you even mentioned Amos even says that he was no prophet nor was his father but a herdsman and a gatherer of sycamore fruit yet YHWH filled him with the spirit to prophesy Amos7:vs.14,15. Then to Cyrus the Great who did not know YHWH at all in Isa. 44v28 and 45. Oh by the way was it Anitochus III or V in that time of Daniel, for Darius I the Mede his cousin defeated him and became the prince or governor. YHWH redeem our sins in Isaiah 43 and 44 and through the so called OT and YHWH tells us that He is the redeemer and the Savior and in Isa.42vs.6-9 that He will NOT give His glory to another. Read it remember Malachi 3v6 YHWH changes NOT. So, could you possibly give the scriptures to show these words you are saying for I go by facts and substantiations not ‘beliefs’ I prefer truth and YHWH is truth for google… YHWH Our Righteousness it is here in Jeremiah 33v.14-26 and Jeremiah 23v.1-8.

                  • Cocodol
                    Psalm 118:26, 27 “Blessed is HE who comes in the NAME OF THE LORD! WE bless you from the house of the Lord. The LORD IS GOD And he has Made HIS LIGHT TO SHINE UPON US. Bind the festal sacrifice with cords, up to the horns of the alter”

                    Psalm 110:1 “The LORD says to MY LORD: Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.”

                    John 8:12 “I am the LIGHT of the world. whoever follows me will not walk in darkness , but will have the LIGHT OF LIFE”

                    John 8:28 ” So Jesus said to them,”When you have LIFTED UP the Son of Man, THEN you (The Israelites) will know that I AM HE, and I do nothing on my own authority, but SPEAK just as the Father taught me. 29 and he who sent me is with me…”

                    Matthew 23: 37-39 “O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the city that kills prophets and stones those who are sent to it! How often would I have gathered your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings, and you would not! See your House is left to you desolate. For I tell you, YOU WILL NOT SEE ME AGAIN, UNTIL YOU SAY ‘BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD'”

                    Matthew 22:41-46 “Now while the Pharisees were gathered together, Jesus asked them a question, saying; “what do you think about the Christ? Whose son is he?” They said to him, “The son of David.” He said to them, “how is it then that David, in the Spirit, calls him Lord saying, “The LORD SAID TO MY LORD, sit at my right hand until I put your enemies under your feet”?” If then David calls him Lord, how is he his son?”

                    So, Cocodol, I will pose this same question which Jesus posed to the pharisees, which they could not answer, In Matthew 22:41-46.

                    Also will you be one of the ones saying “blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”? Jesus, came in the name of the Lord, Jesus, meaning “Jehovah is salvation” It is not until the Israelites Acknowledge the testimony of Jesus, that they will see their Messiah, and God.

                    I will close with Genesis 1:26 ” Then God said, “Let US make man in OUR image after OUR likeness.”” And the song of the seraphims in Isaiah 6:3 “Holy, holy, holy, is the Lord of Hosts; the whole earth is full of his Glory” Why was Holy uttered three times? You see, Yahweh does not change as Malachi 3:6 states, Only More of him is revealed through the “WORD of YAHWEH”, which we either accept (believe) or reject in the pride of the pharisees.

                    • Beloved, I do agree with all of the scriptures that you presented that are from the so called old testament which is truly the Book of Remembrance from YHWH given to the last prophet for us. Although in Micah 7 it teaches us that we have to learn to discern even the guides so with an exception of Psalms 110 this is a transliteration of the word Lord it should either be one in all capitals and the other all lower case or possibly the word ‘servant’ or ‘elect’ might have been there for there cannot be two Fathers. But I do agree with the scripture whole heartedly Psalms 110 it is just worded wrong for it is right about the seed of David who will be upon the throne with the Branch along with YHWH the Father in the new kingdom and it will all be called YHWH Our Righteousness prophesied in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 this is the glory. But, any scriptures from the nt I know is idolatry for no prophet or servant or YHWH says them for YHWH has no secrets and does everything through His servants and prophets Amos 3v7. I find that the nt does not fulfill the OT because it changes YHWH’s ordinances often therefore we know that YHWH does not change, Malachi 3v6 and this is the clue to this switch (new) which was prophesied by Moses in Duet.32v17 that it would be. Now back to Psalms 110, this is the reason that YHWH’s name should not have been taken out of the Book of Remembrance 6800 times so to be able to distinguish who is who in this particular scripture, but I totally agree with it. We should all know that this book has been tampered with some that is why the Father’s name is not there the enemy thought that they did cleverly by removing it but in reality YHWH used them to get it distributed worldwide and with more than 2000 languages so it all work out fine as YHWH made it to. Also, was that a question to me why the word Holy was mentioned three times? I have no idea what you expect but no I do not know why. Is there a scripture that says why in the ot?, because I do totally agree with it as well anything from the ot is the word to me. I think I know what you are saying with the seed of David being at the side of the Father YHWH but ‘son’this I do not see it here as I said this transliteration is not using the proper word for the second lord. All I do know is in Isaiah 24v5 is why this spiritual war is happening the enemy really should not have done this but YHWH has to magnify Himself so He used these puppets and the fight will be on, but until then now we are all under the sword Jeremiah 25 unless we turn back unto YHWH with our whole hearts to do the YHWH’s laws, and ordinance and respect the covenants is prophesied in Isaiah 6v9,10 and Malachi 3v7. YHWH is calling back all of His jewels Malachi 3v17. sorry the enemy was foolin with my computer is what took me so long but Selah Praise YHWH.

                    • Beloved, I sould have inclued after the scripture Isaiah 6v9,10 to say that YHWH is not messing around His day is near and people will have to turn back to Him with sincerity or nothing so one must convert and be healed on their own this is why I am not trying to force anyone but I just love this truth in the Book of Remembrance about my Father YHWHHis ordinances, laws, and covenant , and again I’ll say Isaiah 43 and 44 YHWH the Creator lets us know clearly who is the Savior and that He has forgiven all of our sins and has redeemed us for them as He says no one else can deliver us out of His hand in the beginning of the word in Deut.32v39 and in other chapters Isaiah 43v13 of the OT. Then a really good one is 42v8,9 the Father lets us know that He doesn’t give or share His glory and if anything is new He will declare them. Selah the Father YHWH.

                • Beloved, I would like to also add Isaiah 42:vs. 17-25 where YHWH tells us of His servant His elect and in this scripture it does not sound like jc for he knew who he was what to say and everything in Isa 42vs.19 “Who is blind but my servant” says YHWH this does not sound like jc, then YHWH says to us referring to Jacob Israel His firstborn son, in Isa,42vs. 23 “Who among you will give ear to this? who will hearken and hear for the time to come?” For it was YHWH who gave us Jacob up for the spoil from not walking in YHWH ways or being obedient to His laws as He did to us when we wandered in the wilderness for 40 years from iniquities and transgressions the people are so stiff necked they were then and until this day. So If we Israel and many other nations had gone back to the law of YHWH by now don’t you know that what is going on in the world today would not even exist we would all be in a righteous and loving world by now it is so obvious that something is wrong with all that we have tried and are doing now it is not working.

                  • Isaiah 42:19 is referring to the “servant Israel”.

                    Speaking of Israel, psalm 81:11-12. In fact, all the psalms of Asaph apply to our discussion. (50,73-83) 78:67-72, is particularly relavent. Yahweh always chooses the “least” among us to lead us. He chose David, a shepherd boy, and the youngest son of Jesse. He chose Jacob over Esau, the first born.

                • Beloved, one more thing in Ezekiel 18 and Duet.24v16 everyone dies for their own sins YHWH changes not this is why we have so much disease and premature death today for people do not now how to live from not doing the law for it has not changed from our Father YHWH because He does not change for our own sakes.Malachi 3v6 so do you have the scripture that says He YHWH changed the laws?

                  • It is unfortunate that these words that were spoken and prophesied thousands of years ago, are still applicable today.

                    “Hear ye indeed , but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not. Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and convert, and be healed. (Isaiah 6:9,10.)

                    Thank you Everlasting Father for the mercy and grace You have shown to those who have opened their eyes, heard with their ears, understood with their heart, and by Yeshua’s stripes, have been healed. (Isaiah 53:5.)

                    Be Blessed

                    • alienated, why say unfortunate?, that the words of thousands of years ago said by YHWH the Creator that will still stand today is unfortunate is it for you?;for didn’t YHWH say that He changes Not in Malachi 3v6? So the words of old should come across to you as being precise because they are and this the words of old are fortunate in my eyes therefore who’s heart is fat, ears heavy and eyes shut but yours? Also,in Isaiah 6 this is my favorite scripture because this is when Isaiah sees the Father YHWH in Isaiah 6v1-5, also in Genesis 18 Abraham saw YHWH then in Eze1v26 YHWH was seen by Ezekiel, but in the nt john 1vs18 it says no man had ever seen the Father at any time this is one of those changes that Moses was speaking of in Duet.32vs.17 for the people of ‘latter days’ to watch out for the idols that are to come. This book the Book of Remembrance is giving us what was told for us to abide by from the past the present and the future and how wonderfully and fortunate this is its glorious and Praise the Father YHWH.

                  • Regarding everyone dying for sin, Christianity is in agreement with that. “the wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life” (This gift is the revalation of the “Word”)

                    • Regarding Isaiah 6, the face of God was covered by two seraphim 6:2.
                      Regarding ezekial, note the word “Likeness” of a throne, and “Likeness” of a man. If I show you a drawing, and tell you it is a likeness of my child, you still have not looked on the face of my child…..In the case of Abraham, Yahweh appeared in the likeness of an three angels. (Note that there were three of them,) (Note the interplay of “They and I” are used interchangably) As you say, God changes not!!! Perhaps You are being “unmindful of the Rock bore you” Deut. 32:18

                    • Beloved, in Deut.32v45,47 Moses says a prolong life and if you can show where YHWH changed this to everlasting not jc but YHWH through His prophet or servant as in Amos3v7 I will agree not to slight that YHWH can do all things it just has not been said in the OT to live forever for mankind and don’t forget Malachi 3v6. In Isaiah a governor Hezekiah was extened 15 years to his life by YHWH but he too then died. The’likeness of a man in Ezekiel the first 6 chapters are flash backs, and the three angels talking to Abraham well remember Abraham was talking to one of the men after two left Genesis 18v22 it says Abraham was talking to YHWH there are more who saw YHWH I will provide in another post. The nt has many changes in it this is why I discern it so it is a guide not to be trusted Micah 7. The example I can use is timothy 4v4 we can eat all things are good don’t refuse anything but in Deut.14 and Leviticus it tells us the clean and unclean to eat this is crucial for a prolonged life this is why we have premature deaths more now. There are other changes it so many I will provide them in another post. Selah for now Praise YHWH.

                    • Cocodol
                      Look below and I will start a new comment to you.

                    • Anyone here, Is there a scripture that says YHWH will give us eternal life? Where does it say that it is the revelation of the word? From the time of Moses in the book of Deuteronomy it constantly tells us that doing the law ‘prolongs’ life, and that your ‘seed’ continues on this is handed down to the generations. And, if it is not said in the so called old testament then this is merely stated by man for the NT is suppose to fulfill what the OT has prophesied or said by YHWH. It’s as if one is saying that YHWH forgot to say this, and we all know that He Knows ALL and He Does ALL, and always whatever He said as in Amos 3v7, that is through His prophets and servants in the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, He let us know that He does not change it, in Malachi 3v6. So, what is this change? It is as if those who believe this are calling the Father YHWH a liar or forgetful. Just as there is no scripture that tells of mary, jesus the decipels none of this story is in the OT, why not? I’ll tell you why because YHWH is the first the last and besides Him there is no one else that can live eternally but Him prophesied in Isaiah 45v5-12, and 45v16-25, in v.17 it says everlasting salvation but notice in v.25 “In YHWH the Strong One, shall all the ‘SEED’ of Israel be justified, and shall glory.” And to help you to get it right this scripture is prophesied for the future by YHWH He says in Jeremiah 16v19-21, read it and know the truth and Do The Law. Praise unto YHWH.

                    • Hi Cocodol,

                      I think that one of the biggest problems we are having here is a huge difference in what you accept as being scripture and what the rest of us see as being scripture. You accept only the Tanakh. Most of what is in the Renewed Covenant is present in the Tanakh, but in a veiled manner. We accept what is in the Tanakh, but we also accept what is in the Renewed Covenant. You believe that from Malaki on, YHWH has not conversed with His people. You are left with the first part but refuse the second part, that more fully explains the Tanakh. You only have a part of what YHWH was doing. When we say things like this, you automatically say, that what YWHW said in the Tanakh is all there is. You are basically right, but either refuse to see, or are blinded to the veiled imagery that is in the Tanakh. Of a certainty, Israel has been partially blinded by YHWH, but it will not last forever. The Messianic Jews and Gentile converts are proof that He is lifting the veil.

                      Let me give you an example of something that was started in the Tanakh in a veiled manner and came to fruition in the Renewed Covenant scriptures;

                      Remember when Father Avraham was told to go to Mt Moriah and sacrifice Yitzak as an offering unto YHWH? Remember when Avraham and Yitzak were on their way and Yitzak asked, we have the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the sacrifice? Avraham replied “Elohim will seek out for Himself the lamb for the offering.” Do you think that He was just talking about a ram caught in a bush? Not so!!!! YHWH accepted the blood of the ram in place of Avraham’s son. YHWH asked of Avraham his most treasured thing, the life of his son, and he obeyed. YHWH accepted the sacrifice of the ram as if it was his son that he had sacrificed. This was a picture of the substitution sacrifice that would be institued in the Temple. The blood of the animal sacrifice redeemed Israel until the death, burial, and resurrection of YHWH’s own son, to redeem His people once and for all from their sins. That is why the Temple sacrifices had to be made continually. Thay were a shadow of what was coming when YHWH would choose His lamb, without blemish, to redeem Israel from their sin, once and for all. NO other sin sacrifices were needed any longer. That fact has a lot to with the reason the Temple was destroyed in 70 AD, just thirty some years after Yahshua had been sacrificed. Do you think that was just a coincidence? The animal sacrifice had become of no affect and I believe an abomination to YHWH, that Israel would choose the blood of animals over the blood of His own perfect lamb without blemish; His own son even as Avraham had offered up. It is my understanding that in Hebrew there is no word for coincidence, or even such a concept.

                      So, you see, these things are in the Tanakh, but because it does not say something like,….around the year 0 the son of God will be born and live to be around 33 years old and will be crucified for the sins of his people…., you will not accept it. We have to work with what the Father has given us to work with. The whole story of redemption is in the Tanakh, you just can’t or refuse to see it. I am not sure which. Maybe it is some of both. I pray continually for my brethern Israel, that they will see and understand the great thing that YHWH has done for them.

                      One last thing; I do not see myself as a gentile (goyim) any longer. I am of Israel (goy) based on the fact of keeping the commandments of YHWH and having the Testimony of Yahshua HaMashiach.

                      Exodus 12: 48-49

                      48 And when a stranger shall sojourn with thee, and will keep the passover to the LORD, let all his males be circumcised, and then let him come near and keep it; and he shall be as one that is born in the land: for no uncircumcised person shall eat thereof.

                      49 One law shall be to him that is homeborn, and unto the stranger that sojourneth among you.

                      The day is not far off when I will praise and worship on the mountains of Israel, among my brothers and sisters.

                      Be Blessed

      • alienated, YHWH do all things, he creates the good and the bad Isaiah 45vs.5-7. You should really read when YHWH says this Isaiah 44vs.24-27 Selah!

    • pattiefarm, i am not speaking against Job or ill of him in any way, all i do see is that he did repent so there has to be a reason for this. when YHWH told him to gird up his loins and speak up like a man and stop winning,well Job did in 42vs.1-6 he could now see his error in vs.4,5 i think it was letting go the fear of not being good enough holding the pride of being or proving to be so good. For YHWH already knew he was the most faithful and righteous man on earth and Job was well aware of it being YHWH bringing sorrow and pain on him but the pride of proving you can be good regardless had to be let go ‘satan spirit’Job was too afraid to do this from his pride so he saw this and let go like a man and repented. what a relief! YHWH creates the evil and the good.Isaiah 45v.5,6,7. Now this is my analysis and not trying to offend but search for the truth for the Father did not have to test Job on his loyalty that was already established it was a lesson of letting go. First I thought Job had pride of his children and then I realized that they his family had died for their own sins. anyone has ideas as to what was going on in the book of Job?

  9. I am not certain if this person is confused or is a non believer of the living God or his word. Did I understand it that this person may believe in the queen of heaven?

    Are we dealing with a person who is of the craft. I feel the person is a woman. Coco like coco channel, or perhaps her daughters name because she said doll or is she cursing us?

    Let the fire get hot where the valley is for the believer and she will flee because she is the things she believes in not real but vain imagination.

    Praise God time is short and the believer is going to get to walk on the streets of gold and praise the only one who deserves praise in person,
    soon and real soon.

    He is not a Jew, I have many friends who I call friend and this is not the babble they make. They are serious about God and the after life.

    Did he not say that Baal is the son of God and the statement appears to dignify the position of the enemy of God. No this is not a Jewish person but a person who hates the Jews as much as he hates the believers of Jesus Christ. However witches and those of the queen believe in Jesus but the queen is there elevated one.

    My Daddy was a minister and he preached about the atheist who found God when the ship was getting ready to go down or was taking on bombs.
    When the wrath comes upon them and they wish they could serve God it may be to late if they do not turn now as we are in the last days.

    God has taught us about the ones who phsyco babble in this matter.
    When God gets through he will deal with them as he said, they are in the
    hands of god.

    • pattiefarm, don’t try to to put words in my mouth. I never said that Ba’al was the son of YHWH I was refering to the book of 1kings KJV the evidence is there, and if you would read 1Kings 17,18 in the Book of Remembrance the so called OT then you’d see that the people from the misleading prophets lwere believing in two gods some believed in Ba’al who they too thought was the son of YHWH born of a virgin the same lie but when YHWH brought El ‘eeah or Elijah to tell the people to choose for they can’t honor both then 400 of the prophets decided that they will choose Ba’al and they were all killed from turning against YHWH the Creator trying to ‘mislead the flocks’ just as they are doing today and that is what I said. I am a Hebrew Israelis and you know that and whomever this queen is that you are talking about is the first time that I have ever heard of such a thing and you brought it up; so you would know such demons that figures many have been mislead by the pastors priest and popes who only want power and financial gains Daniel 11. I am of El ‘With Us Is The Strong One’ YHWH the Father for YHWH made it all happen.

  10. cocodol,

    I am interested in hearing the answer to a couple of questions that I have for you.

    (1) How do you atone for your sins right now in your life?


    (2) What do you think will happen to your soul/spirit when you die?


    • alienated, I pray for my iniquities as anyone else but mostly with using the Solomon Supplications in 1Kings 8 and 9 turn to the city of Jerusalem and pray. Isaiah 44v21,22. When I go to sleep with my forefathers I will be at rest and the seeds of my children and their seeds and seeds seeds will continue on the path of ‘life.’ As its always been since my descendants before me is how I got here. My granddaughter and grandson are the spitting image and ways of me only newer model versions we’re like twins they are little professors and artist. My daughter is also an image of my twin. They’re all great children and I am so happy to leave them to take responsibility into this world. My children are two are medical and ones in law. They all know YHWH the Father is the Savior. This is what life is it is living and loving and prolonging goodness through ones families and neighbors and friends. Deut.32v46,47. Only YHWH the Father is the first, the only, and the last. Deut.32v39. If everyone was living last then what differentiation would the Father have? He made us for His sake,Isaiah 43v21. Praise YHWH.

    • alienated, I meant earlier to put the book of ‘Ecclesiastes” in for you on your questions of death and the after life which is another pagan ‘belief’ of the Egyptians but in Ecclesiastes it says ‘it is better to be a live dog than a dead lion’ Ecc.9v4, and all through Deuteronomy it tells you to do the law so that life can be ‘prolonged.’

  11. Cocodol
    1.My point in quoting OT and NT scripture was to show you How Jesus was the Word of God, and to show you His testimony regarding that. (show Parallels)

    2. With regard to dietary Laws, Remember, for Noah “every moving thing that lives shall be food for you”, so though Yahweh changes not, his “laws” do (Gen.9:3) I agree that these dietary requirements are beneficial. Obviously, before Moses there was no “law” written on stone, but rather it was written on the hearts of the righteous. But because hearts of man turned to stone, so also have the laws. But Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice to Yahweh, which in the Law was considered an abomination. But to Abraham his willingness to obey the WORD of God is counted as righteousness. So is it obedience to a law, or the WORD of God that we are to strive for? I am not trying to say that the Law is obsolete, as many in Christian circles do, but that the WORD of God takes precedence over the Law. How many times was David told to kill all he faced in battle, and it was to his righteousness, But when it came time to build the temple, he had too much blood on his hands. Another more modern example are those people who hid Jews from Hitler during WWII. They I am sure had to Lie and possibly steal food, etc for doing this. Have they sinned against the law by lying, yes. But yet it is counted as righteousness towards them. The Law, in other words, was not meant to be written in stone for people with a heart of stone, but was meant to be written on the heart for humans with a heart of flesh. It is Obedience to the WORD of Yahweh that creates in us a heart of flesh. And Jesus is the “WORD that dwelt among us”. A son of David, yet also a Lord over him. (Psalm 110:1)

    Pray to Yahweh, that he will reveal his WORD to you and your people. I agree that we are nearing the “Day of the LORD”, and that we must first go through the time of “Jacobs trouble”. It is then that wickedness will be Judged, and destroyed. WE are told to walk with Yahweh, to “Know” him as in having an intimate relationship with him, it is only through his “Word” that we can do this. Do not lock yourself in a box of rigid legalism and deny the fulfillment of his promises and his covenents. Though I am a gentile, one day I hope to be one of those sojourners returning as a servant to the people of the nation of his covenent. But for me, It will be a willful act of obedience to the “Word” that leads me there, as it it the “Word” of God who is your Messiah. Isaiah 49:5-7

    • Beloved, I did not see the parallels of the scriptures and thank you for clearing that for me, but I still do need the substantiation of the word from YHWH’s prophets and servants Amos 3v7, to know it. As to the law not being there before Moses is incorrect for the law was in the days of Genesis 6vs.1-7. First you have to understand that in Genesis 2v7 YHWH gave ‘life’ to the man that became a living soul, then you go to Deuteronomy 32vs.46-47 where Moses told the people that the law is their ‘life’ then you revert back to before Moses in Genesis 26vs.5 and YHWH says “Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, my commandments, my statues and my LAW” is the word of YHWH of Host. Then you said, “but the Word of God takes precedence over the law.” Who’s God are you referring to for it was not YHWH the Father nor His precedence or maybe you could show me a scripture from the ot now that states this change please. In Isaiah 47v10 YHWH tells those who’s wisdom and knoweledge have perverted them to ‘believe’ that they know everything but as you said in Adams offering Isaac for the sacrifice, Who said and where in the book in the ot says that this was an abonination, who man? For don’t people and yourself know that your Father YHWH knows all? The Father already knew what Adam would do, regardless of what man thought. As I said before, this book has to be discerned Micah 7, for further on in this story many people think that YHWH said “now Adam knows to put YHWH first” but in reality it the book was suppose to say that “now Isaac the child knows that YHWH the Father always comes first.” Just like in the Commandments in the first part it says for us not to put no one over YHWH when it is suppose to say “don’t put NOTHING before YHWH. So, you see one has to discern this guide because the enemy wants to mislead us and we have to pray to YHWH to get the spirit of His anointment to help us to discern it. And you left out in Genesis 9v4 it says to not ‘never’ eat the blood but only the flesh of the meat. Also, the law was before the nt and it specifically is the ‘law’ and YHWH dose not change Malachi 3v6. Now, with David, you said that David had too much blood on his hands to build the temple, who said this man? Unless you have a scripture from the ot then I agree. For YHWH did not say this, YHWH raised Solomon to be on the throne of Israel for David was getting old 1Kings vs.9-26. There is no shame in when YHWH’s servants kills His enemies for this is YHWH’s command for YHWH knows all, and does His righteousness towards the wicked they must be destroyed. Beloved, this is no fairytale this is a real spiritual war between YHWH and His enemy until this day. Next, what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust first of all was a conspiracy done by their own under the zionist elders instigated to incorporate President Woodrow Wilson in the US into war for gain, and to establish the vision Daniel 11v14 and YHWH says in Ezekiel 36v5 they will pay for that. But yes, the Jewish people had to survive and this is not sin for when the wicked is doing wrong to the innocent this is righteously seen in the eyes of YHWH there is a Psalms that tells about the poor and the abused in Lebanon I can’t think of the number of it but it says that those who consider others in these cases will get praise from YHWH but I will for now use Psalms 119 for the righteous then provide the other in another post. To know right from wrong is a virtue, I said this. Therefore, I agree the law is written for those with a heart of flesh this is the perfect example the jews story these are stories of destitude, torture, and survival of the innocent but this does not excuse for timothy 4v4 to change the law to eat anything nor does Genesis 3 although it says that all moving things are meat the law of Moses used clean and unclean to eat afterwards, and as I said it the law was before the nt was written, the nt was written by Hellenistic jews long after 161BCE when the Hebrew Israelis were in captivity for many prophets were in captivity in the Book of Remembrance so called ot Daniel, Hanniah, Mishael, and Azariah, their slave captive names were Shedrach Meshad and Abednigo and so was Zerrubabel the Messiah and the Prince of Judah, Daniel 9v25,26 and Ezra1v8 for Sheshbazzar was his slave name so the nt writings came much later that is why we have all this (new) going on and in Deut. 32v17confirms this in the nt. More importantly one must discern this guide for this is how some people feel about alcohol and drugs they believe that YHWH made them from the ground for example ‘weed’ so to many it is ok to use that but it is not and this is why a law was made to discern these kinds of things.

      • Cocodol
        I Did not say that the Law did not exist before Moses, only that it was not written in stone, And showed you a very concise proof that, at the very least the dietary restrictions change over time. I do not think any biblical scholar would deny that Law has been changed, and been added to over that time frame. My point was that obedience to Yahweh supercedes any Law written in stone, as it is based on a relationship and walk with Yahweh. It is only through The “Word” of God that we Understand the will of God. In Leviticus, child sacrifice is strictly prohibited, Yet Abraham was Obedient to the Word of God and offered Isaac up as a sacrifice. Was this counted as sin or as righteousness?
        I mentioned David as well, and also stated the Yahweh did not allow him to build the temple as he had too much blood on his hands. Yet his military campaigns, and killings were counted as righteousness. Why then was he forbidden to build the temple??? Because the Law still convicts us of sin. What we are seeing here is a distinction between obedience to the Law as written, and Obedience to the “Word of Yahweh”. This does not nullify the other. For example “And God SAID let there be light” Or “and the WORD of the LORD came to ________” (fill in the blank.). Israel has held onto the Law, Christianity has held onto the “Word” of Yahweh.(Faith) Only these two will remain when the Lord deals with the wickedness of the World. And at that time, instead of being aparently contradictory, they will become ONE, “perfectly ONE”. What is it that prevents this from happening now?? Pride, Original sin, The wickedness of Man….All I am saying is that Christians will be one with the House of David. The Word of Yahweh will be one with the Law of Yahweh. Yahweh has not changed, nor will he, but more of him has been revealed by the one who “came in the name of the LORD”. This is the story of redemption.
        I will close this discussion with scripture, and I ask that you read it carefully in light of what we have discussed here. Again I have not come to convert you, only to show you that the testimony of Jesus came in the name of the Lord, and not to be so quick to discard it.
        Isaiah 42:6-8
        “I am the Lord; I have called You (Messiah) in Righteousness, I will take You by the Hand and keep you; I will give You as a COVENENT for the PEOPLE, A LIGHT For the NATIONS, to OPEN THE EYES OF THE BLIND, To bring out the prisoners from the dungeon, from the prison who sit in darkness. I am the Lord; that is my name, MY GLORY I GIVE TO NO OTHER, nor my praise to carved idols. BEHOLD THE FORMER THINGS HAVE COME TO PASS, AND THE NEW THINGS I NOW DECLARE; before they spring forth I tell you them” When the Lord declares new things, he does not change, only our understanding of him does. We get to know him more! I am a witness to the truth in these words, for Jesus has brought me out of darkness, to Light.

        “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!”

        • Beloved, first of all you can really work a person but that is what we are here for to do the work of the Father YHWH the Creator and the Only Savior. Well, you did say there was no law before Moses written on stone but YHWH said that Abraham kept his commandments, his statues, and his laws so there were laws of YHWH and the Word. Yes in Leviticus child sacrifice is forbidden but at what point was this even mentioned or written in the book, none. So, why go to the extremes of speculation when you know and we know that this did not really happen? Was this even counted or mentioned in the book?, No, Why ask if nothing like that ever occured the child was not sacrificed. As for David once again where is it written or mentioned that he sinned or was not allowed to build the temple because of the blood on his hands where is that scripture? Once again you are speculating adding subjective thoughts in your mind ‘belief?’ There is no fact to this being the reason for David not to build. Show me that scripture please. This seems to be a case of ones knowledge and wisdom perverting them as said in Isaiah 47v10 to speculate or from the nt. Next, show me where it says that Christianity will remain when YHWH deals with the wickedness of the world for only the law and YHWH’s ordinances, His statues and covenant will remain in the end this is prophesied to stand in Duet.32v45-47. Show where it says that the law of Israel and christianity will become ONE in the OT. The scripture that I can provide that shows who will be with the House of David are Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 and it will all be called YHWH Our Righteousness or (The Lord) the transliteration for some to understand who YHWH is. Now this I do agree the word and the law will be as ONE with YHWH this is his name and it is not yahweh there were no vowels in the Hebrew text the reason I bring this up is that the Fathers true name was removed from the Book of Remembrance over 6800 times and YHWH does hate this pollution of His name in Ezekiel 20v9,39 and it will be magnified in the day of YHWH.

          If you could give the scriptures or book in the OT that tells of this redemption I would agree until then it is just a story. In Isaiah 49v6-8 YHWH is talking about His servant His elect and there is no name of him mentioned or no jc, no yeshua none. But yes this in Isaiah 49v6-9, I totally agree with but there is no particular name given by YHWH other than His elect His servant. I am happy for you that finding truth from these words in this scripture has delivered your life to the light. But again, I do not see where this is saying the name of him to be jc. Read Isaiah 62v1,2 and YHWH Bless, Selah!!

          • Hi Cocodol,

            I have been following the conversation you have been having on this website. I agree yet disagree with much of what you say. I believe that what you are saying is not much different from what the Christian Church is saying, only a 180 degrees out. Both groups are at either end of the spectrum and Yah is in the process of consolidating (if you will) His people on the middle ground that separates both groups. I am not talking about compromise here. That is never an option. What I am talking about is holding on to the things that Yah has given each group and letting go of our preconceived and biased assumptions.

            You believe that the ways of Yah that are laid out in the Tanach are all that we need. The Church believes that what is laid out in the Renewed Covenant is all that we need. The truth is, we need both. But both groups hold what they know to be true in unrighteousness. The Hebrew people who keeps the ancient ways of Yah but reject their Mashiach Yahshua. The Gentile people who hold to the name of Jesus but reject the things of Yah. Both are equally guilty here. You do not have the high ground in this discussion and neither do they.

            I am not a Christian and I am not a Hebrew, but I do have Mashiach Yahshua as my eternal sin offering, making me acceptable to YHWH, and I have the commandments, dietary instructions, and the Feasts of Yah to bring understanding, health, and well being in this life, putting me in a place of keeping His Word. There are many out there doing this but most do not get on these sites because of the adversarial situation they find themselves in. Just to make it clear, I am not against you and for the Christian Church. Most of what I write is to the Christian Church trying to get them to see that the church is basically a pagan organization, built on a false understanding of who we are and what we are to be doing. The believing Hebrews on the other hand reject Yahshua because of almost 2000 years of persecution in the name of Jesus and also the fact that our “holydays” are all based on Babylonian sun god worship, which by the way, we all understand but most make no effort or decision to stop the paganism.

            The bottom line is, you as a Hebrew are allowing pagan gentiles to keep you from your promised Messiah (the Anointed One) and the Gentiles are allowing Hebrews who do not receive their Messiah to keep them away from the things of Yah. Until each faction gets over their feeling of pre-eminence in this matter, no one will gain any ground or lay hold of the fact that we are all brothers, one in Mashiach, walking in the ways of Yah.

            I know and understand that the Messianic scriptures, especially in Isaiah, according to the Hebrew people, are referring to the nation and people of Yisrael. It is understandable that it would be that way given the way the Hebrew people have been treated by the Christian Church. But like the old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. What are considered Messianic verses in Isaiah are about the Messiah, not Yisrael. Getting that wrong only hurts the Hebrew people and confirms to the Gentiles that they were right all along.

            Be Blessed My Brother

            • ashupertz, I thank you for being the mediator of peace for just as you said many of our discussions with each other are saying the same things of our faiths so this is bad energy when we compare them, and what I thought I was doing is spreading the word of truth from YHWH with joy but somehow it turned out the opposite hard work. One good thing is I learned a lot and it was also very interesting. In the end we all want the love and righteousness of the Father YHWH in our lives no matter what each of us calls Him on this earth. And as you said this is why you seldom go to these websites from the unfavorable opinions is good advice. Also, I hope that being a woman is alright to spread the word of YHWH to others. Praise YHWH.

            • Cocodol,

              Forgive me for my error. I hope and pray for you all of Yah’s blessings!

              Be Blessed my sister

              • ashpertz, the only problem with what you are saying is that there is no shade of grey when it comes to the law of the Father YHWH if you are telling people that they are believing in pagan worship how then can you yourself believe in Mashiach Yahshua what exactly is this?, and why is YHWH’s name spelled this way? You said “Most of what I write is to the Christian Church trying to get them to see that the church is basically a pagan organization, built on a false understanding of who we are and what we are to be doing.” So who are we and what are we to be doing could you explain please for as I said there is no shade of grey with YHWH. First you said there can’t be any compromise but then you said we need both which is it?

                • Cocodol,

                  I am a little pressed for time and will be out of pocket for about a week, but didn’t want this to wait. You asked some good thoughtful questions. I will answer them more in a question answer format, so as to stay on topic.


                  “ashpertz, the only problem with what you are saying is that there is no shade of grey when it comes to the law of the Father YHWH if you are telling people that they are believing in pagan worship how then can you yourself believe in Mashiach Yahshua what exactly is this?”


                  Have you ever noticed that if someone is trying to deceive you, they will mix a little truth in with a big lie to get you to accept that lie. You yourself said that there is no shade of grey in YHWH. You need to understand that in the beginning, the paganism wasn’t there. The believer’s accepted the atonement of sin, which was consummated in the death, burial, and ressurection of Yahshua HaMashiach. These believer’s were sealed with Ruach HaKodesh, to keep them in the power of the Ruach and to walk in the ancient ways of Yah. For twenty years they were all Hebrew. It was at this point that Yah allowed the Gentiles to receive the Ruach, by accepting the sin sacrifice of Yashua HaMashiach. Because of the forced exile in 70 AD of the Hebrew people, over time there were only Gentile believers left. They ended up making a deal with Emperor Constantine to remove all the elements of Hebrew worship from their lives and worship Jesus with the trappings of Babylonian sun god worship. That was 1700 years ago and it is still with us today. Yahshua HaMashiach is not pagan, He is Hebrew, and He is the Son Of Yah. What is pagan is their form of worship; easter, christmas, lent, and all the customs that go along with this, all the while denying and refusing the ways of Yah that were given from the beginning. That is why I said that the Christian Church holds their Messiah in unrighteousness, due to the fact of worshipping Him in a pagan form of worship.


                  “why is YHWH’s name spelled this way?”

                  From what I have learned, it shows His name to be unpronounceable and transcendent. If there is more, let me know.


                  You said “Most of what I write is to the Christian Church trying to get them to see that the church is basically a pagan organization, built on a false understanding of who we are and what we are to be doing.” So who are we and what are we to be doing could you explain please for as I said there is no shade of grey with YHWH.


                  YHWH has only one people, They are those who have accepted His sin sacrifice through Yahshua HaMashiach and keeps His commandments. It is not ethnic. Along with pagan Gentiles there are pagan Hebrews. That is why I said that most who are Hebrews look to the commandments of Yah but live without their sin sacrifice. Why do you think that in less than 40 years after Yahshua was killed, buried, and raised from the dead, temple sacrifice was done away with, by the Jews going into exile in 70 AD? The Jews, in large part, refused the Lamb that Yah had chosen, and kept offering bulls and goats for their sin sacrifice. Can you understand why the exile had to take place? Likewise the Christian Church holds fast to the name of Jesus, but has renounced walking in the ways of Yah. None of this was an accident. What actually happened in all of this? Yah kept His commandments, Sabbath, and Feasts in tact through approxmimately 2000 years of the Jewish exile. Impossible without divine intervention. But He also kept the name of His Messiah alive and spreading around the globe. Even though it was done in an unrighteous manner. The Jews without their Messiah and the Gentile Christian Church walking in the pagan ways of Babylonian sun god worship, but in the name of the Messiah. This is where we are at but Yah is changing things. We see it in the Messianic Jews and Gentile Converts that are growing rapidly in numbers, the first fruits of the return of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the hearts of the disobedient children to the fathers; the restoration of all things. We will all be Yisrael in the end, both ethnic Hebrews who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Yahshua and Gentile converts who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Yahshua. This was Yah’s plan from the Genisis.

                  When Yah scattered the ten northern tribes and later Judah, it was for a purpose; to gain a harvest. It is not coincidence that the word scatter is also the word for sow (as in seeds). His people will be the result of this. Man did not determine the history of His people Yisrael, Yah did. This was and is His plan from the beginning till now!!!

                  Be Blessed

                  • Cocodol
                    You placed the scripture Deuteronomy 28:15- 68 in yor response below. Read verse 15 Carefully. “But if you will not obey the VOICE of the Lord your God OR be careful to do all his commandments AND his statutes that I command you today, then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you.” [emphasis mine]
                    I believe Ashupert has it right. The two are becoming ONE, “perfectly One” as Jesus prayed shortly before his death. The Law of Yahweh, and the Word of Yahweh. This truly is redemption, when the Law and the Word do not contradict. As it did with David.

                    You also asked where Jesus is mentioned in the OT. Jesus name means “Jehovah is Salvation”, As I mentioned to you previously. Micah 7:7 Says “But as for me, I will look to the Lord; I will wait for the GOD OF MY SALVATION; My God will hear me.” The context of this is the second coming of Jesus, And this chapter can be used as a support for what has been said by ashupert. It is all foretold in the OT. And confirmed by the New. Selah! Amen! Praise God! I believe they are all words used to express awe in the Almighty God, if that is the intent of your heart!

                    • Beloved, when I used the scripture Duet.28v15-68 it was to show the reason for our (Hebrew Israelis) captivity because we had transgressed against YHWH with our iniquities ‘we ARE under the curse since 161BCE until this day a sword in upon us in Jeremiah 25 and its our punishment and the world’s so one has to learn to accept the punishment Leviticus 26 because we are still transgressing and doing our iniquities against YHWH by not doing the law in Isaiah 24v5, is what’s going on now, and until we return Malachi 3v7, it is the curse and we’re all cut off or otherwise this world would be better. This is said all through the OT Book of Remembrance nothing’s changed Malachi 3v6. This oppresion and suffering, the curse maybe hard for some to realize but many of us live it daily and can see it close at hand some may have to become ill or loose stuff before they see it whatever the case maybe we all have our troubles, it is here until we do what YHWH says just as it says in Deut.28v15-67, for v68 has already been fulfilled for Abraham was told and it was prophesied that his seed would go into captivity to be afflicted not once but again in the 4th kingdom this has happen Genesis 15v18 and a covenant was made YHWH does not change Malachi 3v6. Also, yes we will all come together in the day of YHWH when El’eeah, Elijah is sent (before) the dreadful day of YHWH in Malachi 4 do take notice in 4vs.4, it says from YHWH to do the law before Elijah comes too. This is the final book Malachi of the Book of Remembrance 3v16, and I still donot see where christianity is mentioned or a son who died for us,is being given as any ordinance nowhere in the Book of Remembrance only that a seed of David will be raised unto the throne in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and in Jeremiah 33v14-26 in the new kingdom the Arm and Branch of YHWH. Maybe ashupert2 can provide the scripture of when YHWH said this is the word I will ask him now. Selah! I don’t do ‘shade grey’, and Praise YHWH.

                    • Beloved, in Micah 7v7 the name of YHWH is replaced with Lord the transliteration and the name Jehovah is Greek and (Js) were not in existence yet in the day of YHWH not until the 1700s so there are many transliterations in this book is why we have to discern it for you see something is being hidden from the truth for until the true name that was removed 6800 times is put back we will have to discern it then remember christianity was not legalized by Constantine 311 or 313BCE until the 4th kingdom for which we are close to the end of that now. In Psalms 68 YHWH’s name is written JAH a transliteration of YHWH not Yah but it is said that the gentiles could not pronouce Ys and Ws well without vowels. Oh and correction in Deut. 28v15-68 this was in the 3rd kingdom around 320BCE then another captivity in 606BCE was with Daniel, Ezra, Zerrubabel, Hanniah, Miseal, and Azariah who all had slave names then another captivity in 1700s. There are many twist and turns to this book and if you notice even though YHWH calls this book the Book of Remembrance 3v16 you do not see it being called as such they call it the OT changed from what it should be. Selah unto YHWH.

                    • Cocodol
                      I will respond at bottom.

                  • ashupurt2, Why do you think that this is a form of deceiving by only asking a question? Are you being defensive? If I made you feel as if I was trying to deceive you then forgive me for that, I only want to know I had never heard of this before and the only way to know is to ask. The force of the exile in 70AD I do not recall this in 70AD I do recall the temple of Herod the Great a Jew, being destroyed, for the last Jewish Roman revolt was in 135cead by Shimon bar Kokhba who was also called a Messiah a 100years after jesus was called Messiah and Kokhba was also a jew wasn’t this what happened? And isn’t this around the time when the Jews were ran out for the Romans won and this is when Jerusalem became Captolina and Israel became Palestine until this day,Malach 1v4 then many Jews ran to Turkish lands for a long time they remained and began to speak Yevanic a Greek language, and then latter the Hebrew Israelites went into captivity 161BCE? Then everything became known as Jew for the descendants of esau were there Making a deal with Constantine this can’t be good when you read his character this guy was arrogant and ruling. Then believers there goes that word again ‘belief’ were sealed with Ruach Hakedesh, who is this he is not mentioned in the OT Book of Remembrance? to walk in the ancient ways of YHWH, YHWH’s ways are not ancient for His ways has not changed in Malachi 3v6 til today..continued…at the point when you say Yah,I say YHWH allowed the gentiles to recieve the Ruach by accepting the sin sacrifice of Yashua Hamahiach, who is this he’s not mentioned in the OT the Book of Remembrance?, and where in the Book of Remembrance did YHWH do this?, or is this what man did? When you talked about sacrifices in Leviticus the high priest from the people always offered bulls and goats and YHWH always accepted them until the people began to offer lame offerings such as blind or crippled or sick animals and polluted bread and expected YHWH’s blessings is when the sacrifices were suspended in Malachi 1. Then I do agree that YHWH’s plan in the end is to bring us all together but all through the scriptures in the so called OT the Book of Remembrance YHWH specifically says that He scattered the 10 tribes the Hebrew Israelites to the four corners of the earth for their iniquities and their transgressions that did lead all to shame and mostly his chosen people Israel to go astray for He looked to the high priest in those times to do right and they didn’t til this day we are all lost from the high ones and priest pastors and popes now are misleading the flocks. Look closely at the scripture Malachi 1v.3,4 these that YHWH talk about are the robbers the jewish edomites the enemy of the inheritence but will not prevail Eze.36v5,the inheritence of the Hebrew Israelis ‘Israel’ the son the firstborn Exodus 4:22,23 of YHWH, and to bring a light unto the gentile ‘nations’according to YHWH,and when the jew edomites are destroyed or either make peace, Isa.27, then we’ll all be as one Ezekiel 37. Yes the loving Father YHWH will send El’eeah, Elijah before the great day of YHWH to turn the hearts Malachi 4. BUT, in this same scripture YHWH still says to first remember the laws of Moses in Horeb which YHWH left for all and Israel, WITH the statues and its judgements, no changes here at all until the end of this Book of Remembrance. THEN, Elijah will turn the hearts of the people all nations BEFORE the day that shall burn as an oven. The scattering of the 10 tribes was for our iniquities and transgressions and why then in Isa52 it states that we sold ourselves for nothing this was done from His YHWH’s fury with us. I do not see being scattered to bring people together YHWH is going to do that anyway He tells us this all through the Book of Remembrance and it would seem that He would mention this as a reason. The word Gentile is a transliteration of the Hebrew word ‘goy’ meaning nation this is why I have said to others in these post that this book has to be discerned for the enemy tried to delude many but he will fail as we were warned in Micah 7v1-6, and v7 this is what we must also do for YHWH is the Only Savior Isa.43,44. Also, in Micah 7v15-20 YHWH magnifies and anoints Himself and in His time Jacob will be again. Praise YHWH.

                    • Cocolol,

                      I was not referring to you when I was talking about deceiving others. If you took it that way, it was not the way it was meant. I was actually referring to the time of Constantine. I was alluding to the fact that Constantine mixed the truth of the Messiah with pagan worship. Don’t be offended with that. It was definitely not my intent. 70 AD was the beginning of the exile, beginning with the temple. The reference I made was specifically about the cessation of the shedding of blood of the sin sacrifice for the remission of sin, due to the temple being destroyed. This was not a historical dicussion about all the different events that lead to a specific time of the exile. That is not the question at hand. I will get you the scriptures you asked for, it will just have to wait till I get back home. I do not see this as a time for us to beat each other up, but rather to speak what we each view as the truth, maybe bringing more understanding to one another. It sometimes is a painful and arduous process, but in my opinion, well worth the effort!

                      Be Blessed my Sister

                  • ashupert2, correction…..Constantine did legalize christianity in 311 or 313 along with later the sanctioning of slavery by pope Eugene IV in 1430s and pope Benedict XVI .

                    • Cocodol,

                      You are right, Constantine did give “Christianity” it’s legitimacy (to the world) in the third century. What began immediately after the death, burial, and ressurection of Yahshua was not Chritianity. Church history says it was, but that is not the fact. For the first 20 years it was Hebrews who came to know and embrace their passover lamb, chosen and approved by Yah. It is the picture of what Messianic Jews are now. Living as a Jew (only to mean from the tribe of Judah) with what was given to them in the Tanakh, but doing it with new life given to them in the form of Ruach HaKodesh, through faith in Yahshua HaMashiach. I must tell you, there is more to all of this than just a historical reading of events from the scriptures. He hides nothing from those who are His and want to know the truth. If all you are doing is trying to defend Judiasm just because it is what you have been taught all your life, you are no better off than a Christian doing the same thing. You are responsible for your own life and you will either be judged or rewarded for your choices. I broke away from the “religion” of Christianity and became a believer in YHWH and His Right Arm (the Messiah), understanding that YHWH is ONE. I do not believe in the trinity as Christianity does. The only way I can explain it is plurality in Oneness. You say there is no grey areas in YHWH, but neither are all things transparent. He does not lay his treasures on the ground for the profane to understand all of His ways. You have to seek them out with a pure heart to know Him. It is like saying that you know someone only by external factors and not knowing their heart. Our traditions are strong in all of us, whatever they are, but in all of that we need to endeavor to separate fact from fiction; that which is true from that which is false; that which is complete from that which is incomplete.

                  • ashpertz, so you are saying that I am defending Judaism when I know this is idolatry when did I say that for I too know the word of YHWH and His Branch and Arm, so therefore I suppose we know of the same Creator but which one is it first you call him yahweh then you say YHWH then you say yahshua then yah, are you sure? Are you saying that if I do the ordinances, the statues, and the judgements along with the passover of April 15 evening and the Sabbath that this makes me to do Judaism? NO, it is the law the Commandments, and what is prophesied and the reason that this world is in the condition it is in today just as YHWH told us it would be if we did not do them Isaiah 24v5 and Duet 30,31,32. Judaism does Hanukkah right? something that is not in the OT its idolatry. I know that all religions are idolatry YHWH says so in Duet.32. Also, jew is an aberrant term taken from Judah there is no tribe jew and who is Ruach Hakodesh? I never saw this name in the so called OT. As for YHWH hiding things from us I know He said in Deut.29v29 “The secret things belong unto YHWH our Creator: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever that we may do all the words of this law.” I noticed that the scriptures on what you wanted me to know you did not provide is this because the Book of Remembrance does not show them? Yes exactly I do separate fact from fiction through the Book of Remembrance the word of the Father YHWH and I do not believe anything, I know I am of YHWH He is the Only Savior for He said so Isa. 43,44. Also, do not try to put the blame all on Constantine for you yourself said that the jews made a deal with him so it was also advocated by the jews as well this idolatry. It seems that you do live in shades of grey but then try to put sugar on it I will refrain from any further post as you said we have the responsibility of our own lives true and at this point I wish you well and YHWH Bless.

                    • Cocodol’

                      What are you getting so upset about??? First off, I didn’t say you were defending Judaism, I said “IF” you were doing that. I know you are talking to a lot of different people here and have a hard time remembering things from person to person. I am not the one who said that Chronicles was the last book of the Tanakh. Must have been someone else. As far as using different names for YHWH, I am not really doing that. YHWH is His name; it is my understanding that Yah means God; Yahshua means Yah-God’s, shua-salvation= God’s Salvation; YHWH”S right arm (Branch). All three have significantly different meanings. As far as Yaweh, I never wrote that. That must have been someone else. As far as Ruach HaKodesh, I am sure you know that it means, Holy Spirit. When Yahshua ascended from this earth He sent His Spirit to infill His people on Shavuot and from that point on to whomever was willing to be joined to YHWH, through the sin sacrifice of Yahshua HaMashiach.

                      Isaiah 42:1-9
                      Amplified Bible (AMP)
                      Isaiah 42

                      1BEHOLD MY [a]Servant, Whom I uphold, My elect in Whom My soul delights! I have put My Spirit upon Him; He will bring forth justice and right and reveal truth to the nations.
                      2He will not cry or shout aloud or cause His voice to be heard in the street.
                      3A bruised reed He will not break, and a dimly burning wick He will not quench; He will bring forth justice in truth.
                      4He will not fail or become weak or be crushed and discouraged till He has established justice in the earth; and the islands and coastal regions shall wait hopefully for Him and expect His direction and law.
                      5Thus says God the Lord–He Who created the heavens and stretched them forth, He Who spread abroad the earth and that which comes out of it, He Who gives breath to the people on it and spirit to those who walk in it:
                      6I the Lord have called You [the Messiah] for a righteous purpose and in righteousness; I will take You by the hand and will keep You; I will give You for a covenant to the people [Israel], for a light to the nations [Gentiles],
                      7To open the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from the dungeon, and those who sit in darkness from the prison.
                      8I am the Lord; that is My name! And My glory I will not give to another, nor My praise to graven images.
                      9Behold, the former things have come to pass, and new things I now declare; before they spring forth I tell you of them.

                      Look at verse 9; seems He had former things that came to pass and He was now declaring NEW things before they ever happened.

                      Isaiah 44:1-5
                      Amplified Bible (AMP)
                      Isaiah 44

                      1YET NOW hear, O Jacob, My servant and Israel, whom I have chosen.
                      2Thus says the Lord, Who made you and formed you from the womb, Who will help you: Fear not, O Jacob, My servant, and you Jeshurun [the upright one–applied to Israel as a type of the Messiah], whom I have chosen.
                      3For I will pour water upon him who is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground. I will pour My Spirit upon your offspring, and My blessing upon your descendants.
                      4And they shall spring up among the grass like willows or poplars by the watercourses.
                      5One will say, I am the Lord’s; and another will call himself by the name of Jacob; and another will write [even brand or tattoo] upon his hand, I am the Lord’s, and surname himself by the [honorable] name of Israel

                      This is the work of Messiah and the Spirit of YHWH will be poured out on many who will name themselves Yisrael.
                      The first ones to receive the Spirit of YHWH on Shavuot were Hebrews, following the death, burial and resurrection of

                      Are you aware that when Yahshua came the first time, He fulfilled all of the Spring Feasts of Israel flawlessly, to the day and hour of each; Pesach, Hag HaMatzah, Bikkurim, and Shavuot. He will do likewise shortly with the three Fall Feasts.

                      Don’t let your anger towards Christianity blind you to the reality of “your” Messiah. There is one saving factor in the Christian Church; they have kept the name of Messiah alive and have spread it around the world. That was to be the task of Israel, but they failed to do it. Israel kept the things of Yah through the centuries, as the Church kept the name of Mashiach through the centuries.

                      Let me ask you a question, how do you think YHWH will approach you, if you have kept the commandments, the Sabbath, and the Feasts, but rejected His Messiah?

                      How do you think YHWH will approach the Christian Church if they have rejected the commandments, the Sabbath, and the Feasts, but held fast the name of Messiah?

                      Both will suffer great loss. The Kingdom belongs to those who honor the commandments, Sabbath, and Feasts, and hold fast to their Messiah.
                      Don’t let the bad taste of the paganism of Christianity keep you from drinking deeply of Israel’s Messiah; Yahshua HaMashiach!

                      It is not easy to walk against the flow of things, I know that. But it will only be those who do such that will see their Elohim.

                      Be Blessed

                  • ashupert2, I did see your new post for I try to be thorough, and I did get the mix up of the one person who said Chronicles I know now who it was, and who said yeshua, right it was not you sorry about that. Now, are you saying that Ruach Hakodesh is actually jc or the Messiah or is it the Holy Spirit of either YHWH or jc/Messiah? (which please?). And if this means or you are saying that this is of the resurrection of jc/Messiah then I would have to disagree for there is no evidence of any resurrections in the so called Old Testament. The New Covenant of the jc/Messiah as you call it or the NT often does not fulfill the OT it is not there, and it should be for how can one part of the book dispel the other? This is a ‘red flag.’ It only tells us that we may prolong our lives by doing the law all through the book of Deuteronomy. Even in Isaiah 53 who many christians think that this is jc it tells us in vs.53:10 that the ‘servant’ will ‘prolong’ his days. Next, as for Isaiah 42:vs.1-9 yes, YHWH talks about His servant His elect in the future tense for when YHWH says “I shall” this means it has not happened yet. YHWH goes on to tell us what His glory stands for and if something is new He will tell us in vs.8,9. Then in Isaiah 42:vs10-17 YHWH magnifies Himself and at vs.17 He talks about the people and how He will have them to turn back to Him. Then from vs.18-20, YHWH talks about His same servant from Isaiah 42v1-9, about how blind, deaf he is for the (he,him) in this scripture and many when talking about the servant are used in plural tense for ‘His people’ for the servant has not found his seed yet he does not know who he is. This is why in vs.21 YHWH says that He is still well please with him for the servant of his righteousness, and how the servant will magnify the LAW and make it HONORABLE (he,him plural of the chosen people). In vs.22 YHWH then explains how His people (plural tense for the servant in the vs.1-9) who have been robbed and spoiled, refering to the people of ‘Israel’ his chosen and from among them will be raised the seed of David this is why YHWH says in vs.23 ‘who among you will give ear?,and hear for the time to come? referring to the servant to be chosen when he finds his seed. Then in vs.24 YHWH validates that He gave the people Jacob to the robbers for a spoil..BECAUSE..they would not walk in YHWH’s ways or be obediant to YHWH’s LAW. Last vs. YHWH has poured His fury on Jacob His people of which His servant will come from for they have not turned back to the LAW until this day. I noticed that you used Messiah in the verses but this is not there and this word and christ only means anointed christians seem to make a really big deal of this word and all through the OT it is only used when talking about Zerrubabbel when then he was the Prince and Messiah of Judah for the new prince of peace, councelor, wonderful in Isaiah 9v6 is the same servant talked about in Isaiah 49v1-9 to come. It has not happened yet. For in Jeremiah 33v21 YHWH calls David His ‘servant’ for YHWH does nothing without His prophets or His servants Amos 3v7. along with the Branch the Arm of YHWH and it will all be called YHWH Our Righteousness and then the new covenant in 31v31 will be. As for Isaiah 44 yes YHWH’s messengers of O Jacob His servant and Israel His chosen from which many will be popping up like willows knowing their seeds from His spirit this is happening now as we speak and has been for some time and they will carry the name of Yisrael I do know of one a messenger. As for the Feast you mentioned if they are not talking about the passover in Exodus 12, then this is not in the so called OT originally called by YHWH The Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16 and is not real. Unless you are meaning feast to be something different (please explain). YHWH Bless.

                    • Cocodol,

                      Why does the Targum say the servant is The Messiah in Isaiah 42:1? Also, who were or will be Messiah Ben Yosef and Messiah Ben Dawid and what were they to accomplish?

                      Your whole approach to everything is stating that YHWH ceased any kind of communication with His people after Malachi. Your whole understanding of scripture is based solely on a literal interpretation through Malachi and that there was nothing else. What you are basically saying here is that anything YHWH was ever going to do in the 6000 years since we have been here, He left nothing unstated and complelely dislcoseed every last thought and what it meant, in the Tanakh. He just laid it all out in the open so that anyone would know everything from beginning to end with just a light reading of scripture. Is that honestly what you believe? Israel is still waiting for their Messiah. You know that it is more than just a person of prominience. Even in Hebrew study of scripture, it is understood that there are different levels of understanding;

                      Pardes refers to (types of) approaches to biblical exegesis in the interpretation of text in Torah study. The term, sometimes also spelled PaRDeS, is an acronym formed from the name initials of the following four approaches:

                      Peshat (פְּשָׁט) — “plain” (“simple”) or the direct meaning[1].
                      Remez (רֶמֶז) — “hints” or the deep (allegoric: hidden or symbolic) meaning beyond just the literal sense.
                      Derash (דְּרַשׁ) — from Hebrew darash: “inquire” (“seek”) — the comparative (midrashic) meaning, as given through similar occurrences.
                      Sod (סוֹד) (pronounced with a long O as in ‘bone’) — “secret” (“mystery”) or the mystical meaning, as given through inspiration or revelation.

                      Is all of this just nonsense to you? I would be interested in knowing. We can make anything say or mean what we want it to, whether you go with just the literal translation or whether you find deeper meaning beyond the literal. If you find deeper meaning in something, if it is correct, it will not annul the literal. It will rather explain it more fully.

                      Even Josephus, the Jewish historian speaks of Yahshua.

                      The question is, who or what is your covering, your sin sacrifice? It is the reason an animnal had to shed it’s blood in the Garden to cover Adam and Eve. It is the reason bulls and goats were sacrificed in the Temple service. Where or what is your blood sacrifice? Don’t tell me it is just reciting a scripture out of the Tanakh. YHWH in His word made it perfectly clear that sin (the breaking of YHWH’s law) was covered only by the shedding of blood. Since the Temple has been gone for nearly 2000 years, what is your sin sacrifice? Saying that the scriptures don’t say it exactly that way is ridiculous. That is taking literalism to an extreme and will be deadly to whoever approaches it that way. What you need to do is talk to some of your messianic brethern, who I am sure could explain these things a lot better than we are able to. Your reasoning and way of converying scripture is like that of Hebrew anti-missionaries. Is that what you are? Just wondering.

                      I hope you have not been offended with any of this. I am just talking openly and plainly. It is not meant to be offensive, just straight forward.

                      Be Blessed

                  • ashupert2, one other thing is there anywhere in the KJV so called OT because it is called The Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16 a scripture that tells us that we have to go through the Messiah to be with the Father because this is nowhere in the OT and the NT should fulfill the OT. The Law is the ways of YHWH is what I have read all in the OT. Also it seems to me that you are believing in the same as the christians about a messiah and resurrection and of his spirit going to heaven and coming back down. Could you also show this scripture in the OT as well. Because in 42v1-9 yes the spirit of YHWH will be upon the servant the elect when it is time, this has not happened yet, and he will come from the chosen people of Jacob and Israel and he will be of the seed of David as well, and this does not seem like jc/messiah being born of a holyghost?, this is all to come in the future, and when you continue to vs.18-20 this servant does not have a clue of who he is for he is deaf blind but YHWH is still pleased for whomever he is he has a righteous soul just has not been watered with the knowledge of YHWH yet, and jc/messiah was not like that he was righteous but not deaf and blind to his seed. Selah and Praise YHWH.

                  • ashpert2, not that I mean to sound angry or nothing negative,but are you trying to be simple with me to say that from Genesis – Malachi is it? YHWH is all things ‘right now’ He is doing IT, and KNOWS ALL, the past the future and the present. First before I begin the Targum is a transliteration, and in my KJV 1997, it is also a transliteration, but there is no Messiah stated in Isaiah 42v1 it only says ‘my servant, mine elect’ this is what is discerning about transiterations. But anyhow , You asked if I thought that after the book of Malachi I assumed that is it ? of course not, and that there are other meanings in the book to try and figure out; well in Deut.29v29 some secrets are YHWHs and are not for us and in the exact scripture that you provided in your post to me of Isaiah 42v 8,9 this specifically explains to us who He, YHWH is and His glory and this means not to question YHWH He assures us if there is something that springs up He will tell us. Then in Isaiah 45v4-7, YHWH says that there is NONE besides Him and that He forms and creates and make the light, darkness, peace and evil, and I have no idea what else one may need to know or ‘make up’ after the Father YHWH says that. Or, if this is not enough for some then in Isaiah 40v21-31, v.21, YHWH says “Have ye not known? have ye not heard? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have ye not understood from the foundations of earth?” v.22″it is He that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadth them out as a tent to dwell in”; etc., skip to v.28″Has thou not known? has thou not heard? that the everlasting YHWH, the Strong One, the Creator of the ends of the earth, fainteth not, neither is weary? THER IS NO SEARCHING OF HIS UNDERSTANDING” as I said what else would one need from YHWH is His word not enough? skip to v.31″But they that wait upon YHWH shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.” I am solely convinced. But now if that is still not to your satisfaction then in Isaiah 45v9-12, v.9 “Woe unto him that striveth with his Maker! Let the potsherds strive with the potsherds of the earth. Shall the clay say to him that fashioneth it, What makest thou? or thy work, He had no hands?”etc. but if you must insist then it is obvious that one must be as in Isaiah 47v10, “For thou has trusted in thy wickedness; thou has said, None seeth me. Thy wisdom and thy knowledge hath perverted thee; and thou hast said in thine heart, I am, and none else beside me.” v.11″Therefore shall evil come upon thee; thou shall not know from whence it riseth; etc….I feel that many of us try to take YHWHs place especially when there is no hardships of trials and tribulations we tend to get ahead of ourselves when we have it too good or maybe I’m wrong for I hope I am for their sakes. These scriptures just came in from YHWH to me to give to those who needs to know Him, and again as in Amos 3v7 there is no secret YHWH has from us for He told us that, and are there any who would still doubt the trust in His Word? I fear for them.

                    For with the sin sacrifices these were suspended until the new third temple is built so we turn to Jerusalem and use the Solomon Supplications for prayer and in Haggie 2 and Ezekiel chapters 40-46 all explains the new temple, and its plans for which YHWH chose Zerubbabel the former Prince and Messiah of Judah as a signet. Again the only Messiah mentioned in the OT. This the sacrifice is no longer needed until the new temple is built sanctioned by YHWH. Then in Ezekiel 47 this will be the perverbial healing waters. And for Israel in the future and now YHWH states in Ezekiel 39v25-29 is to come and YHWH’s spirit is upon the earth this will be done for I trust in the Word of YHWH and that ‘shame’ will come out of the homeland Israel, and the truth will prevail. This book The Book of Remembrance gives us everything that YHWH wanted for us to know of the past and of today and what is to come, and that is why it is called the book of remembrance Malachi 3v16, and one can question it and doubt all they want but one will also have to answer for that as we did in Numbers 14v30-33 being sent out into the wilderness for forty years. I know that I will pass on that one, what say you? Praise YHWH Selah!!

                    • cocodal,

                      This is simply a clarification for you regarding terminology.

                      The Original Hebrew word that would be scribed in the text of the Tanakh is “עבד”.

                      Its “transliteration” is “`ebed “.

                      Its “translation” is what you would find in English, say within the KJV., as “Behold My Servant”.

                      There is a distinct difference between what is a “transliteration” and what is a “translation”.

                    • Cocodol,

                      I left you a post at the bottom written by a Messianic Jew.

                  • ashupert2, until one can find the scripture that YHWH left for us to go through David or jc to Him and the other scripture in the OT that the NT fulfills on jc/messiah died for our sins, came back alive and went into heaven and will come back again put it here on the posting sight for I have never seen that scripture in the OT originally called The Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16, ever and the NT is suppose to fulfill the OT not change it for YHWH does not change Malachi 3v6. Just as YHWH did not change the Law as he said to us in Malachi4v4 do the law aside for the sacrifices they have been suspended until the new temple is built in Haggie 2. The time is near and I’m excited for Zech 12,13 and 14 Go.. O Israel and eventually do the righteous thing for this is the spirit of YHWH within all of us. Love Peace and Praise YHWH

                  • ashupert2, Yes, Israel and all the nations are awaiting the New Messiah this we can truly be in harmony of. At some point I thought that this was a hearty debate but then I felt as if I was being harsh and I ask for your forgiveness for this is not what I want as an outcome and being one of YHWHs children we must love and consider each other at all cost. I truly respect the time you have given to me allowed by YHWH for us to cross paths but being that it is the work of the Father for He only allows us what He sees is appropriate and with the transliterations of the book there is no worry for those who did it were allowed to; which makes this trustworthy to live by. No matter what may have been meant to mislead or wasn’t to mislead us you can believe that YHWH was there with every moment. All is well, and with that I would like to give to you as my thanks the scripture from Ecclesiastes 5, for us all to remember, and I hope for you all the best, and Love and Peace of YHWH and that He always be with you.

          • Cocodol
            I Chron 22:8 But the Word of the Lord came to me (David) saying,’ You have shed much blood and and have waged great wars. You shall not build a house to my name, because you have shed so much blood before me on earth”
            Isaiah 12:2 “God is my salvation” This is what Jesus name means.

            Sorry, I write much from memory, I should do the work and find the scriptures out, but am short on time.
            God bless.

            • Beloved, thank you so for that scripture on Davee and the bloodshed and of why the temple had to be built by Solomon instead is what I prefer to substantiate the truth of YHWH’s Word. In Isaiah 12v2 this is Isaiah telling us of YHWH’s Word about the root of Jesse which is David His servant of his glory to us, and of YHWH’s plans for peace on this earth for all the nations to live in righteousness. To know that we are all looking for the same thing for righteousness and peace and love on this earth is all that is important. Selah, Praise YHWH.

        • Beloved, Selah is praise worship or measure the wisdom, and Amen is the old pagan prefix used with the Egyptian gods in the day of YHWH that got us all into this mess in the first place ‘idols.’ look it up, something else that the priest, pastors and popes don’t properly teach. This was also used in Judaism another idol religion that christianity was an offshoot from said bible scholars look it up. Notice how the word Selah is used less than Amen in Psalms this is the work of the enemy in Psalms 83, as in Psalms 68 they put ‘JAH’ trying to put a spin on the true name YHWH. Praise the Father YHWH and YHWH Bless.

    • Beloved, to add being gentile is not the concern for did you know that in the Hebrew text the word ‘gentile’ was placed in the book over the true word which is ‘goy’ meaning ‘nations’ this guide has to be discerned because of the enemy and therefore, YHWH is bringing a light unto many nations not just gentile for He wants and loves us All we are His and He made us for His sake 43v21 on this earth and in His day to come we will all be given the choice to discern Malachi 3 and 4. He will raise up His jewels before the burning like an oven. Praise YHWH.

      • Selah! to the previous comment,

        Yes in our churches we use amen, I was told it means “so be it” is there a meaning for selah? Or is that just the hebrew word for “so be it”?

        • Beloved, the Selah means praise, or worship, and measure the wisdom but Amen was originally the prefix to the Egyptian gods such as in “Amen or Amun Rah” and so on and it is from the early history of Judaism from which Christianity was derrived from in the 3rd kingdom. Oh the last post about the gentiles the scripture should be Isaiah 43:v21 where YHWH says “This people have I formed for myself; they shall shew forth my praise” (show my praise).

    • Beloved, we are going to call a truse for in Isaiah 49v5-7 this to me is not jc but I know to you it is but yes the servant will be my Messiah my Prince and all his righteousness; now who will he be is to be said by YHWH in Isaiah 62v1,2 or just read all of 62. In Isa.49v5-7 this servant is hated, despised and abhorred this is an extreme hatred and I do not see this with jc many are flocking to him in praise instead of YHWH the Creator and his jc glory has been greatly established in the 4th kingdom as was prophesied in Daniel 11v36-12:10 the vision for the rule over many most for gain is what the priest, pastors governors, and popes are doing now ‘gaining.’ and in Malachi 2 they will pay dearly from misleading the flocks. Isa.52v5,6. Isaiah 48:v11v22. If this much praise was given to the Almighty YHWH by now our world would be in true righteousness, and peace and love the real euphoria, and not in the state that its in today it is so obvious.

      • Cocodol
        A truce it is though i did not see our conversation as a battle. Perhaps we will meet when the Messiah returns, which many believe, myself included, will be occurring shortly.

        Isaiah 12:2

    • Ok not the battle is with my computer and my vision it terrible…correction…. Beloved, Abram not Adam, but Abram and ‘truce’ oh my, I really should start using the spell check button from now on.

      • I left you a final response above, as I must have missed your response to me. Hopefully that answers your question(Regarding David and the temple)
        Yahweh our salvation has been here, Yahweh our Righteousness is coming shortly. May he be praised.

  12. cocodol,

    Forgive me, however I am having difficulty in believing that you are Hebrew as you say.
    For you to not be aware, or more than familiar with David, (pronounced as Duh-veed, not Davee) as having too much blood on his hands to build the temple, seems strange?

    As stated in a response to you by another participant here, the specific scriptural verses are scribed in 1 Chronicles 22:8-10.

    “But the word of the LORD came to me, saying , Thou hast shed blood abundantly, and hast made great wars: thou shalt not build an house unto my name, because thou hast shed much blood upon the earth in my sight. Behold, a son shall be born to thee, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from all his enemies round about: for his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quietness unto Israel in his days. He shall build an house for my name; and he shall be my son, and I will be his father; and I will establish the throne of his kingdom over Israel for ever.” KJV.

    This knowledge is also revisited again in 1 Kings 8:12-20.

    “Then spake Solomon, The LORD said that he would dwell in the thick darkness. I have surely built thee an house to dwell in, a settled place for thee to abide in for ever. And the king turned his face about , and blessed all the congregation of Israel: (and all the congregation of Israel stood 😉 And he said , Blessed be the LORD God of Israel, which spake with his mouth unto David my father, and hath with his hand fulfilled it, saying ,
    Since the day that I brought forth my people Israel out of Egypt, I chose no city out of all the tribes of Israel to build an house, that my name might be therein; but I chose David to be over my people Israel.
    And it was in the heart of David my father to build an house for the name of the LORD God of Israel.
    And the LORD said unto David my father, Whereas it was in thine heart to build an house unto my name, thou didst well that it was in thine heart. Nevertheless thou shalt not build the house; but thy son that shall come forth out of thy loins, he shall build the house unto my name. And the LORD hath performed his word that he spake , and I am risen up in the room of David my father, and sit on the throne of Israel, as the LORD promised , and have built an house for the name of the LORD God of Israel.” KJV.

    This would be located just before all of the pleas that Solomon makes to the Lord, to have mercy and hear the people that pray to Him when facing the temple, (as you utilize yourself when you pray for forgiveness). To me it seems strange that you wouldn’t have known this?

    Regarding Genesis 26:5
    “Because that Abraham obeyed my voice, and kept my charge, (mishmereth), my commandments, (mitsvah), my statutes, (chuqqah) and my laws, (towrah).”

    This does not necessarily mean that Abraham followed some scribed ordinances of any sort, rather that Abraham “faithfully” did what he was told to do by the Lord at any given time. He left his land to dwell in another as directed to do. He had “faith” that the Lord would raise up up seed for him and Sarah when they were both too old for it to happen naturally. He was circumcised, and had all males that were with him do the same, so they would be set apart in a physical sense for the Lord. He was willing to sacrifice his beloved son (Isaac) at the Lords direction to do so. These and many other actions, were his response of obedience to the voice of the Lord, and they were done out of “faith” and not in following any written laws or commandments.

    Regarding “Amen” and “Selah”.
    The word Amen is utilized in the Tanakh for the first time in Numbers 5:22.
    ”And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell , and thy thigh to rot : And the woman shall say , Amen, amen.” and it is defined as meaning “verily, truly, amen, so be it”.

    Selah, transliterated “Celah” is defined as meaning, “to lift up, or exalt. Yet since it is utilized primarily in Psalms, (71 times) it is more than likely a technical musical term, showing accentuation, pause, or interruption.”

    In respects to Isaiah 49.
    Do you not see the parallels of this servant of Yahweh and Yeshua the Messiah?
    This servant was born of an Israeli woman. So was Yeshua. (Mary His mother, was a descendant of David.)
    This servant was to be glorified, (pa’ar, to glorify or beatify). Yeshua was glorified when He was raised in His resurrection.
    Yahweh also said that this servant would “raise up the tribes of Jacob, restore the preserved of Israel” and be “a light to the Gentiles”. We believe that Yeshua is that light.
    Yeshua was also despised and hated by a majority of the Sanhedrin, and that was why He was then crucified. However, His crucifixion was all a part of Yahweh’s overall plan. Yeshua’s death was the ultimate sacrifice of atonement for all that would believe and live in faith with Him, and was prophesised hundreds of years earlier in Psalms 22.

    When Yeshua was dying on the cross for all of our salvation, He cried out in Aramaic “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?
    This Aramaic translated into English is, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”
    Read Psalms 22, it is describing this exact same event.

    During Roman crucifixions they would hammer spikes in the wrists, (or hands) and feet of the person. Do you see the parallels between this crucifixion and what is written in verse 16?
    Also when Yeshua hung on the cross, the Roman soldiers cast lots, (or gambled) for His robe. Do you see the parallels for this within verse 18?
    This whole Psalm is a witness for the death of the Messiah and His triumphant return.

    I believe that when Yeshua cried out in this manner, that He wasn’t necessarily under the belief that Yahweh had forsaken Him, rather it was for the benefit of all that were present at the time. Everyone that was there that would have heard this, was more than familiar with the writings in the Tanakh. When they would have heard these words, they would have automatically reflected upon this Psalm. And in doing so, would have remembered what it had said, and realized that they were seeing this prophecy being fulfilled, right before their eyes.

    Though initially hidden in the shadow of Yahweh’s hand, (Isaiah 49:2), Yeshua is the Annointed One, the Holy Son of Yahweh, and He has already been revealed.

    You are demanding from us scripture that specifically states that Yeshua, (or translated from the Greek as Jesus Christ) is the Holy Messiah of Yahweh. You specifically want us to provide you with scripture that states His name before you will believe.
    Unfortunately that does not exist within the Tanakh. Yahweh instead of providing proof within His word itself for one to believe, deals with us as He dealt with Abraham, and that is through “FAITH”.

    If you were to pray to Yahweh and open the eyes to your heart, the Spirit of truth will reveal this to you.

    Be Blessed.

    • No idea at all why in the world a stupid wink face appeared in the post above? Thanks WordPress. lol.

      • alienated, most importantly this the servant is prophesied in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 this has not happened yet it is to come Habakkuk 2 preferably vs.1-4 and again this too does not sound like jc at all.

    • alienated, as for Mary being the mother of jc as I said in the following post this will not matter if she is from David for the man carries the ‘seed’ and in the nt in mathew the holyghost was jc’s father. Also Isaiah’s son Immanuel or Emmanuel was a sign unto the governor Ahaz Isa. 7, and he too was born of a virgin yet Isaiah’s wife had an older son already, but remember what I said about we must discern this book for the word for virgin in Hebrew is ‘bethulah.’ and a married woman or about to be married a young maiden the word used should be ‘almah’ this is a spin on the truth to mislead the flocks those darn Helenistic jewish writers for they will answer to this and removing YHWH’s name from the book 6800 times.

  13. alienated, I knew this was you, how are you today? fine I hope. Alright, yes a Hebrew Israelis am I, for in Deut.28:v.15-68, as it was prophesied, we were to be scattered to the four corners of the earth, and not to ‘know’ who we are’ because of our descendants iniquities and transgressions, and will not know who we are until YHWH calls us back and many of us are popping up as the willows by the water courses today, Isaiah 44:v.1-10, for the day of YHWH is nearing, and if this scripture in Deut.28:v.15-68 for which v.68 has already been fulfilled fits you, then you are Hebrew. As for Davee or Duh veed, thanks for that clarification and actually I was keeping it easy to pronouce for those who do not know. Next, yes Beloved did provide the scripture about David and his bloodshed I am aware of that now I only thought that Solomon was next to serve Judah and YHWH because David was getting old but l have learned better. Now according to Abraham’s ordinances and statues that he followed in faith it still remains a fact since it came from the ‘mouth’ of the Father YHWH that Abraham did them and passed it on to his children and children’s children and this is how we got the sons of God from the pure line of Adam through Noah to Abraham who all eventually did the ordinances of YHWH and of course there was still sin until this day. The Word of YHWH is good enough for me I have no idea what you believe and there goes that word again ‘belief’ I like to know. As for the word Selah did you count how many amens there were for there are more also Selah does mean praise which does ‘lift you up’ and besides this word is more appropriate in praise or song instead of amen which we know was used for the Egyptian idols so why use it its a prefix in idolatry. For one thing you cannot parallel the servant to YHWH for our Father is a spirit the servant is flesh and blood son of man, but the servant will do as he is told to do as Noah and Abram others did but I can see what you are implying but there is no comparison in my eyes for many times in the word YHWH tells us that we cannot do as He does. For instance He tells us not to hate esau or at all but this He can do for in Isaiah 55:v.8-11 says YHWH. As for Mary being jc’s mother first of all we know that the man carries the ‘seed’ not the woman, and where is the proof that she was of David. And yes the servant is to restore Judah, Israel and a light unto the gentiles but I know that the word ‘gentile’ is a transliteration from ‘nation’ for the Hebrew word that was replaced was ‘goy’ although it is not a big concern for the light will be to all nations anyway; if you read on when this is used you see that YHWH says many kings (should be governors), princes, leaders and many others will see the light in the day of YHWH for only YHWH is the King. This is why the guide must be discerned Micah 7, for the enemy has tampered with this book a bit as the word ‘virgin’ replaced what should have been the Hebrew word ‘almah’ for these women were either married or being taken as wives example; Isaiah’s wife was no virgin when she had her second son Immanuel and Isaiah and his wife had an older son Shearjashub, so you have to discern it. Then the hatred for jc was very short lived for as of the beginning of the 4th kingdom this glory of jc began to grow and even higher today at the end of the 4th kingdom, but the servant in 49 Isaiah is hated from birth until today he is grossly despised for this is how YHWH works he takes what we least expect and turn it into a wondrous marvel but we are all entitled to what we want to glorify or ‘believe’. I will remain faithful to YHWH and when His servant is here then I will know for it has not come to happen yet for it will come as is prophesied in Isaiah 42 preferably vs. 18,19,20, deaf and blind, who is blind but my servant?, for he does not know his see yet Isaiah 53 he has not been watered with the knowledge of YHWH yet he has to find his seed first, this does not sound like jc or yeshua he knew it all. Praise YHWH, Selah!!

  14. Please

    The word says in the end sound doctrine will not be adheard to. Some like to lead others astray, with itchy ears and some like to go. Others think they have the talent to worship mannon instead of the Lord God.

    Neither can one confuse that when God speaks of talents in the Bible does he speak of money but of the talents he has given to the body of Christ

    If you don’t know that Baal is not the son of God, nor was he the beginning substitute for Jesus Christ ever. God said he was a murder first. Jesus christ came with the purpose to die as the perfect sacrifice.
    All things of the evil one and Jesus Christ are polar opposites. Did Jesus go to the temple and throw the money changers out of it? Jesus Christ hung on the cross for me, he as God made himself the perfect and only sacrife. We are to endure hardness and the evils happening to us as believers. We are to knowingly be against them. We are in this world but not of this world, he said he overcame and so shall we.

    When God puts people in the valley it has purpose. The valley is a place of testing, it is a place where the heat is poured on. What happens to seed or trees that are in a valley and it is hot and humid? The bee comes and sting the arms of the tree, Why? The limbs are pollenated and the branches bare fruit. The baring of fruit is to prepare for going home, it is to prepare for ministering to others until the time to go. It is not to endure evil twisting of the word of God.

    We are oppressed at this point? To be oppressed is to be in a place where it is like being buffeted as our Brother the Apostle Paul stated. It is to be in a close quarters. What happens when you are in close quarters with heat, you sweat. It takes the sweat and the close quarters to germanate new trees or seedlings. The valley is also a place of protection. Honey is what John ate in the wilderness, it is a healing property.

    The valley is a place of protection, it is training ground and most of all it is a place confimring of your faith. You either believe all the way or not at all. Can those who died upon the the cross following after God endure all eternity those who have a so, so faith. Yeah maybe it is ok if your worship ba’al or ok if you go to the psyhic for truth telling of the future
    because times are difficult. Who are we going to put our faith in God or mannon. You can not worship both nor are you to live as if you belong to the world and not to God.

    Amen means you confirm something, Amen and Amen there is but one God and one faith it is in Jesus Christ. God said take no other Gods’ before me, he can not lie. He has never lied nor will he ever lie.

    Gods’ true believing children are up under the heat. I believe that God is
    either taking the bride home soon and it maybe that before that day that there will be another latter day rain again in the USA. I am not certain because the rain is occuring in many parts of the world.

    Many don’t seem to know that God is one God. The Bible says you can believe a lie and be damned. Getting our thinking squared away is the most important thing you do today. I know that the God I serve is one. He is not sharing his place with many God’s. He is a jealous God and he is to be reverensed and to be worshipped and praised by the voice in spirit and in truth to the utterance of his word by those who are saints. He who I believe in is coming back for me along with all who believe on him, not the myths of this world and when he comes for me and it shall be written on him King of kings and Lord of lords. There is only one door to enter in. Those who say there are many ways to heaven they are lost and of the tribe of goats not the Lord.

    If a brother is lead astray you are to try and to bring him back to the Lord and the right way of thinking.

    This conversation is to show those who are as foolish women that they can be lead astray.

    God said Ba’al or whatever title you give the evil one, was a murder first. Knowing that God knows all things, know we not that God permitted him to be in the lives of man as a means to reprove our thinking.
    All who think with a twisting of Gods word to perversion and care not?

    The Jews at this time other than those who have already accepted will be made right when the Eygptians and the Assyrians are brought to the place of the final stand of all man kind which is the end. That day is soon, God has been standing at the door and knocking for a long time. The Jews who see with their hearts eyes (meaning the good soil) will accept him at that time.

    If you have not a desire to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and savior, and or if you know not that he is both God, Lord and Savior you are in trouble being a Gentile. When he told them in the new testament the things he did and said they said he was treating himself as if he is God. Why? Because he is God.

    To many who have known God to the fullest are leaving and falling for the lies of this world. Many are believing in two Gods today. How this thinking is going on I don’t kinow, only he does.

    If you are told that he is the way and truth and the light and he became the the perfect sacrifice. Please tell me How can he be anything else? Children all over the world are told the lie of santa claus for Christmas and they believe in a myth. How sad is it when children can believe in a thing established by the world to take away from the savior. A world substitiue for God on the cross.

    A honor celebration for my Lords’ birth is turned into a myth. He who paid the full sacrife for all who would believe. He overcame the world! All who want to believe he is not the savior are doomed, if they not accept at their appointed time just as all Gentiles they are the tares they will be tied in bundles and cast into the lake of fire.

    I say if you are a rebellious spirit and you come here to curse and none is as reported, know you this no women in the sky, no moon god or other thing made of trees to worship will make the work done by Jesus Christ of no effect. Any believing in any power other than the right power which is of God through Jesus Christ can not wash his robes in the blood and therefore can not make them white as snow and in reality is worshipping
    who? Let all praise go up to the one who died for us. He is Father, Son and the Holy Ghost.

    He who rebells against God he who practices witchcraft shall be cast into the Lake of Fire according to the word. Only those who have repented and been baptized in his name will enter into the Kingdom of God and those who practice (witchcraft) rebelion and use words to curse or to try an destroy the word of God or to bring harm to Gods children will be dealt with harshly according to the word they will be cast into the Lake of Fire which according to the word is forever..

    Purposeful lies are for leading astray, liars who know not better don’t twist the word of God as above but I feel this is a form of cursing. But to all who come here in the spirit of helping others to bare fruit or to turn from their wicked ways there is not individual who can curse God and there fore that which is Gods can not be cursed either. Gods’ word can not be cursed nor can it be twisted to make it of no effect or to effect the worsed kind of wickedness. The Holy Ghost is all leading, teaching and guiding.

    My husband said all who do these things, think they at the last minute will repent of all these things done against God and his servants. The roaring lion seeks who he may devour. He has agents of fleshly being as the word tells us. Many build traps for Gods’ children to fall in, some are like the evil one and others are like Judas they are the betrayors and they are used to ensure that the true believers are really of the Lord and the others are ensnared. No witchcraft can overcome God nor his children.

    • pattiefarm, my my the truth, really does hurt, and why you insist on me believing in ba’al is proof that you are delusional. I never said that, I used this idol for an example to the people in 1Kings 17,18 of how ‘they and the prophets’ were worshipping this so called son of God in those days, but if saying this false accusation about me makes you feel better then do what you have to. For ba’al is the same lie that is being told today about jc and if you read 1Kings 18 you will see what happened to those blind ‘believers.’ As before in your earlier post, you seem to know a lot about demons ‘mannon’ who is that and is this kind of stuff taught in the nt? For demons, devils and satan is nothing to me for I have YHWH and they are all afraid of Him and so am I, and I suggest you learn to fear the Father YHWH as well. In the end He the Father YHWH is the maker of all things He makes peace, and creates evil, He forms light, and creates darkness, Isaiah 45:v.7, and try reading 44:v.21-28 He’s all things so if you need all of these fables and spooky story characters to help you to innerate with the truth that is you. Another thing is it seems like you are the one who believes in two gods jc and the Father YHWH, and you want to put jc in YHWH’s position and that is ludacris but to each’s own for you better give YHWH the praise. All others are either His prophets or His servants He calls the one to be raised unto David to the throne, His servant, His elect 42v1, and prophets in Amos 3v7. YHWH has no secrets and the name of jc mary, the deciples, and this story of redemption is no where in the OT, but everyone else is. No one died for our sins we were redeemed by the Father YHWH and our sins were forgiven by the Only Savior, preferably Isa.43v.3,11 and in Isaiah 42,43,and 44 our sins preferably 43v27 and 44v22. There is only one God, for He tells us so again in Isa. 45v8-13 this scripture you should really read. The nt book is suppose to fulfull the ot book but it has too many changes in it for me for YHWH says He changes Not in Malachi 3v6. How you think that using the scriptures is twisting the word is beyond me ‘delusional’ for the scriptures tells us the ‘word’ of the Father YHWH this is why the Book of Remembrance was left to us in Malachi 3v16, the so called OT the scriptures is all I use form this book. read it!!. As in Ezekiel 18, and Duet.24v16, we all die for our own sins. Just like you prefer to say amen, I prefer to say Selah for praise and because it has not ever been used in Egyptian idol worship from Judaism as amen has. If you want to talk about suffering many of us have and still are we are in this world all together now so this is not anything new ok. You say holy ghost, I say the spirit of YHWH His anointment so futhermore your husband does not know me that is your problem to deal with and look like his. At this point we have nothing else to say to one another ask your husband since he knows best it will be better if we move on to other conversations with other people. YHWH Bless you, and Praise YHWH.

  15. Dear cocodol,

    Look, I apologize if I come across as harsh, or sometimes confrontational. (These posts lack many aspects of human interaction that allow us to understand where the other is coming from. You can not look into the eyes of the other, see their sincerity, or hear the inflection of their voice etc.) And because of that, the intentions of the post itself can be easily misconstrued.
    So again I apologize for that. If I didn’t care, I simply wouldn’t bother.

    However, what you refer to as “belief” does apply to the both of us. You have constructed your particular belief system from how you interpret the word of God from the Tanakh. I have done the same.
    What the difference is between you and I regarding this, is that I have opened my heart as to reading and studying more material.

    To me in reading Malachi, the last book of the Old Testament, (where Divrei Hayamim, or Chronicles is the last in the Tanakh), I didn’t think that God had finished quite yet. There was no completion. However, if one continues and reads what is in what we call the New Testament, we receive a revelation as to the whole overall plan of God for mankind. The story itself becomes complete.

    In the beginning of the New Testament it is simply a continuation of the Old. Nothing overly dramatic has changed. The Commandments and Laws and all that is described in the Old is still fully in effect, there are simply some new characters that are being introduced.

    In regards to Mary and the word “seed”, wasn’t it Yahweh Himself that first stated, “And “I” will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and “her seed”; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.”? Genesis 3:15.
    Are you questioning the choice of words that Yahweh wished to utilize?

    And Mary was indeed a direct descendant of King David, thus giving her children the right to ascend to the Jewish throne.
    As well Joseph her husband, was also a direct descendent. So both through either Mary, (or by Joseph as an adoptive step father), the right to ascend to the throne was available.

    Mary’s parents were Joachim and Anne, and she was a cousin of Elizabeth, who was the wife of the priest Zechariah, (of the priestly division of Abijah), who was herself part of the lineage of Aaron and so of the tribe of Levi.
    Her full lineage, (specifically from Nathan, the third son of David and Bathsheba) is recorded in the New Testament in the book of Luke chapter 3, while the lineage of Joseph is recorded in Matthew chapter 1. They are both descendants of the house of David.

    I happen to agree with you regarding some of the English translations that were utilized for words such as goy and virgins etc.
    This is why I study the original languages in which the text was written, (to hopefully receive a better understanding of what is actually being expressed.) I also agree with you regarding “Immanuel” and it not referring “at that specific time” to what many Christians believe to be Yeshua.

    However, I do disagree with your interpretation of Isaiah 49. All the pieces of the puzzle appear to fit quite neatly when you understand who Yeshua is.
    Regarding Jeremiah 23:1-8., This is a prophesy which will be fulfilled in due season.

    Though you are not obligated whatsoever to do so, I ask that you please do me a favor. There is a book in the New Testament called “Hebrews”. I would ask that you take the time to read it and consider its content.

    Wishing you Shalom.
    Be Blessed

    • Oh and cocodal, just one more thing.

      Though many of us here that frequent this site, may banter back and forth as to what we may or may not believe would be how to correctly interpret many different passages of scripture, (sometimes quite passionately I might add), we all, (for the most part) have had a personal encounter with Yahweh in one form or another.
      We believe that Yeshua is the Messiah and Savior because of this. It is not simply a system of belief per se, we know this to be true because of personal experience.
      When God the Father reveals a truth to your heart, you know that you know, that you know.
      He leaves that truth as simply being unquestionable, for it is confirmed in His word.

      Be Blessed

      • alienated, no hard feelings, but ‘belief’ is not what I do I get the substantiation from the scriptures and historical the facts, the proof so I can know. Yes and Malachi is the last prophet until today til the ‘end’ for we are at the end of the 4th kingdom now and this is what YHWH told the angel Gabriel to tell Daniel to “shut up the words and seal the book until the end” Dan.12:vs.4 and many will run to and fro, and knowledge will be increased isn’t this where we are today much knowledge and doing a lot of nothing but hurting others and now the book is open again, and we are nearing the day of YHWH many can sense it and historically the time frame is right between now and 2015 or 16 it can happen is what some historians have noted from our history of kings (governors), wars and disaster ,events, etc. In Genesis the seed was mentioned of Eve, but it is still biological that the man carries the seed and in the OT when sons were born they normally take the father’s name but in the nt a holyghost not David is the father Mary has the egg I’m just saying biological how it usually goes and how it always went in the OT and there was no prophecy otherwise in it not at all. There are many changes in the nt book it does not fulfill the OT at all. As I asked you before why does jc have so many names Emmanuel which is a contradiction to jesus christ right on the first page of mathew, then he’s called yeshua and then michael for which many christians have told me that this is the angel Michael I guess they are speaking of the one in Daniel 12v1 this is too much controversy too much he say she say and there is nothing in the OT to subtantiate it. In the OT it is consistant to who is who and what is what and many events coincide with the other as a book should but the nt does not coincide with the OT. Many religious scholars say there is no proof of jc until the gospels (goodspell) for it has many into a trance as was prophesied in the Book of Remembrance the so called OT, in Daniel 11v36-12v10 said it would. For it tells right on the first page of mathew at the top it says that Issac begat Jacob but at the very end of the list it says that matthan begat Jacob a contradiction, who is matthan? What I noticed again was that mathew as a prophet does not ever introduce how he met YHWH or how any word from an angel came to him it just says according to him, this is not enough for me mathew is just a man, and Luke is so cocky he says that because he went to theologian, Theophilus school that he knows things to be true uhm.. what happened to the Almight Father YHWH saying things in this book. Do not say the other prophets were in the olden days please because there are people today popping up from the willows YHWH’s jewels and there are those who many say that they are either elders or prophets to them but they themselves know better to claim it and to wait for YHWH to decide that in His day to come. Also, in Romans it states that the law is wrath Peter says when he knew the law he was dead but when he did not know the law he was alive this is the total opposite of YHWH the Father and what He says and according to Isaiah 24v5, it tells us of why this world is in the state we are in now and everything in it is happening for people have gone away from the law and a sword is on the earth Jeremiah 25 from YHWH until we turn back to His laws and ordinances. There are so many opposites in the nt of what YHWH tells us that I can see why things have gone bad today we went away from YHWH the Father this is why He says in the last book in Malachi 3v7 Return unto me, and He wants us to do His laws and remember YHWH changes not Malachi 3v6.Don’t worry We do not have to do them is why in Malachi 4 we will. Praise YHWH.

        • Cocodol
          We Christians do not attack the OT as you have the NT here. Dialogue that resorts to attacks is not dialogue, but rather a monologue. Isaiah 1:18 says “let us reason together”. This would be beneficial in these discussions.

          Out of curiousity, what are your thoughts on Jeremiah 31:31?

          Regarding Mattwew’s geneology, There are two people named Jacob in his family history. It should be pretty obvious had you read the geneology.

          Yes the seed in Jewish culture is on the Father’s side, but when a child is adopted they inherit the geneology of the step Father, Becoming Josephs Legal heir. Before you say that the geneology in Luke is different, this is the Geneology for Mary, the Mother of Jesus, which also leads to David as a common ancestor. A precedent for this is found in numbers 27:1-11, when tracing a geneology from a person that has no male heirs. Keep reading the Gospel of Matthew and you will see that Jesus was indeed the Messiah.

          • Beloved, its an attack because it is idolatry just as Islam, Buddism, Judaism, and all of them, and as ashpurtz2 has also said that he tries to go to these websites to teach that it is pagen same thing. It sounds like he and those with him are trying to gradually get people in christianity and other religions to see YHWH now for they know the day is getting near and they the higher ones have the original book for many today know what they did Malachi 2, Eze20 and other books tells us of the misleading of the flocks. One can’t attack the OT it is what began this whole ordeal of man’s creation and his life. It tells the past the future and the present what else would one need? In Daniel who through YHWH from the angel Gabriel left us the vision for the end times YHWH had no other ‘belief’ or religions these were not open for discussion and they were hated by YHWH. When Gabriel told Daniel to shut the words and seal the book until the end, many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased, this is the end and we are in the days of people running to and fro and with increased knowledge now the book is open so what does your mind bring to you? If this book has to be discerned Micah 7v1-6, then you must know that the order of the books or one or two maybe rearranged as well and ashpurtz2 said that Chronicles was the last book he may know for he seems to be a Jew and the Jewish writers did began their writing in 200BCE after the last jewish revolt (descendants of esau Edom who made a deal with Constantine to change laws) according to ashpurtz2. In Jeremiah 31v31 is what Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 and Malachi 3v17,18 this is going to be about the new kingdom (covenant)of YHWH that is to come in the house of Israel.Praise the Father YHWH.

            • cocodol
              no offense, but your arguements are as week as some of the muslim ones on this site. When a contradiction is brought to your theory, you merely ignore and condemn the messenger. Yes there is corruption in Christianity, Just as there is in Judaism. Jesus was sent for his people Israel, yet they rejected their messiah, condemning him to death, as predicted by Isaiah. He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, and the chastisement of our sins was laid upon him. There are literally a hundred prophecies from the OT that were fulfilled by Jesus, Some as literal as entering into jerusalem on a donkey, yet you will not have any of it. Obviously you do not know how to reason with someone. When you deny the Word of God, you deny God.

              • Beloved, what you have said that I’m doing, not reasoning and avoiding a contradiction is not what I have done but you have done, for I have gone by what the scriptures are ‘saying’ in the OT from Genesis – Malachi and those hundred prophecies that you mentioned in the OT none have said that this is jc none have stated his name, for YHWH has no secrets, and all is done through His prophets and servants, Amos 3v7. All other prophecies, occurences and events, and their names are mentioned in this Book of Remembrance and never has jc’s name or his dying for sins sacrifice has been mention or prophesied other than in Isa.53, and even here there is no name jc stated other than ‘servant’ who here in Isa. 53 has ‘prolonged’ his life this does not sound like jc( he rose from the dead and had everlasting life according to the religion), and many times in the OT it is always mentioned that the seed of David will be raised upon the throne but there is no actual name stated other than YHWH’s servant or His elect. You see I do not prefer fabrications it has to be substantiated for me and YHWH has done that for us in His Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16 that He left for us. Now in Isa.62v1,2 YHWH says that in Jerusalem the name of this salvation will be as a lamp that burns, and the gentiles ‘nations’ shall see thy righteousness and a (new name) will be called then by the mouth of YHWH also, after Isaiah poored out his heart of his spirit from YHWH to YHWH then YHWH said, in Isa. 61v8-11, to all the nations. If you prefer show me the contradictions and how I am not reasoning for there is none that I’ve given I used the words from YHWH. Praise YHWH and YHWH Bless.

                • cocodal,

                  Above you utilize Amos 3:7 to say that God has no secrets.
                  Of course God has secrets!
                  There is no possible way that He has fully revealed all of His plans to mankind.

                  What you have done there is simply taken the verse out of its correct context. It reads as follows……
                  “Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.” KJV.

                  This is simply saying, (in taking into account the previous narrative of cause and effect regarding the Lion and the bird as examples), that God will not do something either good, (or what happens to be bad in this case) to Israel without expressing it through His prophets first.
                  He does this to demonstrate His Sovereignty over Israel. The verse does not say that He has no secrets.

                  As I have stated to you previously, we here can not provide you with Yeshua’s actual name within the Tanakh. Simply because it is not there. However, if you happened to believe in Yeshua, then you would recognize the reference’s. Since you don’t though, you refuse to see the connections.

                  What we believe in is a matter of “Faith”. Abraham had faith in what God said. He didn’t say to God, “Show me the child first God, before I will believe.” You are saying to us, “Show us His name in scripture, before I will believe.”

                  You have obviously read the New Testament, and chose to disregard it as not containing the truth. This to me, in my opinion means, that God either drew you to reading it through the Holy Spirit and you chose to not believe, or that the Spirit is not involved at all? And if the Spirit is not involved, we could write volumes upon volumes to you until our fingers bled, and you still wouldn’t get it. So what’s the point then?

                  Maybe a seed has been planted here somehow through all of this though? Maybe God is working in your heart, and it will blossom at a later date? To me it is all between you and the Father now.

                  Be Blessed. (Hopefully down the road)

                  • alienated, alienated, as you said that no one can provide the scriptures that shows jc’s name or the prophecy of his birth and the dying for our sins and many have tried it is not there in the so called OT the Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16 and the nt is suppose to fulfill the OT it doesn’t and there are too many changes and YHWH does not change Malachi 3v6. Beloved tried to tell me that mary’s seed is as the seed of Eve but all through this book the pattern of the seed of the fathers have been prophesied to the child and it seems that as important as the birth of jc is to many that it would definiately be prophesied in the OT by YHWH about His son which the only time it is stated by YHWH is in Exodus 4v22,23 of ‘Israel’ His son, His firstborn. There cannot be two firstborns! The book of OT only states numerous of times that a seed or son of David would be raised unto the throne and the servant or His elect. Beloved said that the name jehovah has the bearings on jc’s name but you said that jehovah witness is a cult and the name jehovah is in this book a few times it is a transliteration of the true name of YHWH which was taken out 6800 times for ‘J’ was not in existence until the 1600,1700s. There is too much controversy to this story of jc even his birth cannot be validated 6bc,8bc? And I do know that YHWH has secrets and this is what He said about them “The secret things belong unto YHWH our Creator; but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law” in Duet. 29v29. Now if YHWH does not change how on earth can people actually make a change to this law are they calling YHWH a liar or contrary? People just wants to do whatever they want to do as esau does and who is the mediator of all these religions and He will have to answer to all he has done, Malachi 1. I know that the Father YHWH is with us and is the Only Savior for it is written in the Book of Remembrance Genesis – Malachi many times and to those who wants to ‘believe’ this is your choice; I know for YHWH told me so. Praise YHWH

                    • cocodal,

                      I didn’t bother to read at least half of what you wrote. You have had conversations with only four (4) people here and you can’t get who said what straight. You also regurgitate the same thing over and over again, and frankly it is has become tedious.
                      I could care less what it is that you believe, simply because it isn’t even between you and I. It is however, between you and God, and what I believe has a major impact on your salvation.

                      Good luck on your path that you have chosen.
                      Adios. Ciao. Bye-bye.

                  • alienated, BaiBai lol.

      • alienated, I see in Isaiah 49 this is not, and does not sound like jc for in vs.4 this man says he worked and laboured in vain jc didn’t work, and this man is greatly despised this is not jc he has been glorified through many churches, cathedrals and many many countries for the last 2000 or more years the world of christianity and other pagan religions are wide spread and none are of YHWH he destest them all.

      • alienated, repost…I see in Isaiah 49 this is not, and does not sound like jc for in vs.4 this man says he worked and labored in vain jc didn’t work, and this man is greatly despised this is not jc he has been glorified through many churches, cathedrals and many many countries the world of christianity and other pagan religions are wide spread and none are of YHWH he detest them all and it is obvious none has not worked either.

        • Hi cocodal,

          The name Jesus Christ is the English translation of the Greek, “Iesous Christos”.
          While the Old Testament was written primarily in Hebrew, (with the exception of Ezra, Jeremiah, and Daniel, which were a combination of Hebrew and Aramaic), the New Testament was written originally in Greek.
          After Alexander the Great, Greek was the most common language that was utilized for trading and for commerce throughout the known world, and most everyone no matter what their native language was, understood Greek. As well, many Hebrews themselves that were in Egypt in the third and second centuries B.C.E. only spoke Greek.

          Why don’t you check out this link below for one of the best explanations.


          Those that you know that refer to Yeshua as Michael, sound lost and could be of either Jehovah Witnesses, or possibly Mormons. Both of which in my opinion are cults and have corrupted the truth.

          I can see though by your response, that you really require a sign to even create a small crack in what it is that you believe.
          I don’t believe that I, or anyone else on this site can provide you with that. As it was with all of us here as individuals, it took God Himself through the Holy Spirit to open our eyes, so I leave you in His capable hands.

          Be Blessed

          • aliented, I agree that many Hebrew Israelis spoke Greek especially in Egypt, it was all conquered by Alexander the Great and then after he was poisoned it was all ruled by Ptoleomy who was very jealous of Alexander any how,yes many people spoke Greek and in the book of Nehemiah it explains much of how this truth unfolded and its events went and the destroying of the temple and much was stolen from that temple that Zerrubabbel laid the foundation for that was stopped and then all went into captivity. Another aberration in the OT the Book of Remembrance is with the word Jew the word that was supposed to be written there was ‘Hebrew Israelis’ all through this book the aberrant term ‘jew’ was taken from Judah after all the Hebrew Israelis were in captivity and the Jewish writings began in 200BCE and the writings of jc also began the ‘belief’ and the actual J didn’t exist until the 1700s as you stated jc’s name was before this time spelled Iesous. There is a lot of hidden facts and yes the nt was in Greek after Alexander conquered died, and Ptoleomy took over much was changed except YHWH for He does not change Malachi 3v6. Read Genesis – Malachi for the whole truth and be aware of aberrations and transliterations used in the OT from the original Hebrew terms such as: ‘virgin'(it should read almah) ‘Jew'(it should read Hebrew Israelis) ‘Gentiles'(it should read nation) ‘kings'(it should read governor) ‘amen'(Selah is appropriate not pagen) and Messiah and Christ they only mean to be anointed and many were anointed in this Book of Remembrance so called OT Malachi 3v16. look them up! Praise YHWH.

            • cocodal,

              You seem to make many statements that appear to be without biblical or historical foundation.
              The word “Jew” should not have been translated into “Hebrew Israelis”!

              The word Jew, (representative to that of the Hebrew people) is utilized first within in 2 Kings 16:6, and is translated into English from the transliterated Hebrew, “Yĕhuwdiy” יהודי

              It is derived from Judah, the son of Jacob and Leah, and is correctly translated into English as Jew. How you believe that you could obtain “Hebrew Israelis” from the original Hebrew text of “Yĕhuwdiy” is baffling?

              I leave you with the knowledge that I am fine and secure within my faith, (thank you very much), and that I believe that you are the one that has missed the whole point and plan of God the Father.

              May you find His mercy when the time comes.

              • alienated, I know the word jew came from Judah this is an aberrant term taken from Judah started after the conquer of Alexander the Great and Ptolemy and the descendants of esau were there, and there is no tribe called jew. And I know it is used in 2 Kings its all through the OT as you say as a (representative of the Hebrew people). Why they need to be represented is beyond me they are spoken of all through the OT book by YHWH which is enough for me; as it is said by YHWH in Isa.61v8, or just read that whole scripture Isa 61 for YHWH hates robbery for burnt offerings and these kind will be brought to the truth with the loving kindness of the Father YHWH. The chosen children YHWH’s son and firstborn Exodus 4v22,23 as it says who were brought out of Eygpt from bondage, were HEBREW ISRAELIS NOT JEWS these same people are talked about all through the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, from Genesis – Malachi. YHWH has called them the Hebrew Israelis chosen people, and the home lands, Israel, Jacob, Zion, Samaria,Ephiram, Brnjsmin, Levites, Judah, Jerusalem but YHWH has never said jew. YHWH Bless.

  16. Cocodol
    You missed my point entirely in my quote of deuteronomy. My point was that even in the time of Moses, there was a distinction made between obedience to the Voice (Word) of Yahweh, and obedience to the Law (Torah). David was Known for “Walking with the Lord”, He was obedient to what God commanded him to do. He was filled with the Holy Spirit, which enabled him to Obey the Word of God. He was considered righteous in the eyes of God because of this obedience. Yet he was not allowed to build the temple because of blood on his hands, for his actions, though righteous, violated the Torah.
    In the NT, the claim is made that the “WORD became FLESH” in the person of Jesus. My Faith stands on this testimony. I have tried to show from OT scripture, where the WORD of God is shown to exist as part of Yahweh, and he has been there from the beginning (Genesis 1). You have not been able to refute this claim (A belief backed by OT scripture), Yet you still deny the WORD even exists. In effect, you are denying Yahweh himself, by denying his Word (voice).
    What the Christian church has missed, is that eventually the WORD of Yahweh will be in line with the LAW of Yahweh. In the case with David, the WORD contradicts the LAW (HE KILLED THE ENEMIES OF YAH). We, in this world are still dealing with sin, But when the Messiah Comes again, he will come in judgement of sin (Lawlessness). In this future kingdom, the Word of God will not Contradict the Law of God, as our sinful nature will no longer exist. This is the redemption which both the Old and New Testament lay claim to. Sanctification leads to obedience of the Law, via obedience to the Word. I personally am seeing this in my life. Though I am by no means perfect with regard to the Law, I am being led by the Holy Spirit towards obedience to the Law. We still, however, have our fallen flesh, and our fallen world systems, which prevent us from obedience to the Law (Rigid Legalism)But we do have the Word of God, which if obeyed enables righteous justification (apart from the Law). Once Yahweh resolves these problems in righteous Judgement, the “Two shall become ONE” Just as the Word (Jesus), and the Father are ONE. I Cannot underscore more, how important this in the redemption story of the whole of scripture. This will be the Key of David spoken of in Isaiah 22:22, and Revalation 3:7, which allows entry into Messiah’s (Millenial) Kingdom. For the House of David, this means acknowledging the WORD of God made flesh in Jesus. (Zech 12:10) “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord”. For Christians it is sanctified (Submissive) obedience to the Torah, Enabled by the Power of the Holy Spirit, And solely his work in us.

    Lest I get the usual criticisms for making this claim, I will not defend it apart from saying Let the Holy Spirit Guide you.

    As such, Cocodol, I will refrain from further comment, As my message to you is clearly stated above. Faith requires a leap, (Belief, as you put it) I cannot convince you to make this leap, Only the Holy Spirit Can. The remnant of the House of David will Take that leap and Hear the Word of the Lord. Be Blessed

    • Beloved, are you one of the people who says that in Genesis 1v26 “Let us make man in our image” is jesus? Or thinks that Adam and Eve were the only people on earth in the beginning of man’s creation? If you are then yes we should refrain from further comment. If it is yes, then I should of ask this question the first time we conversed it would have save a bunch of time and writing but I enjoyed the venture and I learned a lot about christians. YHWH Bless you.

      • Yes I am one of “those people”, And your so called “Book of remembrence” proves it beyond a shadow of a doubt, as I have tried to point out to you.

        • Beloved, I started not to bother you but then I realized that it is not about you or me but about YHWH the Creator the Father. Alright, let me help you to see the truth of YHWH…in Genesis 1v26 YHWH said to the angels He created;
          “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion etc….then in vs.27 YHWH says He created man in His own image, in the image of YHWH created He him; became a NOTE THE WORD ‘living’ male and female created He (them). (OTHER PEOPLE!) Then in vs.28 YHWH blessed (them) and said to (them) etc. Next in Gen. 2v5 YHWH said there was no man to til the ground…then in Gen.2vs.7 YHWH formed a man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. In Gen.vs 8, And YHWH planted a garden eastward in Eden and there He put the man whom He Had formed (ADAM). Later on in Genesis 4v13,14, Cain begs YHWH not to drive him out because he will be slayed by everyone (MORE PEOPLE). So this shows that this was not jc nor were Adam and Eve Cain and Abel the only people on earth. read it. YHWH Bless.

          • You are making an assumption of belief when stating that more people (Other than decendents of Adam and Eve) were referred to in Gen. 4:13,14. Gen 5:1-5 says that Adam Fathered “other sons and daughters” . In verse 4:3 We are told “in the course of time”, what we do not know is how much time. Cain was pleading his case for his punishment, and its implications in the Future, this has nothing to do with his present circumstance, Note the use of “I shall be” future tense. Lest you use the argument “who was Cains wife?”, this is obviously one of Adam’s Later daughters.
            With regard to the 1:26 reference being the Angels, This holds absolutely no water. If the “us” is the angels, then why is our appearence so distinctly differnt from them, and our abilities, and our task. This also equates Yahweh with the angels, which from other quotes in the OT is clearly not the case, and is akin to blasphemy!
            What you ARE overlooking is the fact that the WORD of God was there before the creation of Man, and thereby the “us” referred to in Genesis 1:26
            1:2 “And the spirit of God was hovering over the Waters”
            1:3 “And God SAID ‘let there be light”
            What we are seeing here is the Spirit of God, and the WORD of God, from the very beginning. In Genesis 1:1 the Name of God is Eloyhiym, a plural version of “El”.
            In each Day of creation, we see The Word of God in the act of creating. “And God said,” And God Called” etc. No where in this creation account, (Genesis 1), are Angels mentioned. To suppose that 1:26 is a reference Angels, is an Unprovable belief on your part. Something you are trying to avoid, are you not???
            What we do see in the creation account, is the Spirit of God, The Word of God, and God himself in the work of the creation. Sounds an awful lot like the triune God of the NT doesn’t it?? All different aspects of ONE GOD.

            • Beloved, I am not saying that NOTE ‘after’ Adam and Eve there were not other sons and daughters, and don’t forget cousins I know that, but are you saying that the angels created themselves?, for if you noticed I said “the angels that YHWH created.” He created it ‘all’ the heavens and the waters,earth and beast, creepy things fowls,fish,cattel, as in ‘food and water’ in His ‘first event’ as proof in Gen.2 vs.1,4 and Duet.4 vs.15-19, in v.19 it shows us that there are NOTE ‘HOST’ in heaven, and He tells us to remember this that in Isa.44 vs.21-27, it proves He did it all ‘alone’ in Isa.44 vs.24, and He also tells us here that He is our Redeemer and Savior of our sins in Isa.44 vs.25,22. Therefore, since He says He created it all NOTE ‘BY MYSELF’ in Isa.44 v.24, then when He says in Gen.1v26 “Let us make man in our image…” at this point He is talking to the angels the host in the heaven that He created, and they are the only ones in the fifth event that He sends to the earth to do His services as in with Lot of Sodom and Gomorrah where the angels looked like men as in ‘our image, and our likeness’. If jc was there in the making of man and earth in Gen.1v.26 why wasn’t he there in the story of Lot and why doesn’t it say so it was only the angels looking like men were there it says so? YHWH and the angels when He says for the second event in Gen.1v26 “Let us make man and NOTE THE WORD in ‘our’ image, after ‘our’ likeness.” and NOTE ‘them’ the other people are being talked about ‘being’ created at this time, and YHWH tells the angels that they the people will have the dominion over etc. then in Gen.1v27 they male and female WERE ‘created’ as the other creatures were, and in Gen.1v28, YHWH then talks to the people and blesses ‘them’ and then YHWH tells ‘them’ to be fruitful and multiply…etc just as YHWH told the other creatures. These were the other people that Cain Gen.4 vs.13-14 was worried about slaying him fourth event. These people were not Adam he came next from YHWH in the third event to be the tiller of the garden of Eden (Lebanon) in Gen.2 vs.5-8 why do you think Adam’s line are YHWH ‘s chosen people? Because of the pastors priest and popes we are all being mislead is what YHWH says all through the Book of Remembrance the so called OT in Eze.20, Jeremiah 23v1-8, and Malachi 2 and many other books. YHWH Bless.

              • Beloved,I am fully aware of YHWH’s Spirit this is what did it ALL, from Genesis – Malachi, and why He SAID He left this book for us to remember, Malachi 3v16. My question to you is if Cain found a wife from the daughters later of Adam then why did Cain knew his wife right after he went out from the presence of YHWH to the land of Nod, on the east of Eden then Cain knew her, in Gen. 4vs.16,17. And then Adam knew his wife again in Gen.vs.25 and had Seth the third son the third child of Adam and Eve making the beginning of the generations of Adam in the ‘day’ that YHWH created man, in the likeness of YHWH made He him, All the people MALE AND FEMALE and THEY were all called ADAM IN THE DAY THEY WERE CREATED, in Gen.5vs.1,2. I never said that the angels the host of heaven made man or are equal to YHWH, I said that YHWH ‘talked’ to them about creating man; just like He talked to the prophets and servants. YHWH and the angels of their and His likeness and of their and His image. Just because mankind is of the ‘image and likeness’ of YHWH and the angels this does not make us exactly as they are or as are the angels they are not exactly as YHWH for He did create them.

                • There is no inference of immediacy in time between verse 4:16, and 4:17.
                  If you use this inference, you could also say that Seth upon his birth, immediately had a son (4:25-26), Now we all know that a newborn giving birth to an offspring immediately is impossible. so we do not make that inference. In fact there are many events in the Bible which are not Chronological, and at times many years are skipped over.

                  That being said, You are not reading the scriptures carefully. Instead, you are entering your reading with a preconceived assumptions, and attempting to make it fit your interpretation.

                  You accept that the Spirit of God was present at creation, yet you deny that the “voice” of God was there. HMMM??? Does one fit your assumption, and the other doesn’t?

                  “Today, If you hear his VOICE, do not harden your hearts, as at Meribah, as on the day at Massah in the wilderness, when your fathers put Me (Yahweh) to the test, and put ME to the proof, though they had seen my work. For forty years I loathed that generation and said, ‘they are a people who go astray in their heart, and they have not known my ways.’ Therefore, I swore in my wrath, ‘They shall not enter my rest.'” Psalm 95:7-11

                  • Beloved, this is your assumption for I have not denied YHWH’s voice and now that you are accusing me of this it is on you,and when did I say that? I have only used all of His scriptures to validate the truth of YHWH’s voice so how then am I denying His voice? From the Book of Remembrance validated in Malachi 3v16 is a juxtapose book it tells us the past future and present, so the time frames can be difficult to summarize but you have to be able to ‘see’ not the carnal eye if you know what I mean. It tells you right in the next vs.17 after vs.16 of Cain dwelling in the land of Nod, that Cain knew his wife and concieved Enoch etc..The words of YHWH in Psalms 95:7-11 are the ones and many others in the Book of Remembrance to do, and yes this is why YHWH also said to us in Malachi 4v4 is what we are to do, and nothing else, His voice I hear ,and these words are surely the ones for yourself to take heed to for I do not deny the voice nor the wrath of YHWH for we are under the sword Jeremiah 25, preferably vs.32 and Jeremiah 48v8. YHWH Bless you Praise YHWH.

                    • Cocodol
                      By that response above, You have now come to “believe” in the triune God. God the Father, The Word of God, and the Holy Spirit. All one God, Yet all distinct. Christianity has heard the voice of God and chosen to obey it, By faith. We believe that Jesus Christ was the “word made flesh”, Taking the form of a human. Though in human form and experiencing everything we humans do, (emotions, pain, joy, temptation, He was fully human), yet he remained fully divine, (one part of the triune God).

                      The next time you come on a site like this, saying that Christians worship a pagan God, You will know that we worship the same God as the Hebrews do (as expressed in Genesis 1:1-2) And in fact you are calling your own God Pagan. Lest you blaspheme OUR God more, I have tried to correct, (as lovingly as possible) The error. It is my hope that you will accept this correction with humility, rather than resistance.

                      We Christians, have been praying for thousands of years for Yahweh to open the Eyes and the ears of the Hebrew people to the Word. As Psalm 95 says “Today” is the day that you should strive to enter his rest, by Hearing the voice of the Lord. I am not condemning your people for holding onto the Law, but I am trying to show you that righteousness comes with hearing the Word of God and believing (Faith)

                      As alienated suggested to you, I recommend you read the Book of Hebrews, in the NT, as this letter was written to your people, to be read here and now (in these end times).

                      Now, I expect you will resist my comments here as others have as well. I am sure you are thinking what an egomaniac, or something along those lines. But I challenge you to refute the “Word of God” as I have expressed it to you. The More in your “hate” you try to disprove it, the more you will see the truth in it. And perhaps someday, you will see that what I have shown you is “tough love”, Just as the Lord “Disciplines the ones he Loves”. I am not here to win a popularity contest, only to share the Word of God with those who will hear his voice, those that reject it will see only the wrath of Yahweh.

                      Please read psalm 81. May God reveal himself to you.

                  • Beloved, Malachi 4v4 is what we are to do to be in His ways; YHWH ways, so yes hearken to this as said in Psalms 95v7-11 preferably vs.10 “Forty years long was I grieved with this generation, and said, it is a people that do err in their heart, AND THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN MY WAYS.” YHWH ways are the law as He is reminding us to do today in Malachi 4v4. He hates new strange gods and images that were prophesied we would do in the ‘latter days’ by Moses in Deut. 31vs.39 and Deut.32vs,16-18. Then you go to the book of Daniel and his vision does prophsied the same thing to happen in the 4th kingdom the ‘latter days’ the wrath is still upon us so obviously we have not hearkened yet the right way, or this world would be better than it is now, from Dan.2vs.1-49 to Dan.11vs.36-12:vs.10 is all that is going on today we are in the 4th kingdom now.

                  • Beloved, I agree this is why the word ‘dwelt;dwell’ was used in the scripture of Cain in Genesis 4v16. I never meant it or said it that Cain knowing his wife happened immediately that was your assumption. But at any rate he knew her and they bore Enoch and to say that Cain’s wife was from the sons and daughters of Adam is also inferring on your part as well, for it was only after Adam and Eves son Seth when the book of generations of Adam was claimed in the ‘DAY’ that male and female were created by Him YHWH which was the sixth day,although this was before Adam was formed by YHWH which was after the 7th day, the creation of male and female were in Genesis 1vs. 31, from 1vs.24-32 to be exact, so all of the people were called the generations of Adam in the (sixth day) the day of male and female creation proclaimed in Genesis 5v1,2, “Thus,the heavens and the earth were ‘finished’, now Note ‘and all the host of them etc.in Genesis 2v1.” Remember YHWH knows ALL, miss knowitall lol. Then Genesis 2v2 on the seventh day YHWH ‘rested’ and vs.3 He blessed and sanctified this 7th day to this day it is called the Sabbath ‘His Ways’ in Genesis 2vs.3-4 and are the generations of the heaven and the earth. THEN in Genesis 2v,5-8, ADAM or the man to til the ground was formed and placed in the garden eastward in Eden then later he is introduced as ADAM in Genesis 2v19. YHWH Bless.

                  • Beloved, I can see how some call YHWH the three entities but I do not need to label them they are just One in my understanding it is obvious He Knows All and is the Creator of All of the heavens and earth. But to use the word hate that is a very strong word for a christian and I apologize if I made you feel that way but in the end we all the children of YHWH the Father are awaiting the coming of the new seed of David to bring peace and righteousness on this earth and really this is all that matters right? As said in Malachi 3v16-18 before the day that shall burn like an oven we will all get the chance to discern who serves YHWH and who serves him not, oh its confirmed in Malachi 4v4-6. Praise YHWH the Father.

  17. Beloved and Alienated

    The word says: Proverb 23:23 Buy the truth and do not sell it;
    get wisdom, discipline and understanding.

    Proverb 18:15 The heart of the discerning acquires knowledge; the ears
    of the wise seek it out.

    Matthew 13:44 The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.
    When a man found it, he hid it again, then in his joy went and sold all that he had and bought the field.

    IF knowing the most precious thing we possess is the word of God and his spirit within us and any can say this makes me delusional so be it. The treasure is in the field winning souls for the kingdom of God, but we are not to take the truth and permit any to damn the words of God and to make it appear that Jesus Christ is not Lord, or king of his children or God of all.

    Because for me and my house we shall serve the Lord with respect and love and even in doing so we know we have all fallen short of the glory of God as we came into this world as sinners and we fight against wickedness daily, being his is the most precious thing of our lives and soon we go home to be with him. My heart and mind and soul are set for the kingdom purpose and to give seed as word where it is received and with love.

    If I offend any and sin in keeping the word of God hidden in my heart then so let it be, but if I have offended any out of the way of the word then God and who ever is offended please forgive me and I repent of it.

    I am not taking traditions of man or words twisted or anyone calling evil good and good evil. Faith hope and charity are required of us as beleivers.
    God does not expect us to be mindless.

    I can over look anything that afflicts me but don’t afllict or offend my Jesus, he walks with me and all who believe daily. The word says those who are born Jews of the flesh will accept and receive him at the end of time. We know some already have, Gods word does not fail but if we fail in Gods word to keep it and treasure it, then how precious is Jesus Christ who paid it all every mammon penny and every torture for all of our repenting failures.

    It is only treasure if you keep it treasured in our hearts under lock and key and give to no mans traditions to change a word of it.

    Man and babylonian beliefs took and made a tradition of santa claus as the giver and thing for the mammon world to remember as the day we use as the date to celebrate and remember my Jesus who paid it all.
    They took his birth as a human and turned it into an easter egg hunt which was the babylanian fesitval of fertiltiy.

    But we must stand up for the things that are right, if we do not we will be burned up in the lake of fire also, God said he is a jealous God and we are to take nothing before him.

    No I am not delusional, Jesus took and threw the money changers out of the temple. How much do you think he took and accepted as being ok to change the word of God and him as a gift for the convience of mans mind which has been overcome with the temptations of this world and the traditions of it. It is more than ever at this time the greatest worldlieness ever seen and it has the purpose of filth and the fleecing of human mankind for their very souls.

    I am nothing but for God but I will not sell the word for anyone!

    Call me whatever you want the enemy of God hates me as he hates my master. I am determined to hold out to the end, Jesus is with me and on him I depend not the world. Jesus who is Lord and savior of us over came the world and so shall all believers we are going home soon.

    Remember Don’t give your oil to any, you need it for the journey.

  18. Pattie
    Nothing, and I mean nothing shall separate us from the love of Yahweh, which was fulfilled and revealed through the “Word”. The Hebrews are still God’s chosen people, And in the end they WILL acknowledge the WORD. That End is near. My prayer is that Cocodol is amongst that remnant.


  19. To those that consider the Law to be an integral part and demonstration of obedience to their faith.

    I know that we have travelled down this road before. However, I simply ask that you read the following again with an open heart.

    The single most important Mitzvah, (Divine Commandment) in all of scripture, is to trust in Yeshua as our LORD and Savior.
    Everything else is centered and revolves around this.
    The two “great commandments” are the Ve’ahavta (“Love the LORD with all your heart”) and the obligation to love others as you love yourself, (Matt. 22:36-40.) and as, Yeshua Himself loved us, (John 13:34.).

    These two commandments presuppose however, that first, “that you believe that the LORD is real, personal, loving and accessible, and secondly, that you are in fact able to love the LORD and others in the sincerity of truth.”
    It is however, literally impossible to fulfill these commandments, apart from the genuine spiritual rebirth and the new life imparted to us through Yeshua, (ie. chayim chadashim).
    This is confirmed in Romans 8:8., “So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God.”
    Therefore to please God, we must be in the Spirit.

    Consequently then, the principle called the “law of sin and death” is invoked whenever someone attempts to draw close to the LORD apart from faith in His appointed Sacrifice and Mediator of sin. The idea that somehow your “good deeds” can merit access to the LORD’s presence and favor, is ultimately a denial of Yeshua’s sacrifice for you on the cross!
    The Apostle Paul warned those that perverted the message of the Gospel by adding any form of “works of law”, that they would be under a divine curse. This is confirmed in Galatians 1:6,9.;

    6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
    7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.
    8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
    9 As we said before , so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received , let him be accursed.”

    The New Testament clearly states that those that are believers in Yeshua are “declared righteous” apart from the works of the law, (Romans 3:8., Galatians 3:16.). The “declared righteous one” shall live by “faith”, (Romans 1:17., Galatians 3:11., Hebrews 10:38.)
    The Hebrew word for “faith” (emunah) appears in the Tanakh for the first time, (in the Torah, Genesis 15:6) and is connected with Abraham. But what was the nature of Abrahams faith that God would declare him righteous for? Was he declared righteous because of works of the law? Abraham did indeed understand the commandments, statutes, and laws of God, (Genesis 26:5). But where in those laws did it call for, or condone human sacrifice? Nowhere!

    Abraham was declared righteous for being faithful to the voice of the LORD and that faithfulness had no relevance to the law whatsoever. So what is this “faith” that nothing but it alone is necessary, or even required?

    As Kierkegaard expressed, “faith” is its own category or mode of existing; “Faith is the contradiction between the infinite passion of inwardness and objective uncertainty.”
    When Abraham was tested with the Akedah, (“binding” The story of Abraham being tested by God in binding his only begotten son (Isaac) for sacrifice, on Mount Moriah.) he was willing to put aside his rational understanding of the moral law, and instead be obedient to God. He believed that God could perform the impossible, (Matthew 17:20., Luke 1:37.). Abraham was declared righteous (tzaddik) because he trusted that God would fulfill His promise that He had made to him, even if he slew his promised heir upon the altar, (Hebrews 11:17-19.)
    Through his faith Abraham foresaw the redemption of the world, (the Messiah) and believed in God’s promise of salvation, (John 8:56.) This is confirmed in Romans 4:13, 14. where Paul states;

    13 For the promise, that he should be the heir of the world, was not to Abraham, or to his seed, through the law, but through the righteousness of faith.
    14 For if they which are of the law be heirs, faith is made void, and the promise made of none effect :

    The works of the law, and the righteousness of faith, are therefore “antithetical and contrary” concepts. This is expressed quite clearly by Paul in Romans 9:30-33.

    30 What shall we say then? That the Gentiles, which followed not after righteousness, have attained to righteousness, even the righteousness which is of faith.
    31 But Israel, which followed after the law of righteousness, hath not attained to the law of righteousness.
    32 Wherefore? Because they sought it not by faith, but as it were by the works of the law. For they stumbled at that stumblingstone;
    33 As it is written, Behold, I lay in Sion a stumblingstone and rock of offence: and whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.

    Those that accept this truth are called “the children of Abraham” and are therefore, “partakers of his blessings”, (Galatians 3:7,9.) Paul even expressed this in a more forcible sense and stressing this importance by saying in Galatians 3:8-12.;

    8 And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed .
    9 So then they which be of faith are blessed with faithful Abraham.
    10 For as many as are of the works of the law are under the curse: for it is written , Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.
    11 But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith.
    12 And the law is not of faith: but, The man that doeth them shall live in them.

    It is solely through the righteousness of Yeshua as Adonai Tzidkenu that we are saved from the curse of the law.

    13 Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written , Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:
    14 That the blessing of Abraham might come on the Gentiles through Jesus Christ; that we might receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. Galatians 3:13,14.

    Adherence to any portion of the law accomplishes nothing. Having faith in Yeshua accomplishes everything.
    It is your choice as to who you follow.

    Nuff said

    Be Blessed

    • Alienated
      I Understand your concern, and wish that you would see the distinction I have made. Obedience to the Law is not the “way” of salvation, Obedience to the Word is. So in principle, I agree with your statement. But the sanctification of the HS leads to Obedience to the Torah. In this day and age, in this sinful world of ours there is a disconnect between the Word of God and the Law of God. This disconnect dates back to the OT, and to the fall, and is exemplified in David, though righteous, was not allowed to build the temple, because he had blood on his hands.
      My reference here to the obedience to the Torah, is not based on legalism, Nor in any way implying that our salvation is dependent on it, But when God comes down and deals with corrupted flesh and world Governments, which have sin ingrained in them, there will no longer be a disconnect between the two. In his millenial Kingdom, Entry will be based on the Sanctified obedience to the Law.

      For example: The Law says you should not bear false witness. But the Word (Jesus) said Love your neighbor as yourself. Sometimes bearing false witness in this sinful world is required in order to love your neighbor. (Think hiding the Jews from Hitlers persecution) When we no longer live in a sinful world, the Law will no longer contradict the Word. It is really rather simple. Here and now, we cannot achieve righteousness apart from the Word, in the future millenial kingdom, our righteous action will be in line with the Law. This is why the NT is so Adamant about “conquering the sins of the flesh”, and this is the area where most of our sanctification occurs, as we grow in Christ. It is not based on Obedience to the Law, in a legalistic sense, but rather it becomes our will to obey the Law. For some people, sanctification takes years, for others, it is almost instantaneous. Think of the former drug addict, versus the Kid brought up in the church and experiments with drugs. Both, if they are in Christ, will eventually turn away from drugs, but the one who is experimenting with them, will take longer to realize how evil the drugs are.

      Let’s look at stealing as another example. As children, we often “borrow” our friends toys. Our flesh justifies this and then tells us it is ok, (we need that toy). Soon, However, one of our friends “borrows” something from us, and we realize how much our behaviour “hurts” the other person. We then may come clean and give back what we have “borrowed”, and even apologise. We now have achieved what one would call the Golden Rule in our actions. That is do unto others as we would have done to us. But even this is a “selfish” and “fleshly” compliance to the Law. Christ Told us to Love those who will not return that Love, Love your enemies etc. This is the sacrificial Love that Christ exemplified by dying on the cross for our sins. This is the realm of mercy and grace, and suffering for others sake. This sort of obedience can only come by Faith. Faith in the Word, and not in our actions. This is what it means when it says they will know we are Christians by our Love. This is fulfilling the Law in righteousness.

      Let’s take another hot button topic which some of us have had arguments about on this site. The Sabbath, (the seventh day thing). As you know, most Christian churches worship on the first day. Our society, and culture is built around first day worship. Many of us “have to” work on the seventh day, and “rest” on the first. Some Jobs even require this. Then there are others that say we should have the seventh day as our day of rest, and alter our lives to make this possible. This complies with the Law of Yahweh (The one written in stone, analgous to the Golden rule in the upper example). But what most (not all) proponents of this seventh day adherence fail to see is that they are doing this in order to justify themselves in the eyes of God (This is the selfish side of obedience). But the Word of God (Jesus) “worked” on the Sabbath, Healing people, preaching, etc., And he was persecuted for it. We are However told, in Hebrew 4, to strive to enter the resting place of the Word of God, Quoting Psalm 95, “TODAY, If you hear MY VOICE, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS…” This is the fulfillment of the sabbath Law.(I often wonder how many doctors and nurses are seventh day adventists?) As sickness is no respector of Days, then so too is their work no respector of days. Are They “sinners”?

      In the Future millenial kingdom, however, Fallen flesh will no longer be an issue, neither will sickness, and compliance with the law will equate with compliance with the Word. It truly is beyond words, when you start to grasp this redemption.

      • Hi Beloved, (dru)

        To me the subject is covered quite thoroughly in the New Covenant scripture, and I have difficulty in understanding as to how it can be so misconstrued? I also think that one must clearly understand as to why the law was incorporated in the first place.
        For this understanding, will then assist us as to whether or not it is to still be applicable.

        I normally quote scripture from the King James, however I will utilize the New International Version here, since it expresses scripture in a more familiar vernacular, and leaves less of an opportunity to be misunderstood.

        So why was the law given at Sinai?
        The answer to that is expressed by Paul in Galatians, specifically that of Ch. 3 verse 19. However the surrounding text is very pertinent.

        15 Brothers, let me take an example from everyday life. Just as no one can set aside or add to a human covenant that has been duly established, so it is in this case.
        16 The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed. The Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,” meaning one person, who is Christ.
        17 What I mean is this: The law, introduced 430 years later, does not set aside the covenant previously established by God and thus do away with the promise.
        18 For if the inheritance depends on the law, then it no longer depends on a promise; but God in his grace gave it to Abraham through a promise.
        19 What, then, was the purpose of the law? It was added because of transgressions until the Seed to whom the promise referred had come. The law was put into effect through angels by a mediator.
        20 A mediator, however, does not represent just one party; but God is one.
        21 Is the law, therefore, opposed to the promises of God? Absolutely not! For if a law had been given that could impart life, then righteousness would certainly have come by the law.
        22 But the Scripture declares that the whole world is a prisoner of sin, so that what was promised, being given through faith in Jesus Christ, might be given to those who believe.
        23 Before this faith came, we were held prisoners by the law, locked up until faith should be revealed.
        24 So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith.
        25 Now that faith has come, we are no longer under the supervision of the law.

        The law itself was “set forth” to teach us about the Holiness of God and to function as a mirror to our inward condition.
        The “lawful use of the law” is intended to convict us of our sin and thereby lead us to the message of the Gospel.
        This is expressed by Paul in 1 Timothy 1:3-11.

        3 As I urged you when I went into Macedonia, stay there in Ephesus so that you may command certain men not to teach false doctrines any longer,
        4 nor to devote themselves to myths and endless genealogies. These promote controversies rather than God’s work–which is by faith.
        5 The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.
        6 Some have wandered away from these and turned to meaningless talk.
        7 They want to be teachers of the law, but they do not know what they are talking about or what they so confidently affirm.
        8 We know that the law is good if one uses it properly.
        9 We also know that law is made not for the righteous but for lawbreakers and rebels, the ungodly and sinful, the unholy and irreligious; for those who kill their fathers or mothers, for murderers,
        10 for adulterers and perverts, for slave traders and liars and perjurers–and for whatever else is contrary to the sound doctrine
        11 that conforms to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which he entrusted to me.

        Therefore, it is/was by means of the law’s verdict against us, that we recognized the need for God’s salvation.

        The law was also given as a “tutor or guardian” to lead us to the school, (so to speak) of the Messiah.
        Galatians 3:24. is translated as the following in the King James;
        ”Wherefore the law was our “schoolmaster” to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith.”

        This is actually a more literal translation than that of the New International. Notice that the Greek word utilized here that was translated as “schoolmaster” is the word “paidagogos”, and referred to a trusted servant who would supervise the life and morals of boys belonging from the upper class. Before arriving at the age of manhood, boys were not allowed to leave their household without being escorted by their “paidagogos”. Followers of the Messiah are admonished not to revert to childish thinking, but to understand matters maturely, (1 Corinthians 13:11., 14:20., Hebrews 5:12-14.).

        We are now lead by the Spirit of God as God’s sons, and daughters, and therefore are not “subject” to religious regulations that command us to “touch not, taste not, or handle not.” We are now called instead, to seek those things that are above, where the Messiah reigns from on high.

        20 Since you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belonged to it, do you submit to its rules:
        21 “Do not handle! Do not taste! Do not touch!”?
        22 These are all destined to perish with use, because they are based on human commands and teachings. Colossians 2:20-22.

        1 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God.
        2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.
        3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:1-3.

        “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the Lord’s will is.” (Ephesians 5:17.) Yeshua came to bear witness to the truth; “Everyone who is of the truth listens to my voice.” (John 18:37.) The truth sets us free to become co-heirs with the Messiah in the kingdom of God. (Romans 8:17., Titus 3:7., John 8:32.) If we love Yeshua, we will honor His Covenant and what it teaches. (2 Corinthians 10:5).

        I’m afraid that many of us don’t want to be free. For them it is much easier to justify themselves as pleasing to God on the basis of some litany of rules they are keeping, (ie; Torah observance, keeping ‘kosher, attending religious services etc.) or through some ritual acts that they are performing, (ie; Shabbat observance, communion, liturgy and so on). They feel more comfortable and secure in a group, or as part of the crowd. They do not want to live as truly free individuals before and with the LORD which through His grace, we are given the opportunity to do.

        Trusting in the Lord Yeshua is foundational to all that may “rightly” be called Torah. The Talmud (Makkot 23b-24a) says, Moses gave Israel 613 commandments, David reduced them to 11,(Psalm 15), Isaiah to 6, (Isaiah 33:15,16.), Micah to 3, (Micah 6:8), Isaiah then again reduced them to 2, (Isaiah 56:1).
        But it was Habakkuk who gave the one essential commandment; “tzaddik be’emunato yich’yeh”, literally translated, “the righteous, by his trust, shall live.” In the New Testament, (long before the compilation of the Talmud) the Apostle Paul had distilled the various commandments of the Torah to this same principle of faith. (See Romans 1:17., Galatians 3:11 and Hebrews 10:38.)

        This small phrase, “tzaddik be’emunato yich’yeh”, consisting of only three Hebrew words, is the central axis upon which our salvation turns, since it distils the requirement that we are justified by our faith in God’s righteousness, and not by any works of righteousness that we have done, (Titus 3:5.) Regarding the righteousness that comes by faith and its relationship to the works of the law, Paul says, “However, to the man who does not work but trusts God who justifies the wicked, his faith is credited as righteousness.” Romans 4:5.

        There are many false teachers at work in the world today, including many who teach error in the name of the “Messianic Movement”. These teachers invariably claim that something more is needed than simple faith in the truth of the Gospel message. The author of the book of Hebrews states; “The former regulation is set aside because it was weak and useless, (for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God.” Hebrews 7:18,19.
        He goes on to warn the reader……
        37 For in just a very little while, “He who is coming will come and will not delay.
        38 But my righteous one will live by faith. And if he shrinks back, I will not be pleased with him.”
        39 But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.

        Likewise the Apostle Paul warned believers again, to not be seduced with the demands of the law where he says;
        1 You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified.
        2 I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by observing the law, or by believing what you heard?
        3 Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?
        4 Have you suffered so much for nothing–if it really was for nothing?
        5 Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you because you observe the law, or because you believe what you heard? Galatians 3:1-5.

        I could continue here with paragraph after paragraph regarding this topic, however I suspect that I’ve probably written too much as it is. The information is available to all who would read and understand it. You once knew this knowledge in your heart.
        Be careful of seduction for satan no doubt is certainly crafty and very persuasive. I will hold fast to what I believe.

        Be Blessed

  20. Alienated
    When I say “obedience to the Word” this is Faith, and in no way a work. Sanctification is the “work” of the HS in us.

    Colossians 3:1ff
    1. If then you have been raised with Christ, SEEK the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God.
    2. Set your minds on things that are above , not on things on this earth.
    3. For you have died and your life is hidden with Christ in God.
    4. When Christ WHO IS YOUR LIFE appears, then you will also appear with him in glory.
    5. PUT TO DEATH THEREFORE WHAT IS EARTHLY IN YOU: sexual immorality, impurity,passion, evil desire, and covetousness, which is idolotry.
    7. In these you too once walked, when you were living in them.
    8. But now you must put THEM ALL AWAY: Anger, wrath malice, slander, and obscene talk from your mouth….
    14. and above all these, put on LOVE, which binds everything together in perfect harmony

    Galations 5:25ff
    25. If we live by the Spirit, let us also WALK by the spirit.
    26. let us not become conceited, provoking on another, envying one another.
    6:1 Brothers, if anyone is caught in any transgression, you who are spiritual should restore him in a spirit of gentleness. keeping watch on yourselves, lest you too be tempted.

    Hebrews 11:1-3
    1. Now Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
    2. For by it the people of Old received their commendation.
    3. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the WORD OF GOD, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible.

    Hebrews 12:4 In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.

    James 4:7 SUBMIT yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

    2 Peter 3:13 But according to his promise we are waiting for a new heavens and a new earth, IN WHICH RIGHTEOUSNESS DWELLS.
    14. Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace.

    1 John 2:7 ff Beloved I am writing to you no new commandment, but an old commandment that you had from the beginning. The old commandment is the WORD that you have heard. 8. At the same time it is a new commandment that I am writing to you, which is true in him and in you, because the darkness is passing away and the TRUE LIGHT is already shining. 9. whoever says he is in the light and hates his brother is still in darkness…..

    1 John 3:8,9 8. Whoever makes practice of sinning is of the devil, for the devil has been sinning from the beginning. THE REASON THE SON OF GOD APPEARED WAS TO DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL 9.No one born of God makes a practice of sinning, For God’s seed abides in him, and he cannot keep on sinning because he has been born of God.

    Do you agree that in the millenial Kingdom The Law will be written on our hearts? This will be accomplished by obedience to the Word of God, (aka faith), but it will not contradict the Law (Torah), They shall be one.!

    I have seen many people who have said they are in the light, but use the arguments you use above to commit acts of darkness. The law still tells us what sin is. But the Word of God tells us how to be righteous, for which there is no Law in the Torah. We should strive to be in the light of the Word, and not in the darkness of the Law. We should not just Love those who will return that love, but love our enemies. This is what Paul was trying to point out when he said those things of the Law which you quoted above. So to conclude, I agree with you on your above statements, but we are also called to pursue righteousness, which is beyond the scope of the Law. and it is this righteousness which we will be judged by here and now, but in the millenial kingdom, the law and righteousness will not contradict. It is a rather simple point I am trying to make.

  21. I am curious if the devil is bound for a 1000 years and has no power.
    Why do you need any law or rule of any kind? If the baby can play in the
    nest of the snake and Lion lay down with the Lamb does it not speak to
    you that there is no need for such. As the Lord will be with us and all wickedness is already cast down into boundage and you are the children
    of God.

    Those who are under the covenant of Jesus Christ, are not under the
    law. For faith in Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for our sins becoming the
    propitiation for us. He then fullfilled the law and we are not under the law. The children of God have received the gift of the Holy Ghost through repentance and with that the cleansing of their robes and made them spotless washed white as snow and therefore are made whole because
    Jesus Chrits fullfilled the law.

    If you want to go into bondage put yourself under the law, but if you are free men? Then you are not under the law. It is as if you are saying that Jesus Christ as a sacrifice was not enough? We accept the gift of his sacrife without payment, as he paid our ransome and we are his. Being his and part of his holiness in us via his spirit the Holy Ghost we regenerated as if we never sinned or failed in anything as requirements which were under the old law or the old covenenat. Jesus Christ paid it all, ours if to accept and in accepting we are kept.

    Try looking at the words regarding Peter and his issue when he ask Jesus
    to bid him to come and to walk upon the water. As long as Peter believed
    he failed not and as soon as he thought of being flesh again he failed.

    • Pattie
      The question you posed above regarding the Law in the Millenial reign is a very Good one, and a debate worth having. My Idea here is that we have the age of Law, the Age of the Word, Jesus, and then we will have the age of the two becoming one. This Explains why Israel will remain.

      I am in no way contradicting the notion of salvation by grace alone through faith alone, nor that it is a gift of God. What I am saying is that only the bride and the remnant will exist in the millenium. The righteous bride, and the Law.

  22. All of you are so blinded stiff necked by your knowledge it has perverted thee’ you all need to read Isaiah 47 for you who dwell in the ‘daughter’ of Babylon the United States and think of your own ways. And please don’t think that this is talking about the old Babylon for it was not destroyed it was taken over by the Assyrians today this juxtapose is speaking of now Isa.47vs.9 in one Day. For those of you who like demons this in Isaiah 47 you should really like in the scripture in Isa.47v.12, it talks about sorcery and enchantments. YHWH Bless you all.

    • cocodal,

      I find it a shame that you chose, and felt it necessary to attack the people that come to this site personally, rather than accept the fact that our belief system is different than yours. But really, what did you expect?
      You came to a Christian site where the participants are Christian.

      I told you in one of my initial posts to you, that nothing you could say would ever change our beliefs. I told you that we believe what we do, based upon our own individual experiences which have solidified this belief in our hearts. I also told you that we would willingly die for those beliefs.

      To us, you are stuck in the past, in the Old Covenant, believing God does not change, but not accepting that He is still, (while maintaining that truth of not changing), not limited at all in creating something better and new to redeem the world.
      I have prayed for you that He in His wisdom and grace, would open your eyes. However, He is not one to force Himself, you have your own free will.

      Though I don’t agree with your personal theology, I will not attack you in return for it. Instead I wish you shalom on your path.

      Be Blessed

      dru, I will answer you regarding your above response later. I have to re-read it again because I’m not sure that fully understand your point.

      • alienated, you may look at it as an attack but it is what YHWH says all through the book about those who does not do His law,and why would He tell us in the last book in Malachi 4v4 to remember to do the law retrieved by Moses from Him and all through the OT which the nt does not fulfill? Furthermore, and all religions say that, people who do the law are stuck in the past, this is a cop-out, knowing that the OT tells prophecies about the future the past and the present which all have historically either has happened, or will come to pass making this statement of yours false and doing the law still holds and right YHWH doesn’t change in Malachi3v6 this is why the law still stands. All of my post have been dedicated to a better and a change to redeem this world once again you are fabricating the truth otherwise in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26, also, Ezekiel 34 these are talking about the new kingdom, so I have not limited on this fact at all. I never expected much but it was a pleasure and worth it to share the Book of Remembrance to all. Praise YHWH, and YHWH Bless.

  23. Cocodol

    I have been doing some soul searching after reading your last response. I also have been studying the word and praying to the Lord.

    Is it possible that we speak English as our native natural tongue and you as a native tongue a different language. If so this could explain why we do not understand each other. If I might ask where are you from and what is your native language. If it is not English it would explain the differences.

    I am sorry to make you think that any are stiffed neck but when it appeared that you were saying that Ba’al was the son of God I was offended. I take the word of God vary seriously. I communicate with different Rabbis in various parts of the world, one being Israel and another being England and then in the USA out of Chicago. This does not make me better than anyone.
    I just want to try and understand Gods’ choosen children. Knowing them you communicate very differently then they.

    If I offended you, I apologize and have repented to the Lord for my response. Please if your anger should be directed to me, I pray that you will forgive us all. We love the Lord and I know I when it comes to the word forget to turn the other cheek as Jesus christ told us.

    I would say that more then 90 percent here speak English as their first language.

    But if that be not so with you then and if even not I repented of my response as God is my judge and he said to turn the other cheek when they do evil unto you.

    I thought you were someone else and even then if someone curses you, we are required according to the word of Jesus Christ to bless them and those who spitefully use us.

    If your native first language is not English it would explain the issue and why things seem to be written some what in wording backwards. I see this often with the first language being Spanish.

    So again forgive me not for my faith in the word of God or for my Jesus being Lord and savior but for not turning the other cheek.

  24. Beloved

    Some how I am receiving my messages slower than prior, must be the newer protective software in my internet provider. So I was not ignoring it I received it upon arriving home from church.

    I hope these words given us by the Lord will help your understanding during this time period.

    Revelaitons 20:2 He seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil, or satan and bound him a thousand years.

    Revelations 20:6 Blessed and holy are those who part in the first resurrection. The second death has not power over them, but they will
    be priest of God and of Christ and will reign with him a thousand years.

    Revelations 20:4 I saw throwns on which were seated those who had been given the authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony for Jesus and because of the word of God. They had not worshipped the beast or his image and had not received his mark on their forehead or their hands. They came to life and reigned with Christ a thousand years.

    Right here it tells you in 20:4 that they had no mark of the beast upon them.
    They are pretribulation saints or saints who washed their robes in his blood during the tribulation not taking his mark.

    There is no sin and no need for sin offerings or any other thing. Other then the rest that God is given his children after the battle.

  25. Pattie
    those were among the verses which I was going to use for the arguement.

    I will begin with Scripture: I will Highlight the key words or phrases in capital letters. This is part 1

    Rev. 6:9-11 “When he opened the fifth seal, I saw under the alter the SOULS OF THOSE WHO HAD BEEN SLAIN FOR THE WORD OF GOD AND FOR THE WITNESS THEY HAD BORNE. 10. They cried out with a loud Voice, “o sovereign Lord, Holy and true, How long before you will judge and avenge our bloodon those WHO DWELL ON THE EARTH?’ 11. Then they were each Given a WHITE ROBE and told to REST A LITTLE LONGER, Until the NUMBER of their FELLOW SERVANTS AND THEIR BROTHERS should be complete, Who were to be KILLED AS THEY THEMSELVES WERE KILLED.”

    Rev. 7:3-4 Regarding the 144000 from every tribe of Israel are Called “The servents of our God” They are the ones who are sealed, with the seal of the living God.

    Rev. 19:7-8 ” ‘Let us rejoice and exult and give him the Glory, for the MARRIAGE of the LAMB has come And THE BRIDE HAS MADE HERSELF READY; It was granted her to clothe herself with FINE LINEN, BRIGHT AND PURE’- 8.FOR THE FINE LINEN IS THE RIGHTEOUS DEEDS OF THE SAINTS.

    MacArthur note on rev.19:8 ‘righteous deeds of the saints’- Not Christ’s imputed righteousness granted to believers at salvation, but the practical result of that righteousness in believers’ lives. i.e. The outward manifestation of inward virtue

    Rev. 19:9 “And the angel said to me, write this: Blessed are those who are INVITED TO THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE LAMB.”

    MacArthur Note on verse 19:9 Is in agreement that those invited are not the bride. Who they are he differs from my argument.

    Rev. 20:4-6 Then I saw thrones , and seated on them were those to whom the authority to Judge was commited. (Speculation on this group is not known) Also I saw the the SOULS OF THOSE WHO HAD BEEN BEHEADED FOR THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS and FOR THE WORD OF GOD and THOSE WHO HAD NOT WORSHIPPED THE BEAST OR ITS IMAGE and HAD NOT RECEIVED ITS MARK ON THEIR FOREHEAD or their hends. THEY CAME TO LIFE and REIGNED WITH CHRIST FOR A THOUSAND YEARS 5. The rest of the DEAD did not come to life until the thousand years were ended. This is the first resurrection. 6. Blessed and HOLY is the one who shares in the first resurrection! Over such The second death has no power, but they will be PRIESTS OF GOD and OF CHRIST, and they will reign with him athousand years.”

    I Corinthians 15:50-53 “I tell you this brothers: FLESH AND BLOOD CANNOT inherit the Kingdom of God, Nor does the Perishable inherit the Imperishable. 51. Behold I tell you a mystery. WE SHALL NOT ALL SLEEP, but WE SHALL ALL BE CHANGED, 52. In a MOMENT in the twinkling of an eye at the last trumpet. for the trumpet will sound, and the DEAD WILL BE RAISED IMPERISHABLE, and we (Who are alive) shall be changed. 53. For the perishable body must put on the imperishable, and this mortal body must put on immortality.”

    Epphesians 5:31-32 “Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh. 32. THIS MYSTERY IS PROFOUND, and I AM SAYING that it refers to CHrist and the Church.”

    Matt 24:12 “And because LAWLESSNESS will be increased, The love of many will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”

    verse 46 “Blessed is the servent whom his master will find so doing (Being ready) when he comes

    25:40 And the king will answer them, truly , I say to you, as you DID it to one of the least of these my brothers, YOU DID IT TO ME.”

    Colossians 3:3-6 For you have DIED, and your life is HIDDEN WITH CHRIST in GOD. When Christ who is your life appears, THEN YOU ALSO WILL APPEAR with him in glory. PUT TO DEATH THEREFORE WHAT IS EARTHLY IN YOU….ON ACCOUNT OF THESE THE WRATH OF GOD IS COMING.

    Galations 3:21ff Is the Law then contrary to the promises of God? certainly not! For if the law had been given that could give life, then righteousness would indeed be by the law. But the scripture imprisoned everything under sin, so that the promise by faith in Jesus Christ might be given to those who believed

    James 4:7,10 SUBMIT YOURSELVES therefore to God. RESIST THE DEVIL and he will flee from you. 10. Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will exalt you.

    Hosea 3:4-5 ” and the children of Israel shall dwell many years without king or prince, without sacrifice or pillar, without ephod or household gods. Afterward the children of Israel shall return and seek the Lord their God, and David their king, and they shall come in fear to the Lord and to his goodness in the latter days.” 14:4 I will heal their (ISRAEL’s) apostacy; I will love them freely, for my anger has turned away from them.

    I will continue later…

    • Pattie
      This is part two of my post above.

      In Revalation 6:9, we are introduced to the “Bride of the Lamb”. except there is one group which is missing from this description, These are the ones that complete the number (6:11). Those are the ones that Did not receive the mark of the beast or worship him (20:4).
      How is it that the saints mentioned in revalation 6, can be equated with the bride described in revalation 19? By the fact that each were given “white robes” or “fine linen bright and pure” indicative of their righteousness.

      I unify these three groups in a simple logic statement: If A (Fifth seal saints) =B (Bride as described in rev. 19) and A = C (rev.20 group), Therefore B=C

      If my assumptions are correct, (That is what they are), Then any of the descriptions used in any of the groups would fit the group as a whole.

      1.For example: In group A all the members were slain, and in group C all the Members “came to life”, thus were killed at some point in time. That means that those who were part of the bride were also those who were killed in their righteousness. Hence the title “Saints”. The question here is; Is this a physical death or another form of death? (see colossians 3:3-6) We Christians are to be dead already and hidden, we must put to death all that is “earthly in us”. This is the sanctification that comes when we walk In the Spirit. The “things of this earth will grow strangely dim” as the old Hymn puts it. When we put to death the fleshly desires of this world, is when we become part of the bride.

      2. If you agree with the argument up to this point, The next question should be what are the “earthly desires in us”? You can find lists of these throughout the bible, but some that come to mind are hatred, sexual immorality, covetousness, greed, anger, malice, etc. All of these fleshly desires have their counterpart in the Law of Moses, as was outlined by Christ in the sermon on the mount. If you look on a women (Or man) with lustful intent, you have committed adultery. Or if you are angry with your brother you have commited murder. etc. These are all our selfish earthly desires, which we attempt to fulfill. How many times have we gotten angry with someone, and it makes us “feel” better? (I am raising my hand now) From this line of thinking, the Law is in full effect, as it shows us our sin, Not just outward sin but sins of the heart. Thus as paul says in Galations the Law is not contrary to the promises of God, but it was designed not to give “life”, but to bring “death”. As was clear in the sermon on the mount, obedience to Law was not equated with righteousness. It is only through Obedience to the “Word of God” or Jesus, the “Word made flesh”, that we are able to put to death the desires of the flesh. It has nothing to do with us, as the more we try to obey the law (our work, legalism) the more we are incapable of obedience to it. Just as i pointed out to Alienated in an earlier comment, Obedience to the Law, in this earthly life, though beneficial in our relations with others, is incapable of dealing with our Earthly desires. Those that are denying the importence of the Law, however, are usually those who are hiding some of these Earthly desires in them.

      The Law thus leads us to conclude whether a person is Good or evil, But obedience to the Word of God, or lack there of, leads us to Righteousness, or wickedness (AKA Lawlessness). You must be aware of the difference between the two opposites. As we approach these end times, the lawlessness will increase, and the LOVE of many will grow cold. (Matt 24:12) Righteousness is akin to putting to death the desires of the flesh, And submitting to Jesus, while Lawlessness dwells in the desires of the flesh, and feeds them while “looking good” on the outside. In adverse situations and tribulation, the wickedness is exposed, The sheep are separated from the Goats, Brother will turn against brother and Many will say “Lord Lord, did we not prophecy in your name”And Jesus will say “depart from me you workers of LAWLESSNESS.” (Matt. 7:21-23) Does our righteousness exceed that of the Pharisees? Do we Know the Lord? Are we as the bride willing to submit to our groom?

      In the Words of Malachi, “Then once more you shall be able to see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between the one who serves God and the one who does not.” (3:18)

      If there is no Law, We would not know death, Without death, we cannot be amongst the Bride, we will not be ready when he comes. “Remember the Law of Moses”. The bride Must submit.

  26. Dear Beloved

    Not sure what your arguement is in the last writing, so I went back to your comments again.. Israel will remain because it is the natural figtree, some of its branches will be restored. Branches restored will be those named in Revelation where it speaks of the 144,000 Jews being sealed in thereforehead.

    God was angry with his choosen people the Jews. They were following after ba’al and his love interest the supposed godess of fertility and they were killing their children as a sacrfice to them. This made the Lord angryt He was bitterly angered by the hatred that the eygptians displayed toward them, he said to the point that they even laied heavy yokes upon the elderly. So he gave them over to the egyptians who also were into ba’al worship and witchcrafts of rebellion.

    In other words he lifted the hedge off of the blessed nation and he permitted them to be cursed. Ba’al is the wicked. make no mistake he is cruel and evil to all who belong to God. Look at what he did to Job, he is not as our God full of love and always willing to forgive and accept back, giving us the comforter in the new testament and in the old testament identified it the rod and his staff.

    To know about the covenant keeping, examine who God is, he does not lie, he is full of love, he can make no mistake, his promises are for ever and he fullfills all words unless it is were he repents because he judges his own wrath to be to severe. He had judged that he will cut the tribulation period from the 7 year to 3.5 or no one would remain. Knowing these things you know he keeps his convenant.

    The Natrual and the wild figtrees are both represented in the kingdom of Heaven foretold of in the new Testament. But also the natural figtree will have to accept Jesus Christ who is the chief cornerstone and they will. When they do and they come to the conclusion that our Jesus christ who they killed was the Messiah (Yeshua Ha’ Masheia), I am sure they will be saddened but the Lord who is Jesus Christ will forgive him as his love surpasses his suffering for his love toward us.

    Again I state the same thing having the Jews and Gentiles who are sanctified and spirit filled there will be no law. Santan who cometh but to kills steal and destroy, who was a murder from the beginning is bound and he can do absolutely nothing. He was the tempter and with him removed why is there need for law? Law is for the lawless not the law abider.

    Hope this helps if you need the scriptures let me know as I just wrote this out of my head but it is scripture and I felt from your other writings that you know this.

    Revelations 7:3-4 I read the scripture that the total of 144,000 being 12,000 from each tribe named are sealed in the forehead and then again in 7:3 where it speaks of the bond servants. At the end of the scripture it is evident that the number saved is inumerable, and based on the foregoing is made up of both Jews and Gentiles.

    If you are the temple of God because the Holy Ghost dwell in you and there is not tempter why do we need law. The law period was done away with when Jesus Christ became our sacrifice for our sins, as his death for our sins he became the end of the law. He who carries the spirit of the living Christ with in him has desire to do all righteous things without the law . Jesus christ was perfect his blood atoned for mankinds sins as a gift with the acknowledgement and receipt of him through repentance.

    The item you speak of in the Kolbrin bible, Do you know what the item is?
    Do you like the Kolbrin bible and have you found it to compare with the KJV.

  27. Beloved

    I have a question for you. Do you know anything about the background of this book called a bible “Kolbrin”? What are your fundamental believes?
    Are you a Christian?

    I don’t think you should be fooling around with a bible inspired by anyone other then God. God is a jealous God. I am just wondering who was suppose to have written a bible that was supposedly from the egytians?
    We are not to look at certain things, nor are we to become or get involved with certain peoples not to take up their ways.

    Are you Jewish? I sensed that you were but then I am wondering the intrest? You know God was against them because of their practices of the occult. Also to save the Jewish children, he drawed many of them and he killed their children when he wouldn’t let Gods people go.

    Based on my strong belief in God and my love for him as Lord and Savior and King of Kings I feel it is best that I not respond further.

    • Pattie
      I did not quote the Koldrin Bible. I have never heard of it, till this post.
      I Did quote John MacArthur, and his comments in his study bible.

      Yes I am a Christian, I am kind of shocked you asked this question. I am “Dru” as you may know me from previous comments. None of what i am saying here contradicts salvation by grace alone through faith alone, which is the gift of God. Salvation is not based on our works.

      I will post part two to my argument which will tie all of these verses together to make my point later tonight. Then you can “judge” my argument accordingly.


      Remember, the topic at hand is “will the law exist in the millenial kingdom of Christ.”

  28. Dru

    I see you must have developed a pet name for me? I did not know that you had a new name/handle. I guess with my husbands passing and God keeping me in his peace and joy state I missed it.

    It seems there is wool picking sometimes when it is really not such. So I apologize, I do know that you are a beliver in God and in his word and that whatever is going on here is a soul searching toward truth.

    I must be honest. I wrote on the other Bible study about islam that I did not agree with the fact that the seals were directed to a time line up. That writer was suppose to write me back but I never heard from them. I some how thought “beloved” might be the writer.

    Some times when you believe and another you know here is a believer. You might not be so critical of the believer’s writing or pay as close attention to the writing. I this past 2 months have moments when it seems that my memory is not as sharp as normal. I am certain it is by Gods’ design to spare my heart of sorrow. So please don’t be angry with me and I ask for your patiences and prayers.

    You know when I respond, I want to respond knowing that the response we give to a non or new in Christ believer is a responsible positions God lays on all believers.

    So if one is an annouced known believer and they determine that they can study or read things like the Koldrin book. Then I don’ need to correct them but instead wait to see if things that are outside of Gods believers behavior
    occur. I have watched Christians think that they can handle all the material on occult and it not harm them but this is not always true, the walk of the person and his relationship of God can only dictate the outcome.

    I take things and handle my response in the like manner as above. So if you play with poisonous things and then find out you are not prayed up or were not spiritually ready to handle such, then your blood for doing such is on your own head and hands.

    My desire is to do the things that are pleasing to God and some times the response does not please man.

    When I hear people asking questions without the desire to hear a true response of God it tells the story. If you write and they don’t answer but give you more dribble there is another thing occuring. I pray that I don’t give my time to the enemy in any way but God said when evil is done to you and you are slapped on one cheek give them another. But I believe we at all times are to respect the word of God as God.

    So again if you are a teacher or a preacher then God tells those charged to feed his sheep and we have to hope that all of these things are being directed by God. As he is the one who will judge us and give reward.

    I now knowing it is you, suspect you are planning a conclusion to the scriptures above to give this valued input to new belivers coming here to study and to learn, right?

    Again Dru, sorry to have offended you. I hope I expressed myself in away that I have not offended anyone. Thank you for letting me know that you are beloved. So be loved in Jesus Christ who loves you.


    • Pattie
      I left part 2 of my response to the bible verses above.
      No offense was taken, I should have been clearer on the name change.

  29. Cocodol,

    From one of your own;

    Two Messiahs or One?

    “Does the Tanakh give evidence of two Mashiachs or one? Is it possible that the portrayal of the Mashiach as riding a donkey, lowly and humble (Zechariah 9:9) and the portrayal as one coming in great triumph “in the clouds” (Daniel 7:13) refer to the same person? Could it be that one Mashiach would come twice: first as ben Yosef to atone for the sins of Israel and the nations (the Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53), and second as ben David to bring judgment upon the unjust and to ‘restore the kingdom back to Israel’?

    Yeshua as ben Yosef indeed came first and suffered and died for the sake of Israel (and the nations) in the war against ultimate evil. Moreover, after his death, great calamity and tribulation indeed broke out in Israel, as the Second Temple was destroyed and the nation was forced into the long period of galut (exile). In fact, ever since he was pierced for Israel, no Temple has ever stood on Moriah, the place where he was offered up to make atonement for their sins.

    Yet Yeshua as ben David will completely fulfill the Messianic expectation as espoused by Rambam and the other Jewish sages. He will come again to restore the Bet Hamikdash (Temple) and set up his kingdom upon the earth. Moreover, he will unite all the goyim (nations) in peace, raise the dead (techiyat hametim), and set up his throne in Jerusalem. In that day, ‘the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea’ (Habakkuk 2:14).

    As Jewish Believers, we believe that Yeshua is both Mashiach Ben Yosef (the suffering servant – at His first coming) and Mashiach Ben David (the reigning King – at His second coming) [see Isaiah 52:13-15 – 53:12, Psalm 22]). He is also the Anointed Prophet, Priest, and King as foreshadowed by other m’shichim in the Tanakh. Like so many other prophecies given in the Scriptures, the prophecies concerning the Mashiach are “dual aspect” – with both a near and a far meaning, an “already but not-yet” fulfillment.

    David Brown writes:

    It is very common for Jewish objectors to point that “Jesus has not fulfilled all the prophecies,” and to scorn the suggestion that some prophecies are for a later time and are to be fulfilled at the “second coming.” The fact is, however, that prophecies about Messiah are of two seemingly mutually-exclusive types, as though they were talking about two different Messiahs. Jewish scholarship refers to Messiah ben-David and Messiah ben-Yosef. One is the positive, victorious Messiah who ushers in a kingdom of peace, the other is a suffering servant (as in Isaiah 53). The popular tendency is to think only of ben-David and ignore ben-Yosef, but the Messianic/Christian view accounts for both in one person. Interestingly, these two prophetic strains are named for David and Joseph, both of which suffered first and emerged victorious in the end. Joseph is introduced to us with dreams of grandeur, but he was lost to Israel – actually considered dead – before his dreams came true. Eventually however, he had a “second coming” when he came back into the lives of his brothers who once rejected him. Then they bowed down to him and he became the savior of his people by providing for them in a time of famine. David also, though anointed as King in his youth as far as God was concerned, was rejected by the current King and lived as a fugitive for many years before he finally became the quintessential King of Israel. Both of these historic figures, which Jewish tradition has recognized as being prototypes of Messiah, arrive amid promises, are pushed down, and finally emerge in glory. Shouldn’t the ultimate Messiah follow the same pattern?”

    May YHWH give you understanding

    • ashupert2, you do know for example that Daniel’s visions represents the actual occurrences of real people being prophesied as in ‘the little horn’ this is Augustus Caesar and the beast with the ten horns are the different governmental rulers from different eras and times and yes the spirit of YHWH is working with this whole vision to its reality from the past until now His spirit is doing it all, and He’s weeding out the righteous from the wicked and His saints of the most High shall take the kingdom forever. Oh and Son of man is the servant His elect from the seed of David ‘clouds of heaven’ is the spirit of YHWH as in Cyrus the Great had too from YHWH; that will take the dominion from these beast (metaphor)for the leaders,and rulers etc.this is for an appointed time YHWH says. Yes Yes YHWH is King.

    • ashupert2, I asked of you once before not to portray me as being simple and I did ask nicely, that time t, and no I’m not angry. For I realize that in your ethnic culture of women they are submissive, but Hebrew Israelite women are just well we don’t take no stuff for example; did you notice that esau and Jacob both cooked?, esau the savory meat, and Jacob the pottery stew, ok so that lets you know the men cooked too that’s Hebrew. Alright, lets begin now first I have no idea why you keep saying that I think that YHWH stopped talking to people after Malaki; for one thing YHWH does all things everything we do we think is allowed by YHWH depending on our hearts that is why its called ‘freewill’ and nothing is done without Him everyday. Do I need to remind you of the scripture Isaiah 45v7 He does it ALL for there is no hiding from Him so of course He knows us now and does what He does and sees ALL now before we do. Next what is this veiled secretcy thing you are speaking of is that in the scriptures?, for in Amos 3v7 and Isaiah 45v19 our Father is righteous; is that word ‘right’ too hard for you and your understandings? YHWH tells us He has NO SECRETS from us and in Isaiah 42v9, YHWH says if there is something new He will tell us. I am beginning to see that you do not seem to trust the Father YHWH humm.. does the word right turn into might with you? Then in Genesis 22 this is what I was speaking to you about in the other post of ‘transliterations’ not ‘translations’ for this it needs a translation for here in vs.12 this has been transposed to cover what was really being said for YHWH already knows how faithful Abraham is so why would He say “I know that thou fearest YHWH” not true, what YHWH said is “now I know that Yitzak fearest YHWH the child had to know this, and then we go to Deut.5 this again is a transliteration for what was here in Hebrew was “thou shall put ‘nothing’ before me etc.’ which goes back to Isaac the son of Avraham learning that never to put anything before YHWH. This is the only veilness that I have been told about the hidden cover up to delude the masses, but this confirms also how I know that YHWH does speak to us these days too for as I said to you before that I do know of a messenger a Ben Yisrael. Moving along this thing about blood sacrifices you seem to be very fixated on them even knowing that they were suspended for people doing as the christians do, and that is they keep doing wrong but then think they can repent again and again so YHWH stopped the sacrifices for that in Malaki 1v6-14 and Isaiah 66 preferably vs.3. We cannot keep doing wrong and then expect the blessings from YHWH. Also, sacrifices had many purposes and reasons of doing them you talk as if they were only for sin there were sacrifices for praises, peace offerings, trespass offerings, guilt offerings, priest portions, the anointed feast I mean this is what the tabernacles are for to maintain the order and righteousness of living a righteous life as in Leviticus the moral laws chapters 15-20 if these were honored today those Catholic priest would not be going down for insest, this is why YHWH tells us to Do The Law, and He will not change that for look at the world now that the NT changed everything its in a tumult. So again I say to you where does it say this about this entity dying for our sins it just does not prophesied this, and YHWH has no secrets from us, and in Isaiah 43v25-28 and in Isaiah 44v21-28 our sins have been blotted out and forgotten and we have been redeemed YHWH only ask for us to turn back unto Him until then we will be under the sword Jeremiah 25, for not doing the LAW. Therefore I pray that you realize this truth. YHWH Bless and Praise the Father YHWH.

      • Cocodol
        If I might interject in your conversation with Ashupert.
        You Asked; “Where does it say this about this entity dying for our sins?”

        My answer to this is Isaiah 52:13-53:12. This “servent” in this passage is a reference to Jesus. Messiah, As the suffering servant.

        I will Quote it starting at verse 53:5, and highlight in capitals the answer to your question.

        “5. But he was wounded FOR OUR TRANGRESSIONS, he was BRUISED FOR OUR INIQUITIES; UPON HIM was the CHASTISEMENT that brought us peace, and with his STRIPES we are healed.
        6.ALL WE like sheep have gone astray; WE have turned, EVERYONE, to his own way; and the Lord (Yahweh) has LAID ON HIM (servant) the INIQUITY OF US ALL.
        7. HE was OPPRESSED, and he was AFFLICTED, yet he opened not his mouth; LIKE A LAMB THAT IS LED TO SLAUGHTER, AND LIKE A SHEEP THAT BEFORE ITS SHEARER IS SILENT, so he opened not his MOUTH.
        8. By oppression and Judgement he was taken away and as for his generation, who considered that he WAS CUT OFF OUT OF THE LAND OF THE LIVING, STRICKEN FOR THE TRANGRESSIONS OF MY PEOPLE?
        9. And they made His grave with the wicked, and with the rich man in his death, ALTHOUGH HE HAD DONE NO VIOLENCE, AND THERE WAS NO DECEIT IN HIS MOUTH.
        10. YET IT WAS THE WILL OF THE LORD (Yahweh) TO CRUSH HIM; he was put to grief; When his SOUL MAKES AN OFFERING FOR GUILT, he shall see his offspring; he shall prolong his days; the will OF THE LORD SHALL PROSPER IN HIS HAND
        12. Therefore I will divide him a portion with the many, and he shall divide the spoil with the strong, BECAUSE HE POURED OUT HI SOUL TO DEATH AND WAS NUMBERED WITH THE TRANSGRESSORS; yet HE BORE THE SIN OF MANY, and MAKES INTERCESSION FOR THE TRANGRESSORS.”

        Now really, Cocodol, You do not see Jesus in that passage? EVERY WORD OF IT WAS FULFILLED IN HIM. He is called the “Righteous one” in verse 11. Yet Psalm 14:3 “there is none righteous, not even one”. This means, that this “Suffering servant” was divine (the WORD/VOICE OF YAHWEH), or that there is a contradiction in the “book of remembrence” as you call it. We choose to believe the first option.

        • Beloved, we have had this conversation before, and these scriptures are not about jc it is about the servant the elect ‘Israel’ the chosen people from which the ‘seed’ of David will be raised from. These chosen people ‘Isreal’ who have a covenant with YHWH is who He chooses to bring forth His Branch and His Arm from the ‘seed’ of David, with the ‘seed’ of Zadok and the ‘seed’ of the Levites in Jeremiah 23 and 33 and will be as in Daniel 7v13 with the clouds of heaven ‘YHWH’s spirit’ when they take the dominion over the “beast’ the ten horns, leaders, rulers kings that are in the dominion now over the earth, etc., and bring them down. As shown before, the servant that will be raised from David does not sound like jc for in 53v10, it tells you that first he has to find his seed, then it says that he shall ‘prolong’ his days and this is not what those of you have said about jc, now don’t go back on your own words, and what is written in the nt it says that jc will be resurrected, he already knows who he is and has never had to find out who he is then rose from the dead then went to heaven then comes back and live forever ‘eternity’ this does not say that in 53v10, and none of the other scriptures are talking about jc in adddition even the name jc isn’t there for it to be YHWH’s son which this too has never been said only the ‘son of man,’ is said through the OT other than in Exodus 4v22,23, and many prophets and servants even the angels are named. It seems that those of you who ‘believe’ this, are not realizing that the words, (he,him, servant and elect) is in its plural tense when it is referring to the chosen people of ‘Israel’, and then YHWH distinguishes from them which family seed will come from Israel the chosen; so far it is David, Zadok, Levite, I think it was Nathan too but definately the first three. When YHWH talks about the servant in singular tense when the servant is chosen, then He is telling us about him when the servant finds his ‘seed’ how YHWH will magnify him in Isaiah 52v13,15, to do the work of YHWH as in Isaiah 49v 5,6 these are future prophecies, and the servant is now talking at this point he knows who he is he has found his seed. And in Isaiah 52v14 and 53 of the suffering of the servant, you tell me who has had more suffering than the chosen people of the covenant Israel first when the Pharaoh would not let ‘Israel’ go then scatter to strange nations to serve them of the 10 lost tribes of YHWH even until this day here in the US, Palestine, Lebanon and other nations the four corners of the earth, from being under the curse from disobedience against YHWH in Lamentations, scattered to the nations to be abused used beaten killed, and called bywords and proverbs in Deuteronomy 28, put on ships to then be in bondage of slavery, and hated severely all over the earth. This does not sound like jc.This denial I believe is coming from many thinking that YHWH is only speaking highly of his chosen people, but this is not true in many scriptures YHWH acknowledges the other nations all the time as in Isaiah 52v10 as in Isaiah 54v3-17, YHWH is speaking in plural for his people of Israel, and the gentiles and other nations, and pouring his heart out to us all of the future for us a new kingdom that will be of righteousness and peace.

          • Cocodol
            His “seed” described in chapter 10, are those who accept his testimony, and become sons and heirs with Jesus.
            “prolong his days” is a reference to the resurrection.
            When is it that Israel has been called on to suffer as an innocent Lamb, for the sins? Or if none is righteous, how is Israel called the righteous one? You accept this contradiction then?

            • Beloved, you have misconstrued this scripture entirely, Isaiah 52 and 53 are future prophecies in the making from YHWH for it does read: keyword ‘when’ thou shall make his soul an offering for sin, meaning the servant is constantly praying for the iniquities of all who died and are still dying for being under the curse for their punishment of their transgression against YHWH unless we turn around to obey His law in Deut.30v2, meaning this is happening now the servant is constantly praying for all, keyword ‘now’ he does see his seed, keyword ‘an extension but will eventually die’ meaning he shall prolong his days. The resurrection is when those who become illuminated to know YHWH to come to His truth and seek Him. Also, confirming this in Isaiah 53 vs.1, YHWH is saying keyword ‘WHO’ hath believed our report? keyword ‘whom’ is the arm of YHWH revealed? This means that YHWH has chosen the seed of David who is already raised, it is YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, as in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-16, and then YHWH goes on to tell us in 53vs.2-12, other than in the vs.9 these are those the innocent that never did violence or deceit but who have died and the servant prays for, and also in vs.12 this is the servant pouring out his soul, meaning talking consistently about YHWH and His statues and ordinances until his death to bring many back to YHWH, then it continues on of the servants description, and then again in vs. 12 where YHWH says ‘.Therefore will I divide him a portion with the great etc., this is when the elite will come to serve YHWH and bring the spoils to be divided by the servant with the strong, next when YHWH says ‘he was numbered with the transgressors by YHWH; and he bare the sin of many, and made intercession ‘found his seed’ for the transgressors’ this mean that the servant once did wrong himself, but has completely turned around and is now ‘baring’ the truth to those who are still doing wrong or are mislead or who may not have ever known YHWH or seeking YHWH, So how can those of you just say that it is jc even YHWH is saying the servant the seed of David has already been raised and is bringing people to YHWH that is why YHWH says ‘who,and whom’ believe our report?, and is the arm revealed? How can those saying jc can just tell YHWH who its going to be when this servant has to acknowledge the report the arm of YHWH and His law the statues and ordinance and judgements of YHWH for His glory He does not give to anyone so all ‘have’ to come back to YHWH this is not happening with jc. Also I never said that Israel was the sacrifice for sin; I said that Israel the son and firstborn of YHWH in Exodus 4v22,23, are the chosen people that the seed of David will be raised from this is the covenant of YHWH with Abram, Isaac and Jacob, and this is why you cannot make up how mary was a seed and remember the nt says mary did not lay or conceive with Joseph nor can you equate an adoption with the true covenant this has never been heard of maybe in jewish law but not in Hebrew law, and in the nt they change things around a lot and just as you said that there were two Jacobs this also has never been heard of no wonder jc was rejected all these new made up circumstances ‘red flag’ but today in the 4th kingdom jc is as prophesied in Daniel 11v36-39 he with the strong holds with a ‘strange god’ shall be increased with glory, and remember YHWH says He will not give His glory to no one said YHWH, in Isaiah 42v8. Beloved it seems that you have a true calling. YHWH Bless and Praise YHWH.

              • Cocodol
                I am sorry, but that last argument was weeker than the one about there being two Jacobs in Jesus’ geneology therefore a contradiction.
                1. Show me in those verses where the “servant is praying for the iniquities of all who died”? Or did you make that up?
                2. As for the question “who has believed”, This is to be read in the context of the next few verses, which answer WHY it would be hard to believe that this servant is the Messiah. “For he grew up before him like a young plant and like a root out of dry ground; He had no form or majesty that we should look at him, and no beauty that we should desire him. He was despised and rejected by men; a Man of sorrows and acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces, He was despised and we esteemed him not.” (verses 2-3)
                3. This “servant” is called the “righteous one” in verse 11. It says, “The righteous One, MY SERVANT” From the context of the speaker, Yahweh, who is the “MY” in that statement, Therefore the righteous one is a reference to the servant. This is simple grammer here that you are twisting.
                4. The fact that you bring up that Yahweh will not give his glory to another, is proof that Jesus was “The WORD made flesh.” Who could believe such a thing? (As verse 1 states.) We Who hold to the testimony of Jesus do, that is who!

                Now I have to admit, no one likes to admit that they are wrong. This is the sin of Adam, and the sin of Israel, for they have, in their pride rejected this servant, who had no appearence of majesty, Yet he was chosen of Yahweh. Just as Yahweh chose Jacob, the younger over Esau the older, and how he chose the tribe of Judah as opposed to the larger Ephraim, Just as he chose David, the youngest child, and a shepherd (The dirtiest of all professions of that day), Or how he chose the Israelites to be his people, rather than any of the other “superpowers” of their day. As you can tell, there is a pattern here. Yahweh chooses those who are Humble, and not those who are exalted, to do his will. Jeus, Who being one with God, Humbled himself, and took on the form of Man (flesh and blood), even to suffer for the sins by dying on the cross by way of crucifiction, the most horific way to die. Imagine that: “Who could believe such a thing?” You see, with this act, the Magnificent Love of Yahweh for Us, the least deserving, is revealed! And Yahweh IS LOVE.

                May he reveal that Love to you as well.

                • Beloved, that is strange but what you are saying about YHWH choosing those who are comely is exactly what you need to understand for the way jc has been portrayed none of this fits this character in Isa.53 this servant is not known and many knew jc even at birth he was known according to his story saying that he taught as a child at 12. This is not describing the servant in Isa53 a root in the dry ground means he had no knowledge of YHWH yet. If you would read closely you will see the proof in vs.10 where it says ‘when thou shall make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed.’ This offering is the prayer and giving the word of YHWH constantly pouring out his soul, and prayer for the innocent who had no deceit or violence in their lives that died innocent and ones who are no longer here too, the offering for sin and for those in darkness to come to light and back to YHWH to do his Ways the ordinances as in Isaiah 5v24 is stated by YHWH otherwise deal with His anger in 5vs.25 which we are doing we are under His wrath. As far as the righteous one yes after in Isa.53 it says that he was numbered by the transgressions of many baring the sins of many this means he did wrong before he knew his seed and yes NOW he’s righteous for he turned himself around this is YHWH working with the one you’d lest expect that is what find his seed mean and the offer for sin mean. YHWH not giving up His glory to no one does not prove the word was flesh with jc now this sounds made up for if YHWH is not giving His glory that is what it is there is no fabricating here and no fact that He stated that He will, no proof in the OT at all about jc of this dying and coming back in the OT. And a horrific way to die my dear is being tied to a truck and pulled until you body breaks apart and your head rolls off and to have your private parts cut off at 12 and stuffed in your mouth and all your limbs cut off for saying to a so called white woman Gentil that she was prettey mind you that these people and many of their statue all over the earth are persecuted and hated daily until this day now that is suffering Isaiah 3v14,15. Also I never ‘believe’ I know. Admiting to be wrong is not a chore for me what about yourself? YHWH Bless.

                • Beloved, funny but the two Jacobs is what YOU brought up this was your explanatin of it being two Jacobs begat by two different fathers not mine. If you recall I said to you that this has not ever been heard of but..that there were in the history and the prophecy of the OT two Yoshuas one with Moses and one is a high priest this is what I said or maybe you wanted to avoid this because it is true. Also, where is this verse 1 testomony of jc is it in or prophesied by YHWH in the OT?, for who could ‘believe’ in something or such a thing that is ‘NOT’ prophesied by YHWH should be your question for where is His honor and His praise as spoken by YHWH in Jeremiah 16v11,12, for not hearkening unto (Him), not jc, or His law until this day being mislead by false priest and prophets. YHWH Bless.

                  • Cocodol
                    I suggest you read the geneology. it makes perfect sense. There is the Jacob, for whom Israel is named, and then there is a Jacob who was Jesus’ “grandfather”. It is not even a point worth arguing.

                    Let us try a different approach here.
                    A.You Say: “Yahweh never changes”
                    B.Christians say: “Yahweh never changes”
                    A.You acknowledge the Triune Godhead, which was present at creation, The Father, The Word, and the Spirit of Yahweh.
                    B.Christians Acknowledge the triune Godhead, The Father, the Son (The Word become flesh), and the Holy Spirit.
                    A.You believe Yahweh reveals Himself to us over the course of time, Just as he was revealed to Moses, with the giving of the commandments. This revalation does not mean that Yahweh has changed, only your understanding of him has grown.
                    B. Christians Believe that Yahweh Reveals more of himself to us, which is what he did Through Jesus, (The Word Made flesh) He was a suffering servent, Just as The prophets, and all who did the will of Yahweh were. This revalation does not mean that Yahweh has changed, only our understanding of him has grown.
                    A. You say obedience to the Law “prolongs life”
                    B. Christians say Obedience to the Law has physical benefits that prolong our physical life.

                    You see, we are more in agreement, than in disagreement.

                    I will ask you a question, And hope that you will carefully consider it.
                    Malachi 3:18 states “Then once more you shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, between one who serves God and one who does not serve him.” If Your people have held to the Law, and understand it, how is it that your people are unaware of this distinction, so that it may be revealed someday in the future? Please consider this in light of Habakkuk 2:2-5

                    God bless.

                    • Beloved, from the second B. down is where you loose the truth for it all depends on which deity you are speaking of. You are aware that in all of the kJV book the so called OT that we use today are not showing the true name of the Creator YHWH it was removed over 6800 times so in the case of christians one must distinquish who are you calling God jc or the Father YHWH because there is no two entities and there is no prophecy written in the book to show substantiation to this jc/yeshua none. All through the so called OT YHWH says to come back unto Him Malaki 3v7, and do the Law and this consist of the Sabbath, the Commandments and the Passover of the chosen Israel coming out of Egypt at evening Exodus 12. And to honor Dietary of Deut. 14 and Levticus 11 for all peoples of the world. So, if christians are doing these laws ordinances and judgments then yes we do the same by YHWH the Father. For the only son YHWH mentions is the son of man His servant His elect that (is) or (will) be raised from the seed of David and His Branch as YHWH stated in Isaiah 53v1’Who hath believed our report? and to whom (plural) is the arm of YHWH revealed? This is to come or is happening as we speak. In Malaki 3 for those who fear YHWH the Father and thought upon His name will be His and He will make them His Jewels and spare them and put in the Book of Remembrance 3v6, and yes we shall discern the righteous from the wicked and who serve YHWH and who that serves Him not is right and it also says in Malaki 4 v.4 to do the law of Moses YHWH’s servant. The scripture in Habakkuk if you noticed in 1vs.2 he ask the Father YHWH how long will the abuse of the heathen will be on him and the people from their iniquities and transgressions against YHWH, and this heathen is the enemy of YHWH in Psalm 83 that the people are under duress from Idumea and Esau Malaki 1v3,4, Ezekiel 36v1-5, and in 2v1-5 YHWH tells him that it will not be long because it will surely come wait for it YHWH says and this prophecy is to come or is in the making as we speak, but I don’t really understand your reason to provide these scriptures other than if you are truly following this law then you are doing right by YHWH. I can ask the same of christians they can’t seem to realize that YHWH finds idolatry as wicked He said do not put no other images or idol gods before Him, and He has not mentioned jc, in Deut.32v17 these are devils. But this is not about who’s people its about ‘who’ is serving Him YHWH or not, no matter who they are, its for everyone and all will answer to their own sins and transgressions. With you even asking this question it seems that you have no idea how YHWH works He knows all He sees all so why you would even ask this question it seems delusional once again but I will pray for you. YHWH Bless.

                    • Beloved, I wanted to let you know although as you say it is not of any real importance, but I like how you switched it up in saying that Jacob is also a meaning for the homeland of Israel come on now,we were talking about geneology, and not geography land marks your funny. But yes I know the land was named after Jacob and it is also called Judah after one of Jacob’s sons its called Jerusalem Zion so yes the land has serveral name references but I do ‘believe’ we were talking about biological bloodlines of the seed of David all the way from Abram, to Isaac to Jacob and this does not include jc he was of the holy ghost. The servant the elect is the bloodline of the seed of David or since many Hebrews were scattered to the four corners of the earth to be amoung strangers the bloodline maybe a bit mingeled for even the sons of God were mingeling as far back as in the days of YHWH and after Abram and Noah, I personally do not see any real importance of this matter either for when YHWH does something it is what it is as in Cyrus was a Persian and he was anointed by YHWH; so how pure the seed of David will be or is as we speak, is a wonder only YHWH will know this. Selah Praise YHWH.

                  • Answer At the bottom where there are wider columns.

                • Beloved, in addition to the horrific way to die as in a crucifacation persecution suffering is also when many Hebrew Israelites so called ‘black people’ where lynched, and hung on a tree and according to Deuteronomy 21v23 this is a curse to the Father YHWH, and these Hebrews were given to the curse for no reasons they were all innocently killed. Is it coincidental that they were hung on a tree or maybe it was very well known to be a curse to their Father YHWH, for these heartless people who did the cruel lynching had this book the OT and they as christians and other religions knew very well what they were doing; doing it of hate and still do it until this day how horrific is this? Many people never cease to astound the inhuman acts of humanity right before their own eyes and then will still claim that they are christians having so much compassion for a story or an animal than when they witness this kind of cruelty firsthand just think how long this has been going on Oh that’s right, since and before the lynchings of Hebrew Israelites what more is lacking on this suffering, I suppose it just is not horrific enough when it comes to a Hebrew. so much denial so much hate.Isaiah 3v13-15. YHWH Bless.

                  • What crap!

                    Those who murder are not Christians. Those who murder in G-d’s name because some Pope told them to are not Christian.

                    It is Ok for Christians to defend themselves after trying to avoid a fight.

                    Do you understand? Where do you come off lumping all Christians together with the KKK murderers, or any other murderers. Your hate for Christians is showing.

                    • alienation, I do not hate anyone I’m sorry that the truth stings when one has blinders on. My post was in reference to Isaiah 53 in the comparing of the suffering of the servant the elect the seed of David from which will be or has already been raised from the descendants of the chosen people of Israel of the covenant with YHWH, of Isaac Abram and Jacob to jc. Who have suffered more or been persecuted more and crusified more than the 10 lost tribes of Palestine, Lebanon, in the US and in all the four corners of the earth who are prophesied in Deut.28 to be called bywords and proverbs,and are the true Israel? This is written all through the book in the OT for their iniquities against YHWH. There is no hate for anyone these are just facts. This is the product of this world and more and why we all are awaiting the coming of the Father YHWH to stop this, and much more greed etc. and bring righteousness and peace to all or are you saying that we live in a perfect and wonderful world? Bias taxation bias education housing indifference, and oppression on the poor are still suffering. So,what are you talking about it is evident that in those days of lynching the people would gather and watch them and pray while they were killing someone who they did believe did not have a soul check your history it has not changed much now what about Mr. Byrd being pulled from a truck until his body was torn to pieces and his head rolled off now compare this suffering to jc you do the math, and many not just christians have indifferences remember YHWH’s chosen are hated all over the world its a fact it was prophesied in Deut 30 the blessings and then the curses, and many people are still portraying to be caring but they will not want certain people to live around them or work in certain areas or send there children to their schools. So don’t try to act like you do not know that racism still exist, and what the Catholic priest pedophiles did to those young boys but they were christians too, wrong is wrong I don’t care who does it but lets be real and this does not mean all christians are this way be for real once again. Just recently a couple of mothers who were Hebrew so called blacks were going to court for just trying to send their small children 5 to 7 years old to a school district that was out of their area of better schools, in a predominately so called whites Gentiles area and I am sure many of them go to church many and yet they want to see these women go to prison half of their life, I’ve seen murders get less. Now its true that these women were wrong,and should have to get charged to some degree but not wrong enough to get 20 years or any years for it I can see a citation and a restitution fee but 20 years who would separate a mother from their child and for only trying to do well by their child at that. YHWH says in Isaiah 3v14,15 the spoils of the poor is in your houses. YHWH Bless.


            • EL is ‘With Us Is The Strong One’ as in the name Immanu (el). any body can be called a God and Lord for no one should be called Father or King but YHWH the Creator of ALL.

              • Cocodol
                I am Just going by the original hebrew. Immanuel= God with us.
                I do understand the distinction between “el” and “eloyhyim” as this is the plural Godhead, as in the the Father, “The Word” and the Spirit of God. One part of that Godhead came to be “with us” in the form of a Human, Jesus. “The Word of Yahweh”. All were at creation. Together they are Yahweh. Together, they are one.

              • “Who could believe such a thing”

                • Beloved, who could ‘believe’ such a thing that is not stated or prophesied first by YHWH in the so called OT? This should be your question, and as far as from the times of Moses YHWH told the people that His Word must be prophesied in Deut.18 vs.14-22. There is no prophecy saying that we have to go through jc to be with YHWH, and why you ‘insist’ on putting someone together with YHWH sharing His glory even though you know YHWH says He does not share His glory and know this is prophesied and written is delusional and is a dream. Where you say that it is the Father, the Word and the Spirit of YHWH now this is true and is alright to put together for we know He is the Father, we see His Word written and prophesied and see written the prophecy of His Spirit that was anointed in many in the OT, but then when you make up ‘what came to be’ in the form of a human and say its jc without the prophecy written from YHWH is definitly delusional. ps. I see how you keep spelling weak as week as in being the only word that you mispelled, ha ha teasing my grammar, lol ok I can laugh at myself. YHWH Bless.

        • Beloved, another thing I want you to know I have read the NT how do you think I know that it does not fulfill the so called OT it has too many changes and if the Father YHWH says He does not change in Malaki 3v6, then why have those who in the NT has decided to change things, and have not had it proclaimed by the Father YHWH this is preposterous and an abomination it is idolatry something that YHWH hates so do what one wills to do. I can draw out so many things that the NT changed and YHWH did not prophesied them to be changed for instance circumcision in Romans it is said that it is no longer needed, and that Abram served YHWH before he was circumcised but this covenant has not changed in the word of YHWH Gen.17v10. Also Peter says the law is wrath, and when he found the law he died but when he left the law he lived the total opposite this is not fulfilling the OT and YHWH, none. The first page of mathew is a lie and starts out crooked by saying the child’s name is jc first then Emmanuel next, the fulfillment of Immanuel is in the book of Isaiah chapters 7,8,9 for the governor Ahaz as a sign and those of you who believe in the nt call this name Emmanuel God with us NO, the EL mean ‘With Us Is The Strong One’ look it up!, then at the very top page of the births it says Isaac begat Jacob then at the bottom it says that Mattan begat Jacob wow! Next and then saying that mary was pregnant by the holy ghost that is not the ‘seed’ of Dawid this has no connection what so ever to the covenant of Avraham, Yitzak, and Yaacov these men were born from the seed of Adam. But the nt is gospel a (good spell), and to everyone’s choice for anyhow as it says in Malaki 3v16-18, we will all get the ‘chance’ to discern to serve YHWH or serve him not. Praise YHWH.

          • Read my post above to Pattie about the Law, and the end times, I think I answer the questions you pose there.

          • I answered the question with regard to “mattan begat Jacob”, as there were two people named Jacob in the geneology of Jesus. Just as there were two George Bushes here in the US as presidents. Acommon occurence.
            If you Look in Strong’s concordance, you will see the meaning of immanuel is “God with us”
            As I also mentioned to you before, Both the lineage of Mary (in Luke), and Joseph (in Matthew) lead to David. If a man is adopted, then he inherits the adopted fathers inheritance does he not in Jewish Law? These are all the reasons why Israel had rejected Jesus when he was here the first time. He was rejected by his own people as Isaiah prophesied. This was all part of the plan.

      • Cocodol,

        I am sorry you are taking offence at what I am saying. I am not talking to you any differently than I would to a man. What I am trying to do is respond to what you are asking. You are right though, I am “fixated” on the blood sacrifice, especially in this conversation with you, due to the fact that you don’t understand it and are lost without it. It is the one sacrifice every person on earth has to get right to see the Father. Even if we could keep the whole law of Moses perfectly, if we do not have the testimony of Yahshua, we are as filthy rags to YHWH. Man in his fallen state is not acceptable to YHWH. The blood sacrifice of Yahshua HaMashiach is the only redemption man has to be reconciled to YHWH. When I am talking to a Christian, I talk about keeping the commandments and the things that YHWH gave to Israel in the Tanakh, because that is what they are lacking.

        I understand and have understood for quite a while that ethnic Israel takes scripture that speaks of the Messiah and interprets these scriptures to mean Israel. It is understandable, given the fact that ethnic Israel has been persecuted in the name of Jesus (the Gentile rendering of the name Yahshua) for 2000 years.

        The blindness (as far as recognizing their Messiah) that Israel suffers with is from YHWH. The comfort you receive from the Tanakh is through your traditions, keeping the commandments-Sabbath-Feasts, and so on. This might sound rude, but this comfort is not from YHWH, anymore than Christians getting comfort from their pagan traditions; Christmas, Easter, Lent, and so on thinking it is a validation of the things they “do”. The comfort YHWH has for us comes only through the shed blood of Yahshua. Then the keeping of the traditions, commandments, Sabbath, and Feasts are all acceptable to the Father and of much value. Through the keeping of the commandments, we do prolong our days on this earth, because it keeps us from doing things that work against our body, mind, and spirit. These things help to keep us on the right path and YHWH honors His people for this.

        When I say, that you believe that God stopped conversing with His people after Malachi, I am speaking in terms of the written Word that we know as scripture. I am not talking about an individual who believes that God is speaking to them personally. From the way you talk, it sounds like the written word stopped with Malachi;
        I believe there was more “written word” from YHWH after Malachi. I know that in the way you have been taught, that which is called the NT, is offensive and denies the law of Moses and all the things that YHWH gave to Israel. That is what the Church thinks, but I don’t believe that way. I believe that to hold fast to the commandments of YHWH, as given to Israel and have the Testimony of Yahshua, is YHWH’s perfect plan for His people. Those who do these things are the Israel of YHWH, both ethnic Israel and non ethnic Israel (Gentile converts), in the land of Israel. For the most part, the Church rejects this, believing that YHWH is through with Israel as His chosen people, having been replaced by the Gentile Church. Israel on the other hand, believes that they are still YHWH’s chosen people without a need for the Messiah. That all they need is what was given in the Tanakh. Are we in trouble or what!!!!!!

        The one thing I am confident in, is that YHWH, through His Spirit will make these things known in these last days and draw those who are His to Him; be they Hebrew or Gentile. It is spiritual, not ethnic.

        Be Blessed My Sister

        • ashupertz, I am not at all offended but you my brethern seem just like a christian to believe with no word from YHWH that one must go through either jc/yeshua,yahshua, or the blood sacrifices which were suspened until the new third temple is built in Haggie 2, Ezekiel 48,49 what part of YHWH does not change in Malaki 3v6, does not register with many? And anything new He will tell us in Isaiah 42v9 which also shows that yes there are still words of YHWH written right in this scripture for how else will He tell us of something new, it would have to be futurity written right? This reminds me of once some time ago I was told that the rabbis removed YHWH’s name from the book because it was too sacred or holy for mankind not serving YHWH. This to me if its true was dumb how else will others know YHWH,or were they trying to mislead people from YHWH and maybe a certain people at that. Also I heard that one had to wash there hands over 50 times before they could touch the book. How weird if true these guys must of had really raw hands. I will agree with you though on these last days that will come to bring us all together in the truth. Sometimes I speak like Zechariah 1v19,21 saying to the angel ‘What be these?’ ‘What come these to do?, and I am proud of the heritage of Hebrew Israelis. YHWH Bless.

          • Hey Cocodol,

            I would be interested in knowing where in the Tanakh it states that the sin sacrifice was suspended. Thanks!!

            • ashupert2, it is said in Isaiah 1vs.10-20 also in Isaiah chapter 66 preferably vs.3-5, and Malaki 1vs.6-14 YHWH is not accepting these sacrifices knowing that many of us are not truly doing His Ways the law, the Sabbath and the Passover in Exodus 12 from Abib, April 14 evening to evening for 7 days eating unleaved bread and bitter herbs and the roasted meat without blemish a ‘lamb.’ Now this is the only time a lamb is consistenly used in the passover once each year. The official sacrifies will return when the new third temple is built prophesied in Haggie 2 and Ezekiel 48,49 chapters.

            • ashupert2, the sacrifices were officially suspended when the building of the temple was stopped. First you go the Daniel 9v25-27 and in the vs.27, The Prince and Messiah confirms the covenant and then in one week he causes the sacrifice and the oblation to cease; then go to Daniel 12v11,12 this is where it stopped to exist prophesied by Gabriel from YHWH.

  30. ashupert2, I perfectly have understanding from the Father YHWH but thanks for the concern although your analysis of the two as one is something to ponder about but why ponder, for YHWH tells us exactly what will be done, and who here are making the rules other than Him or we would all be lost. But I got you the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Yosef the flame, Obadiah vs. 17,18. Hey I’m watching the Big Bang Theory don’t you just love those nerds and the girl their friend is so right for them lol. Praise YHWH.

  31. Praise God he forgave us all with accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. The New Testament is the recordation of his life and the greatest gift he gave to man kind. For all who would believe on him shall have ever lasting life. Jesus Christ is the Messiah.

    Please review the scriptures so that you can see and not be blind, for all who do not accept him are blind and are lost. With that statement I mean no offense but to give understanding that with acceptance provides eternal life.

    So who is this one called Jesus?

    Psalms 27:4 One thing I ask of the LORD, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD, this is what I seek that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple.

    Psalms 90:17 May the favor of the Lord our God rest upon us; establish the word of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands for us—yes, establish the work of our hands.

    Psalm 133:1 A song of ascents. Of David. How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

    The stone which the builders refused:

    Ø Zechariah 10:4 From Judah will come the cornerstone, from him the tent peg, from him the battle bow, from him every ruler.
    Ø Psalm 118:22 The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.
    Ø Isaiah 28:16 Therefore thus said the Lord GOD, behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious corner stone, a sure foundation: he that believes shall not make haste.

    Matthew 21:42 Jesus said to them. Did you never read in the scriptures, The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes?

    Mark 12:10 And have you not read this scripture; The stone which the builders rejected is become the head of the corner.

    1 Corinthians 3:11 For other foundation can no man lay than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.

    Ephesians 2:20 And are built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

    1 Peter 2:6 Why also it is contained in the scripture, Behold, I lay in Zion a chief corner stone, elect, precious: and he that believes on him shall not be confounded.

    This is he and his foretelling according to the Torah: And then to the New Covenant Testament the fullfillment!

    Ø Psalm 22:12 Many bulls surround me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.

    Luke 21:20 “When you see Jerusalem being surrounded by armies, you will know that it is desolation.

    Ø Psalm 68:30 Rebuke the beast among the reeds, the heard of bulls among the calves of the nations. Humbled, may it bring bars of silver. Scatter the nations who delight in war.

    Ø Psalm 22:13 (13) Roaring lions tearing their prey open their mouths wide against me.

    Ø Job 16:10 Men open their mouths to jeer at me; they strike my cheek in scorn and unite together against me.

    Ø Isaiah 11:1 A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch bearing fruit from the old

    Matthew 1:1 A record of the genealogy of Jesus Christ the son of David, the son of Abraham:

    Ø Isaiah 9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there awill be no end. He will reign on David’s throne and over his kingdom, establishing and upholding it with justice and righteousness from that time on and forever. The zeal of the LORD Almighty will accomplish this.

    Acts 13:23 “From this man’s descendants God has brought to Israel the Savior Jesus, as he promised.

    Hebrews 7:14 For it is clear that our Lord descended from Judah, and in regard to that tribe Moses said nothing about priests.

    Revelations 5:5 Then one of the elders said to me. “Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and it seven seals.”

    Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.”

    Ø Psalm 69:21 They put gall in my food and gave me vinegar for my thirst.

    Matthew 27:48 Immediately one of them ran and got a sponge. He filled it with wine vinegar, put it on a stick, and offered it to Jesus to drink.

    Matthew 27:34 There they offered Jesus wine to drink, mixed with gall but after tasting it, he refused to drink it.

    John 19:28 Later, knowing that all was now completed, and so that the Scripture would be fullfilled, Jesus said, “I am thirsty.”

    Ø Psalm 22:16 (16) Dogs have surrounded me; a band of evil men has encircled me, they have pierced my hands and my feet.

    John 20:25 So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!” But he said to them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe it.”

    Ø Psalm 22:17 (17) I can count all my bones; people stare and gloat over me.

    Luke 23:35 The people stood watching, and the rulers even sneered at him. They said, “He saved others; let him save himself if he is the Christ of God, the Chosen one.”

    Ø Psalm 22:18 (18) They divide my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.

    ( Matthew 27:35 When they had crucified him, they divided up his clothes by casting lots.

    Mark 15:24 And they crucified him. Dividing up his clothes, they cast lots to see what each would get.

    Luke 23:34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.

    John 19:24 :Let’s not tear it,” they said to one another. “Let’s decide by lot who will get it.” This happened that the scripture might be fullfilled which said, “They divided my garments among them and cast lots for my clothing.” So this is what the soldiers did.)

    Matthew 4:5 Then the devil took him to the holy City and had him stand on the highest point of the temple.

    Matthew 27:53 They came out of the tombs, and after Jesus’ resurrection they went into the holy city and appeared to many people.

    Ø Psalm 22:14 (14) I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint. My heart has turned to wax; it has melted away within me.

    Luke 22:44 And being in anguish, he prayed more earnestly, and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground.

    Ezekiel 21:15 So that hearts may melt and the fallen be many, I have stated the sword for slaughter at all their gates. Oh! It is made to flash like lightning, it is grasped for slaughter.

    Hebrews 5:7 During the days of Jesus’ life on earth, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the one who could save him from death, and he was heard because of his reverent submission.

    With the Rock of Ages: We shall never thirst Again

    Ø Isaiah 26:4 Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, is the Rock eternal.
    Ø Psalm 31:2-3 “He clave rocks (tsur) in the wilderness, And gave them drink abundantly as out of the depths. He brought streams also out of the rock (sela),
    And caused waters to run down like rivers”

    John 7:39 By this he meant the Spirit, whom those who believed in him were later to receive. Up to that time the Spirit had not been given, since Jesus had not yet been glorified. (Spirit here is represented as living waters)

    Ø Zechariah 14:8 On that day living water will flow out from Jerusalem, half of them to the eastern sea and half of them to the western sea.
    Ø Jeremiah 2:13 “My people have committed two sins: They have forsaken me, the spring of living water, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water.

    John 4:10 Jesus answered her, “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.”

    Ø Psalm 36:9 For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.

    John 4:11 “Sir,” the woman said, “you have nothing to draw with and the well is deep. Where can you get this living water?

    Ø Isaiah 12:3 With you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.

    John 4:14 but whoever drinks the water I, give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

    Be blessed get understanding that you may have everlasting life. Jesus Christ is the way the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through him. When time is ended the door to enter into eternity will be closed and all who did not accept will be cast into the lake of fire with Satan. This is not a game but an opportunity to save your soul.

    • pattiefarm all of these scriptures are not talking about jc only the servant the elect raised of the seed of David in either plural tense or singular tense of the chosen people of Israel, and read my post to Beloved at the top. YHWH Bless.

      • oh pattiefarm except for the Nt scriptures they maybe talking about jc.

      • cocodol

        Some passages in Isaiah are about the messiah, and some are about the people of Israel in general. the messiah succeeds in being the servant when the nations fails.

        • Marianne, christians may say messiah but all I see in the OT that describes the one who will be raised from the seed of David to sit on the throne is called the servant the elect but this is I suppose not that problematic just as long as we are all expecting the new kingdom to come that will bring peace and righteousness the Jerusalem Movement and the nations of YHWH.


    Ok please tell me which ones you think are not Jesus Christ? Did you read or did you make a decision that you are a scholar in the most important thing in your life and the history of the Universe.

    Who is it with nail scarred hands, who is the cornerstone, who is the root of Jessee, who is the rock?

    Jesus Christ is God, he is love. He to be honest, was murdered by his own.
    We are taught in the world that some a remnant will be saved at the end and they will accept Jesus Christ the Messiah.

    He for gave you so when you finally figure out who he is and if the world is crumbling. Remember to call upon him, tell him you believe and confess your sins to him that you may be saved because he is the gift of life and he gives himself freely.

    When you find out you will be like all of us before you, full of the same sorrow. You will wonder why you did not know, then why you did not accept and he was your own.

    But also if something happens and you are taken without doing so your blood won’t be required of me.

    When you don’t accept your own God and you mock him and you don’t try to understand it pains people of flesh but God is above the limited and he shares himself with all who wish to know him. You are missing a great gift. He is love and because he lives in me, I am able to face tomorrow.

    I pray that God meet you on your road and reveal to you himself. Freely recieved him and freely we share the goodness about him.

    His peace,

  33. Marianne

    Please tell me which scriptures you do not believe are the same Lord of the Old and of the New Testament. he is the same yesterday, today and forever he never changes. These are the prophesy of his coming and the future of him as flesh. The Lord did not change he just became flesh.

    He is the rejected cornerstone spoken of in the old and new testament, he is the the living water of the rock of Horeb and the living waters of the Holy Ghost spoken of in the rock this is the reason that they were not to hit the rock in the desert but to speak to him and also why Moses did not get the see the promised land, he is the Shepherd David speaks of that his rod and staff comfort me, that also which provides comfort does not beat, he is the battle bow, who does not know that the Lord of the old testament is a God of war and he come with the Bow to start the tribualation, his son shall rule with a rod of iron, the bulls of Bashan are the Jews of the light soil, the light soil, Bashan interpreted as words means light soil, the Jews were to bring the faith to the world and to also carry the government upon thier shoulders, how could they do either without the Lord being with them, they were not yet of the fullness of the light soil as they rejected him, they rejected him but he did not reject them, the name is to show their betrayal and their faith in idols instead of the living spirit of the Lord, they are the bulls mean they were of the sacrifice and had strength of the meat, Jesus christ is the meat of our spiritual souls, lost in the desert they wanted meat, the soil also represents their future heart to the Lord to recieve the spiritual seed of meat, this is foretelling of their killing him but also of their receiving of the future promise, his nail scarred hands, he saw it all before it occured so it was with him as he is the living word foretellinfg always, they divided my clothing and cast lots, they put gall in my food and gave me vinegar for thirst,for with is the fountain of life and from you is the light, Jesus Christ is the living waters and he is the truth and the light, Psalms 129 the ploughers ploughed upon my back they made long furrows, this is referencing the stripes he took with the whips which had bone that cut out the flesh, Judges 14:18 unless you have ploughed with my heifer, ye had not found out my riddle, now after doing this study I come to this conclusion and I pray that this understanding is of the Holy Ghost: Amos 6:12 It is possible for the horses to go running on the Rock? may the seed be ploughed with oxen? for the right by you to be turned into poison, and the fruit of righteousness into a bitter plant, Here again the “Rock” is the Lord, the horses represent the church ages / churches coming to the rock to drink , they present themselves as the true thing and they have power/strengthwith the sea of people but as the church age goes on the faith is watered down by the outside cisterns and traditions of men, some representing they are of faith in Lord who is the living spring and take their water from cisterns dug by human hands and not from the living springs that God puts within us and these cisterns therefore bring forth poison and bitter plants as true faith, Our Christianity is not of sacrifice of animals or by works but by faith in he who lives, the white horse represents Christ the true faith where the living waters spring eternally and without him you can not enter in, the red horse is the bloody crusades and the grisseled horse represent the faith being weakened by ploughers who for ill gotten moneys bring forth poision to the body of faith because Jesus did not die for the church to rob moneey, beleiivers in him our Lord causes us to give with hearts of gladness not by deceit of bulls, things planted as away in deceit and lies bring forth sickness in the people as a society and as a government they cause decay, the black horse is the death of starvation of faith, it says in the last days they will be starving for the word, plowing with the heifer is the Bride of Christ and plowing with the bull is poision it is works of the law because their is no sacrifice where man can be saved other than by the blood of Jesus Chrit, milk won’t do it people need the meat of Christ and that means the true living word of God from the Holy bible must be shed abroad in the hearts of man, Psalms 22:16 “For dogs have compassed me; the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet. Zech. 13:6 “And one shall say unto him:
    What are these wounds in the thine hand? Then he shall answer: Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.” John 20:20 “and when he had said, he shewed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord.”
    1 Co 5:7 Purge out therefore the old leaven, that ye maybe a new lumb, as ye are unleavened. For even Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us. Exodus 12:46 “In one house shall it be eaten; thou shalt not carry forth ought of the flesh abroad out of the house; neither shall ye break a bone thereof.” Numbers 9:12 They shall leave none of it until the morning, nor break any bone of it: accoding to all of the ordiances of the Passover they shall keep it.” Jesus christ is our living lamb of God, perfect in all ways and his legs were never broken he is the thing we eat and drink of, do you not see that exodus and Numbers tells of his being the living lamb, he is the light the way and the truth and no man cometh to the Father but by him, all prayers not entered into to God in his name are of no effect, the Jews of the age of Christ knew when John the Baptist spoke of the Father, Son and Holy ghost that he was speaking of the coming Messiah who is all things to everyone. He is not the title of his positions but he is Jesus Christ. if you know him not, if you receive him not you can not be saved.

    You are the last one I expected to hear say they see not in the words. His words are life they live, he is the words, he is the life, he being God saw the beginning to the end. Some of these scriptures over the years I did not read as such. But then being convicted of God for the sake of the blind I searched. With my search god revealed these things to me. god does not want any of us to blind. He wants relationship with us. Why because the sea of the body of Christ is sick. The body needs the latter day rain, the plants are becoming weeds and the plants that live have poisonous things that look like they are plants for the eating to the vessel but they kill. We are not to go back under the law, we are not to serve the Egytians or to believe that they have knowledge to impart in the branches or roots of Gods tree. Taking living water from praise and worship with him and casting down every vain and wicked imagination that sets itself up against God has a requiring to be cast down. You are a field and if you don’t watch the enemy tries to plow you and plant his harvest within the garden God made of you when he put you in your Mothers womb. We are all known by him.

    Be blessed in your learning, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be openned unto you. He loves us. I am sorry that you do not agree and I hope that you sincerly read for the word and understanding because there is meat therein. Nothing is hidden to he who searchs and studies to show himself approved of God, it is a good thing to become a workman who can rightly divide his word.

  34. People,

    It is not my intent to discourage any of you that may still wish to witness of our Lord Yeshua to cocodal.
    However, it should be obvious by now, that neither the Spirit, nor the Father Himself, (as expressed in John 6:44.), is participating in this worthy endeavour. And without that critical involvement, the venture itself is futile. All simply falls upon deaf ears.

    Be Blessed

    • Alienated
      What may seem futile to you, is important to others. Whether Cocodol Accepts or rejects Jesus, is vital to his/her soul. On a bigger scale, these are the same arguments that were had by the early church, with the Hebrew people.

      How many seeds were sown in you, before you believed (Not just on the surface, but in the good soil.)?

      • Dru,

        If you will please re-read what I said above, I prefaced my comment with “it is not my intent to discourage”, (with this then, I left the prerogative to continue witnessing or not, solely up to the individual. As well, you know I am more than aware of the consequences in not accepting Yeshua as the Savior.)

        However if God Himself is not involved, (as expressed in the scripture that I provided above), then the expenditure of effort, would indeed be futile, (whether one happened to believe it to be or not.)

        Perhaps a seed has been planted, and will blossom in due season, (as I stated in a previous post).
        However, this will have to be the will of God, and He will also have to be involved.

        In being just an observer now, (having chosen to not participate further myself), I see the conversation as becoming more confrontational, and lacking in patience. Therefore, rather than being that of a productive discussion, it has the appearance of simply being an argument. ( Please don’t misunderstanding here, I am not eliminating my part in this. I acknowledge that I demonstrated a lack of patience at times myself.) However, in my opinion, I just don’t feel in my heart that cocodal is willing to accept anything other than what she currently believes in.

    • Alienated and All,

      Alienated has a point about anger entering into the conversation, but only on this basis; anger coming from Cocodol would be normal because of the defensive nature of having your faith questioned from so many at one time. But if we are angry at her because she won’t respond to what we are telling her, then we do need to back off. Yah is definitely not in that. I will give a historical example of this and what kind of horrific outcome can come from well meaning people who become frustrated and angry.

      Martin Luther the “great” reformer was sympathetic towards the Jews while the Church was persecuting them. He consequently reached out to them and tried to get them to convert. Needless to say he met with strong opposition and made no head way at all. He became intensely angry with the Jews and made some of the most horrific anti-Semitic statements ever made. I am not going to make this inflammatory by writing them down, but they are easy to look up if you care to know. A man with this much influence making statements of this nature is a force that has definite consequences, not the least of which came about in the beginning of World War II. Adolph Hitler used the writings of Germany’s own Martin Luther, concerning the Jews, to justify the Holocaust, even though it was Yah who had initially blinded the Jews. Needless to say I would not want to be in his shoes on “that” day when he will answer for this. On top of that, it was in part, the German Church that was ratting out the Jews. But in the midst of all this we have Dietrich Bonhoffer and Corrie Ten Boom breaking ranks with the compromised church in Germany, giving and risking their lives to help the Jews. Count me in with them.

      A feeling of frustration is natural in all of this, but if it starts turning into anger and even bitterness, make it right and then back off. It will be better for everyone involved. I thank Alienated for bringing this up. It helps to put things into perspective.

      Blessings To All

      • As a correction, Corrie Ten Boom was in Holland, during the time of Hitler, and not Germany.

      • asupertz2 and all, I have not dealt with these debates with anger you may assume this but I have only tried to tell what is the truth of what I have learned to ‘KNOW’ not believe and my faith has not hardly been tested as you have said, this to me are debates of the Almight Father YHWH to substantiate the truth of Him and only Him I give praise and honor, as He always asked of us ‘all’ to do as in Malaki chapter 3 preferably v.7, but if anyones faith has been tested or they have been angered then this is a ‘red flag’ and maybe it is to be hearkened to. Just as there is much to learn of the truth about the Holocaust as well; but I do pray for, and appreciate in the great memorial that is in the museum that remembers the innocent lives that perished. YHWH Bless.

        • Cocodol,

          Honestly, I think you have dealt with this pretty well. I was not being judgmental about you being angry. The point I was making was that, if anyone had the right to be angry, it would be you or any of us that would have been in your place (basically in the camp of your enemy, if you will). Any criticism would have been against any of us who were acting angrily towards you. Anyway, enough of that.

          I read your scriptures in Isaiah 1:10-20 and 66:3-5. I find no place where YHEWH “suspended” the sacrifice. Israel caused the sacrifice to be “stopped” because of their conduct. Just to make the point, whether Israel or any other nation on earth that YHWH would have chosen as His people, this would have happened. He knew that from the beginning. He knows that the heart of man is desperately wicked.

          YHWH was not just stopping the sacrifice, He was sending Israel into exile. The lack of a sacrifice for Israel was a result of being removed from their homeland and the destruction of their Temple. I was getting the impression that you were saying that He was not requiring a sacrifice for sin and that Israel was bascially being given a pass on the whole thing. That is not true. Israel has born their sin openly, having no covering or sacrifice, yet He still protects and watches over Israel to fulfill His Word.

          All of this goes back to what has been said twice before; the animal sacrifice as a sin offering would not continue following the sacrifice of YHWH’s chosen lamb, Yahshua. An animal blood sacrifice will never be acceptable again to YHWH for the remission of sin. He will only accept the sacrifice of Yahshua and it has been that way for nearly 2000 years and it will not change. Anyone who cannot or will not accept this will suffer great loss. Keeping the commandments will not undo all of this and thinking that YHWH will reinstate animal sacrifice in the future is fanciful and a fantasy. Israel may try that, but it will end up coming to nothing.

          This is why the blood sacrifice for sin is so important. It is the subject matter of all scripture; redemption for the fall in the garden to a place of purity in the Father. If we miss that we miss everything!!!!!!

          Be Blessed

          • ashupertz, anger no this is not what is happening and I did say that there is no anger not from myself anyway but these are facts that are in the so called OT that are prophesied by YHWH. The third temple being built is prophesied in Haggie 2 and will come so the sacrifices can’t be done until then anyway, and until you can show the scripture that says YHWH prophesied this blood sacrifice lamb for sin then this is by man’s words.Yes Christianity was legalized since Constantine in 311BC and there was a lot of hellenistic jewish writing who made a deal with him and before then by men but they were not as clever as the Father YHWH it is working out just as He planned it in Jeremiah 23v1-8 for the arm of YHWH is here YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. For in Jeremiah 23v1 Jeremiah 12v10 Jeremiah 29v8-20 Malaki 2 and other prophecies are the proofs that YHWH will have the priest the popes and the false prophets anwser to thier misleading His flocks from His law. YHWH Bless.

            • ashupert2 CORRECTION…I know there was a lamb sacrifice for sin, but for the sin of yahshua is the scripture that I was referring to for you to provide, and the sacrifices were not stopped because of the exile they were stopped because of what is in the scripture in Malaki 1:6-14, the people were not honoring the King YHWH continually for some time, bringing sick and crippled offerings to YHWH this is why He said Malaki 1v6, ‘if I am the Father then where is my honor?’ etc…. The exile was because of the people’s disobediences their iniquities and their transgressions which could include the sacrifices being that they were bad but the main reasons was for their worshiping in idols and images and marring idol worshipers, eating unclean things ‘swine’ and leaving the Father YHWH as people are doing today, and is why we are under the sword Jeremiah 25. This is how the enemy has easily magnified himself off of the peoples disobediences which YHWH knew they would, the heart is wicked Jeremiah 17v9,10, and now He will or is as we speak choosing and searching from us all, who is serving ‘Him’ for ‘He’ is don’t ever forget a jealous Father, and who is not serving ‘Him’ in Malaki 3v18, weeding us out for His day is near to bring the new covenant in Jeremiah 31v31-40. So people where is ‘His’ honor where is ‘His’ praise? I have been getting the spiritual feeling to give the scripture in Jeremiah 31 of the Father YHWH for the longest but it was not time and now the spirit said its time. Praise YHWH.

      • Al
        You are correct in stating that Cocodol has handled this admirably. That being said, If nothing else, This will get him /her to examine the scriptures with care. Perhaps then, when he/she sees someone standing in the Holy place claiming to be God, he/she will not be fooled into believing his abomination, which will cause desolation. For it is when “Him whom they Have pierced” comes, that they will then “see”.

        Though the debate has been heated at times, there is still a degree of respect and love there.

        God bless.

        • Beloved, thank you I can say I have felt a glimpes of love here too. But may I correct you I never said that anyone I knew was declaring they were God no you said that as usual you believe too hard on what is not really said or written so I can see how you would mix things up a bit. No as Mr. ashupert2 explained that these are those who carry the name of Yisrael or Ben Yisrael and this who I know is a messenger that is all as in Malaki 3v1-3 and now this you can believe he is as fullers sope. As Moses was a son of man and all of the other prophets or servants so it will be or is as we speak. Many times there are those of us who should pratice what they believe such as YHWH chooses those who many lest expect as in David being a water boy and I suppose when things are too real to handle when that thing that one thinks they know does actually take place it could be too much at one time or one can just miss it which is quite normal for this is not for the carnal eye it is more of an anointment kind of thing I hope one can understand. Oh and I hope that there are not too many men you know who will call themselves ‘cocodol’ this would be an abomination to YHWH lol. YHWH Bless.

          • Cocodol
            At least I can address you as “she” instead of “he/she” now. I have made the mistake of adressing a she as a he before, and was trying to avoid that mistake again.
            My point in the comparison between A and B above, was to show that Christians and Jews are not that far apart in their understanding of Yahweh. The biggest difference is that we believe, by faith, in the testimony of Jesus, That he is the “Word of Yahweh”, made flesh.
            The word “faith” as written in Hab. 2:2 is “emuwnah” in the original hebrew. It is also the word used translated as “truth” on numerous occasions. Its root is the adjective “emuwn” which is the word used in Deutoronomy 32:20 “And he said, ‘I will hide my face from them; I will see what their end will be, for they are a perverse generation, children in whom is no FAITHFULLNESS.” and also in Isaiah 26:2 “Open the gates, that the RIGHTEOUS nation that keeps FAITH may enter in.”
            In its usage as a noun “Emuwnah” is found in the following examples.
            Psalm 96:13 “He will Judge the world in RIGHTEOSNESS, and the peoples in their FAITHFULLNESS.”
            Psalm 119:30 “I have chosen the way of FAITHFULLNESS;”
            Jeremiah 7:28 “and You shall say to them, ‘This is the nation that did not OBEY THE VOICE of the LORD THEIR GOD, and did not accept discipline; TRUTH (FAITH) has perished; it is cut off from their lips.'”

            Now in all these examples, Faith is equated with righteousness, and promise, or the lack thereof with punishment and Judgement. Without this understanding, one cannot understand righteousness, and therefore cannot see the distinction between Righteousness and wickedness (Mal 3:18). It is only by faith, which is Obedience to the “VOICE of Yahweh” that a person can even begin to grasp “The RIGHTEOUSNESS OF YAHWEH”. Let alone be considered righteous by Yahweh. It is not obedience to the Law that leads to righteousness, But obedience to the “VOICE/ WORD” Of Yahweh.

            I say this not to belitlle the Law, As these are The “spoken” words of Yahweh as well (Exodus 20:1). Jesus came not to abolish the Law, but to fulfill it. He has shown the “way to righteousness”, and it is through his shed blood on the cross. For the Law by itself cannot sanctify our sinful nature. It is when we are sanctified by his blood, that we can obey the Law with a pure heart.

            This is when his treasured possession (Israel) shall see the distinction between the righteous and the wicked, when they hear the Voice of Yahweh, as Spoken through the “Word become flesh”

            We Christians faithfully hold to this testimony.

            BTW, There are numerous examples of Christians who have given up their lives to save their Jewish counterparts throughout history, which rarely get the media attention of the apostate church which has persecuted Jews, in the name of religion. Ashupert pointed out Corrie Ten Boom, But their were numerous others, throughout WWII, who themselves were caught and killed trying to save them. I am particularly “proud” of the nation of my ancestry, which, though a co beligerant ally with Germany, refused to send their Jewish residents to the concentration camps in Germany. It is kind of ironic in a way, as there were Jews who fought alongside my father in WWII which were Allied with Hitler. As the WWII word f.u.b.a.r. was meant to express. Though Lutherans, just as the Germans, The Finnish people did not succumb to the antisemitism of Hitler. I wish more people would hold this up as an example in contrast to someone like Hitler. Many of us Christians see the Jewish people as “brothers, and sisters”, and not as adversaries.

            • Beloved, thank you for that explanation of your way of belief in that one has to go through yeshua/jesus in order to be with the Voice of YHWH. Also, in that you say jesus does not want to abolish the law is good to know. Although, until I see prophesied scripture on this of the flesh being the word of yeshus from YHWH, then I am sorry that I cannot accept this as what YHWH has said for us to do, but I respect your way of belief it is to everyone’s individual choice. The testimony of jesus must be prophesied through the Father YHWH and there is no prophecy written or spoken proof of this being said by YHWH no one has the right to His glory for which he has said. There is not any prophecy of jesus being the son of YHWH none. What YHWH said He will do is all written through the so called OT the Book of Remembrance in Malaki3v16 for us to know what has happened and will happen even as we skeak, and for YHWH to miss something this important does not make any sense whatsoever. The Ot must be fulfilled by the Nt or this is a ‘red flag’ but I will understand that one has the right to choose. About the Holocaust there are many hidden truths of this terrible massacre that many was given false information of over the history. This was a planned and paid war by its own with the US as was Hirroshima as was 9/11. These are the innocent lives that we pray for to offer for sin it was cruel and unforgivable to what was done to these innocent people and many today know this truth of the enemy of the Father YHWH the ones in dominion this is how they began their start to become magnified until this day. It is being done until this day to the children of Israel in Pakistine Palestine Lebanon the US and many other nations of those 12 .10 tribes who were scattered to the four corners of the earth the big difference is these were not so innocent and will have to accept their punishment for their iniquities in Leviticus 26, along with (all) other peoples unless they (all) turn back unto YHWH Malaki 3v7, and stop worshiping idols and false religions for YHWH has ‘no religion’ they are all under His wrath and the sword of YHWH Jerem.25. With both the innocent that died, and those who can turn there lives back to YHWH, we will constantly pray for until the day of YHWH has come. Praise YHWH.

              • Cocodol.

                Will YHWH bring back the exiles from the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel that were taken captive by Assyria?

                Also, do you see in the Tanakh that Israel is the betrothed of YHWH?

                • ashupert2, Yes, this is all through the so called OT how YHWH will bring us his chosen people back wither He has sent them, and in Jeremiah 43vs.1-9, preferably vs.5,6 YHWH says He will bring the ‘seed’ of O’Jacob and the ‘seed’ of O’Israel back from the ends of the earth. Then in vs. 18,19 He tells us not to remember the things of old, and how He will do a new thing.

                  Also, in Jeremiah 31vs.32 YHWH states in the prophesied ‘New Covenant’ how He was an husband to Israel. Jeremiah 31v31-40.

                  • ashupert2, Also may I add that to read the book of Obadiah it tells it all. About how the enemy of YHWH the confederacy in Psalms 83 are against Him and His chosen and How He YHWH will deal with them in the day of YHWH. Preferably vs.10,11 proves that esau the brother was there during the captivity of Jerusalem Psalms 137, and was behind it all of the slaughter of the chosen people of Israel and his descendants still are until this day of the 10 lost tribes. Although Israel was being exiled by YHWH this ‘slaughter’ was of esau not YHWH. This is why YHWH says in Isaiah 3v14,15, and 4. That He will clean the house of Israel the Daughter of Zion in that day. Praise YHWH.

              • Cocodol
                Did Noah have a ” Book of remembrence” Telling him to build an ark, or did he have the Word of Yahweh? Was Abraham Obeying the Word of Yahweh when he circumcised himself and all the males of his family, or was he merely obeying a written Law? Was Moses using a guide book, when he brought about the plagues on Egypt, or was he obedient to the Voice of Yahweh? Did Elijah know Yahweh would send fire to the alter he had built from a book which foretold it, or did he obey the “Word of the Lord”? Did Daniel know from a book that he would survive the Lions den when he prayed three times, contrary to Darius’ Law?

                No, As Darius came to find out, WE serve a “Living God”, Who “Delivers and rescues; he works signs and wonders” He is not constrained by a “book”. He will reveal himself to whom he chooses, and he will use as his servant who he so chooses. In all of the above examples, Faith was shown, which is accounted as righteousness. Faith in the Word of God, obedience to his voice. The “books” and the Law only tell you so much, When we walk with Yahweh, so much more will be revealed about him. Or will you, like Jonah, “flee from the presence of the Lord”.

                • Beloved, No, these prophets and servants had no book other than Moses who had both at the end of His service to YHWH, many only had the Word of YHWH, and His spirit was upon them how fortunate were they? Therefore, I agree wholeheartedly that to become a servant if He chooses this is like when the servant said in Isaiah 49:vs.6,”And He said, it is a light thing that thou should be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel.” etc…Yes it is, Selah! The Book of Remembrance is for us not YHWH in Malaki 3v16, it was from a time when it had become so bad that the people were leaving YHWH, and not remembering who they are also in Nehemiah 13 it confirms this for he was the governor at the time and Malaki was the prophet then, and this was during the time of the captivity, and the ruins of the city of Judah which Nehemiah tried to restore the walls. So, the people that feared YHWH, who were witnessing the people going astray talked among each other, and YHWH heard them, and then He gave them this book to always remember all that has happened from the beginning to the end of the prophets and servants at that time to always have to keep for the people, and for those who though upon YHWH’s name, and they will become His jewels for the book is open, and for us for what is to come. But this is not to think that YHWH does not call upon others, and whenever He chooses. YHWH knows all, and He sees all. YHWH Bless.

                  • Cocodol
                    We Christians hear the Word of Yahweh, and the Spirit of Yahweh dwells in us. I say this not to brag, but as a testimony to you and your people, that we serve the same living God that Daniel served. The same one whose word directed Moses in Egypt, and The Voice which Elijah obeyed.

                    You also mention psalm 83, in your comments. Some Christians believe that this a prophetic of a war that will occur in the coming years. This is not the War of Armageddon/ Meggido, but a precurser. The Result of this War will be that “Yahweh will save you (Israel) from far away, and your offspring from the land of their captivity” (Jer. 30:10-21) Then You will see the “right hand of Yahweh” and you and your people will be disciplined for the “grievous wound” (Jer. 30:12, Psalm 118:18). I suggest you read Jermiah 30:10-21, psalm 118, and psalm 83. After Israel is disciplined, is when your messiah will come (Again as we Christians believe). Then Your people will Understand who the “stone is that the builders rejected, has become the cornerstone” (Psalm 118:22) And they will cry “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord” (Psalm 118:26, Matt. 23:39), And will Say “The Lord He is God” (Psalm 118:27, 1 Kings 18:39) [Yehovah Eloyhiymn] It is all summed up in Zechariah 12, As I quoted to you before.

                    Jeremiah 3:12-13, 31:22

                    I Pray you will “hear the Word of Yahweh” Through the verses I quoted above.

                    • Beloved, what is this ‘your people’ is it a sterotypical usage of language for did you read in Jeremiah 31v30, it says “But everyone shall die for ‘his OWN’ iniquity etc.” and in Jeremiah 30v23, YHWH says that it will be a continuing whirlwind of His fury upon the head of the ‘wicked’. This is why I say that we must do the law YHWH’s ordinance, judgments and statues that YHWH says were broken and ‘changed’,idols,images,(in nt), this is the ‘backsliding’ YHWH is speaking of in Jeremiah 3v13,14, and is why His anger is upon the earth in Isaiah 24v5, and He specifies in Isa.24v21-23,the chief blame is on the ‘high ones’ these priest,pastors,popes and political leaders, and those in dominion Edom that has mislead the flocks is why YHWH says in Jeremiah 3v14,15 he will give new pastors for the people who doing His ways also in Zech. 12. Then in Jeremiah 30, I read where YHWH is still going to save Jacob out of his troubles, and raise up the elect out of David, but in vs.11, YHWH says He will do a full end to the nations against His Jacob,Isral,Judah,Jerusalem as in Zechariah 12 says, but will not leave His people Israel altogether unpunished until they do right by His law, and not backslide, and he will judge them and correct them in measure. Also, as I said to ashupert2, in Jeremiah 31v31-40, there will or as we speak in the making be a “New Covenant” with YHWH and all the people. So, of course everyone must hear His voice, and hearken to His ways the ordinances, judgments and statues and covenants the law,or lest they will be destroyed this is not just for the people of Israel but this is for ALL. And in Psalms 83 this is YHWH’s enemy from the ancient times til today the descendants of esau Edom the Amalacytes edomites ‘Not All Jews Are Complicit to This Robbery’, but those who claim to be Israel Malachi 1v1-5 and Ezekiel 36v1-5, those in dominion in the world misleading the flocks, and abusing the poor, then and now. Where did you get Armageddon from?,or maybe your right for it will be a massacre of the enemy and the wicked. And in Psalms 118 thanks, it tells us how loving and great the mercy of our King YHWH is. Now I say to you in Isa.24v5, this that is bringing the Father to His anger, what say you? For I hear the voice very clearly and that’s to do the law, and live righteously by others. Praise YHWH.

                    • I will comment below

                    • Beloved I meant stereotypical lol

                • Beloved, to add, if you were referring this question to jesus then I will have to agree and disagree. For with yeshua being such an important entity to this claim of being the son of the Father YHWH I do think that this would have to be a prophecy fulfilled into the OT. But on the other hand there were serveral servants in the OT who did not get prophesied but did become a servant to YHWH such as Deborah, she did a great thing and yet there was no real prophecy made, but it was very admireable, and will be remembered and it’s also in the book. Now although the prophets and servants that you did mention didn’t have a book what they did do was still written into the book about what had taken place for YHWH, and of YHWH’s spirit that was upon them.

          • beloved, CORRESTION: DAVID was a sheppard boy sorry.

  35. Alienated

    I understand your frustration because I to felt the same. Mostly the rebellion the Lord speaks of then I was corrected by God. Dru is right these are our last days and minutes. Rejection and then the salvation is what I heard from God.

    I studied to give the scriptures of his nailed scarred hands and all of the prophetic words God gave in the Old Testament. I am glad I took my time and I hope she reads and goes back again to read that she will see and understand that God is her’s, he is ours and he belongs to all of the universe . Praise God that he loves us all.

    If one turns a death ear to each of us and we reach out in love there is much hope because we are in God.

    I just want to say I saw in a vision a bundle of green snakes and the next (last) night a figure like the grim reepor but with out his instrument. These visions were so real that I threw a pillow at one in the middle of the night, knowing that God does not give us a spirit of fear no matter what the enemy says. But wisdom is required now as we draw closer to the parting of Gods land.

    I know that a vision and a dream from the Father means something? I feel that death is coming, is that the end of time as we know it or Is it a tragedy coming? Green snakes first might mean sneak attack by the one we identify as being of the green colors.

    I feel impressed to tell you watch out be sober and be vigilient the roaring lion is about seeking whom he may devour. Keep your car gased up, don’t spend for the holidays to quick you may need that money to move to a place of safety. The word says they will say peace, peace and then sudden destruction, that is what I feel impressed to tell you from God and I want to be obedient.

    Mount the wall and pray for the Israelite people around the world, and also for our nation. Especially for those in Israel.

    Please don’t think I am trying to scare anyone or that I am an alarmist, God give us dreams to prepare and warn us.

  36. Everyone, All I would like to do is to lead those to the truth, and in Isaiah chapters 1, 2, 3,4,5, and 6 preferably the scriptures in chapter 2v1,2,3 YHWH’s Ways people and of the last days, and chapter 3v14 and chapter 5v24,25 about the ‘law’ and of His anger if you do not do the ‘law’ now why would YHWH change this decree we all know that He does not change in Malaki 3v6, that He left for all nations all people to do, and my favorite chapter 6v9,10 convert and let go of the pride, and this all is to come, happening as we speak, or has come to pass as the Book of Remembrance Malaki 3v16 does, it prophesies the future, past and present. YHWH Bless.

  37. Marianne

    I do believe that the green snakes could be Islam, because of the recent dream with the arm being stung by the bumble bee.

    In this vision the green snakes came first and then came the walking bones in the robe. The green snakes were in a hugh clump and they seemd to have been hibernating with energy flowing off of them. Then came the bones in a black robe.

    Maybe seeing them as hibernating means they have been sleeping or laying low waiting for their season to wakeup, especially being seen as green shiny snakes glowing. It would make me think that they were no harm while sleeping but someone woke them up for evil purposes.

    But when you bring then a figure of bones in a black robe into the room and it to had energy around it idicates it is not dead. Nothing that is dead has energy to my knowledge.

    But a body that is ravaged with starvation or attack of a weapon of destructive energy, where particles are displaced. Then you are talking about the walking dead for those who are not immediately destroyed.

    So what is God revealing? It is so odd how God brought this with the writing about the seals.

    I think like Marianne, the word says the Rhema word is established by at least two. These visions might have been brought to validate the written words of the writer of the seals.

    Today I felt inspired by the Holy Spirit to write all I knew about Father Abraham and faith. The writing lead me to the story of Ishmel and Hagar.

    The writing took me into the truth of the middle east, now all are flesh and all are people coming out of Father Abraham. The difference being that the Jews are of the natural Mother and the unsaved are Gentiles born of the bondswoman and the other remaining are those of the natural women who are graphed in by adoption through faith.

    This is an implication to all who are not saved because they are not graphed in but by faith all who are saved are then made a part of the natural and all others of the bondwoman and are slaves.

    Children can only inherit when they are natural or adopted and made natural or they can not be partakers of the testament, which is the will. All who are saved are reconned and all who are, then are graphed in. Acutally I hear from some people out of Israel that the graphed in part of a tree draws more off the tree than the natural branches, to making the point of making the inner part of the tree the shape of a heart.

    So I guess in the end, the conclusion is great jealousy over not being a part of the natural or even the adopted but of the bond slave. The child born not of a sanctioned marriage or adopted marriage is a sign of dishonor.

    I also get that Faith can not be dead. All religions belieing in something without God are dead. If they are not born of the blood and water then they have no life. There is not life in that which is not living. I guess that is another point that it is of the walking dead. There is one God.

    But the children of the light are of love and they try to live together in unity, they bend on most issues but the issue of faith as it is life. The green side to settle an issue gethers the sword which is not of the word but of the world and the dark place of the spirit world. If it is not of God it is of satan and it is death.

    God said things of evil come from the principalites and evil wickedness of high places.

    So the green snakes bother me not by seeing them but the energy that rose over them. Man wanting to do something and needing power hornnesses energy. The egyptians to build the pyramids hornest the energy of man who is a living vessel to move large slabs of stone into place this we know, what else did they use?

    So is the energy of the green snakes associated with the Egyptians, they use a diety of satan to create power and energy from the prince of the air.

    Is it the same energy with the black robe of bones?

    Did the ones of our government who destablized the middle east by providing money cause these fires and are they the black bones walking? I say maybe but I say that the one who blows the coals having seen it prepared their graves. What he prepares without repentance and prayer will not be escaped. God is the one to be feared not those who attack and can take your life because it is our body and soul which is life and only God can take it.

    Many say we have a crystal skull in our nation and that we use it for the purpose of evil. I don’t know if they are people who have seen to much Indiana Jones movies or what ? But if they received a device or items sent by satan then they will be destroyed. These are not my words or promises but Gods. This wickedness was used to inslave the Lords people far years with demonic powers. Those who call upon other deities and trust not in God shall have their place in the lake of fire.

    He said he would draw the Egyptians and the Assyrians to the valley and he would whistle for them. The Bible says they are as dead flies. Where you see dead flies I would say demonic force is taking place. The assyrians like to sting like bees, they want it to hurt physcially. They are not the harmers with word smithing. They like violent weapons of swords for beheading and now if they have the weapon that makes flesh wax. We are at our end or at the beginning of our sorrows as some live through such a thing and other perish. All of it is evil. God forgive this nation and the laziness of those who are in office and do nothing about Gods land.

    I saw this energy before these two visions. I say they were visions because when I prayed and rebuked the snakes they were gone and after a few seconds the energy also disappeard. The Black robe of bones I threw my pillow at it and it went threw it but the energy swirled or was some how still there but rearranged for moments. But drawing near to God in prayer it was taken away.

    I would also like to say I saw this engery in the past in another dream. This energy was in that dream or observance of watching a thing that took place in our captial. The energy was rolling across the floor on the top part of water or sea, I feel. I saw this energy only after being taken to the middle east in this dream for observation. I have been in many parts of the world but never the middle east. So I looked to Marianne to ask which country did she think the last one was, as it was the force of evil or the strongest tower of government and evil coming.

    This dream came forth before the activities broke out in the middle east. The people who were seen as orchestraters or innocent ones trying to stop it came immediately after and then hearing by news of the trips of these people we knew it was confimation from the LORD.

    I saw all of the nations breaking forth in fire. Marianne can withess to this dream or my recounting to her the happening. This dream or experience occurred several months before the actual issues of the middle east took place.

    I saw the energy roll on the ground and watched a governement offical be cast down and his face and skin melted like wax before he hit ground, then I heard the explosion. But before this happening there was another who was involved and she was a women. She was on a white latter with a fireman standing behind her. When I first saw her she was wearing the color of the flag of Israel, before dying she turned to the left and her clothes turned to red and she had flowers at her throat.

    This dream was suppose to be occuring in the nations capital. The man who his skin melted off of his bones, fell dierectly in front of my face and it was if he was cast down.

    Here is what God says in Isaiah 54:16 behold I have created the smith that blows the coals in the fire, and that brings forth an instruemnt for his work; I have created the waster to destroy.

    So this may mean that the bones in the black robe is the waster.

    So in continuing to pray and to take a break from the word. I feel that maybe what he is telling us, is that the green is Islam who has been laying wait like hiberating snakes. The black is he who blows on the coals in the events coming forth and again it I feel is going to be because of the dividing of his land.

    We have prayed and should continue without ceasingas this thing I feel is near at hand. As it came in vision and not in a dream. Please don’t ask me why I say this as I don’t know but it is what I felt. I am not a prophet but I believe in obedience and I do all I can to remember what is shown and then to try and report what I feel he has brought to me. I have dreamed my whole life after giving it to God as a child. So being of the Spirit and required by the Lord to tell as I understand, I share it with you.

  38. Cocodol,
    I am sure you would agree with me that YHWH does not neglect or leave His Word unfulfilled. Really, quite the opposite; He watches over His Word to perform it. In the Jeremiah 3: 8 it says;

    Jeremiah 3: 8

    8And I saw, when for all the causes whereby backsliding Israel committed adultery I had put her away, and given her a bill of divorce; yet her treacherous sister Judah feared not, but went and played the harlot also.
    As you can see, and I am sure you already know, YHWH divorced the House of Israel (10 northern tribes). In the first chapter of Hosea, the prophet explains how YHWH feels about what the House of Israel and the House of Judah have done. The House of Israel was given a bill of divorce while Judah wouldn’t be dealt with quite as harshly.

    This is my question to you, given what YHWH said in Deuteronomy 24: 1-4

    1When a man hath taken a wife, and married her, and it come to pass that she find no favour in his eyes, because he hath found some uncleanness in her: then let him write her a bill of divorcement, and give it in her hand, and send her out of his house.
    2And when she is departed out of his house, she may go and be another man’s wife.
    3And if the latter husband hate her, and write her a bill of divorcement, and giveth it in her hand, and sendeth her out of his house; or if the latter husband die, which took her to be his wife;
    4Her former husband, which sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after that she is defiled; for that is abomination before the LORD: and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance.

    The House of Israel played the part of the whore and committed adultery; she had defiled herself. In verse 4 it says;

    4Her former husband, which sent her away, may not take her again to be his wife, after that she is defiled; for that is abomination before the LORD: and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, which the LORD thy God giveth thee for an inheritance.

    YHWH is bound by His Word at this point and cannot take her back as His bride. Do you agree with this or not? If you don’t agree with this I would like you to explain. If you do agree, where does this leave the House of Israel?

    • ashupert2, this is why I specify gave the scripture in Jeremiah 31vs.32, where YHWH said that He (was) a husband to Israel. As according to YHWH’s Word, and if you read this chapter Jeremiah 31v31-40, you will see that He will or as we speak make a “New Covenant” with the house of Israel, and the house of Judah, and it will not be thrown down for ever. Sounds pretty good to me considering our faults; and people think His Law is too hard No, it is just what we need to prolong life, and live well for ALL. YHWH created us, and He knows what is right and best for us; we all must do the law, and it looks like we will anyway according to this scripture alone, and what say you? Oh and did you get my post on the suspension of the sacrifices? Praise YHWH.

      • ashupert2, I meant to say specifically, lol, you should have seen how I did leatherneck and alienated’s names I mispelled them so badly all I could do is lol. YHWH Bless.

      • Cocodol,

        You are talking like the Christian Church now (no offence). They say the Tanakh is not relevant to us anymore, that we are under a new covenant. You say that a new covenant is coming for Israel, but that would require YHWH to render some of His Word as being irrelevant and left unfilled. He is bound by His Words to never take back the House of Israel as a part of His bride. YHWH knew when He spoke Deut. 24:1-4 that He would eventually give the House of Israel (the ten northern tribes) a writing of divorce; that she would defile herself and be unfit (under these circumstances) to be taken back as a part of His bride. How do you reconcile that? I am not being legalistic here, just trying to get you to think about what you are saying. So, to put it into a question, I would like to know how you reconcile a new covenant with the House of Israel, when YHWH has already divorced her and by His own words cannot take her back? If YHWH breaks His own Word, what do we do? It is what He has given us to cling and hold fast to with our lives. Please bear with me in all of this, there is a reason for it.

        Be Blessed My Sister

        • ashupert2, no one neither did I say that the “New Covenant” was to be betrothed of Israel and Judah, read it in Jeremiah 31v31-40, it specifically says that in vs.32, that YHWH (was), a husband to the people of Israel. But in the “New Covenant” YHWH will make a ‘new’ and not only for the house of Israel or Judah but for all people who do His law and honor Him, and the ordinances of YHWH. So I never said that the new covenant was only for Israel and Judah for in the OT YHWH always included the other nations as in Malaki 3v16 it reads that “those who feared YHWH and thought upon His name will be remembered, and be His jewels, and spared as a man spareth his own son that served him.” And no I am not as the christians for they believe that they should not have to do the law, this is their new covenant, and YHWH has never changed His ordinances and laws, and this is not the case with those who do the laws and ordinances of YHWH those of us know that this is the law to prolong life, and is good for us. Somehow christians do not realize why He is angry from many people not doing His law and from doing religions or idols is His biggest grind with people as He said in Isaiah 24v5. They were not suppose to change them, the law. And also they were not suppose to forget to praise Him and forget to praise ‘His’ name for in Ezekiel 36v22,23, YHWH says His name is HOLY, and where although He was speaking of sacrifices, in Malachi 1v6 He says where is His honor?,and in v14 where He says that He is a great King and His name is dreadful even among the heathen but His own people, and people all over the world ‘snuff’ at Him this is why His fury is on the earth and is upon us all. And where christians say and your messianc vows say that yeshua/yahshua is to get the praise we who do the law knows only about His servant His elect that He will or has as we speak raise him from the seed of David is what He says all through the OT and well whenever they can show the scripture of prophecy of this yahshua/jc, then I could agree because YHWH has no secrets in Amos3v7 and He says all through the OT that He will not share His glory with no one; and to just believe from these religions that were made by the heathen to go against YHWH without His approval is delusional actually it is idolatry. This is why we have so many prophesies and scriptures about the false teachings misleading the flocks from the priest and prophets and popes and elders why else would the Almighty say this in Malachi 2, and Jeremiah 23v1-8 why? Being TRIED. YHWH Bless.

  39. Cocodol
    I refer to “your people”, as a mode of conversation, which is not meant to be demeaning at all. Israel perhaps would be a better term. Israel does not accept Jesus as the Messiah, Christians do. My point I was making was in regard to this.

    I would first like to comment on the New Covenent spoken of in Jeremiah 31:31ff.
    Yes this is in reference to Israel. But without understanding who Jesus was, (the Word of Yahweh become flesh) As I outlined in my previous comment, the result Will not be as the promise indicates in Jeremiah 30, and Zechariah 12. Instead it will be as Malachi 4:6 states. “Utter destruction”! It is not for me here and now to convert you, for it will be the work of Yahweh which will draw Israel to Him. (Ezek. 36:22-23)

    I agree that apostate “Christian” churches and leaders have brought all sorts of pagan idolotry to the Church, But these are not the “true church” which holds to the testimony of Jesus as I have explained to you. It is not about who is to blame, for all have sinned. The Israelites have held to the Law, while the Christians have held to the Word. It is not until the hearts of the fathers (Israelites) turn to THEIR children (Christians) AND the hearts of children (Christians) to their Fathers (Israel), that WE (both of us) can avert utter destruction, and bring about the promise.

    That new covenent was ushered in, on a personal level by Jesus. He is at work in us, sanctifying us, and “writing the Law upon our hearts” through the Spirit of Yahweh. We are awaiting that day when the two will become “perfectly one”. We Christians as sojourners share in that promise. That has been my whole point in why I have had this discussion with you. You see the “Bad” side of so called “christianity”, the religion, and you have Judged us based on that, Just as we have seen the “Bad” side of Judaism, and have judged you based on that. It is time that we start to come together, and share what it is that Yahweh has revealed to each of us.

    Regarding Armageddon, I am sorry, I am using NT language here. A more appropriate term would be the Gog, Magog war as outlined in Ezekial 38. This is the final battle before the Messiah comes.

    Micah 6:6-8

    • Beloved, christians see jesus as the Messiah and those of us who listen to and read the Word of YHWH and obey His ordinances statues and judgments and covenants,we see the seed of David that will be or has been raised unto the throne for it is prophesied by YHWH, and written in all the books in the OT, for us to know the Word of YHWH. In Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26. Therefore, we who obey the law are acknowledging the elect the servant who is the seed of David and this is prophesied by YHWH all through the OT in every book. So there is no avoiding any parts of the Word of YHWH, and the servant with us who obey the law for it is written for us all in the Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16, so one does not have to make up a ‘belief.’ And, it just does not say jesus/yeshua nor messiah will be on the throne in the old testament not at all and the nt which has changed as Isa.24v5 says has caused the fury and the wrath upon us now on earth of idols and strange gods made up as said in Isa.24v5 of what the heathen has done to mislead the flocks of YHWH. Even in Psalms 110 it describes that although it says ‘lord’ twice in the vs.1,in vs.4 YHWH calls the same ‘servant,lord a priest forever’after Malki zedek who was once the priest of El Elyon (YHWH) the GOD of Israel, and this is a high honor for this servant that will or has as we speak been raised from the seed of David. I think you know that YHWH’s true name was removed from the book over 6800 times and as you have pointed out in Ezekiel 36v22,23, YHWH regards His name Holy and the heathen has profaned it and has taken the praise from Him to other idols and strange gods that were not prophesied for Moses said that we the offspring would go to other strange gods in Deut.32v17 and this is what YHWH is angry about for no one who is christian is calling Him by YHWH nor are they praising YHWH and you know He’s a jealous Father and He does not give His glory. This is how one knows the truth from the lie. Many times in the book YHWH states how we will all know His name in the day of YHWH and we will see His face. So one just cannot make up what happens in this book there has to be written proof for YHWH says He has no secrets in Amos3v7, and Isa.42v8,9, but we are just going back and forth with saying who is to get this praise and glory and I would rather have the original documented proof and His voice from the Father YHWH so that I can know,than having just a belief and no written Word. Christianity was an offshoot from Judaism look it up. All religions are idolatry YHWH hates religion they were made by the heathen to go against YHWH and as in Daniel 11v36-12v10 this is proof that islam and christianity and all religions are false religions this was prophesied by Gabriel the angel from YHWH to Daniel to understand and to put into the book for us to know as in Daniel 12v9 says “Go thy way Daniel for the words are closed up and sealed til the time of the end”and 10 says”Many shall be purified and made white, and ‘TRIED’, but the wicked shall do wickedly: and non of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand” but he Daniel could not, for it was for the end times and he was assured that his work was done for YHWH, and he did not need to understand, but to go to his rest, and he will stand by his lot in the end of the days. See unlike christians or any religions,I do not do religions I have no religion I have the King the Creator of All living,the Heaven and the Waters and the Earth the Father YHWH this is all I need. YHWH Bless, and Praise YHWH.

    • Beloved, I just caught what you said that the new covenant was ushered by jc oh no! can you show this scripture in the book that says that? In Jeremiah 31v31-40 this is YHWH speaking to us all He is the Creator of all the living and the heaven and waters and the earth there is no one ushering here but the prophet Jeremiah, why you insist on making things up is maybe an ego thing. And Judaism this is a false religion too, I said all religions made from the heathen the enemy have steered the flocks from the true GOD of Israel YHWH there is no religion with YHWH and never has has been look it up. In Micah 6v6-8 this is the prophet Micah speaking on behalf of YHWH of his love for Him. The word Lord in this book is only a transiteration to the true name of YHWH that was removed so that we would not know him by the heathen remember,anyone can be a lord but not YHWH. Selah!YHWH BLESS!

      • Cocodol
        Can you define for me what “religion” is in your view?

        In our view religion is means of contolling the flock by making them “earn” their salvation via “works”. True Christianity is as far from that notion as you can get.
        True Christianity is first and foremost about a relationship with Yahweh. It as about our walk with Yahweh, the creator. It is about “Hearing His voice”, and submitting to his will in our lives. This is Obedience to the Word. He has “tried” me over the past 3.5 years as I could never have imagined. Each time his discipline comes, I come to a deeper understanding of his Love. I love Him (Yahweh) because he first loved me, an undeserving wretch who deserves nothing but death. We cannot earn our Salvation, It is only by way of the Mercy of Yahweh that we have salvation. This salvation is through the Shed blood of Jesus, who was the Word made flesh. For me this is not merely “belief”, but fact (a.k.a. Truth)
        He has given us a “new heart”, he has put a “new spirit” in us already. This new Spirit is “causing us to walk in his statutes, and in obedience to his rules”.
        He will do the same for Israel as well. But he will not be “doing it for your sake, but for the sake of his Holy Name”. This is not talking about “how many times his name has been deleted from scripture”, But about vindication. About showing the rest of the World, that the God of Israel is the one true God, “The Existent One”, The Living God.

        You ask me for scripture to prove this from the “book of remembrence”, I have given you numerous ones (Isaiah 52,53, Zech 12,). I could literally give you close to a hundred or more. But you do not have faith, to believe. I will Give you one more scripture, and let you decide for yourself. Deutoronomy 18:15-19. I use this one reluctantly, as this is also the scripture the Muslims use to attempt validation of Mohammad, But you should at least see in there our discussions on the Word of Yahweh.

        The following website lists 100 or so of these, prophecies fulfilled in Jesus. I suggest you explore them some more, and do not be afraid to read the books of the NT, especially the Gospels, and the book of Hebrews. This revalation was meant for Israel!
        Here is the website.

        • Beloved, you must be really special to YHWH, the Father YHWH has no religion, there is no religion He HATES ALL RELIGIONS these were manifested by the enemy Psalms 83, of YHWH to take away His flocks to mislead them. As you said yourself ‘religions are control.’ There is no religion in righteousness or else there would not be any wars over religion see (wars-righteous) No, these don’t match, fighting over whose religion is the right one this is why YHWH never told us to do any of these they are man’s way of controlling the masses that’s all, and taking us away from YHWH the Creator whose way is the law and righteousness and living peaceful and eating and drinking properly,doing for one another, true caring amoung each other regardless of the skin. YHWH left us His law to live by for our own good He made us so He would know, Exodus 20, Deut.4 and 5 and the dietary Deut.14 and Leviticus 11 and the Sabbath and the coming out of Eygpt passover Exodus 12. Each religion took the history of these simple laws ordinances and judgments and statues and twist them into other forms making ‘religions’ they are all idolatry in the eyes of the Father YHWH and are not about Him, as said in Isaiah 24v5, that we did them, and pushed Him into fury. All the scriptures that you are giving are about the servant the elect the seed of David nothing else should be made up or assumed all the prophets in the book has prophesied this servant from the Voice and Word of the Only Savior YHWH in Isaiah 43,44. As in Ezekiel 37v24-28, v.24 “And ‘David’ (my) servant shall be king(should be governor), only YHWH is King,over them (in the new ONE nation),etc…they shall all walk in my judgments, and observe my statues, and DO them.”v.26 “I will make a covenant of peace everlasting with them etc..v.27 “My tabernacle shall also be with them, I will be their Father YHWH and they will be my people. v.28.”And the heathen shall know that I YHWH do sanctify Israel, evermore.” When ‘I’ ‘my’ is used this is YHWH the Father speaking through the prophet Ezekiel. As before, the words lord, God should not ever be used with the Father YHWH He is our Creator the King and anyone can be a lord or God, so this is profaning His name, and remember in Ezekiel 36v22,23 his name is Holy for which He says His name is dreadful among the heathen in Malaki 1v14, see even the heathen knows better, but he tricked us into ‘belief, religions’ and now we have left the Father YHWH for false religions and calls Him everthing but His true name YHWH, and I too love the Father YHWH and He love us ALL. So if you need to fabricate a name for the one that you praise then do as you will for if he is not prophesied by the Father YHWH this is only a ‘red flag’ take heed. And I did read the NT none of it fulfills the OT it is all changed no prophet can say ‘he’ said anything it must be prophesied by YHWH through the prophet.

          As for Deut.18v14-19 this maybe a shock, remember we said in our earlier posts that this book must be discerned, ok, so the word prophet here, is a transliteration it is suppose to be plural and how one knows this is to look at vs.14 it says “For these nations which thou shall possess, hearkened unto OBSERVERS of TIMES, and unto DIVINERS: but as for thee YHWH thy Strong One has not suffered you to do or ‘this'” so Moses is comforting them that he is a true prophet of YHWH. The people was asking not to have to witness the greatness of YHWH’s fire and voice anymore, it was just too much and also they were asking how to determine a true prophet in the next verses 18-22. This scripture is Moses letting the people know that there will be others after him that are like him from YHWH to keep the people safe from the heathens, and to help them to not go astray. If you noticed these my people just wined a lot they to me were so rotten by YHWH he spoiled them us me, and they would just wine and wine and wine, and were never satisfied and then will turn on YHWH in the blink of an eye just like we are doing today praising other strange gods and idols and images; so this alone shows how much love and mercy that our Father gives to us. But alas He has come to His breaking point, and wants us to come back to Him in Malaki 3v7 or deal with the sword in Jeremiah 25. YHWH Bless.

        • Beloved, remember I said that religion is a form of control?, then what does control normally do to people?, it robs them of a free thinking mind and one question I have for you is ‘What is the Good Ship Jesus?’ go ahead and google it if you need to, but could you explain this form of control please? Praise YHWH.

          • I am not sure what you are asking regarding the “good ship Jesus”? All I come up with is some slave ship from the past with the name “Jesus”. Did you mean something else?

            • Beloved, yes it was a slave ship ‘control’ and it also was the beginning era of those being forced to worship christianity, you either do it or you die and or be labeled as a heathen, this is not something that the Father YHWH would ask of us this is a false religion made, and forced by mankind in the day Constantine legalized christianity in 311ce, and when slavery was spread. As is many religions they are used as a ‘control’ for the masses such as in Sudan, I read at one of these popular sights for muslim or islam belief, that there in Sudan they are trying to force the native people to worship islam,muslim and in one incident they cut off the finger of an eleven year old Sudan girl because she did not want to leave her own faith. She was rescued by some media reporters fortunately for her. But this is why YHWH does not condone religions, and why He hates them people are forced or coerced into believing made up assumptions and lies not said by YHWH. You keep speaking about a ‘oneness’ between Israel and christians where is that prophecy, other than bring a light unto the Gentiles?, but what is prophesied in Ezekiel 37 is a Oneness for all nations said by YHWH, for as it says in vs. 24 where YHWH states that His servant David shall govern over the One nation and David shall be their Prince for ever, and in vs.26, an everlasting covenant of peace will be made by YHWH, and in vs.27, the tabernacle shall be with the One nation, and in vs.28, Israel shall be sanctified in the midst of the heathen forevermore, and this shall be the light unto the Gentiles and they will also come, and will be brought to praise Him, and know His name is YHWH, in Jeremiah 16v19,21. There is no need to fabricate a ‘new story’ of this happening it is already prophesied in Ezekiel 37 and in other books of the OT. You also seem to continue to use jc for many of the scriptures that you gave to me but in all of them I do not see jc’s name written there is only the servant the elect and it always describes David as the servant as in the seed of David that is raised or will be raised unto the throne as said in Zech. 12v.8 and 10, the same scripture you gave to me is not saying jc, it is saying David and the house of David and the inhabitants of Jerusalem. So tell me why do you insist on forcing the scriptures to read jc it seems delusional as if one is in a trance for that is how many religions do they ‘control’ the mind to be in a gospel, (good spell), and once one is able to drop their pride and begin to discern then they may accept ‘truth.’ There is nothing to worry of those who are not true to the Word of YHWH for He says no one can hide their iniquities or transgressions from Him in Jeremiah 16v17. YHWH Bless.

              • Cocodol,
                Look, If you cannot distinguish between True Christianity, and Apostate Christianity, you should not comment on it then. You are making genaralizations as Grievous as the Lutheran church in Germany made of the Jews. I do not belong to a church, there is no one in control of my life except the Holy Spirit. I choose to believe, Because I have studied all the religions of the World, and have found them all to be about that control, even Judaism. I have submitted to the will of Yahweh, only. I live in this world, but am not of this world.
                I agree that a large part of what is called the Christian church is about this control, and forced worship. That is the number one reason why I do not belong to them. These churches are contrary to what the church was to be like as described in the NT. They were not meant to be led by college educated pastors looking for a career, but rather elders of the faith choosing to serve as shepherds. True Christians do not follow the teachings of a man (pope, priest, pastor, etc) we follow the teachings of Jesus, the Word become flesh.
                Actually, Christianity is the only religion that the individual “chooses” to become as opposed to being forced. Judaism is based on ethnicity, Islam forces conversions via a sword. Yes the catholic church, has forced conversion, but forced conversion is not genuine conversion. Genuine conversion is by choice of the individual. Just as forced obedience to the Law is not genuine obedience with a “Pure heart”. This in fact is the difference between Virtue (righteousness) and legalism. If you really want to understand true Christianity, then you need to read the early history of the church. The apostles did not force people to convert, instead they explained the Gospel (which means “good news”, not “god spell”), As I am doing here with you. The choice is yours. As Isaiah says, “let us reason together”.
                When you enter into generalizations and bigotry, reason goes by the wayside. Eventually hatred takes hold, which leads to sin. If this is your attitude, perhaps you should examine yourself before Judging others.

                Perhaps this is the right time to end this conversation.
                God bless.

                • Beloved, for some odd reason you keep bringing up judaism from the 3rd kingdom, which is what christianity was derived from in the 4th kingdom, and if you are referring this to me, as I said before, According to YHWH, ALL RELIGIONS ARE IDOLATRY judaism, chritianity, islam they all are false because YHWH never condoned them He dosen’t need to. That is good that you studied religions but in my opinion they are a waste of time when the Father the Creator left us His law, ordinances, judgments and statues the Sabbath of the day He rest from OUR creation, and the passover of the coming out of Egypt in Exodus 12, for the remembrance of that day of freedom and the death of the firstborn, this is for the Hebrew Israelite in Exodus 4v22,23, and all who know the struggle of the son and firstborn of YHWH which makes absolute sense for the ‘generation of Adam’ was from His chosen people and are many descendant here today. Nothing made up all has been prophesied. Why you want to insist on calling this truth judaism is beyond me, for they ‘believe’ in the star of David and there is no star of David this is not mentioned in the OT, they ‘believe’ in Hanaka, and there is no mentioning of any Hanaka in this book the OT judaism is IDOLATRY just as all man made religions are and that’s the truth. They were only manifested to ‘GAIN’ from the masses, and this can be proven. This is not judging this is from the Word of YHWH He hates all Idolatry and religions this word is not ever in the OT. Now, I have no idea what you mean by stating ‘hate’ I have none the history provides the facts and I just learn it as anything that has happened over the history of this world. I prefer not to sugarcoat things; it the truth is the truth but there is no ‘hate’ I am sorry you would come to that conclusion. There is no true christianity if YHWH did not prophesied it or tell us to do it. None of this are generalizations these are facts that can be looked up and found historically and from the Book of Remembrance, look it up. YHWHs ordinances in Exodus 20, and His dietary in Deut. 14 and Leviticus 11 along with His Sabbath and passover are all He has required from us and to live a RIGHTEOUS life to prolong life Deut.32vs.45-47, from the prophet Moses, from YHWH, this is why it is prophesied in the “New Covenant” of Jeremiah 31v31-40, and Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26, are all prophesied for the future and the building of the new Temple in Haggie 2, are all that is awaiting from YHWH after the Day of the Creator in Malachi 4v1. Then will the seed of David be the Sheppard of us all along with the Branch, and peace will be again for ALL, This all is stated in The Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, for us to ‘know’ those who listen to the Voice and Word of YHWH not just to ‘believe.’ There is no other covenant or ‘new’ anything or YHWH will tell us, in Isaiah 42v9, and in Jeremiah 32v27, there is nothing too hard for the Father YHWH. YHWHs name is not Lord LORD GOD this is profaning His name yet, He will bring His name to light in His day as well, for His true name was removed from the true book in Malaki 3v16, 6800 times in the OT, and this is how you know that the enemy did not want us to know Him taking us away from YHWH, or anything of the truth, just to ‘believe’ in the made up book of the NT now this was prophesied in Deut.32v17 ‘newly strange gods’ and whatever you want to call it good news it is still not prophesied from the Almighty Father YHWH through His prophet or servant, in Amos 3v7. YHWH Bless you.

                • Beloved, …CORRECTION I meant the Hebrew Isralites are the descendants from the ‘generation of Adam’ and many descendants are here today. Selah!

          • Cocodol
            Are You referring to the “War for 2012” video on you tube? Most of this is part of the false ecumenical movement, which is to usher in a One world religion. What the bible refers to about “oneness”, is with regard to Israel and “true Christianity”. Right now, it is difficult to tell who is a “true Christian” and an apostate one, as the “sheep and the goats” are mixed together. But Yahweh, as we speak is separating the two. I am sure something similar is occurring in the Jewish community as well.

            • Beloved, also I do not consider youtube as a resource for information the only resource I put my whole trust in is the Word and Voice of YHWH in the Book of Remembrance in Malaki 3v16, to read Genesis – Malachi is all we need to know of the real truth. Praise YHWH.

  40. Dear Dru

    What a beautiful testimony to the Lord and what a great servant. Praise God the Battle belongs to him and our waiting and our great oppressions and stresses are nearing the end.

    How can anyone not want to go home, I have no desire for this world any more the Lord took it away. He has put my heart to see his face and to be in his presences always, where I can bathe in his light and never feel the anger or hatred of another again, as he is love always.

    Be blessed as the soul of one is of great value to the Lord and prayer works miracles. Through prayer those who are blind see and those who are deaf hear.

    It also lifts heavy burdens, I feel so burdern this evening for the nation of Israel, and the USA. But I also remember England as God had me to pray for them for an extended time period.

    Please anyone else reading this pray for the Lords will and the safety of his loved ones and their loved ones. Pray for all who are oppressed and going through the refiners fire, that they go to the other end enduring what he has charged us to endure and come out as pure gold.

    Pray for the salvation of those he will call his people as time is at the end and he saw the beginning to the end. If people don’t get right with him where will they be. I don’t want to be here for his wrath, I also have seen his correction and know he is bringing his own into alingment as he says he knows the heart of everyone.

    Be blessed in his word and his love,

  41. Hi cocodol,

    Many times within your responses above, you have made reference to the fact that Yeshua as HaMashiach is not specifically mentioned once within the Tanakh. Therefore, since He is not mentioned specifically within prophecy, He as being the Chosen Servant is merely a fabrication on our part, and in actuality He simply does not exist.

    I was wondering if you could please provide to us a verse that specifically includes the terminology “Hebrew Israelis” within the Tanakh?


    • alienated, why hello long time no write, well yes as you know Israel is fairly a young state 63 her younger, since it had been sold to the highest bidder back in 1948, about 14 million from just one buyer alone. But at any rate, Israelis or Israelite is what the people are called from the 12 tribes, and as in the scripture Jeremiah 34v9, when king (should be governor) Zedekiah of Judah was suppose to release the male and female Hebrew servants but did not obey the Word of YHWH and later was tortured and killed for it. Now If you notice they have the word (jew) his brother whom is esau, but you and I know this word jew is an aberration for Js did not exist when these words were written people were Hebrew Israelites or edomites Israelites Midianites,Amorites, Jebusites, etc… also the word ‘king’ is a transliteration it should only be used with the Father YHWH and in first letter capital for He is the Only King, but the enemy has his ways. Also, in Exodus 3v18, When Moses was told by YHWH to tell the Egyptian, Kemet, governor to let the people go and to say YHWH the Creator of the Hebrews is with us. I know that the word Hebrew was all through the book before it was changed to jew as many transliterations are in the book and must be discerned, to misguide and delude the masses but those of us who have been anointed will know.Praise the King YHWH.

    • alienated, by the way the chosen servant is mentioned and does exists it says the servant will be raised from the seed of David, he is called servant or elect or David, all through the so called OT there just is no mention of jc/yeshua/hamashiach nowhere to any prophecy. Selah to YhWH.

    • ashupert2 and alienated, once again you are double talking there is no shade of grey remember with YHWH. I noticed that when you say these things like the salvation why don’t you put the scripture in to show where YHWH prophesied this just as you are saying about a resurrection, where is this prophesied? Just like jc yeshua mary deciples none are prophesied in the Book of Remembrance Malachi 3v16, and if they are then give the scripture please. It seems that you want to assume that David is the messiah raised from the dead where does it say that in the OT? The so called OT shows us of the servant or elect to be or has been raised unto the ‘seed’ of David and not in any of these scriptures in the OT does it read ‘Messiah’ for this will be in the future,the only Messiah and Prince mentioned in the OT is Zerubabbel in Ezra 1, other than in Isaiah 9 it reads the name that will be called of the child that will be born then in 9v7 it goes on to explain it will be of David for ever,and YHWH prophesied this all through the OT, somehow you seem to miss the part about the ‘SEED’ and I do not see any resurrection mentioned at all. The only resurrection that we have is when we do the law Exodus 20, the sabbath the day of rest, and the true passover Exodus 12, and live a righteous life for overselves and to others bringing us back unto YHWH. Then you talk about divorce first you claimed in your previous post on this that there was a divorce now you are saying that it was not one with Judah for the 10 tribes were of Judah and later they were all exiled. Now, this new covenant that you are speaking of why have you not given the scripture of this covenant with yeshua as being one with YHWH why?, truly it is not there in the OT you would have to go to the changed Nt right? YHWH does not change in Malachi 3v6. I do not know what part of the future “New Covenant” that you cannot understand but in Jeremiah 31:vs.31-40, this New prophesied Covenant is for us after the day of YHWH then this will take place as said in Zechariah 12. This New Covenant has not happened yet for it reads in vs.31,32 that it will be not like the old covenant, in the old days of the fathers taken out of Egypt and when YHWH (was) a husband, and in vs.33 YHWH says He will write His law in the peoples hearts and their inward parts,in vs.34 no man will have to teach anymore we shall ALL know him. This has not happened yet with all of the wars and pestilence and indifference on this earth today and in vs.35 YHWH proclaims this will surely come for us all, so what covenant are you speaking of or have changed and what is the scripture? I see double talk and change for which is why YHWH is angered as in Isaiah 24v5 tells us He hates. In Ezekiel 37 YHWH is saying that there will no more be two nations of Ephriaim, and Israel, and in vs.24 YHWH speaks of the servant David being the sheppard over all and all shall do YHWH judgments and statues, and in vs.26,27 YHWH says the covenant will be of peace and His tabernacle will be with us for evermore, and vs.28 YHWH will santify Israel. This has not happened yet so what new covenant are you speaking of and where is the scripture that shows its prophecy? And the Gentiles has been said by YHWH to be brought into the light all through the OT as in Jeremiah 16:vs.16-21 and all will be well for them; so I have no idea why you insist on saying that there is a need for the death and resurrection of yeshua this is not asked or prophesied in the OT if so give the scripture or let the double talk be your guide for it is not the way of YHWH. Praise YHWH.

      • Cocodol
        The problem is not that we are not giving you scriptures from the OT. We have given you hundreds. The problem is you still refuse to see and hear them, and to have Faith and believe them. You still have a heart of stone, but soon you and the rest of the Hebrew people will be given a heart of flesh, and then you will believe and live by faith. This is one hundred percent scriptural, from the OT. (Ezekial 36:22-38, Hab. 2:4, Mal. 3:18)

        Psalm 56:8 Also talks of this book of remembrence, as does Daniel 12:1, psalm 69:28. The book of remembrence is the book of life, not OT scripture. When you understand this distinction, is when your heart of stone will be removed from you.

        You need not comment on what I wrote here, as I am no longer going to debate with that heart of stone in you. Just take heed when you are facing the time of Jacobs trouble, who it is that is your salvation.

    • ashupert2,beloved,alienated, alright, from what I gather here many who are christians believe that YHWH is jesus and that all of these scriptures that I at the same time, know are from YHWH yet christians believe these same scriptures are YHWH being jesus. So this is also why many christians believe that the one who rose from the dead is really YHWH being ‘flesh’ jesus, then rising to being the messiah of Ben Dawid. Therefore, christians believe that YHWH came down to the earth as ‘flesh’ to be jesus then died for our sins, and is going to or has been raised back unto being the messiah Ben Dawid to sheppard over us for ever more in the New Covenant or kingdom of peace and righteousness. As my knowing that everything is done by YHWH, and for christians belief YHWH became ‘flesh’jesus, to take back sins and then YHWH will become Ben Dawid and Sheppard us as YHWH doing everything so we are saying the same thing, only christians belived that YHWH had to turn into ‘flesh’ first and die for our sins before we could all be accepted by YHWH. Not that I have a heart of stone it is only what I cannot understand about christians is this, YHWH has already ‘SAID’ and ‘PROPHESIED’ that He FORGAVE our sins and blotted them out and will never remember them, and YHWH has REDEEMED us, and this is all said by YHWH in Isaiah 42,43,and 44. So, why would YHWH then have to turn around, become jesus, then have to die as flesh for our sins to be a salvation as if the word of YHWH is not enough so there needs to be another story to ‘believe’ to have faith in the Word and Voice of YHWH? And isn’t HIS PROCLAIMATION of redemption the same as salvation? YHWH Bless.

  42. Cocodol,

    I meant to get back with you sooner but have been tied up. I am going to explain to you why there are those of Judah who are the betrothed of YHWH (Messiah), and how the House of Israel (10 northern tribes), even though given a writ of divorce, has been betrothed to YHWH (Messiah) for the past 2000 years.

    (To get one point clear, any Gentile who conforms to the commandments (word) of YHWH and has the testimony of Yahshua HaMashiach, is of the Commonwealth of Israel, even as the home born. YHWH made this perfectly clear in the Tanakh and in the Renewed Covenant. The fact that you do not accept the Renewed Covenant puts you at a distinct disadvantage. The fact that the Church has been full of paganism doesn’t absolve anyone for rejecting this part of YHWH’s Word; while conversely, ethnic Israel using the scriptures of the Tanakh to try and disprove the reality of the New Covenant through the shed blood of Yahshaua HaMahshiach, does not give me the right to not accept the substance of the Original Covenant. The Church is basically doing what you are doing, only in reverse .)

    Judah was never given a writ of divorce as the ten northern tribes had, though they were exiled for 2000 years. Millions of Messianic Jews now walk in the way of the Messiah and the commandments, and are His (Messiah’s) betrothed. Messiah Yahshua and YHWH are one. Yahshua means God’s salvation. The question is,why did YHWH have to bring His salvation to man, through the man Yahshua? To cleanse man of his sin and lawlessness (iniquity) and to put the spirit of YHWH into man to enable man to serve Him, which the blood of animals couldn’t accomplish. It is about Him being Kadosh (set apart-holy) and not about our ability to follow commandments flawlessly.

    The question is, how were the ten northern tribes able to shed the writ of divorce given by YHWH? It was carried out by Yahshua HaMashiach. We know that in Hosea chapter 1 YHWH put three curses on the House of Israel; to cause the kingdom to cease from the House of Israel, to carry them away without “mercy or compassion”, and to make the declaration that you are not my people and I am not your Elohim. The House of Israel was given over to the nations with no hope of return, at least in the natural. Remember Deut. 24:1-4, that once you have been given a writing of divorce from your husband and you defile yourself, it is not lawful for the original husband to take you back. How did YHWH remedy this? We see in Hosea 1:10-11;

    “Yet the full number of the children of Yisrael shall be as the sand of the sea, that cannot be measured nor numbered; and it shall come to pass, that in the place where it was said to them, You are not My people-Lo Ami, there it shall be said to them, You are sons of the living El-B’nai Elohim. Then shall the children of Yahudah and the children of Yisrael be gathered together, and appoint for themselves One Head, and they shall come up out of the land: for great shall be Yom Yizre-El.”

    What happened between verse 9 and verse 10 of Hosea chapter 1? It has been approximately 2700 years since these words were spoken by Hosea until now and approximately 700 years until the first coming of Messiah. The first public speaking that Yahshua did was called the Sermon on the Mount. Yahshua came preaching and teaching the restoration of the kingdom and this is what the Sermon on the Mount was all about. As He was speaking to the multitudes of Israel, He was basically undoing the curses that had been placed on the ten northern tribes and Judah. It was not just good advice to live your life by. He was reversing the curses given by Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel, that Ephraim (ten northern tribes) and Judah had been under. Everyone needs to understand, Yahshua was speaking directly to the House of Ephraim and the House of Judah. There was no church at this time, but there was Ephraim, who had been mingled and mixed with the nations (melo hagoyim/Israel), and those of Judah who were for the most part ethnically pure. In verse 10 above it says that the children of Yisrael shall be numbered as the sand of the sea and shall be called “sons of the living God.” Who bears that description to this very day? You know as well as I that the people who bear this designation are those who say that they are the “Gentile Church”. If you look back to the time in Egypt when Jacob blessed Joseph’s two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, as was YHWH’s way, He blessed the younger over the elder. Jacob moved his hands and put his right hand on the head of Ephraim and gave him the double blessing. Ephraim meaning melo hagoyim (multitude of nations). When YHWH divorced the northern tribes he scattered (SOWED) them among the nations. When YHWH sows seed, He is expecting a harvest. The harvest is a replication of the seed (an exact copy). He scattered (sowed) Israel and received and is receiving (harvesting) back Israel. When we who are still dispersed among the nations, accept the way of the Messiah and keep the commandments, then are we of Israel, not a Gentile Church. This is not a good time for YHWH’s people, both from Judah and Ephraim to not know who they really are. There is so much that could be written about all of this, but this is not the forum for that.

    Lastly, how did the writing of divorce get annulled? We know through the Tanakh that YHWH was husband to Israel, but having divorced the 10 northern tribes (Ephraim). Yahshua HaMashiach (YHWH) came in the form of man as Messiah Ben Yosef the suffering servant to be sacrificed for the sins of Israel. If that had been the end of all this, then would Ephraim still not be betrothed to YHWH. But for the reconciliation of the House of Israel (Ephraim) Yahshua rose from the dead as Messiah Ben Dawid, clearing the way for YHWH to betroth the House of Israel under a Renewed Covenant. A covenant made of Yahshua’s (YHWH) own blood. This is why the Renewed Covenant did not replace the original Covenant made with Israel. It was made a better and more perfect Covenant written in the blood of YHWH’s own son, while still keeping the substance of the original covenant in tact.

    Without this response by YHWH, Israel (Ephraim/Gentiles) would have no way to return. YHWH will not cross or nullify His own Word. Why Yahshua came and what He did, all makes perfect sense when we realize who we are and what He is doing in restoring His people Israel to be ONE in the Kingdom. I pray this helps to bring understanding, through the Spirit of YHWH.

    Be Blessed

    • ashupert2, yes in Hosea 1v10 this is true YHWH chosen are His and will be numbered that is why when He says that He will bring many back from where He had sent them from the four corners of the earth what did you think it would be a number as the sand and the many seeds of David that will be on the throne will not end in Isaiah 9v7. So this harvest that you mentioned why does YHWH have to expect anything remember He Knows All, so why would He have to expect anything and where does it say ‘harvest.’in any of the OT scriptures.And where is this new covenant written in the blood of yeshua scripture in the OT. Where does it say that yahshua rose from the dead and came back as messiah ben David can you provide this scripture from the OT? Let me ask you what do you understand of the scriptures in Jeremiah 31vs.31-40, is this not considered a ‘New Covenant’ to you or the ‘New Covenant’ in Ezekiel 37vs.26, and in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 are these to any reference to you from The Father YHWH about His’New Covenant’ or to your understanding for they are what YHWH prophesied for our future not what is made up or said by anyone else for we must honor the Father YHWH right? YHWH Bless.

    • ashupert2, I like to add too that does any part of the scriptures when YHWH told us that in Isaiah 43 that He is our ONLY SAVIOR and has blotted out our sins even then in vs.25, does this say anything to you and in Isaiah 44 YHWH tells us that the sins are blotted out in vs.22 and is our redeemer both of these chapters 43 and 44.tDoes this show any preference at all from YHWH to you? Praise the Father YHWH.

  43. alienated,ahupert2 and beloved, also is not the ‘New Covenat’ of Jeremiah 31v31-40, and in Ezekiel 36v22-38, is this Word and Voice of YHWH still not enough to have the faith of salvation for christians? It is as if christians are saying that the Word and Voice of YHWH and His proclaimations of redemption and forgivness in Isaiah 42,43,44 of our sins this is not enough so He had to die in the ‘flesh’ for our sins then it was enough as if we tell YHWH what to do; which again this is not even prophesied in the book of life, Genesis – Malachi, ok I see someone thinks that they can make the law to what they want it to be again the change in the NT, and as YHWH said is why we are under the sword in Jeremiah 25 now, for doing in Isaiah 24v5, what the people did they changed the ordinances judgments and statues, and won’t do the LAW of YHWH. For christians and other religions has been being told and taught to ‘many’ over 2000 years,and ever since we the world has still been under the wrath of YHWH, so these RELIGIONS are evidently not doing or teaching what YHWH wants us to do or learn, and are IDOLATRY, as the angel Gabriel from YHWH in Daniel 11v39, had prophesied it would be. And by the way, Michael the angel that will help Gabriel the angel as he helped Gabriel before, in Daniel 10v13, will be there again in the times of trouble such as never there was a nation to help destroy those not found written in the book doing this idolatry. Praise YHWH.

    • Cocodal,

      I hope you didn’t think that all of this would be easy. The exiles of Yahudah have had 2000 years to settle into a mindset of hating Christianity. Don’t be offended at that, I can only imagine what the exiles have gone through. In the Renewed Covenant, it says that YHWH partially blinded the people of Israel to the fact that Yahshua HaMashicah was indeed their salvation. Had they believed otherwise, YHWH’s plan to redeem His people Israel with His own blood, would most likely not have happened. Everything was for a reason. Israel is still partially blinded for they are only using part of YHWH’s word to understand these things. Many have come out of this blindness, but most haven’t as of yet. As I have said before, don’t let the paganism and idolatry that permeates the Christian Church, determine what you accept or reject, concerning what is or isn’t the Word of YHWH. Meditate on these things and see if what you have heard doesn’t cause your heart to break and yearn for the fullness of what YHWH has for you in His Messiah.

      I do understand that Israel has a way of understanding scripture which is very literal and superficial. It is how Yahudah has kept themselves free from what they view to be the lie and idolatry, which they understand to be Christianity. Both Gentile Christians and Israeli Hebrews have problems that YHWH is and will continue to work on, for the restoration and oneness of His people. If the Gentiles had been in the place of Israel they would have reacted the same way. How hard it must be to accept what Israel perceives to be a pagan Gentile God named Jesus whose followers have tortured, tormented, burned alive, and basically tried to exterminate the people of Israel for nearly 2000 years. Those who have done such things will be punished by YHWH. But this is not the One that we declare to you. We declare Yahshua HaMashicah, the right arm of YHWH, the Elohim of Israel. He is YOUR salvation and only way to the Father.

      The scriptures you made reference to in Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 36, concerning the New Covenant, is the very thing we have been talking to you about. Just because YHWH didn’t give you every last little detail about what He was going to do and how He was going to do it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. What you are waiting for, came 2000 years ago. But that is okay, that is how YHWH planned this. Prior to 1948, they say that you would not have been able to find someone of ethnic Israel who believed in Yahshua (outside of those who were believer’s just after the death, burial, and resurrection of Messiah). Now, in less than 65 years they are numbered in the millions. This is the time of the blinders coming off for Israel. My hope and my prayer is that you will be numbered among those who are of the Messiah of Yisrael, Yahshua HaMashiach!!!

      Be Blessed My Sister

      • ashupert2, Well the only thing that YHWH had us not to remember is who we are the ones who were scattered to the four corners of the earth to strange nations to serve them, and will be called bywords and proverbs that is it, and is our punishment nothing else its prophesied all in the book of life, and it never said yeshua is a savior but it says YHWH is, and the only Savior Isaiah 43v11. But, as it said in the book of Obadiah, YHWH did not say to beat us or slave us this will be reversed onto Edom he will be destroyed, and also shown in Isaiah 3v15, He will revenge this as well for His true chosen people his servant Israel, Jacob the seed of Abraham YHWH’s friend in Isaiah 41v8. As in Isaiah 4v4 when the filth of daughters of Zion will be washed away, destroyed from the homeland Israel Palestine for their lies and robbery. As you said they should not have done this abuse to YHWH’s chosen Israel not jc but the ones who have been tortured for over 2000 years until this day will be saved by their Father YHWH from the heathen. Now, yes YHWH is calling us me His jewels back, and sorry correction, there are ‘many’who have come back unto Him for the time is nearing His Jerusalem Movement. From out of the seed of His chosen will be or has been raised unto David the ‘Son of man’ as in the vision of Daniel prophesied in Daniel chapter 7v13, the Arm of YHWH will come with the clouds of heaven, to the ancient of days Jerusalem, to join the other brothers and sisters and to be brought near before YHWH by the monarch the elite of this world it will be as it was in the coming out of Egypt at evening. The monarch will provide to accomodate this Jerusalem Movement of YHWH in Isaiah 60, and as prophesied in Exekiel 16. Oh, and as for 1948 this was the plan of YHWH for the time for His chosen was not ready yet, you can ‘believe this’ that in His time is what He is doing now it is going just according to plan for YHWH to greatly MAGNIFY Himself of those of 1948 they will be the ponds for as in Daniel 11v14, they shall fall trying to establish the vision. YHWH knows ALL and it will tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come in Habakkuk 2:vs.2,3,4 and vs.4 is the Son of man, the servant. I have only been awake since 5 months ago reading the book of life, so just think of the multitude of others who have been called back to YHWH they must be awesome! I hope those of y o u be numbered of YHWH in the book of life. And this is easy, for as I told one of you earlier that religions are what makes it complicated and I do not do religions so this is not hard at all. By the way what is that picture that you have for your profile it looks like an animal’s horn in red blood is that of any importance to you, does it mean something? Praise YHWH, Selah!

      • ashupert2, Let me add that the chosen ‘seed’ and son and firstborn of YHWH, Israel, Jacob of the covenant of Abraham in Exodus 4:vs.22,23, do not hate christianity for there are many still riding the Good Ship Jesus, and ‘believe’ for they do not know who they are again which was prophesied they would not; but, they are hated,and remember that was in the punishment prophesied all in the book of life Deut. 28. It is not just christianity it is all religions that ‘YHWH hates’ He says it is idolatry it angers Him so, and now His fury in upon the earth the sword the ponds, in Jeremiah 25. When you mention the Renewed Covenant are you referring to the ‘New Covenant’ in Jeremiah 31v31-40, or are you speaking of something different? This is why I needed to be provided the scripture of this Renewed Covenant unless you’re talking about the same one as the “New Covenant’in Jeremiah 31, for which you know has not happened yet right? This will be in the future for it is prophesied. And I don’t feel that it is not telling us everything, just the opposite it tell us plenty and enough to go by the Voice and Word of YHWH. YHWH has no secrets from us in Amos 3v7 none. YHWH Bless.

        • Cocodal,
          This is from a Jewish website which believes the Mashiach is still to come in the future.
          Notice in the first few lines that the person writing the article makes the statement, prefaced by Psalms 5:10 and Psalms 20:77, that “The ways of The God are most mysterious.” This in light of your contention that we know and understand upfront all that God is doing before He does it. I do agree that He tells us things that are coming, but to say that He is bound to reveal every last detail is quite a stretch.

          The writer of the article goes on to talk about the life of Yosef and how from His descendents will come Mashiach Ben Yosef, who like Yosef in Egypt, will become the saviour of the Hebrew people.

          Lastly, at the bottom of the article, the writer talks about the fact of Mashiach coming from David haMelech. The writer of this article sees all of this as happening in the future. How do you reconcile the things you have said with this?

          This is the article:


          “Your judgments are far above and out of sight” (Psalms 5:10). This is one of the things we can see in our parsha. Similarly its written “your footsteps are not known” (Psalms 20:77). The ways of The God are most mysterious, Blessed is His name. We see Yosef inflicted by things that seem as tragedy. Yet we see it is these events which lead up to Yosef being put in charge of all Egypt. As Rabbi Akiva said my falling is my rising. One may start in a high place feeling they have all there is in the world. Yosef was most loved by Yaakov, he had the coat of many colors and dream visions. Then he found himself cast into the pit, sold into slavery and put in prison. Then he went on to become the savior of the Hebrew people in Egypt and from his descendants will eventually come Mashiach ben Yosef. May he come soon and not be killed.”

          “The mysterious ways of The God governing His worlds again are shown by the leverite marriage of Tamar to Yehuda. As Yehuda at first did not even know what really occurred. Tamar is the aspect of a rose among thorns , the Shechinah trapped in the “Klipot”. Yuhuda took Tamar out from the klipot to a holy place. For the same reason “aretz Cannan” was first settled by the “Canani”. If Yisrael merits they can raise the Shechina from the klipot by “Misim tovin”. Then there will go out the “canani” from the land, and we inherit it. In this way it happens. 3From Tamar and Yuhuda’s descendants comes David haMelech and will come Mashiach and may that be in mercy quickly in our days.”

          Be Blessed

          • ashupert2, I also see the seed of David as being the future as prophesied in Isaiah 11v1, but we are at the end times in the 4th kingdom, and the time is closer than most think for in Daniel’s vision in Daniel 2v40, Daniel prophesied to the future of the 4th kingdom, for these things to take place and many of these prophecies have been fulfilled. Of the ten horns, Taxes in Daniel 11v20, Constantine, Augusta Ceasar, the one that died of an epilyptic fit can’t remember his name, and so on, even up to the religions or idols that were prophesied in Daniel 11v39 to come in the future,of christianity,and in vs.43, of Islam, until this day. So we are surely getting to the Day of YHWH it shall come, and yes, YHWH works in mysterious ways, and never did I say that He lays the knowledge all out or is bound to do anything, but when one holds the heart as His best friend Abraham did then one has no need to fret, the love, faith and trust, and doing what is asked of you, one holds for the Father YHWH is more than enough for some. Those who are humble to Him. As in the fate of Judah and Tamar, this is a work of YHWH; and a clever effort of Tamar in Genesis 38, to become the mother of the one that holds the covenant to her heart the Father YHWH. She remained faithful to YHWH. Also, the way things worked out for Yosef and his family was also a work of the Father YHWH, and how He do what He does it is all His plans but Yosef was steadfast on his love and faith for the Father YHWH as well, and did what was right in the eyes of YHWH. The people must be taught about the truth of YHWH before this day comes that the enemy will be destroyed unless he too makes peace in Isaiah 27, with YHWH for which we know he won’t but when they are run down into their borders and killed then many will return to YHWH. You still did not tell me what is that picture in your profile a horn and red bloody background what is that? And is there a Psalms 20:77? Praise YHWH.

  44. Hi Cocodal,

    Yes, it has been a while since our last communication. Though I have been reading the comments made by you and the others. So I am familiar with what has transpired. I did not see the necessity to participate further, since I believed that those that you have been conversing with, were more than capable of expressing our Christian point of view. As well, I held back because of a New Testament verse that I had posted previously which conveyed my thoughts on the matter.

    Cocodal, you have an understanding of the Tanakh. Because of what you have read over and over throughout the years, and how you have interpreted what you have read, (in how your mind assimilated that material), you have formulated a foundation of belief. You tend to sometimes play with semantics once and a while, so to clarify the word “belief”, I am providing the following definition; “something believed; an opinion or conviction: “a belief that the earth is flat.” Or specifically relevant regarding you, “a belief that the Tanakh, or what you refer to as the “Book of Remembrance”, is the only true word of Yahweh.”
    (Some Synonyms would be, acceptance, certainty and “Faith”.)

    So when I use the word belief, or believe within the following, could you please understand it within this context.

    We believe what it is that we believe, not just from the written word.

    As I have stated to you previously, we believe because we have experienced something personally. Something very intimate. We have experienced God’s Holy Spirit. You have an academic understanding, (though biased) of the Tanakh. Where all of us here have more than merely an academic understanding, but a spiritual one as well. I don’t expect for you to understand this, however we believe it to be true.
    This is why we contend for our faith. It is simply impossible for many of us who have felt the presence of YHWH’s Spirit to deny the impact that it has had in our lives. We also realize that the only way that we received this blessing is because we believed and accepted Yeshua as our Savior. I did tell you from the on-set that we are all Christians here, and that we would willingly die for our beliefs.

    I can not speak for the others, however I would like to say, that this saddens me. Just as you would have wished for us to perhaps be swayed in our understanding, and accept your interpretation and perspective of Yahweh’s word, I had wished that through the preceding discussions with the others, that you would have accepted ours.
    There is no question that you love Yahweh. In that there is no doubt. However, it is precisely because of that reason that I have experienced a sense of frustration regarding all of this. I can’t say with any certainty as to why God hasn’t helped all of us to open your eyes regarding this? However, I must accept that, for He is sovereign, and knows full well what He is doing.

    I had been waiting on the Lord to see if He would direct my ways regarding this. Praying that either through me, or through the others that a comment or scripture would make you question your understanding. However, that hasn’t come to pass.
    I pray that YHWH draws you to read the Brit Chadashah again with fresh eyes and an open heart.

    I leave you in Peace.
    Be Blessed

    • alienated, never have I tried to sway anyone to leave what they believe, I am only trying to understand that is all. Also, I too take to heart the spirituality of the Father YHWH this is what He is truly about, having a natural spiritual relationship with Him the Creator is life. What I am trying to understand is that when christians say that they feel the Spirit of YHWH, through the belief of Yeshua as being their Savior right?, but now what is confusing here for me is, what part of the Father YHWH saying in Isaiah 41v4, “I am YHWH, the first, and with the last, I am He. YHWH is our only Savior, besides Him there is NO savior, in Isaiah 43v11, and in Isaiah 43v13, YHWH says” Yea, before the day was I am he; and there is NONE that can deliver out of my hand; I will work, and who shall let it?.”in Isaiah 43v25,”I,even I,am He that blotted out thy transgressions for my own sake, and will not remember thy sins; vs.26, YHWH say to put Him in remembrance, let us plead together; declare thou, that thou may be justified. In Isaiah 44v6 YHWH the King of Israel,and his Redeemer YHWH of hosts says; I am the first, and I am the last; and besides me there is no God.” Is it that christians feel even with all of this being said, that YHWH is only talking to His servant Israel, and is not including them as well? Therefore, they need a way to find salvation to become accepted by the Father YHWH by going through Yeshua, even though the Father says there is no other?,if so this is not true. The Father says all through the book of life that the Gentiles and all nations will be given to the light of Him. But just as the chosen, they and any other nations will have to do His ordinances statues and judgments the law, and come back unto Him in Malachi 3v7, is all He asks of us to drop the pride. For christians and many religions have tried for thousands of years doing what they believe Yeshua, Alla, what have you, it has not worked its apparent look around you, and yet our world has gotton worst not better, and the wrath of YHWH will continue for this reason, until the truth of His name, and His law be done in Exodus 20 the Sabbath, the Passover Exodus 12, and live righteously, and lets get started in building that new Temple so the sacrifices to YHWH can resume to give praise and other necessary ceremonies and to receive our blessings. So this is what saddens me the most that we all could have been already in such a better existence and world if only we did what YHWH wanted for us and this is the goal of my virtue for myself, and for all as He ask of us, doing only what He ask us to and YHWH tells us this all through the book of life who ever we are; it is not that complicated this is the spirituality of it to put what He says into our hearts and do it, and I think many who do religions have made it so complicated for others and is why there is so much abandonment within the heart people are not getting what they truly need from these religions from this life period, and beliefs, so the people of the world is of desolation and in darkness from the stiff neckness of themselves, and will be this way until the day of YHWH but it does not have to be like this. YHWH Bless.

      • Cocodol,

        I would like to answer one of your questions, (to the best of my ability), with the hopes that it may somehow bring some clarity in as to how we as Christians “perceive” YHWH. However it may be rather difficult, because even amongst Christians this topic is debated passionately.

        Though all true Christians believe that Salvation is only received by accepting Yeshua as their Savior, (He giving His life freely, and by the shedding of His blood, becoming the sin sacrifice of atonement for all who would believe in Him), how we collectively perceive YHWH is more complex, and no true consensus has been established.

        Some believe that there is a form of hierarchy, with YHWH being the sovereign King, and Yeshua sitting at His right hand as His only begotten Son. Others believe that YHWH consists of more than we can humanly comprehend, and therefore shouldn’t be contained within that of our limited natural capacity, and that YHWH is ONE, yet at the same time THREE. This is what Beloved was attempting to convey to you. That one of the divine aspects of the THREE in the ONE, was YHWH’s Word, were the Word is in actuality Yeshua. The other aspect of the THREE is YHWH’s Ruach HaKodesh. You may have heard of Christians referring to the Trinity at some point in time. This is what they are referring to. The Trinity consists of YHWH (The Father), Yeshua (The Son) and the Holy Spirit.
        The reason that no consensus has been attained regarding this, is because there are scriptures in both the Tanakh, and the Brit Chadashah that appear to support not only the above ideologies, but others as well.

        However, the idea that YHWH would sacrifice a Son on Pesach, (Passover) as His ultimate demonstration of His grace and love, should not be so difficult to understand, for clearly it is foreshadowed in many different passages throughout the Tanakh. In presenting the idea in a more Hebraic point of view….
        Each and every blood sacrifice that was made during the whole of the Mosaic, or Sinaitic Covenant was temporary, and the veil between man and the Holy of Holies remained intact.
        At Sinai, the climax of the revelation of YHWH to Moses, was the commandment to construct the Mishkan, (or Tabernacle).
        This commandment correlates directly to the redemption secured by the blood of the lamb in Egypt, and the first Pesach, this then led directly to the revelation of the laws of the altar. Almost 50% of the Book of Exodus is focused on the Mishkan, and the Book concludes with the Shekhinah Glory of YHWH, being revealed at Sinai and filling the Holy of Holies. (Exodus 40:34,35.)

        The Book of Leviticus then links the previous paragraph of the Book of Exodus, with the religious practices that were to be conducted within the Mishkan itself, and therefore, it focuses upon the various forms of offerings and sacrifices, (ie; zevzchim) that were integral to being able to worship YHWH. As this was the climax of YHWH’s revelation at Sinai, the Mishkan became the place of revelation, and focal point of corporate worship. (Exodus 25:22.-30:36.)

        Prophetically speaking, the Mishkan was one of these foreshadowing’s, and it represented the redemptive plan of God, that culminated in the revelation of Yeshua Ha-Mashiach as being appointed as the Lamb of God.(ie; seh ha-Elohim). Therefore, the Book of Leviticus is central to the Torah, and provides the basis from which we can understand the multifaceted meaning in respects to the sacrifice of Yeshua for our reconciliation with YHWH.

        When you refer to Isaiah 43:25., “I, even I, am he that blotteth out thy transgressions for mine own sake, and will not remember thy sins.”, we believe that YHWH was speaking through His prophet Isaiah regarding something that would come to fruition at a later time, and was fulfilled in Yeshua when He died for our sins. This is when YHWH blotted out our transgressions, when the blood of YHWH’s Son, the unblemished Lamb, gave of Himself for all who would believe in Him.

        When you refer to Isaiah 44:6.,
        “Thus saith the LORD, (Yĕhovah) the King of Israel, and his redeemer, (ga’al) the LORD, (Yĕhovah) of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God, (‘elohiym).”
        We see the duality of YHWH. Though the LORD the King of Israel, and the LORD the redeemer are both transliterated in Hebrew as “Yĕhovah” within the verse, the context of the verse with the inclusion of the word “and”, would imply “more than one”.
        As well, this premise is substantiated by the utilization of the word “’elohiym” here, which denotes plurality .

        We here have sincerely attempted to convey our beliefs to you. Four people have spent numerous heart felt hours in an effort to help you understand our beliefs. I think that we have all chosen to do this not to change your mind for the sake of doing so, (to have you get on board as a part of the team so to speak), but rather out of concern for you. We simply believe that no one can appear righteous in the eyes of YHWH unless they are first cleansed of their sins through the blood of Yeshua.
        Therefore we remain in this stalemate.

        I will hold you in my prayers cocodol.

        Be Blessed.

        • Alienated
          Ordered, is different from Hierarchy, as hierarchy opens the door to human interpretations of the concept of hierarchy, thereby making one aspect of the triune God “greater or lesser” than another. If one is lesser, then the three cannot be One. One aspect can then be “elevated” above the others, But as Cocodol is so keen to point out, Yahweh cannot change.

          The Word and the Spirit of Yahweh were all present at creation, and are all equally God. Just because the “Word and the Power” are submissive to “Will”, does not mean that they are “less”. That is Just how they are ordered. Introducing a “hierarchy” to the Godhead introduces all kinds of heracies to the faith, such as Jesus being created, or an angel that was elevated to divine status. And this is what the AC will use to deceive in these end times. Jesus was, is, and always will be God. One part of the triune Godhead.
          This is why I am so adamant about getting the concept of hierarchy away from the discussion on the triune God. Hierarchy is a concept which has been corrupted by human sin. It has also been used to corrupt the Church, as everyone is so keen to point out. Order, is not about “greater or lesser”, but about “role”, and “manifestation”.
          Every cult, has a “lesser” view of Jesus, as does every false religion. To lessen Jesus, is to nullify his sacrifice on the cross, and to make him not God. This contradicts scripture where “the Lord will not give his glory to another.” Yet Jesus name is glorified above all names in the NT.

          I hope you understand this distinction, as it is vital to our salvation.

          • Dru, (beloved),

            Must you?

            At no time above did I indicate or specify what it was that happened to be my personal opinion regarding this particular topic.
            The key word that should have led you to the understanding that I was merely expressing the ideologies of “many”, would have been the word “some”. And whether right or wrong, there are some that hold to the belief of a “hierarchy”.

            I intentionally stayed away from expressing any definitive ideology, simply because it is so passionately debated, (as I also expressed, and provided as to why) to remain on tangent for the benefit of Cocodol.
            The first step for her to understand is that Yeshua is Salvation.

            I would have thought that you would have understood this, rather than feeling the necessity to express that of your own opinion?

            • alienated
              I was only making a distinction to elaborate on your point. I was well aware that you kept your opinion out of it. There was absolutely no intent in my heart to judge or to belittle anyone, I was merely pointing out this distinction for the benefit of the readers. No where in my response did I scold you for holding those views.

              What I am trying to express here is that our social systems, and governments have corrupted our ability to understand what submission to the Will of Yahweh entails. We as a people see submission as a sign of weakness. When in fact it is the opposite, it is a reflection of the strength of one’s faith. When Jesus submits to the Will of the Father, it is in fact a sign of his divinity and righteousness, as opposed to weakness. The same can be said of a woman’s relationship with the husband or the “bride of Christ” with the “groom”.

              How it is ordered is beyond our understanding, but it is also as simple as submitting to the “voice” of Yahweh, which is a manifestation of the Will of Yahweh. This is not a distinction of “religiousity”, but a distinction of sound doctrine. If you [hypothetically of course] put a hierarchy in the Godhead, You are in fact putting contradiction in OT scripture. Any person of Jewish decent with a basic understanding will see Jesus as Just another god, as opposed to being the “Word of Yahweh becoming flesh”. Human concepts such as “hierarchy” should not be used to understand this Godhead. “To whom then will you compare me [Yahweh],That I should be like him?”… “who has measured the Spirit of the Lord, or what man shows him his counsel? Whom did He consult, and who made him understand? who taught him the path of justice, and taught him knowledge, and showed him the way of understanding?…To whom then will you liken God, or what likeness compare with him” (Isaiah 40:25, 13-14, 18)
              When comparing the Godhead to a human concept such as “hierarchy”, one is limiting the almighty God.
              I am not trying to be contentious, I am trying to “contend for the faith”. (Jude 1:3)
              I have made an argument here from scripture, which is what you have told me to do, You are welcome to refute it, or ignore it, Or you can do as you have done before?

              I Know this brings up Old arguments, but my response was not to you above, but to alienated. Why he took offense to it, I am still trying to figure out?

              • my point was that “ordered” is just as limiting as “hierarchy” yet we try to use some word for communication and discussion. all words really fail to do the job.

                • Yes I agree, but by its nature, “hierarchy” places a value of lesser or greater on the components of the Godhead, when scripture is clear about the equality of it. The closest we can come is an analogy, from nature, a descriptive, using like or as, as opposed to comparing it to a noun such as hierarchy.
                  Like the cells of the Human body are ordered in way, some having one role, while others have a different role or manifestation. Even this is “limiting” in a way, Just as the “trinity” is limiting God to three manifestations (these are just the ones he has revealed to us). But our understanding is limited as well.

                  I made these comments in response to alienated. I in no way was trying to bring up this debate. But both of you accused me of “reading interpretations into the words of others” which if you read above, I clearly did not do. I merely expressed my opinion, so that the reader may understand where I am coming from. If anything, alienated put words in my mouth, which I wanted to elaborate on. I wanted to explain “why” I do not use the concept of hierarchy to describe the Godhead, which comes from my understanding of “submission as strength, as opposed to weakness”.

                  • I only go by what Jesus said. If he and the spirit submit to the Father, then…..

                    But this is a different argument.

                    Go ahead and have your discussion.

                    I was only trying to contribute to the discussion, not take away from it.

                    • Yes, Submission is a different argument. It has taken me many years to realize this. How we cannot have a proper relationship with God if we are unwilling to submit to his will. This is how God created the relationship between the man and woman to be, as a reflection of how we are to “know” God. Man in his sin has perverted this concept, to take advantage of women in our society. Women have taken this to the other extreme, Mocking a woman who in a right relationship with their husbands has chosen to submit, saying they are “weakkneed, unenlightened bafoons.” It is the opposite that is true, however. These are the “enlightened” women. These are the strong women. These are the ones that are living their lives as God created them.
                      This is the intimacy that God has in relation to us as well. Submission is not weakness, but how he created the relationship to be. Why do you think Submission of wives is spoken of three times in the new testament? Why is it that the church is called the bride of Christ? Perhaps if you are mixing a concept such as inequality, or hierarchy into submission, you have a negative view of submission? In a marriage it shows that the women is as strong, if not stronger than that man. In the Case of Jesus, It shows his divinity, and not his weekness. Of course the “Word” of Yahweh submits to the “Will” of Yahweh, But this is a sign of strength and not weakness. It is how it was meant to be. I cannot and will not impose a hierarchy on this act of submission, Just as I will not look down on a women who chooses to submit. This does not make them “less” than me, it makes them virtuous.

                      I Know this won’t make me popular among the feminists out there, but the Word of God speaks for itself. (Ephesians 5:31-32) (John 17:20-26)

                  • Beloved, if you do not mind I would like to comment on this post that I agree with what you are saying for trying to depict on who is in heirarchy or order when it comes to scripture is not good analysis or judgement when the one who is in total charge of us all is who should really be considered for in Isaiah 40v27, there is no hiding your ways and judgment from YHWH. Nothing is done without YHWH knowing first, so we son of man must be careful with our decisions by putting YHWH first. But to ponder on these kinds of mind uncertainties we are better off at knowing that as in Isaiah 40v28, there is no searching of YHWHs understanding, and in Deuteronomy 29v29, the secret things of YHWH are His but the ones He tells us are ours and our children’s etc., and in Isaiah 54v6-13, the ways of YHWH are not our ways etc. The wonderful thing about all of this is in Isaiah 40v30, those of us who wait on YHWH shall renew their strength etc. We make things so complicated for ourselves when YHWH has it all mapped out for us in His book of life, as in the book of Ecclesiastes it tells us that wisdom and knowledge can be vanity most of the time, not that its not good to have but some things are better left alone especially in the case of the Father YHWH let Him do His job for us. YHWH Bless.

                    • Cocodol
                      Thank you for your words. I know you have a hard time accepting the testimony of Jesus. To me he is not another god, but God himself, Just revealing himself a little differently than he did to the Hebrews. He came to Moses in the form of a burning bush, to Abraham in the likeness of a angel, why not as the “Word become flesh”?

                      It is funny that you bring up Isaiah 40:30, as this is part of when Yahweh called on me to do his work. I was at a particularly low point in my life, Feeling like a “grasshopper” as verse 22 states, I had two bad knees, and wasn’t even “hopping”, and he “told” me I would “run and not be weary”. I had to laugh! I felt like Abraham when God told him that Sarah would conceive at 90 years old. He has indeed renewed my strength!

                      To answer one of your questions, which I have not had time to answer. Isaiah 44:22 says “return to me”. Accepting what I wrote above, about Jesus being God, you will be “returning to Him”. As I said, it is not about conversion for you, but accepting his testimony. We “gentiles” or whatever we are called have a much windier and treacherous road to traverse, to be included in his Kingdom. Yes we complicate things, but that is how we learn the immensity of Yahweh, “El Shaddai”, Almighty God, “Jehovah”, the Existent One. You already know this!

                      May Yahweh bless you as well.

          • Beloved

            You are reading interpretations into the words of others again. Don’t do that.

            Substituting “ordered” for “hierarchy” is futile. It is all human words to describe something beyond our understanding.

            We will find out more about that when we get to heaven.

            God sent his son to give us all we need to think about.

          • Beloved and All, I am trying to get to the bottom of this dilemma, for many have done religion for thousands of years, and it has not worked yet for there is a sword upon us Jeremiah 25, so we must be doing something wrong here. I feel this is a calling for us all to get many on this path that we all are needing for our sakes to be One with the Father YHWH. It is apparent that these religions have divided us all. As Marianne says substituting is futile, and as I said makes things complicated. As long as we all have the basic understanding about the Father YHWH is all we have to do and to Fear Him as in Malachi 3vs.16, “Then they that feared YHWH etc..” and what He asks of us, this fear of Him, had YHWH to make this book of life. Putting someone else as in a duality, a trinity to my understanding is mocking what YHWH says in Isaiah 44v6, that there is besides Him ‘NO’ God. As in Exodus 20vs.3 “Thou shall have no other gods before me” is true but this is a transliteration, and it should have read that “Thou shall have ‘NOTHING’ before me.” YHWH Bless.

            • Cocodol,

              I am going to try to answer some of the things that you have questions about. Tonight I will start with the first of your recent comments. If you will just consider the following with an open heart and mind, I will respond to the other questions you have asked later, or tomorrow.

              Above you say, “I am trying to get to the bottom of this dilemma, for many have done religion for thousands of years, and it has not worked yet for there is a sword upon us Jeremiah 25, so we must be doing something wrong here.”

              Answer; Many of us would not categorize what we believe or how we practice that belief as being “religion”. I would not refer to myself as being religious at all. I strive solely for relationship. When you say above, “so we must be doing something wrong here”, do you really think that anything that mankind could possibly do, would somehow be able to foil YHWH’s will and plan?
              YHWH has prophesised in both the Tanakh and the Brit Chadashah, exactly what is taking place in the world today. There is nothing that man can or could do that will change what YHWH has spoken.

              Above you say, “It is apparent that these religions have divided us all”.

              Answer; I don’t believe that it is the religion itself necessarily that has divided us all, but rather the beliefs of those religions. Your belief and that of Judaism, does not accept that Yeshua was the true Mashiach. We believe the reason for this was prophesied by YHWH through Isaiah 6:9,10., Jeremiah 5:21., and Ezekiel 12:2. Yes, it was meant for the people of that time, but we believe that it was also a prophecy as well.

              Above you say, “Putting someone else as in a duality, a trinity to my understanding is mocking what YHWH says in Isaiah 44:6, that there is besides Him “NO” God. As in Exodus 20:3 “Thou shall have no other gods before me” is true but this is a transliteration, and it should have read that “Thou shall have “NOTHING” before me.”

              Answer; Well at this time this is your understanding.
              However, what do you think of this? “In Hebrew YHWH, (the Tetragrammaton of the 4 letters “Yod, Hey, Vav and Hey”) was only spoken aloud a total of 10 times, once a year on Yom Kippur, and only by the Kohen Gadol. Yet YHWH when demonstrating His character, is expressed by many different and separate names within the Tanakh. “HaShem” (the NAME. Lev. 24:11,16. and Deut. 28:58.) “Ehyeh asher Ehyeh” (I AM THAT I AM. Exodus 3:14.) “Adonai Elohim” (the LORD God. Gen.2:4 and many other verses.) “Adonai Mekaddishkhem” (the LORD your SANCTIFIER. Exodus 31:13.) for just a few examples.
              How or why would you presume to put any limitations on the Father, simply because of your difficulty in being able to comprehend Him? Though we do not know how today, to even pronounce His name YHWH, we can be confident that since it is comprised of the letters Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey that it is derived from the Hebrew verb “hayah”, (to be) which indicates Gods utter Transcendence in being the source and ground of everything. And with that knowledge, He and what He fully consists of, is simply beyond our natural comprehension.”

              This is what Marianne was referring to above. She was making the comment as to how futile it is for us to attempt to describe in mere words who, or what God is, when we don’t even possess the capacity to fully understand what He in His glory consists of.
              Therefore, should we limit God to that of our understanding?
              Our belief of God as being One, but comprised at the same time as more than One, would be an easy thing for our God to accomplish, for whatever His purposes to do so were. We don’t believe that it is mocking Him at all, but rather accepting Him as He says He is, whether we fully understand it all or not.

              Be Blessed

              • alienated, I will say this maybe the last post for not that we are going in circles but somehow it seems that we both do not see the Father YHWH the same way. What I mean by this is, I know that the Father YHWH is a merciful loving Creator, and Father. Nothing is too hard for Him in Jeremiah 32v27. And it saddens me that there are those who really feel that He the Father would not see when they are doing right no faith, knowing He sees all, He knows all but people still think slightly of Him is sad. It is good that one says what they believe is not a religion yet they still hold a separate divinity of YHWH, and to me this is double talk for which many does this; for YHWH knows all, and is why YHWH is holding a continual anger and wrath over us this is exactly why His plan as you call it will not unfold, we will not do right by Him. There is something that man can do he can do exactly what the Father YHWH asked him to do. Just as in the scripture that was provided in Isaiah 6v9,10 yes,yes, this is YHWH making it more for us to have to do in order to show Him that we truly want to be with Him and do His law, and now we must sincerely want to turn back unto Him and convert or else He would not have these kinds of request all through the book of life as in Malachi 3v7, and Isaiah 44v22, to return to Him, as also in Ezekiel 12v2, yes, but if you read on further in vs.3, “Therefore, thou son of man, prepare thee stuff for removing, and remove by day in their sight; and thou shall remove from thy place to another place in their sight; it )may be) they will (consider), though they be a rebellious house.” Can you see here that YHWH is still reaching out to us. Does one realize how many times that YHWH has forgiven us without showing Him any change only a promise from Moses that we would change,or to give us another chance; so now He wants more from us that is all, and can you blame Him? Then in vs.24 YHWH says “For there shall be no more any vain vision for ‘flattering divination’ (idols), within the house of Israel. Now, in vs.27,”Son of man, behold they of the house of Israel say, the vision that he see is for many days to come, and he prophesied it of the times that are far off.” This confirmed our punishment from YHWH of those who will not listen to Him through the prophet Ezekiel,and turn back, and is now upon us today for we still have not turned back, and are doing these flatteries of divinities (idols), right now; and as your post says some think that this was for the time then; but many feel that this prophesy is even for now. Yes, I am one of those who do know that this prophesy is happening to us right now. Somehow those of you want to ‘believe’ that what I am doing with YHWH is Judaism No, I do not do the star of david nor hauneka and Judaism is a religion, I don’t do religions, I do the spirituality of the Father YHWH through His Voice and Word of His law all of the ordinances, judgments and statues of the law under righteousness, and that contains nothing added on or made up as in Ezekiel 13v18, when the daughters of Israel are making ornaments to dress their idols, same thing as today’s people,they are contrary with the law, and they feel that it is not a problem with doing it like people do today. The name of YHWH or as Marianne had provided the easier way to pronounce for those who can’t is YHVW yes is now a tetragrammaton, for the other ways YHWH’s name is used was then in 2nd and 3rd bc centuries forbidden, and was when YHWH’s name was removed over 6800 times. Well, YHWH did not tell us to do that never, for it is evident that He wanted us to know His true name by us seeing in many of His prophesies that He is outraged of His name being profaned this lets you know that He did not say to do this take His name out of the book of life, man did this, as in Ezekiel 36v22,23, YHWH tells us He will sanctify His great name. Also, this book has been tampered with and those who have the knowledge of knowing you must discern it do know that many words and scriptures are transliterated, and should help those who do not see it to the truth but they do not help or give this truth. Therefore just as many of us know this we truly know His name, and refuse to put it back into the book of life again this is why we are under the wrath and sword of YHWH in Jeremiah 25 not that He so much planned it He gave us the freewill from His love first to see if we will do it, and for us to do what is RIGHT this is our test,and do His law but we refuse; just as he told Ezekiel to give the people a sign to give them the chance to make the right choice and return to HIM YHWH and we didn’t. Yes YHWH knows all, and this is why it is taking so long for us to get it right we won’t get it right because we simply do not want to; whether our hearts are fat and eyes are blind and ears are deaf deep down people know the truth they walk away from it that is all; so please, do not make excuses for them for this book of life tells us what it is YHWH definintely wants from us, and we decide to do wrong and many flocks are strongly mislead, and the plague continues to spread. Many complain the law is hard it is too much of a burden, a mere man cannot be expected to do this law, these are what people say just like they did long ago it has not changed. Let me ask you this why does YHWH have to accomplish this of people who want to believe in One but will comprimise with more than One are you out of your mind?, it is as if you are saying that people are giving the Father YHWH an ultimatum, really? It looks like those who know understand the truth, but are misleading those who do not know that is what’s going on here because it is not going to get any better unless people take heed to this truth and law in Malachi 4v4, now that is the plan, and the mercy of the Strong One YHWH of His patience. YHWH Bless, and Praise unto YHWH. the end, for this is what it will take the Day of YHWH in the end times in Malachi 4v1. Selah!

          • Beloved,I meant to include this into your previous post but my mouth got watered so, from the post I sent to alienated about Numbers 15 that I put on a roast, ok,is not the Redemption given to us by YHWH the same as Salvation and again this is being futile for YHWH has redeemed us all as said in Isaiah 44:vs.22, “I have blotted out as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, as a cloud, thy sins;all YHWH then asks is for us to…RETURN UNTO ME;for I have REDEEMED thee.” Notice the ‘Me’ here is not plural. YHWH Bless.

        • alienated, thank you for this explanation of the christians way of worshping the Father YHWH through the trinity or one or two, and in the name for YHWH you provided as Yehovah isn’t this the same as the Greek terminology of YHWH or YHVH as in Jehovah, and not Hebrew for what I understand in Hebrew there were only consonants used not vowels or is this the contemporary usage of Hebrew today? Also, telling me about some christians ‘believing’ the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit for they used to say holy ghost is what is in my Nt in mathew. Making these three the trinity is what I was saying about many religions making things complicated; for YHWH is not warranting us to make these as a vital distinction or priority, it is already obvious in His descriptions of when and how He does things in His prophesies, such as when He anointed Cyrus to conquer the Babylonians or David to conquer the many nations, well this was obviously the Spirit of YHWH. There is no ranking or heirarchy only that YHWH is ‘King’, and all else His kingdom is One with Him of the ‘New Covenant’ What YHWH wants from us is to simply come back unto Him in Malachi 3v7, and to do His law and ordinances in Malachi 4v4, and this is all said by YHWH in the book of life several times, and to honor and praise Him and all be as One,and to give honor to His name YHWH, not god God Lord LORD yehovah yahudah yehweh,yeshua; these are not His name, this is why He speaks angrily of His name often in the book of life of being profaned as in Ezekiel 36:vs.22,23, and of how He will get us to know it in His Day, and He will magnify it. Do not make things complicated as when Moses in Numbers 13,14 preferably 14vs.30, and his congregation were to go and fight the ‘giants’ and the people had ‘doubt’ they were punished for this badly, for they were doubting YHWH the King they were to work as One with YHWH. Then in Num.15 this chapter makes my mouth water just a bit of humor let go of the pride. YHWH Bless.

        • alienated, I forgot to comment on the scriptures that you put in the previous post, from the book of Exodus, these post were made for the high priest such as the seed of Zadok and the Levites who have the covenant with the Father YHWH, and who wait for the Word of YHWH to get instructions of what to do for the people (children the flocks), and yes these are the most holy, and because of Moses having the blood shed on his hands such as was the same situation for David no he would not be allowed into the tabernacle,temple but at that point of time Moses was then the only anointed prophet who would give these instructions to the high priests who were with him. These must not be considered as hierarchy or order or nothing like this no son of man gets these titles in the kingdom of YHWH under YHWH we are all One with Him. They will be known as the priest, high priest and Levites or seed of Zadok with other names, and the one on the thrown who all shall be named as said in Isaiah 62v1,2 of the 8thBCE century, which this prophecy was at least 200 years before Jeremiah’s of the 6thBCE century, and then in Jeremiah 23v1-8, in vs.6 “In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely; and this is his name whereby he shall be called, YHWH(THE LORD)OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.” This is what they all shall be called. And you mentioned something about the angels this is for them too they have no hierarchy they just do what YHWH tells them to; Gabriel and Michael ‘seems’ to be called when there are the most important or tragic occurrences or calamities this is how it seems for when in Genesis 18, Abraham was visited by three men I know one was YHWH who stayed behind with Abraham, but there was no mention of who the other two were, only that they went to Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy the wicked people in that land. They did a huge event that is well known throughout the history,but they were not named or highly acknowledged so there is obviously no rank here either among the angels. I feel that there is a reason for this so that things will not be complicated and those who are the most holy will not loose themselves this keeps all humble before YHWH because YHWH is the only rank as He told Job in Job 40 and 41, we are of flesh and blood and we die,and cannot do or be as YHWH although holy we just can’t we must let go our pride. YHWH Bless.

        • alienated, in your earlier post you said that many of you have experienced a personal and spiritual occurence with the Holy Spirit of YHWH, if this is the case, how then could those of you decide to compromise another divinity to Him YHWH? This is simply a demonstration of double talking from one ‘belief’ to another ‘belief’ and is what many people do to YHWH; they are contrary to Him, and do what He ask of them half way, and feel comfortably fine with it believing that YHWH will forgive or dismiss it putting others and things before YHWH His first commandment not to put ‘Nothing’ including idols other divinities before Him and this is all is being done here. There is no gray with the Father YHWH I am so sorry it just is not. YHWH Bless.

          • Hi Cocodal,

            I suspect that you are right.
            Because of our core understanding being at opposite ends of the spectrum, I am not sure if there is anything that I could say that would allow for you to perceive and interpret scripture with a Christian mind set. So I agree with you, that this should probably be the last of our discussions.

            However before I go, I will answer your last question above. You ask, “alienated, in your earlier post you said that many of you have experienced a personal and spiritual occurrence with the Holy Spirit of YHWH. If this is the case, how then could those of you decide to compromise another divinity to Him YHWH?

            Answer; We don’t consider it to be compromising at all. Since we believed that Yeshua died for our sins as the sacrificial Lamb, and we accepted that belief in our hearts, we then received the Holy Spirit of YHWH. Yeshua is YHWH’s gift of love to man.
            No one is, or can be righteous in YHWH’s eyes unless they are cleansed by Yeshua’s blood. The laws of Moses and the Sinai Covenant are simply insufficient and man was, and is, incapable of fulfilling them to the required perfection.
            Therefore YHWH created a New Covenant where instead of the necessity of sacrificing animals year after year to atone for the sins of the people, YHWH gave of Himself, in the form of His Son Yeshua, the perfect one time sacrifice for those that would believe in Him. We only received the Holy Spirit because we believed in Yeshua. So it is not compromising at all, we worship YHWH through Yeshua, for we believe that the only way to YHWH is through Yeshua as our High Priest, and sacrificial Lamb.

            I can understand how difficult this must all sound to you Cocodol. It goes against everything that you have understood during your whole life. Nonetheless, this is what we believe.

            I wish you peace in your life, and I will hold you in my prayers.

            Be Blessed

            • alienated, no, it is not difficult to understand it is just contradicting. And where is this New Covenant that tells us of this sacrifice of the lamb of jc for our sins. I notice you never give its location of this scripture and those of you never say if the ‘New Covenant’ that I do give scripture for, you do not answer on them when questioned which is a red flag for double talk. For the only ‘New Covenant’ that I have read and YHWH gave to us is in Jeremiah 23v1-8, Jeremiah 31v31-40, and Jeremiah 33v14-26, and Ezekiel 36v22-38, confirmed by the prophesies of YHWH through His prophets and none of them talk about a blood sacrifice of which you describe and these are prophesied for the future and have not happened yet, so what new covenant are you getting this about jc from? And, I did not know this about YHWH His Word and Voice all of my life, I’ve said that it has only been 5 months since YHWH called me back as He is doing for many of His jewels in Malachi 3v16 described in the book of life, on His truth for His Day is nearing. People can ‘believe’ in what they want is true but I thought something as important as the Almighty Creator of Life was about wanting to know truth that’s all, my mistake. YHWH Bless.

              • Cocodal,

                The New Covenant is explained in detail within the Brit Chadashah, you simply choose to not accept it.

                And here is just one more thing to consider.

                Throughout the Tanakh it expresses that YHWH is the only Salvation correct?
                Gen. 49:18., Exodus 14:13., 15:2., Deut. 32:15., 1 Samuel 2:1., and a further 110 other times. This would then mean that Salvation is only through YHWH and therefore impossible for man to do himself.
                So, no matter how well you, or anyone else for that matter, would execute the 613 different commandments of the law, they would not be able to obtain Salvation.

                Consequently then, YHWH has to do something, since man can not do it on his own, by either works, or by following the Law.
                Since YHWH is the only one that can provide this blessing, the only way He can do it is through His own divinity, so He chose His Son to do it through. Yeshua as the Mashiach.

                This is my last response to you here, because we are just going around in circles. You believe that YHWH stopped communicating with Malachi, we believe that He didn’t, and that He had far more to say. I do believe that it is sort of ironic that YHWH just brought you back to Him only 5 months ago, and within that short time, you ended up at a Christian website.
                I guess you would call that simply a coincidence though?
                I personally think that it is more than that.

                Take Care & Be Blessed

                • alienated, because YHWH is our only redeemer and our savior, in Isaiah 43:vs.3,11, does not make it impossible to come back to serve Him, where does it say that? Yes I was called to come to christian and islam sites that is what YHWH had me to do it just began that way on its own to save His flocks. The scriptures that you provided, and all the rest of them have only said that He begs us to come back to the law, and do His commandments judgments statues ordinances of the covenant for which we broke when we transgressed against Him by not doing them, and doing idols. But as YHWH says He has already forgiven this sin and transgression in Isaiah 44v22, and all of Isaiah 44, is YHWH pouring out His heart to us to come back to Him, and the law. Never is there anything saying that we must first go through another divinity, this is contradicting Him ‘YHWH’ for He tells us not to put Nothing before HIM especially another divinity. Man changed many beliefs and have twisted this around to make it seem that YHWH is the problem, when it is the people who will not do the law in Exodus 20, the Sabbath, the passover in Exodus 12, and Deut. 5, and to do right saying a man cannot live by this law, yes, a man that wants to lie, steal, cheat, be of perversion, swearing, wants to covet his neighbors wife, and home, or bear false witness to thy neighbor, and will not do right by another he ‘might’ do right,but not right by the law this is his abstraction, is all your post is saying its not that YHWH won’t accept us He wants us back it says it all in the book of life the so called OT, but it is that man won’t. So man changed the ordinances and law Isaiah 24v5, and whenever he does wrong he repents over and over and never mend his ways and really believes that the Father YHWH is going to accept this No, you cannot keep doing wrong and expect blessings from YHWH, as in Malachi 1v6-14, do read all of the book Malachi for it says to stop snuffing the Father YHWH for He is a great King, and His name is dreadful among even the heathen, but ‘son of man’ shuns the Creator of Life YHWH, and wonders why there is so much suffering. By the way I have not seen this new blood lamb sacrifice of jc stopped any suffering yet, Oh, that’s because without YHWH say so he,it can’t. And until we all come back to the Father YHWH in Malachi 3v7, and do His law for He does not change them, and He will not change, in Malachi 3v6, the suffering will continue, the lie about a son dying for sins has not stopped any wars or suffering wake up people,YHWH only son and firstborn is in Exodus 4:vs.22,23, so stop being mislead, or misleading the flocks, and this is the bottom line. YHWH Bless Us ALL.

                  • Cocodal,

                    Above you say, “By the way, I have not seen the results of this new blood lamb sacrifice of Yeshua stopping any suffering yet.”

                    Neither has any Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic, or what have you.

                    However I can assure you that at some point in time they and you will.

                    YHWH has spoken and His word will not return to Him unfulfilled.

                    Signing Out.

                    • alienated, for once I agree for AS YHWH HAS SAID ALL RELIGIONS ARE IDOLATRY this is why they won’t work and until people come back to the Strong One the Creator YHWH the sword will continue in Jeremiah 25 no matter what any of us do if we don’t serve YHWH and His law, that is it for us. Selah!

                    • alienated, for once I agree with you for YHWH says that ALL RELIGIONS ARE IDOLATRY PAGAN, HE NEVER CONDONE THEM. People read Isaiah 44v21-27,this what YHWH says is the bottom line it is not the past it is ‘now’ and it is being said to us ALL. And, until people turn back unto Him there will be a sword (suffering), upon this earth in Jeremiah 25, for Nothing else will work we have tried everything for 2000 years and this is all we have left is to go back to our Creator He knows us obviously beter than we know ourselves. He made us, as in Malachi 3v7 says. Praise the Father YHWH.

    • Yes we all are the children of the most high, and yes YHWH is coming again as He did on Mt.Sinai to give us the commandants through His prophet Moses,and judgments to live by, and as He finsihed them all there was in Exodus 20v18, a thunder and lightening and the noise of the trumpet,and the mountain smoking is how it will be again as in Exodus 20,preferably vs.19,20, of His fear to prove to us to have us not to sin will also be there in the Day of YHWH in Malachi 4v1. There is no argument here, and with all of the reading of the so called OT the mentioning of ‘blood’ for anyone is not prophesied there, and if one wants to ‘believe’ that all of the scriptures in the Old Testament truly called the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, are all by the so called son jc/yeshua/messiah, or that jc is YHWH then that is their choice to substitute the truth for the ‘imaginary’ in actuality it is nothing but double talk which is never a path of the ‘truth’ they are the lies that most who straddle the fence between two divinities again wants to ‘believe’. But I and the Father YHWH who taught me of this call it the profaning and polluting of the Almighty Father’s name and His honor, as in Ezekiel 36v22,23,and putting another before Him is all it really is and not Obeying the Voice, and the Word of YHWH in Jeremiah 11v7,8 using the ‘imagination’ of their evil heart. They are simply Stiff necked is what YHWH calls them. YHWH Bless.

  45. Well, many christians are saddling the fence between two divinities and three now, today and I do not as a matter of fact I know YHWH has a problem with that He does not want anything before Him. In Ezekiel 36v22,23; He points out how His name is being profaned so one should stop calling Him things that are not His name He made YHWH YHVH, simple enough. There are many scriptures where He tells us He is jealous for us and need I have to post them? YHWH pours His heart out in Isaiah 44, for us to come back to Him I suppose this is not enough. One has to make up another entity to do it, and this only angers Him and why we have a sword upon the earth in Jeremiah 25 and nothing has worked in 2000 years. And since He welcomes all to turn back unto Him in Malachi 3v7, there is no speciality for Gentiles to have to do; it is all nations. This would not have happened if they the enemy Psalms 83 would not have changed things for it said goy goiy which is nation or nations in the Hebrew text. YHWH Bless.

  46. Cocodol

    We the Gentile believers have not lost our way as you seem to think.

    We are under the new covenant, God did not give us a bill of divorcement.
    I mean not to offend you but we have been serving the living God for the past 2000 years. Laying hands on the sick and they recover, speaking with new tongues as the Holy Spirit give utterance, preaching and teaching the good news of him who gives life and also Loving those who often don’t love themselves and patiently waiting on his return among other things.

    You have to have a desire to know “him” to taste of “him” and his spirit. He is not dead but he lives within the world and life of all believers. He still does miracles today.

    the words you witness with are about the Jewish blood lines not the Gentiles we were not graphed into the salvation until Jesus Christ died on the cross.

    It is coming on Christmas and his birth will be celebrated by the believerson December 25th-2012. He is my hope and in him do I trust, he is the living God Yeshua Hamashia.

    He says that you all will return to him and he will save you before the close of the age. When you come to know him you will never be the same, we worship him who know him in spirit and truth. He is our rock of salvation. We are the people who are not against you, we know you were and are Gods’ choosen people and we are the ones with the light of him shining within while the Jews are being prepared to finally accept and know him without a veil.

    So I can sincerly say God bless you.

    I can say you love the Lord but you only know the first part which was behind the vail and you do not know the God of our covenant. He is the same yesterday, tomorrow and forever but we are not separated from him. I pray to him without a priest, when I sin I go before him and talk with him in prayer and if I pray in the name of Jesus Christ I am assured he opens the door and has heard my prayer as they are answered.

    He died on the cross and put his dead body in us that we will raise with him, he is our battle warrior he fight for us who know him.

    He put living waters in us that we will never thirst and he tries all of us from time to time and he calls upon beleivers to mount the wall and pray for the people of Israel that they will be blessed and find him.

    The words you speak are to the wayward and unbelieving Jews and Gentiles not to the God fearing men and women of the Lord who are converts.

    Be blessed try reading the new testament as a book and see what the spirit reveals to you. Your eyes will be opened!!!

    Be blessed to you and all of those who are of the Jewish blood line, and to all believers of truth who come here to learn and study in the word of God and to gain understanding.

  47. Cocodol
    The testimony of Jesus, is that he IS God, Yahweh in the flesh. One God. “…Even as we [Father and Jesus] are one” is how he put it. The Hebrew people believe in what Moses Gave them which was revealed by Yahweh’s voice, in the burning bush. Why can he not appear as the suffering servent? It is you who are “limiting” almighty God, by denying this. This is why he is jealous, for his chosen people rejected him, and did not submit to him when he came. It is his example of Humility, that we are able to overcome our sinfullness (pride), and act righteously. It is through this revalation of Love, that we are able to love Yahweh, and one another from a pure heart (as his law commands).
    Imagine that, the Creator God suffering on behalf of his creation. Could he not have just started over with a new creation? He is almighty, of course he could.
    Instead he chose to redeem the World, Those who believe his testimony. This is why it all starts with faith. As this promise is too incredible to comprehend. Yet we live by faith that he will carry out that promise. That through the sanctifying work of the HS, we will be able to live righteous lives and “walk” with Yahweh, as Enoch walked with God, and Noah “was a righteous man, blameless in his generation”. (Gen 5:22, 6:9) You see, you can obey the Law for all the wrong reasons, Just as you can be a Christian for all the wrong reasons, This is the distinction between righteousness and wickedness spoken of in Malachi 3:18 For the righteous serve God, (submit to his will), but the wicked serve themselves and do not submit to Yahweh. It is really quite simple, as I mentioned to marianne above.

    Instead of starting from scratch, Yahweh chose to redeem us. to make us his “new creation”. His Love as exemplified in Jesus suffering, has revealed his grace and mercy. The more we learn to submit to Yahweh, the more we are able to “walk with God”. Sanctification can only occur, when we can submit to Almighty God.

    I will share in closing, this verse from the new testament. Think about what is said here in relation to the prophecies regarding the “name” in the OT that you have mentioned. “Whoever believes in him (Jesus) is not condemned (redeemed, New creation, under the imputed righteousness of Jesus) But whoever does not believe, is condemned already (old creation, under the sin of Adam), Because he has not believed in the NAME of the only SON OF GOD.” (John 3:18, parenthesis mine) Do not let the “Son of God” be a stumbling stone, for the son of man is man, therefore the Son of God is God. It is not 2 gods, but rather one in the same, revealed as a “Son”.

    • Beloved, pattiefarm, pattie, you say that we were not given a bill of divorce, then why is it in the scripture Jeremiah, 31v31,32 preferably vs.32,saying that YHWH ‘WAS’ a husband to us as a chosen people, to be a light unto the ‘nations’. I mean people as a whole not the race card, for do you really think that YHWH has a differnce with peoples race, ethnicity, and complextion this is absurd. And when you say you have been serving God for the past 2000 years are you meaning the Father or what you believe is His son? For if you say His son, then this is why we for 2000 years nothing is right or better in this world a sword in upon us for doing wrong with idols in Jeremiah 25, so for 2000 years many are not doing what the Father YHWH wants; it has only gotten worst for people on this earth unless you are delusional. For one, as I mentioned in the previous post that the word ‘Gentile’ was a transliterated input from the Hebrew word ‘goy’ meaning Nation and gentile means European, or Caucasian two different meanings, and this replaced word ‘goy’ for Gentile is incorrect the meanings are different. Just like when the word ‘virgin’ was used in replacement of the word ‘almah’ these women who bore children were already married or young maidens being betrothed by their husbands so the word ‘virgin’ was also incorrect to use in these cases. This too mislead the flocks. Therefore, YHWH was speaking to ‘all’nations and peoples of this world, to have the ‘light’unto them and some scriptures do say nations; but the ones who took the true words out mislead people to think that a light had to be given only to the Gentile, NO, this light was for all Nations is what needs to be understood, look it up. There was no need to think that as Beloved thinks that being gentile there needs to be a special salvation or redemption this is not true or prophesied in the OT,book of life. YHWH welcomed all ‘nations’ of people to following His ways, and law, and Had redeem us all and is our only salvation and forgiving our sins and never to remember them is said in Isaiah 43v25, and in chapters 41,42,43,44,for Israel and Jacob to be a light unto all ‘nations.’and everyone to come back to Him YHWH. The new covenant that you speak of is not ever prophesied into the book of life, The Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, so called the OT, and if it is not in Jeremiah 31v31-40, Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26, where in the OT the true name, book of life is it prophesied that YHWH comes down to be another entity, or that He sent a son down to die for our sins, where is it prophesied from the OT to be fulfilled by the NT, it is not there as many other prophecies are as in Isaiah prophesying Jeremiah and Cyrus the Great 180 to 200 years before their events happened. So why isn’t the story of jc there too, especially since he is supposed to be the firstborn son of the Father YHWH would not that make him even more than all else who are prophesied?, and in the OT is the only written fact that in Exodus 4v22,23 ‘Israel’ is the son and firstborn of the Father YHWH and there cannot be two firstborn sons. With YHWH constantly telling us not to put anyone before Him in the OT, and any testimony from another without YHWHs say so is a ‘red flag’for which YHWH taught us in Deuteronomy 18 about false prophets, YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6. Now you are saying He changed here in the NT. Then, why would one have to ‘imagine’ anything with the Father YHWH for He has no secrets as said to us in Amose 3v7. None of what jc says or his story shows up in the book of life the OT, and this is not prophesied at all by YHWH. Praying to YHWH is in Isaiah 43v26. In Isaiah 53v10, it says of the suffering of the chosen people,”Yes it pleased YHWH to bruise ‘him’in plural tense,etc., if YHWH was bruising Himself would not He say it that He died for our sins in the OT? YHWH has said many times that He made us,redeemed us, and saved us, for His own sake so why would He change that now, and not prophesied it? Remember YHWH changes NOT, in Malachi 3v6. Many can straddled the fense between two gods but this is not acceptable by YHWH as He told us in Deut.5v7, and where is His honor and praise?,asked of us in Malachi 1v6, if He is the Father? YHWH Bless.

      • Cocodol
        There is no special salvation for gentiles, it is only that we do not understand Yahweh, in his fullness as the Hebrew people do. It takes alot more scrubbing with hard abrasives to get our polish to shine so to speak. As I have said to you before, it has taken me years to understand what it truly means to submit to the will of Yahweh. But I tell you what, without Jesus, and what he did on the cross, there would be no hope for me ever coming to that understanding. I would have continued in my ways, and not yielded to his will.

        As for prophecies, we have dealt with them extensively, but I will ask you this, where has Daniel 9:24-27 been fulfilled, and who is the “annointed One” who is cut off? You need to be as specific as the 2300 days of Daniel 8: 14, which referred to Antiochus persecution from sept. 6, 171 bc- Dec 25, 165 bc.

        Also if Yahweh does not reveal something new, how do you explain Jeremiah 31:22??

        I also do not see How you can say that Isaiah 53 refers to the nation of Israel, as the whole context of the passage refers to the singular “he”, and not the plural????

        In your comment below, you criticize us for holding to the concept of eternal life, but yet you also hold to the concept of death as being the result of Adams sin?? So if Adam had not sinned, would he have died? As God is Eternal, there is no end to Him, Is there not? therefore, what does “Last” mean? He is not constrained by “time” as we know it, therefore making that argument is wordplay at best. I thought you would know this. Enoch and Elijah Walked with God, and they did not see death. Yet Noah was righteous and walked with God, and he did see death. Daniel was told he woulddie and be ressurected at the time of Judgement, so is he “dead” now? Is death the end for our souls?, Or is there eternal reward and punishment? Jesus, makes all these apparent contradictions irrelavent. For not only did he die, he was ressurected, and that is the promise he bestowed on those who believe. You are missing out on this promise by rejecting him!

        I Gave you a website above somewhere, that shows a large portion of the OT prophecies that refer to Jesus and his ministry, but you probably did not even read it. I think they listed over 100. but there are even more, when you understand that the feasts and holy days are a “shadow” of things to come, and many more of them will be fulfilled when he comes again. So are you ignoring them?

        Yahweh bless.

        • Beloved, first let me say that I am very glad for you finding a way of righteousness into your life; for this is what YHWH is about living a righteous and prolonged life.As for Daniel 9v24-27, this was not fulfilled of the temple being built because the anointed one Zerubbabel the Prince and Messiah of Judah was cut off from a lying letter sent to Cyrus, and rebuilding the temple was stopped. Read in Ezra 1vs.8 to confirm this, and the anointed, Zerubbabel his captive slave name was Shesbazzar, look it up.I never said that YHWH does not reveal something new this is in Isaiah 42v8,9, and yes Jeremiah 31v22 is the “New Covenant” that will come. Demitreus killed his cousin in battle Antiochus V and reigned over him and went to Jerusalem to destroy the rest of the temple. Isaiah 53 is a most controversial scripture and yes how you know that it is about he (plural) as the people of Israel and their descendant is from 52vs.9-11 is plural, is the rejoicing of the redemption of Jerusalem, preferably vs.10-12, then in vs.13-15, it gets singular on describing the one who will be raised or chosen by YHWH from the people of Israel their descendants of how excellent he will be, then in 53vs.1, it explains the chosen as he WHO believes the report? who will hear?, and whom is the arm of YHWH revealed, who will listen? then from vs.2 on it describes he singularly as one of them of the suffering of the people of Israel from their punishment for their transgressions and iniquities,all the way to vs.12, where it tells us that ‘he poured out his soul unto death(magnifing YHWHs name and purpose): and he was numbered with the transgressors(he was among those who transgressed)and he bared the sin of many(he too sinned)and made intercession(pleaded on behalf of the other transgressors)for the transgressors. This is in progress the arm of YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS. It interchanges it goes from plural to singular of the people Israel its descendants of couse now, to the one who is chosen also now. Yes, Adam would have died for Adam was flesh and blood, he did live a prolonged life but he died just as we all will eventually. Enoch and Elijah I have to research this more, I do know that he Elijah wandered in the wilderness, running from being threaten to be killed, and he was hungry and was fed by a sheepherder which means he must have been flesh and blood and he could die but I need to check further on this. The Father is everlasting for He is first and will be the last and none else but son of man can’t live eternally, but can prolong his life, but his ‘seed’ can live forever for David has seed here now especially how many wives his son Solomon had 700 and 300 cuncubines,wow. Yes, in Daniel 12v2, it does tell us of the ones that will rise up from the dust to everlasting life of their ‘seeds’, and some to everlasting contempt to punishment to possibly convert,these are not written in the book,(disgraced). Yes to be delivered everyone that shall be found written in the book (judged). And Daniel shall be honored for his work and service for YHWH, and his seed will be with us. I will look into those scriptures that you gave me by website when I locate the post. YHWH Bless.

          • Beloved, And, yes I saw where Elijah was taken off into the heavens in II Kings 2vs11 as Moses it is a metaphor of his death it was his time to be with the Father that’s all. I left out that the servant that is of the chosen people ‘Israel’ of the covenant will of course be raised from the ‘seed’ of David his descendant to plead (intercession)for the transgressors the chosen children of Israel who were punished for their transgressions, and will be the light unto the gentiles, and the nations in the future so this in Isaiah 53 in the starting process of this ‘light’ and the coming back unto the children of Israel for the future to magnify YHWH and his name, for all to see the gentiles and nations; for many are awaking from their forefathers punishment to be the light unto the nations, or as it says in the book of life, light unto the Gentiles, YHWH has begun to call upon many awaking them his ‘jewels’and the servant the seed of David is working pouring his soul out until his death as said in Isa.53v12, and as prophesied in Malachi 3v1-3, the messenger is preparing the way before YHWH, for YHWHs day is nearing. YHWH Bless.

          • Cocodol
            I think you are finally starting to see the distinction between the “Book of remembrence/life” and Hebrew scripture. Now read Malachi again with that understanding (exodus 32:32ff.) The Book of Life is Yahwehs book, not our book, It is a record of those who are deemed righteous in his eyes. “But there are none righteous” ??? How is it that we are to be seen as righteous to Yahweh??? By obedience to the Word/ Voice of Yahweh. When we Obey his word, we will then see that Jesus is the “Word become flesh”, who suffered and died on our behalf, That we might be seen as righteous in the eyes of God. That we too will be resurrected to eternal life (Daniel 12:1-2)
            Is your name in that book?? Are you sure?? Do you “see the distininction between the righteous and the wicked” yet (Malachi3:18)? Or are you still hoping that the law can make you righteous??? As Isaiah 53:11 puts it, “The righteous one, my servent, [shall] make many [from all nations] to be ACCOUNTED RIGHTEOUS, and HE [singular] shall bear their iniquities.” As I said before, the Law leads to repentence, and the Mercy of Yahweh, obedience to the “Voice/Word” of Yahweh leads to righteousness And His Grace. “But the righteous shall live by his faith” (Hab 2:4) This is to be written in stone Just as the Law is!!(Hab 2:2)

            Yahweh Bless.

            • Beloved, the Book of Remembrance is what it says it is the book of life for us to remember what has gone on with the events, and laws and the covenant,and ways of YHWH for the people to remember and Do. It is what they call the OT. It was for the people in that time the people were going astray badly, they were following the strangers who were not of YHWH and even loosing their language as in Nehemiah 13 who was the governor then in Judah and Malachi was the prophet who saw this happening to the people and those who feared YHWH was worring about what to do and how will they help the people to come back to the law and this book was given to us until this day for people. When you say this is not ‘our book’ what are you saying,this book has been distributed all over the world and translated in over 2500 languages so what are you reading? The book of life,the so call OT,or Bible is world wide. And, doing the law is what YHWH ask of us all of His ordinances and statues and was why YHWH was angered with us from the beginning as in Isaiah 24v5, is why He put the sword upon us in Jeremiah 25,for not doing His law, and leaving Him for idols what people are doing today by honoring other divinities and religions this YHWH HATES, and as long as I do the law and His statues and never do religions and praise and honor His Word and YHWH, and serve Him by doing the Sabbath the day of rest, the Passover in Exodus 12,and Leviticus 23,live righteously, and eat the dietary of Deut.14 and Leviticus 11,doing His law,and not put another over YHWH, then I’m sure I will be fine with the Father YHWH. YHWH wants us to come back to Him, He says it all through the book of life in His scriptures,to do this law as said in Malachi 4v4, and this has not changed until this day for YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6. In Isaiah 53:vs.11, it says that the servant will justify many through his vs.12,the prayers of intercession of the transgressors. Those that don’t do what YHWH wants us to well this is why they have to be is under this curse in Jeremiah 25, and it is not going to get any better until they turn back to Him according to YHWH in Malachi 3v7. And is why He will come in the day of YHWH and settle this mess Himself, and He knows those who are His. This is why it says that everyone is responsible for their own iniquities in Jeremiah 31:vs.30 and Deut.24:vs.15,16 so it is all up to each and everyone. YHWH Bless.

              • Perhaps I was wrong, you do not see the difference between the two books. You are making a dire error in your theology by not understanding this distinction. Read Daniel 12:1-2, and exodus 32:32. What you are implying is that if we are not mentioned in the OT then we will not be considered righteous. This understanding and this book Is “sealed up until the time of the end” (Daniel 12:4).

                It is a heavenly record of the righteousness of all people from all time.

                • To others, and Beloved, you yourself have confirmed with your own scriptures you gave,in Exodus 32v32, of sin pardoned asked by Moses from YHWH and it was given, and mine that I will provide, in Exodus 33v16, of the grace that was given to the people of the pardoning, and begging from the prophet Moses for the people. Moses many times had asked YHWH for us to be given another chance or time to convert back to YHWH when the people disobeyed, and YHWH would do this for Moses. And this reveals to us that this book, the book of life, the Book of Remembrance was in existence since Moses from which the writing began, and the prophecies of YHWH were documented from the start of what YHWH wanted for us the people to know, YHWH had Moses to write it. There are ‘NO’ two books, it has been tampered with yes but they were not that smart, for much has been removed, but the book of life has just what YHWH gave it to have for US to remember for YHWH knows ALL he won’t need it to remember, we do. From Moses, and then many other prophets later who wrote for YHWH to give to the people, and in Malachi he was the last prophet until this day, and is where the true name of this book is written Malachi 3v16. This obviously means that this true name of the book of life ‘in short’ has also been removed from other locations of this book just like was the true name of our Father YHWH which was also removed 6800 times so that we the people won’t know who our Father Creator Savior and Redeemer truly is, YHWH.look it up, this true name of this book is what many of you think is called the ‘Bible’, or the OT, but it is not it is the Book of Remembrance. Again, in Daniel 12v4, yes then Gabriel instructed Daniel that ‘to shut up the words and seal the book until the end times.’ Then when you go to Daniel 2:vs.1-49, the vision that Daniel explains to the governor Nebuchadnezzer in vs.28, about ‘the latter days’ and then in vs.40, Daniel says it will be in the 4th kingdom, that these visions will be taking place. Well, for those of you who are not aware, we are now in the 4th kingdom of mankind people, and the descriptions of Daniel’s vision in Daniel 2:1-49 is prophecy for us now and are happening. The end times are now, and the book is again open for the day of YHWH is nearing us, and many are awakening today to the TRUTH OF THE CREATOR YHWH and He will soon Magnify Himself in these times it is prophesied here in Daniel 2 of the ‘end times,’also prophesied in Malachi 1,2,3,4 and Hosea 6:vs.1,2, and Joel 1:vs.15, Amos 8:vs.8,9 and in Zachariah 3:vs.9 of the Day of YHWH. This is how prophecy is it fortells the present,past, and future, and this is why there should be some mentioning of jc somewhere in the OT,other than David who ‘IS’ prophesied in all the OT, book of life scriptures instead; and many who are mislead are claiming that they are jc with no name of jc or prophecy from YHWH; for the NT(not true), should fulfill the OT about this jc yet there is no name of him nor his story. Praise the Savior YHWH and YHWH Bless.

                • To Others, people let me add, Do the Law for your life, and of the Almighty Creator YHWH to get right with Him, for YHWH the Fathers day is nearing in Malachi 4v1, the law is in Exodus 20 and Deut.5, and the Sabbath, the day of rest, the Passover in Exodus 12, and Leviticus 23. Also use the dietary that YHWH gave to us in Deut.14 and Leviticus 11 for He knows what we need He made us and live righteously. And all He asks of us is to Do this Law as said in Malachi 4v4, and to come back to Him in Malachi 3v7. YHWH Bless.

                • Beloved, whether we are written in the book of life or not only YHWH knows this once again you are assuming. I said that YHWH says we must do this law is all I know, and why His sword is upon us in Jeremiah 25, and until we do it well, it will stand. The law is what He wants from us to come back to Him by doing the law, statues, ordinances and judgments of His convenant this has not changed and YHWH does not change in Malachi 3v6. When you mention the end times at Daniel 12v4, yes we are here in the 4th kingdom in Daniel 2v40, of mankind we are at the end times,and many prophecies are unfolding today. YHWH Bless, Selah!

        • Beloved, let me add that it is known of christianity being an offshoot of judaism from the 3rd kingdom. And many of their beliefs were pagan using Amen for the worhip of sungods from the Egyptians, AmenSirapus AmenRah, and christianity still uses this prefix for praise Amen. Also, one other belief that many used of the Egyptians was being mummified to become resurrected this was an absolute ritual, for many people are afraid of dying and this is not too uncommon today we cannot forsee of it and will not accept it is our downfall. But if only we knew that doing the law and living a righteous and peaceful life and to hand that down from generation to generation this fear would not ever be for as in the book of Job, he got to live four generations of seeing his new children and thir children’s children this is beautiful for Job lived a righteous life and he did the law and ate properly as YHWH told him to this is the greatness of the law Job died old and full of days (happy).

          • Yahweh Judges the heart first and foremost. If some one uses the word “amen” in their praise of Yahweh, and does so from a “pure heart” Then it is acceptable to Yahweh. Getting all “puffed up” about a word usage is akin to legalism, for which Jesus scolded the pharisees of his day. If you do not believe that resurrection will occur, then I will point you to Daniel 12 again and again….
            As for Job, he did not have the Law as he lived before Moses received it. His rigteousness was apart from the Law.

            • Beloved, you are getting all puffed up about Job, for he was still living in the law just as Abraham was said by YHWH in Genesis 26v5, they were both righteous men, and they both were Obeying the ‘VOICE’ of YHWH, and these men were anointed by YHWH they were of Adam, Sons of God, it was the law then, and it is now. YHWH Bless. And this example of amen was not to get puffed up it was to show that the traces of Judaism was carried over to Christianity and it was, and so was other pagan ‘beliefs.’ look it up. And in Daniel 12 this is the time the people will be delivered. But I will get more information of this to give its complete meaning. Praise YHWH.

              • Cocodol
                Yes and what came first on that list in Gen. 26:5? “Abraham obeyed my [Yahweh’s] voice”. The phrase “Word of the Lord” occurs 255 times in the BIble. The Phrase “Voice of the Lord” occurs 48 times. You acknowledge that the “Word” exists, but you do not “hear” it, as Samuel did, or any of the prophets. Doing the commandments does prolong life, but Obedience to the Word leads to “eternal life”. This does not mean that the commandments are nullified, only that they have become the goal of our sanctification. In our fallen world, the commandments and the “Word of the Lord” contradict. This is the by-product of sin. (as was exemplified by David, and building the temple) Another example of this would be those who hid Jews during the Holocaust, (who lied, and possibly stole to do this). True Christians are “led by the Holy Spirit” to obedience. It is not a legalistic compliance, but a sanctifying within us. We desire obedience to the commandments, but also understand that until the day of the Lord comes, obedience to the word and the commandments will contradict. What then is the “righteous” action to take. In some cases it is clear cut, such as the Holocaust. But in others, it is a little more foggy. A “wicked” man can be a good father, or a philanthropist, but that does not make them “righteous”. A righteous man may be called upon to violate the commandments In order to “Love his Neighbor”, but that does not make him wicked.

                If your “doing of the commandments” is done for the sake of doing the commandments, then of what value is it? But if youObey the voice of the Lord, which “leads” to doing the commandments, then Yahweh will be glorified! If anything, living this way, in a sinful world, leads to persecution, suffering and death, As was exemplified by Jesus who being blameless, was crucified! Sounds to me like you are doing the commandments to “prolong your own life”, therefore serving Yourself and not Yahweh!!??

                • Beloved, I truly understands that many times we have situations because of our circumstances on this world can be difficult and I know that the Father YHWH knows this fully. YHWH has never blamed His for anything that was over bearing for them this is why we have the book of Obadiah explaining what YHWH is going to do to the oppressor and heathen of Jacob his brother. And in many cases YHWH has been compassionate with us on this type of problem in Amos 9v10,11 it tells us that YHWH will kill the sinners of His people by the sword and that David will be raised and all ruins will be rebuilt. And that upon mount Zion shall be deliverence. Therefore this shows us that YHWH is very much aware of the plight of the ones in bondage and captivity and even today it is the same for those who have been greatly despised. Who were made small amoung the heathen in Obadiahv1. I never said that anyone will be excluded if anything like this should be the case this is what you are assuming again. Lets not play simple we know those who are not looking for righteousness who want to do wrong and think that it is fine because they were told that they are under ‘grace’ and can keep asking for forgiveness; but with my Father YHWH He will not hold like a woman in travail not hardly if you are contrary to Him He surely will be contrary to you are those of whom I mean should get right with YHWH. We all must get right with the Father YHWH and do His law and ordinances because it has not changed to do them the Law, but those who know better are being contrary and their nakedness will be shown. I do the commandments because this is what YHWH ask of us His Word of His law and His Voice is in my heart to want to do all I can in the sight of HIM, and to obey HIM, and live righteously for not just for myself but towards others as well being righteous is what this means treating others with love and compassion and consideration at all times. Many times I will be a bit forward if that is what it takes to get someone on the right track it is called ‘tough love’ but my intentions are for the best. YHWH knows our heart,in Jeremiah 17v9,10. YHWH Bless.

        • Beloved, all of what you have in your post is fine, and good that you see prophecy in the book of life the OT, but none of this is in reference to jesus none in the book of life, this is all YHWH and why anyone would want to substitute an idol that has no profit over the Father YHWH is beyond me it is delusional there is no jc in the OT prophesies none. It is like you are double talking and going back and forth using what YHWH is saying and doing, as if it was jesus this is blasphemy against YHWH. It is all YHWHs doing none else is to get the praise and honor from YHWH. I do not know about it being any eternal life but everlasting life is what it says from YHWH in Daniel 12, and even so this too is from YHWH not jc. Praise YHWH.

          • Cocodol
            Jesus is no Idol, he is Yahweh come in the flesh, and you are blaspheming him with your comment This is what you will be repenting for when he comes again (Zech 12)

            • Beloved, are you even reading this book of life?, it reads in Zech.12v9, that YHWH will ‘destroy’ ALL the nations that are against Jerusalem, and the mourning will be so great among the people for YHWH, as the piercing (pain and suffering) of YHWHs son and first born of ‘Israel’as said by YHWH in Exodus 4v22,23, and the piercing was great to YHWH, and is compared to one mourning for his only son, and they shall see the bitterness of YHWH for ‘Israel’ as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. It is a comparison of YHWHs hurt over His son, and firstborn to one as ‘son of man’ if this was to happen to them of their son and firstborn. That is why their will be a great mourning it will be for (YHWH), and in vs.10 the spirit of grace and supplications will pour upon the house of David and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem over YHWHs pain. YHWH Bless.

            • Beloved, it would seem to me that YHWH the Strong One, has told to us everything else, how He is our Savior and Redeemer in Isaiah 43v3,11,14 and Isaiah 44v22 and confirmed this with 43v13 saying “Yea, before the day was I am He; and there is ‘NONE’ no jesus yeshua lamb that can deliver out of my hand: ‘I YHWH’ will work, and who shall let it?” Will those of you let Him says the Almighty Creator work for you? And also, if YHWH told us that His only son and firstborn is ‘ISRAEL’ in Exodus 4:vs.22,23. Then wouldn’t He tell us of how He came down to be born of a virgin, died for our sins, then resurrected back up to heaven and now we are all saved from the first sin of Adam? Do you really think that YHWH could not tell us of this OR do you think He forgot to tell us?, when He has told us of everything else now do you really? YHWH even let us know when he came down to visit Abraham in Genesis 18, and then YHWH let us know that Abraham is His friend in Isaiah 41v8. YHWH doesn’t tell us about this JC in the OT because it is not true. At some point those of you really need to AWAKEN from the gross darkness that you have been brainwashed into its all nonsense. The scripture in Isaiah 59 but preferably vs. 9 and 10, confirms this where it says that many are walking in darkness, and they grope for the walls like the blind and are as ‘dead men’. While I am on the subject of being dead, also this scripture Isaiah 59, is for our future it highlights what is meant in Daniel 12v2, of many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall ‘AWAKE’ (from their gross darkness as dead men in Isaiah 59) some to everlasting life, and some to everlasting contempt,vs.3, and they that be ‘WISE’ and AWAKEN shall shine, and they that turn many into righteousness will be as the stars for ever and ever; now here is the pitch, in Isaiah 59vs.20,21: v.20,our Redeemer shall come to Zion just as YHWH says in Malachi 3v1-4, then in v5,”And I will come to you to judgment,etc,” continue….v20,to them that ‘turned from their transgressions’, etc. meaning He will be with us and there is no jc needed, no cleansing by a lamb blood sacrifice not until the new temple is back with us those have been suspended; one just has to turn from their trasgressions, and come back to YHWH and do the Law. and in v.21,YHWH says that His Spirit is upon them and His words that are in their mouths, and it shall not depart out of their mouth, nor out of the mouth of their ‘seeds’ or their ‘seeds’ ‘seed’, henceforth FOR EVER. This is all that is happening in Daniel 12v2 those who were in darkness asleep have AWAKEN to the light and their ‘seeds’ will live on for ever and are (being delivered in Daniel 12v1). There is no eternal life for us only YHWH can live eternally, as said in Deut.30v15-20 and Deut.32v45-47 we live righteously and turn from our transgressions and do the law and ordinances and we live a prolonged life as does the servant in Isaiah 53v10 for his obedience to the Voice of the Father YHWH all He wants from us people is to Obey His Voice in Jeremiah 11v8.Even Noah,Daniel, and Job had to do this, YHWH says that they have to deliver their own souls by their righteousness in Ezekiel 14v14. I am so sorry, but there is no sacrifice of blood lamb or a man to come back to YHWH the Father these scriptures all prove to you what YHWH wants from us and there are many more like this in the book of life, and if you look up Book of Remembrance it will come back as the Standard Bible. Please get right with YHWH The Father this is the true gift of life, and do the law if YHWH does not change in Malachi 3v6 then His law has not either none of it. YHWH Bless.

              • Cocodol
                Isaiah 9:6 “For to us a CHILD is Born, to us a son is given; And the GOVERNMENT shall be upon his shoulder and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, MIGHTY GOD, Everlasting FATHER, Prince of Peace” This is the first advent of Christ, Verse 7 then describes the second advent. You say the passage regarding “Immanuel” Is. 7:10-25, refered to another child (Historical), but was that child called “Mighty God”? Is. 9:2 is the context for this verse “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.” WE are those people who the SEEN the great light! his light is Jesus.

                Micah 5:2 “But you, O Bethlehem Ephratah, who are too little to be among the clans of Judah, From you shall come forth for me one who is TO BE Ruler in Israel, whose COMING FORTH IS FROM OF OLD, (THE WORD OF GOD) from ANCIENT DAYS.” As you know, Jesus was Born in Bethlehem. Note the use of “TO BE” future tense. Now let’s look at verse 3. “Therefore he shall GIVE THEM (ISRAEL) UP, UNTIL THE TIME when she who is in Labor has given birth; (This last statement is a reference to Israel’s refounding in 1948) Then the rest of the brothers shall RETURN to the people of Israel…” Here again we see the first advent of the Messiah coming from bethlehem, then Second advent, when he comes to “Shepherd his flock” (Verse 4)

                You see, If you read carefully, you will see that there is a first advent and a second advent predicted in the prophecies regarding the Messiah. It is Just as David, was frst annointed king, (As a child) and then actually became king, after suffering for being God’s chosen one. The parallel is striking.
                Be blessed

                • Beloved, First off YHWHs name is not yahweh it is only YHWH or YHVH, and everyone of these scriptures are talking about the seed of David or the chosen children son and firstborn ‘Israel’in Hosea 11v1, and the seed of David is mentioned in all of the New Covenants in Jeremiah 31v31-40, Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 that will be forever his ‘SEED’. Many people have been mislead to think that these scriptures in Isaiah 9, 53, 49 and many are about jesus but they do not say jc they say the seed of David, David and the Branch, the elect or the servant, and the Son of God in Daniel 7v13 this too is the one who will be on the throne the seed of David. In the NT(not true) it says that jc is born of a holyghost and you can’t have it both ways; this is not a ‘seed.’ In Isaiah 7 Isaiahs children were named as ‘signs and wonders in Isa.8, from YHWH to Isaiah for prophecies that were to come.’ Isaiah 9v2 is the future and now of those who have AWAKEN to the truth of the Father YHWH. For is not YHWH the one who always said that His people and whomever the nation they maybe from will be the ‘light’ unto the Gentles and this is all through the book of life. YHWHs people are the ones with the covenant but if anyone does this law and ordinances and do right by his neighbor then hes in the eye of YHWH. Those of you get caught upon seeing a child is born and son in Isa.9 this is what has been said about the seed of David and the chosen people of the covenant ‘Israel’ all through the book of life. If it were jesus the Father YHWH would not have any problem telling us that He has told us of everyone,and everything else through His prophets in Amos 3v7, so where is the mention of jc and his story where in the OT? And the NT(not true) is not to change anything in the OT of YHWHs never. YHWH Bless.

                  • Cocodol
                    Once again, you turn to diversionary attacks to discredit the messenger before streaming your “usual responses” to my answer to your question on “where is Jesus mentioned in the OT?” Do You know the real name of God as it is supposed to be pronounced? Then enlighten us, as it has been lost to history as you are so apt to point out.
                    You want a sign, that Jesus is your messiah. I cannot give you that sign, Only the sign of Jonah as Jesus gave to the pharisees. The fact is that we see Jesus everywhere in the OT from the creation to Malachi. You are blind to it. The best I can do is tell you that your people will be saved despite of their blindness, at least that remnant which is his treasured possesion. I say this not to insult you, but to say that this discussion is fruitless, if you are hoping to change our hearts and minds. In fact, none of us who has a genuine relationship with Yahweh, Through Jesus Christ, will be persuaded. As the apostle Paul wrote, “For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39) These verses are true, from the new testament, as you have witnessed by our testimonies here. As I have also said before, I do not disparriage you for holding to the Law, and see the Law as important, But first we must heed the “Voice of Yahweh”.
                    Every one else has “given up” on you, here, just as I have been tempted to do, Just as everyone Gave up on Jesus and denied him before his death. “He was despised and rejected by man” as Isaiah puts it, Just as your people have been despised and rejected. You actually have more in common with Jesus than you think, and at the very end, before Immanuel comes to Israel, and rescues your people, you will share that bond with Jesus. Just as David, was rejected and pursued into the wilderness only to “rise again” as king, So too will God’s chosen one, Jesus, return again in glory as king. In fact, all those who are called of Yahweh, must be tested in such a way, Being in the “Belly of the whale” for three days, or dead and buried as Jesus was for three days, or despised as Israel has been for three millenial days which will be ending shortly. Only then can they rise again in Glory! Many of us Christians have been tested in such a way as well. This is when the “Women will encircle the Man”. The question is, will you pass this test, and be among that remnant? Will you trust in Yahweh to save you, or will you try to save yourself? Will you obey the law because it is the Word of Yahweh, or because it will prolong your life? What happens, if the “Assyrian” offers to restore the sacrifices on the Holy Mount, saying that he is God, and you must worship him, will you know that he is not God, despite having signs and wonders to back up his claim??
                    I know you do not believe any of what I say here, as you are still blind, But at the very least, file away what is said, for the time when this becomes relavent. There is no need for you to argue these points with me, As I will not try and defend them, instead the Lord will do the talking through them. Then you can test and see if what I have said is from Yahweh, and you will have your proof.

                    I Will close with a Psalm, which I feel is particularly relavent. “Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchmen stays awake in vain. It is vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his BELOVED sleep.” psalm127:1-2
                    Signing out, May God bless all of you, and choose you as his treasured possesion. Cocodol, The Lord has used you in ways you do not comprehend yet, and i thank you for that. Keep devoting yourself to Yahweh, and reading “The Word of God”.

                    • Beloved, this is not a discredit to the messenger for I used the scriptures as YHWH gave it to us from the book of life these scriptures are saying seed of David or David and the Branch, the servant, the elect all said to be the one who will be on the throne of YHWH the Father and what is so blind about that truth?This is all the written truth and what many of the scriptures describe what do you want from me if it is what was written by YHWH through His prophets,just as the one you provided in Micah 5v2 it is from YHWH through His prophet Micah Gosh. Then never did I say that YHWHs name was lost NO, it was ‘REMOVED OR TAKEN’ out of the book of life over 6800 times from the enemy, not lost, and what I was told the other terms used for His name is because many gentiles cannot pronounce YHWH so for pronunciation purposes it is what you call it yahweh,as Marianne gave this example to pattiefarm once in a post, she had to let her know that His the Father’s name is either YHWH or YHVH, JeeWiz. Then you said that YHWHs people will be saved but the truth is whomever seeks Him and Do His law and ordinances we all together will be His and saved, as said in Micah 5v7,8 of the Gentiles fighting with us together in battle, as ONE, and they will also be among His people as well and together we will all be in the new kingdom of the Father YHWH living in peace and righteousness. YHWH used us both and I too thank many of you for what I have learned from christians, it seems that we have the same goal and that is to please the Father YHWH and serve Him whether our ways are different it is all in the same purpose of heart to help bring peace love and righteousness for mankind. YHWH Bless.

                • Beloved, I noticed that you talk a lot about the Holocaust and their torture, you do know that it was exposed from the Jewish millionaire about the conspiracy of this event. According to Mr. Freedman the jew elders had set up these innocent jewish people to establish trying to claim Israel. Something about World War I and II being instigated to win over Germany and then Mr. Freedman talks about how a Theodore Herzl Movement in 1897, was the original plan to get into Israel to establish the vision of being Israel although it was such a tragedy what had to happen to the innocent jews in the Holocaust to obtain land that is not rightfully owned if true is horrible. So I wonder how refounded in 1948 it truely was it sounds like a planned act; but in the history it is known that the Hebrew Israelites were in captivity and were not talked about after 161BCE and many took over Israel renaming it Palestina and renaming Jerusalem Alia Captialia. Maybe you could look up this gentleman Mr. Benjamin H. Freedman to know if this is true. But also in the book of life YHWH says that in Daniel 11v14 the robbers shall fall, and in Malachi 1v1-5 YHWH says these robbers are the borders of wickedness,and in Ezekiel 36v1-5 where YHWH says that the ones over in Israel no are not the true Israel and are apponting His land as their possession but in Obadiah v.17 it says that this land will be given back to the true Jacob. YHWH Bless.

                  • Cocodol
                    This a response to the previous comment on Israel. She became a nation in one day as prophecied in scripture. That was the first contraction so to speak of her labor, as immediately she was at war with her neighbors. Then we have a war in 67, 73, 81….and continued contractions separated by peace. Soon it will be the time of birth also known as “Jacob’s trouble” from which the remnant will be saved, His “treasured possesion”. This time of trouble will begin with the psalm 83 war, when The Lord will save Israel from afar, and end with the Gog Magog war of ezekial 38 when the Messiah saves Israel as their king. Note ezekial 38:22 and the analogy to weather, and how he will come. With thunder, lightning and great hailstones. This is the day of the Lord, as it is described throughout the OT. In Job, the Lord appears out of a great whirlwind (Job38:1) in verse 22 it says “Have you seen the storehouses of hail, which I have reserved for the time of trouble, for the day of battle and war?” In Hannah’s prayer, we read “The adversaries of the Lord (Satan and his minions) shall be broken to pieces; against them he will thunder in heaven” (1 Sam 2:10) and Again in Isaiah 30:30.
                    I point this out to you, because in our NT prophecy, there will be one who is coming who will “proclaim himself to be God, on the Holy mount” but this is not God, but the Antichrist, or as the OT calls him, The “Assyrian”. He will seem like your messiah, but he is not. He will require your worship of him, which if you comply, you will be worshipping Satan, the adversary of Yahweh, and you will be judged accordingly when your King returns, and will not be among that treasured possesion. This is all in the OT and you must understand this. This is my warning to you!
                    God bless

    • Beloved, pattiefarm, First explain to me this if YHWH says to us and has said all through the book of life,the OT, and remember now, YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6, if YHWH is the first, and the last, and besides Him there is none; how then can anyone else have an eternal life?,this would make YHWH to be not last or not even first for that matter? This is absurd, and makes no sense, and going against the Word of the Almighty YHWH. And, the faith is all shot from this point of believing in such a thing. All through the book of Deuteronomy it tells us that the law is our ‘life’ and YHWH knows what is good for us better than we ever could, and is why our world is suffering today man cannot live on his own, as in Jeremiah 10v23,says,”O’YHWH, I know that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walk to direct his steps.” So, the law is our life, and needed. Also, I am not arguing, and I am here to learn and study those who have strayed away from the law our ‘life’ thinking that this is fine or no longer necessary, for it is not fine, not by YHWH, and who shall honor Him? For as He has said in Isaiah 1v2-6, not only is YHWH speaking to the chosen Israel this talks to us all, so no this is not from 2000 years ago,for is the sword on this earth today old?,the suffering,lying,swearing,adultery,and bondage of poverty,servitude,and indifference,and greed; it is still here and as new as a baby’s bottom, in Jeremiah 25. The book of life is juxtaposed,look it up! and what happened then is compared to and going on now in most all of the scriptures we still have not got it right yet with all of these religions Islam,Christianity,Judaism,none has not worked. And what new covenant are you meaning? For the ‘New Covenant’ in Jeremiah 31v31-40, it has not happened yet. If it is in the NT, and has not been prophesied in the book of life by YHWH,in the OT to be fulfilled, then it is idolatry, and not by the Word of the Creator YHWH. If one can show prophesied in the book of life, the OT,the story of jesus,mary,deciples,the cross,resurrected as the blood lamb for our sins, then please provide it for all of the scriptures that christians have given here are of the seed of David to be raised onto the throne, or the servant, and or elect and these scriptures do not tell any trace of the story of jc in mathew and this is not right, and reveals a red flag. Stop misleading the flocks. YHWH Bless.

  48. correction..I mean not you but as christians been serving God for 2000 years sorry…

    • cocodol
      please read all the comments we have written. we have answered these questions over and over again. Prophecies of Jesus are there in the OT, it is just you have been given a heart of stone, and are blind to them. Why does it appear as if nothing has changed over the past thousand years? because we are living in the time of grace, so that many will come to submit to Yahweh. We still live in a sinful world.

      • Yes we all are the children of the most high, and yes YHWH is coming again as He did on Mt.Sinai to give us the commandants through His prophet Moses,and judgments to live by, and as He finsihed them all there was in Exodus 20v18, a thunder and lightening and the noise of the trumpet,and the mountain smoking is how it will be again as in Exodus 20,preferably vs.19,20, of His fear to prove to us to have us not to sin will also be there in the Day of YHWH in Malachi 4v1. There is no argument here, and with all of the reading of the so called OT the mentioning of ‘blood’ for anyone is not prophesied there, and if one wants to ‘believe’ that all of the scriptures in the Old Testament truly called the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, are all by the so called son jc/yeshua/messiah, or that jc is YHWH then that is their choice to substitute the truth for the ‘imaginary’ in actuality it is nothing but double talk which is never a path of the ‘truth’ they are the lies that most who straddle the fence between two entities again wants to ‘believe’. But I and the Father YHWH who taught me of this call it the profaning and polluting of the Almighty Father’s name and His honor, as in Ezekiel 36v22,23,and putting another before Him is all it really is and not Obeying the Voice, and Word of YHWH in Jeremiah 11v7,8 using the ‘imagination’ of their evil heart. They are simply Stiff necked as YHWH calls them. YHWH Bless.

        • So you believe that blood is not required for the remission of sin?You are ignoring a whole part of the Law if you do not believe this.

          • Beloved, if you are speaking of the sacrifices that were put on for offerings and other ceremonial or sins, and trespass offerings,peace offerings I know that these were suspended told by Gabriel to Daniel in Daniel 12v11,12,until the end times, and in Hosea 6v6,7, and they won’t be done anymore until the new Temple is erected in Haggie 2.Sacrifices are not done anymore until after the last battle in Ezekiel 38, and when YHWH comes back in the day that burns like an oven. After YHWH destroys esau the enemy as said in Obadiah, and after that then the temple will be built for sacrifices again and it will burn day and night and never go out.If this is what you are meaning because there is not scripture or prophecy that shows the sacrificial death for our sins of jc no one can provide that prophecy at all so where is it in the so called OT for the NT has to fulfill the OT, and with this jc story it doesn’t. There is no mentioning of any story of jc or mary or any deciples this is a ‘myth’just as in most religions they teach the flocks that in Genesis 1v26 when YHWH says to the angels “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness etc..here they teach that this is jesus with YHWH and this is a lie because only the angels were there and to prove it in Isaiah 44v24, where the Father YHWH says He made all things by Himself, alone. This is misleading the flocks such as the story of jc especially if it is not prophesied in the book of life the OT, and everyone else and all other events are; so no double talk here only the absolute truth substantiated by proof and historical facts, and most of all the Voice and Word of YHWH and the story of jc is not by YHWHs Word and Voice from Him nor His prophets, sorry many have been mislead from priest popes pasters in Malachi 2 is prophesied for now today,Jeremiah 23v1,2,17-30 as then is happening now, and is why we have Jeremiah 25. YHWH Bless.

            • Cocodol,

              There are two things that are wrong regarding your interpretation of Daniel 12:11,12.
              One would be your understanding that God is the one that is taking away the daily sacrifices, rather than understanding that the angel is informing Daniel that something else will be taking away the sacrifices at a future date.
              Why would God set up an “abomination of desolation?”

              Two would be in respects to what you express over and over. You constantly state that God will not change, so why would He change and take away the daily sacrifices?

              Yeshua is how God has shown His mercy, so that the people would have knowledge of Him, because He wishes for relationship with His creation, more than He desires burnt offerings. An explanation for Hosea 6:6 for you.

              The Holy Spirit is unfortunately not working within you, you have no faith. You need proof.
              I have told you, WE have told you, that you won’t be able to find any scripture that explicitly states that Yeshua is part of God’s plan, however that does not mean that it isn’t. You will never convince any of us to go backwards.

              Be Blessed nonetheless.

              • alienated, do not play simple it is obvious that YHWH is sending Gabriel to deliver the message to Daniel to understand the vision. Gosh! And the sacrifices were suspended because the people were doing what they do in christianity they continue to do wrong and expect blessing as YHWH expressed to us in Malachi 1v6-14 He was not accepting anymore and it won’t be again until the new Temple is built. Even one of your own christian jews ashupert2 agreed on this,and stop twisting the truth YHWH did not set up an abomination of desolation the people did when they disobeyed and went against His law and covenant doing wrong doing idols against YHWH and yes He punished them for it He cut them off for their transgressions and iniquities the whole book of life explains this, read the book of Lamentations are people even reading this book or are you guessing or hoping for results? And again Jeremiah 50v38 the people are made about their idols and are why we are in this desolation the sword Jeremiah 25. Stop lying to the flocks. YHWH Bless.

                • Cocodal,

                  Ezekiel 18 does not specifically state that “no one can die for anyone else’s sins”!
                  God say’s through Ezekiel, that we are responsible for ourselves in that chapter. At that time, if you repented of your sins and turned back to God and followed His ways, (His laws and statutes), He would allow for your soul to live.
                  If you didn’t and continued in your transgressions, He would allow for your soul to die.
                  The chapter expresses that at that time the people are simply responsible for themselves, and it doesn’t mention anywhere that no one else could possibly die for mankind to atone for their sins.

                  I am not playing simple? I have been trying to explain to you, (like the others) what we know as being God’s truth.
                  However you misconstrue so much of what we say, that the repetitive correspondence is simply frustrating.
                  After saying that I was “signing out” numerous times, I am hopeful that this time I will be able to maintain that commitment.

                  To the others I wish you Good Luck and repeat the verse that I eluded to ages ago;
                  “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him: and I will raise him up at the last day.” John 6:44.

                  Signing-out, (again sigh.)

                  • alienated, or Beloved, the scripture Ezekiel 18 does express that all souls belong to the Father YHWH Eze.18v4,5, and basically it means the same that you are responsible for your transgressions right?, but I did not think you would be petty about it so if you need more then in Deut.24v15,16 YHWH says one die for your own sins YHWH did not change this. And I have not misconstrue anything especially if it is taken from the Word of YHWH so if anything what those of you have said is misconstrued for it is not written or prophesied by the Word of the Father in the book of life.YHWH Bless (sighing out).

                    • Cocodol
                      Yes we die for our own sins, as the verse I quoted above stated “we are condemned already” (to death) What Jesus brought was eternal life (John 3:16).

                      You believe that the shed blood of a lamb can forgive sin, because Yahweh accepts that sacrifice as worthy to cover that sin. How much more will he accept the sacrifice of his own Son, whose blood covers ALL sin? For as by one man’s sin,(Adam), all are born to sin, but to them that believe in the testimony of Jesus, one man’s righteousness, makes us righteous in the Eyes of Yahweh. This is only possible because Jesus was fully human, as well as fully God. He was tempted, as we are to sin, he had human flesh as a constraint while he was here, and he humbled himself unto death. Death on a cross, as the final fulfillment of the lamb sacrifice for sin. He was righteous by the Law, and by obedience to the Father and could be considered fully blameless and without blemish! No more shed blood is needed as a sacrifice, only “one who ofers thanksgiving as his sacrifice glorifies me [Yahweh]; to one who orders his way rightly I will show the “salvation of God”” (Psalm 50:23). remember that the name Jesus means “Jehovah is salvation”.

                      You see, the Law was designed to lead to repentence, but the redemption revealed through Jesus transforms our sinful nature, by imputing the righteousness of Jesus on us. This in no way contradicts what Deuteronomy states, And does what the Law is incapable of doing. This is a redemption of our hearts, and the sanctification of our sinful nature. These are the two things required of us to become a Christian, repentence, and belief (faith). The hebrew people understand repentence, but they have no faith. Many Christians have faith, but do not accept repentence, because they do not see Law as relavent. It is both that are required, “thanksgiving”, and “ordering our ways rightly” that will make us a “new creation” and will Glorify Yahweh.

                      May Yahweh be glorified!

          • This is to everyone, I have no idea of what part of YHWH changes not in Malachi 3v6, that many of you don’t understand. For if in many scriptures as in Ezekiel 18 it specifically states that no one can die for anyone else sins, we all die for our own sins. So why now in the NT has there been a change when our Father YHWH has told you by His Word that He does not change meaning ‘not ever’ this is like saying that YHWH is contrary in the NT or that He went back on His word. And as for the new covenant in the NT YHWH has not said this it wasn’t prophesied by any prophet that YHWH has spoken to none and YHWH does nothing without His prophets in Amos 3v7.The only ‘New Covenat’ that YHWH has prophesied was with His prophetJeremiah in 31v30-40, 23v1-8 and 33v14-26 are the Word of YHWH telling us of the ‘New Covenant’ that will come after the day of the Father YHWH when the enemy is destroyed we will all live in righteousness and peace for ever more, it will be no end to the new kingdom of peace.As also in Jeremiah 25 a sword is upon us for this lie as in Jeremiah 50v26,38 ‘the liars are made upon their idols.’ YHWH Bless.

  49. Cocodol

    I being a child of God, ask him to forgive all of us regarding this conversation.

    I will not argue about the Bible and I know your blood won’t be on the hands of those who tried to lead you to the path of truth. You have made a decision to stay in the path of the old not accepting the Messiah.

    I can only plead the blood for you and your mind and heart that you will have your eyes openned and see truth and believe.

    I pray that you will be blessed. I am a child of the most high. He came and he is coming again and he will help your ancestors from the valley of the dried bones and the livng of the Jews and Gentiles who live in a place of coming trouble.

    But I will not argue with you, you are not here to study or to learn but to teach what we know that happened before the new covenant which is now 2000 years old.

  50. Go to YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS or call, and do not be afraid of truth and learn the truth about ‘life’ righteousness, and our Almighty Creator the Father YHWH and how much He love us. YHWH Bless.

  51. Cocodol

    Can you tell me after all you read on this site you feel that we lack understanding of Gods Love? Do you think we are missing the truth
    We are the children of God and therefore lacking in nothing!

    We have eyes that are opened and a heart of soil that received his
    seeds and we are the children bearing fruit on the limbs. God has
    taken the lust out of most here, I don’t think you find boasting, nor do
    I think you find arguementitive peoples, people who will not sell his word -yes, people who will not listen to some talking in continuation about the old and not accepting the new which is 2000 years old. Has Christianity died? do you know how many Jews were Christians at the time he walked on the face of the earth as man.

    I think you find people who are settled in the joy Jesus gave to us as his own, we are gentle in spirit, he has given us knowledge in his word and we continue to press toward the mark of salvation knowing that one day we will see his face, you won’t find a haughty spirit in Gods children. I could
    go on and on about us but it is not about us. It is about him because
    we are merely following servants who share the good news of him.
    What we were given we were given freely, so such as we have we
    give to others. But you have to want to receive.

    The field are tilled as we live at the end and three nations stand at
    the crossroads, Israel, USA and England. A time is coming soon that is none like ever before. We are coming to the time of actually
    seeing him. Those who have salvation have conversations regularly
    with him. He is God, he is Yhwh, who would lie about such a thing.

    We are people who study him to know him, we walk and talk with him
    as he put his spirit in us, his dead body is in us.

    You would have to read the new testament and if you did you might see it?

    But I gave you so many prophetic scriptures show you who he is and you don’t even seem to read much less accept. Keep praying God loves those who are sincere and just lost in their understanding. At some point you will find him.

    • pattiefarm, I have been as cordial and civil as any servant of YHWH could be for it is a small job to give the true Word of the Father YHWH our Savior and Redeemer in Isaiah 43vs,3,11,14, to those in need, none the less to serve the most high YHWH is a great treasure.As you say and learned from YHWH yes that great day is nearing in Daniel 12v1 and Malachi 4v1, and is exactly why I tell these words of truth to those who are mislead. There is no argument this is the love of my brethern and children of the most high. I would like to point out a message that is sent to us from our Father YHWH, and that is, why would YHWH give the prophecy to His prophet Jeremiah 16v19, of “in this day of affliction, the ‘Gentiles’ not any others but gentiles, shall come unto thee(the chosen jewels,an Israelite)from the ends of the earth, and shall say, Surely our fathers have inherited lies,vanity,and things wherein there is no profit?”The fishers will fish them out in vs.16,17, this is prophesied for the future after the day that will come as never before the truth will come to the gentile and nations then and the gentiles will come to the ‘light’ tell me why is this said in many scriptures in the book of life? Not for nothing it is showing us that many are under idolatry now, in vs.20 and do not know it yet. I have read the NT, and many scriptures has changed the Word from YHWH who changes NOT, misleading the flocks for YHWH changes NOT in Malachi 3v6. For instance in John 1v18 he says no man has seen YHWH at anytime, yet in Exodus 24:10,33:20 and Genesis 18,Isaiah 6:1, Ezekiel,1:26 have all seen YHWH. Next in John 8v33 by the jews they were Abraham’s seed but none had never been in bondage to any man but the Hebrews Israelite, ‘Israel’ was in bondage in Exodus 2:23, Ezra 9:8, Nehimiah 5:5 and since 161 BCE they have been in captivity until this day scattered to the four corners of the earth to be called bywords and proverbs and Deut.28v68 by ships,(slavery). The jews probably were not but the Israelite were so who are the true Israelites it certainly is not jews they do not fit Deut. 28v15-68, John just proved that. Then in Acts 5:30,31 jesus was raised by YHWH up and hung on a tree; this is a curse to YHWH in Deut.21v23, to be hung on a tree. Then sins are prophesied in Jeremiah 31v30, everyone shall die for his own sins, and this is in Ezekiel 18 and in Deut.24:15,16. So this is why I have doubts about the book of the NT, there are many twist and turns and changes it is idolatry. I need truth facts and the real Word prophesied by YHWH through His prophets, not just a man.There are even more twist and changes in the NT need I give them?, on circumcision, unclean animals to eat these are wrong to do in the eyes and law of YHWH. Alright the ‘New Covenant’ in Jeremiah 31v31-40,this has not happened yet this is the future covenant of the one that will be of the ‘seed’ of David on the throne,(this means conception)David’s descendant, after the dreadful day of YHWH, but the NT is claiming it as come to pass, read it in Jeremiah 31v31-40, Jeremiah 33v14-26, and in Jeremiah 23v1-8, for these have no bearings on what is said in the Hebrew 9:16,17, this is not even said or prophesied by the Father YHWH.Also, in my version of the book of life it says ‘words of christ in red’none of these words of the covenant in Hebrew 9:16,17 are in red and isn’t jesus suppose to be a prophet or messiah? And should not the word of the Father YHWH be in red as well then one is putting another divinity over YHWH, this is a red flag! Stop the misleading of the flocks please. YHWH Bless.

  52. Marianne

    Is there a virus in the site or something it has sent me the same emails two or three times?

  53. In Revelation 1:8., 1:11., 21:6., and 22:13. Yeshua states that He is the “Alpha and Omega”. As we know, these would be the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet. However, it is more than likely that in speaking these words to John, Yeshua would have been speaking in Hebrew. Therefore He probably said, “I am the Aleph and the Tav.” Which are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

    Like many ancient languages, Hebrew was first written in what are called pictographs, or pictograms. This is where a “symbol” is utilized to represent an idea, or a “character”, through its pictorial resemblance, would convey a concept.

    The pictogram for Aleph in ancient Hebrew was the head of an Ox, or Bull and its symbolic meaning denoted “strength, leader, or first”.

    What is interesting regarding this pictogram is, if we read Matthew 5:17. “Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.” and then read Leviticus 4:3. “If the priest that is anointed do sin according to the sin of the people; then let him bring for his sin, which he hath sinned , a young bullock without blemish unto the LORD for a sin offering.”

    Here we see that the sin offering to God for the Kohen Gadol, (High Priest) that had sinned, was a bull without blemish.
    With Aleph being at first a pictogram of the head of an Ox or Bull, Yeshua being our High Priest, literally fulfilled Old Testament law by becoming the ultimate unblemished sin sacrifice for those that would believe and follow Him.

    The Tav or last letter of the Hebrew alphabet is also quite intriguing. Its symbolic meaning represents a Covenant, or Seal.
    Yeshua brought the New Covenant, (Hebrews 9:16,17.) and the Holy Spirit is our seal of promise, (Ephesians 1:13.)
    So what was the pictogram of the Tav in ancient Hebrew? I don’t believe that it was mere coincidence that the symbol of the Tav was a “Cross”.

    Yeshua Adonai is the Aleph and the Tav.

  54. Marianne

    I think I have not made myself clear. Maybe your provider is having problems with the site. Your bar is bouncing and the snow has stopped.

    Let me see is I can articulate the issue better so you understand; ie belove wrote a comment on the 18th, it was received on the 18th and then on the 19th and then on the 20th and the things written in the text of the email was different but attached around the new texted was the 18th email. When you go to go to the new text it is not there but the old text. I tried even going out to the internet to retrieve a new setup but it is still old text and the new updates are not there.

    Like the sample I forwarded. I have one of my systems completed and it is not me unless it is in another system.

    I do know that when you type here the words and letters start deleting themselves after writing and that the provider word press had a virus on one of the other sites bible study sites?

    I know, knowing your love of the word would not want this taking place so if you need something else from me to provide the provider let me know.

    Can using one or more computer systems cause this type of issue? I have been switching back and forth. I had all cookies and trackings to sites deleted today.
    Maybe the cookies of your site with computer systems for me caused the issue?

    I am sure your knowledge exceeds mine? let me know if I am the issue please or if this occurs from two systems for one person responding.
    Sorry Pattie

  55. Everyone, it is that many of you want to crack the ways of the Father YHWH with all of your wisdom and knowledge and this is not going to happen for YHWH is who gave to you what you have, and it is well known that those things that cannot be explained is to be left to Him for there is no searching of His understanding prophesied and wrote in the book of life by the prophet Isaiah from YHWH in Isaiah 40v28, no one can hide from Him or know what or why He does a thing unless He anoints you to. For in Deuteronomy 29v29, YHWH says His secret things are His, and ours that He gives us is ours. Learn to leave well enough alone it is really a waste of your time YHWH does things in His time not yours. Study and learn and DO what he left for us in the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16 from Genesis – Malachi and His anointment will come. Praise YHWH.

    • Cocodol,

      Hope all is going well with you. First off, concerning the gravatar, it is a ram’s horn known in Hebrew as a shofar. The red background is incidental. I did not create the picture; I found it on the internet. I see the shofar as being representative of what I am doing on this blog and other places; to sound a warning for those who are steeped in paganism and lawlessness in the Christian Church and to those of ethnic Israel who reject their Mashiach. That is the beginning and end of that. The red back ground is just that, the background and has no significance. It could have been blue for all that it mattered.

      Concerning the article that I sent to you from the Hebrew gentleman, he evidently got the verse wrong when he stated that it was Psalm 20:77; it should have been Psalm 77:19.

      You never really responded to the point that I was trying to make through this article; that point being, that ethnic Israelis, such as yourself, that don’t believe in the son of God, Yahshua HaMashiach, still believe that Mashiach is yet to come and be a saviour for the Hebrew people, the suffering servant Mashiach Ben Yosef,

      “Then he went on to become the savior of the Hebrew people in Egypt and from his descendants will eventually come Mashiach ben
      Yosef. May he come soon and not be killed”.

      Then the article speaks of Tamar and Yehuda, from whom David haMelech was descended, and from Dawid will come Mashiach Ben Dawid;

      “In this way it happens. 3From Tamar and Yuhuda’s descendants comes David haMelech and will come Mashiach and may that be in mercy quickly in our days.”

      This is in reference to Mashiach coming as Mashiach Ben Dawid , the king, who will restore the land and the people of Israel to their rightful place. It is interesting to note that non believing Israel sees two different Mashiachs coming; one as Yosef the suffering servant and one as Dawid the king. They didn’t realize that Yahshua HaMashiach would be one person who comes two different times; the first as Mashiach Ben Yosef, to suffer and die for our sins, thus being the saviour of Israel. Then being raised from the dead to return just before the Messianic era as Mashiach Ben Dawid to restore the land and people of Israel to their rightful place.

      It is also interesting to note that the Spring Feasts of Israel (Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, and Shavuot ) speak of the coming of Mashiach Ben Yosef, while the Fall Feasts (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot) speak of the coming of Mashiach Ben Dawid, both being Yahshua HaMashiach.

      You can deny these things all you want, but it doesn’t make them go away. You can say that the Israeli that wrote this article didn’t know what he was talking about. He did understand, but only in part, for he also rejects Yahshua (Yah’s salvation). But he does seem somewhat closer to understanding these things than you do. It must be really hard to struggle against all of this, when those who come from the goyim are able to explain your scriptures more deeply than you or those of ethnic Israel who reject and refuse their Messiah. I don’t mean that to sound condescending, I just believe it is the way that YHWH has purposed these things to be and the fact that we have Ruach HaKodesh to guide us and lead us into all understanding. But I do believe that when it comes to the Hebrew language and the culture of Israel, there is no doubt that you most likely have the upper hand in these conversations. My prayer is that your heart and spirit will be opened to hear and receive the things that are being said. Your strength and strong stance in what you believe would be admirable, if not for the fact that you are working against the one that you claim to be honoring; YHWH!! But even in that YHWH will make a way!

      Baruch atta Adonai

      • ashupert2, this is not as I said before condescending or difficult, or any struggle at all. For when there is double talk it is eacy to see especially when one has the anointment of YHWH. First you describe yeshus as a holy spirit occurrence birth, died then resurrected as a savior who died for sins; then you explain this same divinity as the seed of David coming from Tamar and Yhuhuda which is from conception so which is it? And, I am fully aware that the two different times of the servant’s service to YHWH are the ‘same servant’ because I do not follow any religions being mislead. I am a servant of the most high, I do not put any others before Him, YHWH. The feast well first time I ever heard of that its probably idolatry. A ram horn yes but by this double talk of yours I think you know what the red background is for you take care and YHWH sees and Knows ALL. Selah, and Praise the Father YHWH.

  56. In Hebrew, the transliterated name Yeshua is comprised and spelled by the following four (4) Hebrew letters, ישוע.
    From right to left they are the Yod, Shin, Vav and Ayin. Though Yeshua would have been a rather common name during the time period, the meaning itself is quite significant.

    In Hebrew, “Yod” represents the aspect of creating.
    “Shin” represents destroying or consuming.
    “Vav” represents an adding to, or a securing of.
    “Ayin” represents a knowing and experiencing.

    Therefore, if one was to take these meanings and comprise them together in order, one could easily come up with the following.
    Yeshua, the One who creates – The One who destroys – The One who adds to Himself and secures, or Saves – The One who knows you and wishes for you to experience Him.

    Praise and glory to Yeshua HaMashiach the Lamb of God the Father, who offers His grace and Salvation.

    Be Blessed

    • No matter how many ways one dices up the name yeshua it is still not the Father YHWH and is idolatry from His stand point on putting anyone before Him. When YHWH stated who His son was in Exodus 4v22,23 it specifically said ‘Israel.’ This divinity is not found in the book of life in the OT, neither of his names jesus,yeshua,emmanuel, nor messiah, oh yes there is a Messiah and Prince called Zerubbabel in the OT of the book of Ezra 1,2 and in Daniel 9v25-27, but not even the story of jc not his birth or death and this is supposed to be fulfilled by the NT from the OT, and it is not. For the servant and elect the seed of David was from ‘conception’ and he will be or has been raised up from the descendants of original David, and from the covenant of the chosen people of Israel of Abraham, Isaac and Yaacov of which David is from. One cannot have it both ways YHWH is not contrary like that. YHWH changes NOT in Malachi 3v6. One who ‘believes’ in yeshua jesus can’t even find any documantation until the writings of the gospels began in the 4th century nor a dob for him, and neither could the scholars. One in particular was The ‘African Origin of Christianity’ by John G. Jackson who derived that jesus was so called black now this I can believe for many of the Hebrew Israelis were dark complected especially Solomon who was David’s son and David was the servant of YHWH. Lets try truth in the mean time I will go to other subjects this is getting drab now. YHWH Bless.

      • Oh, I am sorry Cocodol.

        The above wasn’t addressed to you whatsoever, so I didn’t think that you would find it necessary to comment, (though you are welcome to do so).

        Perhaps you simply forgot that this is a Christian website that acknowledges Yeshua as the only way to Salvation?
        Though it is evident that you are unable to comprehend the concept, it does not mean that it isn’t the truth.

        It is nice that you believe, (by how you express yourself) that you are the oracle of YHWH though, and that you are His representative here to save the flocks. However as I have stated to you before, there is no way you can ever change our minds!

        Praise Yeshua

        • alienated, I hardly ‘believe’anything but I know this that one who would denounce the Father YHWH who is the Only Savior and Redeemer in Isaiah 43v3,11,14, and Isaiah 44v22 is delusional, knowing that no one can be delivered out of His hand in Isaiah 43v13, and telling the people the flocks anything different is misleading them from the Father YHWH. This is why we are under the sword now on this earth in Jeremiah 25, now for people leaving the true Savior YHWH. So why would anyone substitute YHWHs praise to an idol of no profit especially if YHWH did not ever prophesied this jesus? There is nothing to comprehend it is not the truth of the Almighty YHWH for He has never mentioned any such person jesus in no parts of the book of life or anywhere in the so called OT, none, this is putting another divinity over or before YHWH, and is blasphemy against the Father YHWH. Why would one want to walk in the imagination of their own hearts against their, Creator and Father YHWH in Jeremiah 23v17?, to mislead others. YHWH ask us to come back to Him in Malachi 3v7, and Do His Law Exodus 20, Deut. 5, before the terrible day in Malachi 4v1. The truth is we must do the law and not ‘believe’ in smoke screens the time of the Father YHWH is nearing. YHWH Bless

          • Cocodol,

            Let you and I get something straight here once and for all.

            I initially attempted to explain to you what we believe, (or “know”…. since you prefer to play immature and childish games with the word “believe”) as Christians. I and all of us for a matter of fact, have done so in patience and love. We have spent hours trying to express to you what we all “know” as the truth.

            You on the other hand, have continually blasphemed Yeshua by placing His name deliberately in small letters as “jc” and calling us all delusional. By doing this you have not only “NOT” shown Him the respect that He deserves for what He has done, you have also disrespected us. As well, you have not taken the time to investigate other links that have been provided for you, or to research other material that we have suggested that you read either. Instead you simply repeat over and over and over again, the same 4 or 5 scriptures which you understand as supporting your point of view. (Which demonstrates your limitations.)

            Apparently you have also confused our Meekness with Weakness and I am letting you know here and now, that it is at this precise moment, that I am putting my foot down.
            Clearly YHWH in creating the human race, varied the level of intellect to a vast degree, and by your demonstration in as to how you express yourself, and in not being able to comprehend the simplest of premises, I have concluded that your gene pool to be rather shallow. Nonetheless, (though I do not have a crayon at my disposal here to draw you some illustrative pictures) I will express to you in point form, the facts, with the hopes that you will somehow understand the following.

            (1) WE DO NOT DENOUNCE YHWH!







            • alienated, no I cannot see it any prophecy of jc in the book of life, Book of Remembrance the so called OT, so called the Bibe,and neither can anyone else because it is not there not mentioned, not written not prophesied in the so called OT, the book of life. It only seems that many christians have assumptions that these scriptures in the OT, are of jc for they clearly read seed of David, David and the Branch, the elect or the servant of David his descendant implied; the only place that says something even close to jc is when in Isaiah 9v6 speaking of a child a son that is given etc.. but then you go right on down to vs.7, it describes the child will be OF DAVID from his ‘seed’ and the (zeal) of YHWH of host shall perform this. It did not say a child of the holyghost but ‘seed’ of David that will be on the throne. And this book and its name I have not misconstrued, and it is what many of you call the ‘Bible’ but it is truly called the Book of Remembrance, look it up it will be described as the ‘Bible.’ I am sorry that many have been mislead and it is hard to grasp for them. For the other materials that you have presented for research, well, the only material that I need is from YHWH and it is in His book the Book of Remembrance, in Malachi 3v16. This is what is going wrong for many trying to research YHWH and it is not for us to understand His ways as said in Isaiah 54v7-9. My heart is not of stone, I hear and see very well the Voice of the Father YHWH for He guides my steps, and no smoke screens are wanted here my Creator YHWH gives me TRUTH, and as for how one feels about my love for YHWH in Isaiah 54v17, No weapon that is formed,etc… YHWH Bless.

            • alienated, let me say one other fact here, since you say that no one is clean enough to come to YHWH, which is the ‘total opposite’ of what YHWH tells us in the book of life, the so called OT, as is in the NT(not true), always going in the other direction of the Father YHWH ‘changing’ what was truly prophesied and written and again YHWH does not change in Malachi 3v6. Gosh! You claim that I continue to use these same verses over but obviously you and those of you do not comprehend them even when repeated so who is incompetent here or stiff necked and ‘MAD’ about their idols in Jeremiah 50v38? As I asked about the fact that dispells what you are saying about no one being clean enough, then tell me why does YHWH say all through the OT, book of life to the people to return unto Him and Do the law to be a light unto the Gentiles in Jeremiah 16v14-21. For YHWH has forgiven our sins and redeemed us so can you explain why does YHWH repeat this to His people to return as in Malachi 3v7, and our redemption and salvation in Isaiah 44v22, and many more scriptures He has ask of us to turn back by Doing His law the ordinances,judgment, and statues and His dietary law so tell me why does YHWH constantly say this in His book? YHWH consistently says to return by Doing His law or be cursed as said in Jeremiah 11v3, then in Jeremiah 12vs.15,16 YHWH says that He will have compassion and return them if they learn the ways of the covenant of the people, law,and to swear by His name, but if they don’t obey they will then be destroyed all through and to the scripture Jeremiah 13v17, where Jeremiah himself cries for us and says “But if ye shall not hear it,etc. the people will go into captivity” Another example of YHWHs mercy was in the book of Jonah 3v6-10 where YHWH repented and not gave them the people who transgressed to perish for they returned to YHWH. These kinds of request are all through the book of life people do not be mislead by lies and smoke screens. For YHWH is a merciful Father and Creator and He wants us to come back to Him and Do His Law. YHWH Bless.

              • cocodol,

                Are you vacuous or what?

                My response to you above was in regards to the issue of respect.

                You are on a Christian website and you deliberately continue to disrespect Yeshua the Savior by placing His name in small letters, and referring to Him as “jc”. Then in your response, you do it again!

                I have told you that I would willingly die for Him, so I can’t in good conscience sit idly by while you continue to do this.
                Instead I will stand up and fight for Him.

                In continuing to do this you are not only blaspheming Him, but you are also disrespecting us, where all we have done is attempt to explain to you ours views with the hopes that you will somehow understand.

                However, instead of being grateful for our kindness, and the time that we have spent with you, you continue to call us all liars that are misleading the flocks, and state over and over again that we are delusional, and believe in imaginary fables.

                For just an example of the tedium of what you have exposed us all to, and posted over and over again regarding some other topics, you made your first post here on September 12th. By September 15th., (in only 3 days), you had made 15 posts.
                Out of those 15 posts you have quoted Malachi 3:16 a total of 8 times. Malachi 3:6 a total of 7 times. You have used the term, “Book of Remembrance” a total of 11 times, and the “so called Old Testament” a total of 7 times. (It was too painful to continue reading further.)
                You simply sound like a broken record. Do you not see how ridiculously redundant you sound?

                Within our faith we have a term for one that is new, that being, that they are still on milk. This implies that they are still a child and have yet to mature in the process of growth, to the point that they can eat meat, or understand the deeper spiritual aspects of the Word of God. In my opinion You are still a fetus embryo.
                You have nothing to provide the people here that could possibly enlighten them.
                You don’t believe in Yeshua. You don’t believe in satan, and your understanding of God’s Word is rudimentary at best.
                It is my hope that you take your tedious commentary elsewhere.

                May YHWH have mercy on your soul.

                • alienated, I am also on an independent free speech website, and can one have their opinions and beliefs here or not? One of the members on this site has a post that says he has often tried to explain to the christians that many beliefs they have are pagan and he too believes at the same time in jesus so is this really a crime for one to have their own thought on what they have learned or know and want to share with others? I hope not, and if you are so strongly in belief of what you believe what does it matter of what someone else says that is if you are deeply dedicated to what you believe or is it that maybe just maybe you are knowing that there is something that may have opened the door to a bit of curiosity? As I said no matter how many times I have said things into my post it has been a challenge but I know it is well worth it for it is for my Father YHWH and His praise and honor. For if He is the Father of the heavens, the earth, and all the living and the waters then why would anyone not put Him on High is redundant to me, for He is the Creator of all even jesus if it is such a person ever lived. One way or another YHWH was his creator. So, my praise is appropriate and fits the measure. I would never put another over YHWH and anyone who does is quite well you know, for He is the first, the last and there is none else or another Savior after Him in Isaiah 41v4, and Isaiah 43v11. Besides if it bothers you so much then you do not have to respond to any of my post this is ones own decision; so why not try making one for a change and one that you will feel better at than to try to decide for me and what I should do? You know what they say, if you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. YHWH Bless, Selah!

                  • cocodol,

                    Yes, you are on an independent “Christian” website.
                    And yes, it is a site that you can discuss your own thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

                    However, as I have stated previously to you, that though these discussions will sometimes become quite passionate, we attempt to not make these discussions personal at any time. We try to keep in mind, that though we may disagree with someone else’s interpretation of scripture, we also realize that this other person is our brother or sister in Yeshua and we are one body. His!

                    You on the other hand have called us all delusional liars, that believe in imaginary fables.

                    Above, though you did not say their name specifically, you referred to another member that is here who is also a Christian, (who believes completely that Yeshua is the sacrificial Lamb of the Father) and that he attempts to inform some other Christians, that what they may believe in, is pagan in origin.

                    With that, I know that you are referring to Al, (ashpert2). Not to change the topic completely here, but how did I know that?
                    Am I psychic? Did I read your mind? Or was it simply an obvious deduction, based upon familiarity and common knowledge?

                    I just merely “connected the dots” so to speak. You didn’t use ashperts name, yet the implication was understood. I knew who it was that you were referring to.

                    This is what we have been trying to make you understand regarding Yeshua. You say that you have to see Yeshua’s name in scripture before you will question your belief. We tell you that it isn’t specifically there, but that it is implied numerous times.
                    Simply because you fail to recognize or acknowledge these scriptural references, does not mean that they do not exist.
                    No more than if you were not to recognize or acknowledge ashpert, that that would deny his existence.

                    To answer the question you proposed regarding, “knowing that there is something that may have opened the door to a bit of curiosity?”. By that it is blatantly obvious that you didn’t comprehend what it is that I stated above, so I will say it again, “You have nothing to provide the people here that could possibly enlighten them.”

                    Regarding my available choice to respond or not to your posts. That clearly is my prerogative and not yours.
                    And you are right about the kitchen. However I believe that you should take into consideration as to who’s house, and who’s kitchen you are actually in. Eviction notices have been posted to others before.

                    Merry Christmas.

                    • Alienated
                      I Hold no hard feelings for our past disagreements, I trust you have forgiven that as well. Hopefully I have sharpened your sword, as you have sharpened mine.
                      The same goes for the others. Be blessed.

                    • alienated, I did not think to give ashpert2’s name was a big deal or necessary at all, for it was in reference to his saying that he has been trying to make many christians aware of the pagan within the belief of christianity that is all, the point. And there are no scripture references to your implied beliefs so why would you even say this? It is double talk the scripture of jesus is simply not there in the OT,but alright if one whats to believe in a thing whether they have truth or not then that is their perogative indeed. But this is what I do and that is speak on the truth of the scriptures of the Father YHWH,and as I have said this doesn’t obligate anyone to respond to my post you do have that choice. YHWH Bless, Selah!

  57. Dru,

    You and I are fine.
    We happen to disagree on a variety of topics but you are still my brother in Yeshua.
    Be Blessed this season and Happy (secular) New Year.


  58. cocodol,

    Girl, you just don’t get it do you?

    The point as you say, was not that you didn’t provide ashperts name, but that you didn’t HAVE to.
    The implication as to who you were speaking about was understood in spite of you NOT providing it.

    It is the same thing in respects to Yeshua.
    God did not provide His name in the Tanakh, for if He had, there would not be any aspect of faith being involved. It would simply be that of academic fact.

    Faith IS what it is all about!
    And it is only those with faith, and the indwelling Spirit, that become aware of the associated scriptural references.
    In your present state, you can not see these references, simply because you don’t have faith enough to believe in Him.

    You see the Tanakh as being one dimensional in referring to aspects of singularity, rather than the word of God as being limitless and having within it, the possibility of dual, (or more) meanings.
    You are the blind attempting to lead those that have sight.

    Perhaps if nobody else responds to you whatsoever, (having heard the totality of your message, and allowing for you to express it ), you will merrily be on your way? (One can only hope.)

    • alienated, I understood how you were using ashupert2 as an example for yeshua, but if you remember you were sarcastically saying that you mysterously by magic knew who I was talking about as if I were trying to hide it, and you had to let me know that you know him Al well, so this is why I said it the way I did. Then you say that one needs ‘faith’ to be with the Father YHWH, now this I know is right but is there any scripture in the book of life, the OT that tells us that this is ‘all’ one needs for in the whole book of life it tells us in many scriptures that YHWH wants us to Do the law all the way unto the end of the book of life the OT in Malachi 4v4, and YHWH made sure to also tell us in the end of this last book of the book of life, the OT that He does not change in Malachi 3v6, this means the law and His ordinances and judgments statues and His covenant is still required of us, along with the Sabbath in Leviticus 23, and the Passover of Exodus 12 and circumsion is a requirement, along with His dietary of Deut. 14 and Leviticus 11 of not eating unclean animals and the blood of any animal these still stand for as He told us are our ‘life’ to prolong it in Deuteronomy 32v45-47, this has not changed, for YHWH changes not, and it still stands with the Almighty Father YHWH as of today.Of course there are circumstances that YHWH has compassion and understanding for that one do not have control over. As Daniel who was in captivity yet he still would not eat pork only bread and water but Daniel is understood as an ‘anointed’ prophet and YHWH knows that many are only ‘flesh and blood.’ As Beloved believes that YHWH is now jesus coming back as flesh this too is there a scripture in the book of life, the OT that prophesieds this as what happened? Something this huge should be said by YHWH at least once in the OT. Also, Beloved believes that the Gentiles must tread much harder to be saved or welcomed into Israel’s Jerusalem Movement, and where does it say that for then Beloved turned right around and gave the scripture in Micah 5v2 and preferably vs. 5-9, telling us that along side by side Jacob and the Gentiles will raise their hands in battle for the Jerusalem Movement this is true but then Beloved is double talking again, which is it?, that christian have to believe that YHWH is jesus or are we all Jacob and Gentiles going to be together in battle with YHWH in Micah 5-9, for in these scriptures it seems that YHWH is welcoming the Gentiles here very earnestly, so why would He need to come down into flesh this those of son of man who have either chose to serve YHWH thought upon Him and feared Him, or Do His law is already prophesied as His. Just as us being in His salvation in Isaiah 43v3,11,14 and redeemed in Isaiah 44v22. One minute those of you who are christians say one thing and then you change it up when it is convenient to prove a point. Listen as I said one can believe what they want to. This is their perogative ‘so I get it’ but I personally want to know and my faith is prevalent with YHWH for He has let me know all I need from Him in His book of life, the OT to Remember Him and know what He wants from us this is why He had it written. YHWH Bless.

    • alienated, REPOST…SORRY having problems with my computer.

      alienated, I understood how you were using ashupert2 as an example for yeshua, but if you remember you were sarcastically saying that you mysteriously by magic knew who I was talking about as if I were trying to hide it, and you had to let me know that you know him Al well, so this is why I said it the way I did. Then you say that one needs ‘faith’ to be with the Father YHWH, now this I know is right but is there any scripture in the book of life, the OT that tells us that this is ‘all’ one needs for in the whole book of life it tells us in many scriptures that YHWH wants us to Do the law all the way unto the end of the book of life the OT in Malachi 4v4, and YHWH made sure to also tell us in the end of this last book of the book of life, the OT that He does not change in Malachi 3v6, this means the law and His ordinances and judgments statues and His covenant is still required of us, along with the Sabbath in Leviticus 23, and the Passover of Exodus 12 and circumcision is a requirement, along with His dietary of Deut. 14 and Leviticus 11 of not eating unclean animals and the blood of any animal these still stand for as He told us this is our ‘life’ to prolong it in Deuteronomy 32v45-47, this has not changed, for YHWH changes not, and this still stands with the Almighty Father YHWH as of today. Of course there are circumstances that YHWH has compassion and understanding for that one do not have control over. As Daniel who was in captivity yet he still would not eat pork only bread and water but Daniel is understood as an ‘anointed’ prophet and YHWH knows that many of us are only ‘flesh and blood.’ As Beloved believes that YHWH is now jesus coming back as flesh; for this too is there a scripture in the book of life, the OT that prophesied this as what happened? Something this huge should be said by YHWH at least once in the OT. Also, Beloved believes that the Gentiles must tread much harder to be saved or welcomed into Israel’s Jerusalem Movement, and where does it say that for then Beloved turned right around and gave the scripture in Micah 5v2 preferably 5vs. 5-9, telling us that along side by side Jacob and the Gentiles will raise their hands in battle for the Jerusalem Movement this is true but then Beloved is double talking again, which is it?, that christian have to believe that YHWH is jesus or are we all Jacob and Gentiles going to be together in battle with YHWH in Micah 5vs. 5-9, for in these scriptures it seems that YHWH is welcoming the Gentiles here very earnestly. So why would YHWH need to come down into flesh? For those of the son of man who have either chose to serve YHWH or thought upon Him and feared Him, and Do His law is already prophesied as His. Just as us being in His salvation in Isaiah 43v3,11,14 and redeemed in Isaiah 44v22. One minute those of you who are christians say one thing and then you change it up when it is convenient to prove a point. Listen as I said one can believe what they want to. This is their prerogative ‘so I get it’ but I personally want to know and my faith is prevalent with YHWH for He has let me know all I need from Him in His book of life, the OT to Remember Him and know what He wants from us this is why He had it written. YHWH Bless.

      • Cocodol
        Your putting words in my mouth again?
        Here’s something to Ponder.

        “Therefore thus says the Lord God,
        ‘Behold, I AM the one who has laid as a foundation in Zion,
        A precious cornerstone of a sure foundation:
        And I will make JUSTICE THE LINE,
        and Hail will sweep away the refuge of lies,
        and waters will overwhelm the shelter’…” (Is. 28:16-17)

        I, as a builder, (That is my profession) know that a “line” is used for finding the true horizontal, and a “plumb line” is used to find the true vertical. Justice deals with equality (our relationship with each other), while righteousness deals with virtue (our relationship with Yahweh.)
        Jesus summed the Law up as “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and Love your neighbor as yourself” The vertical and the horizontal, when placed together will always form a cross! And you said “belief” is not found in the OT! Now think about this in relation to Isaiah 11:1-4

        Jesus is the Word become flesh, that I will stand by, for the “Adonai” that spoke with Moses on Mt. sinai, and Word become flesh (Jesus). are different manifestations/revalations of Yahweh. Regarding gentiles having a longer road, Understanding of Yahweh is not part of our culture, Remember we are coming out of darkness. A simple concept such as “Yahweh never changes” can take years for us to comprehend in its immensity, and its nuance, which Hebrews have been taught their whole life. I personally have little or no knowledge of the dietary precepts, but when and if the Holy Spirit leads me to know and obey these things, then I will submit and comply. The Apostle Paul was pretty clear on what he thought of circumscision for the gentiles. (You can look that one up yourself). By the same token, Hebrew people do not see the distinction between righteousness and wickedness, They only see it as obedience to the law, but the Law only leads to repentence, but one must have repentence and belief (faith). It is together, that they are powerful. It is together that we serve God.

        • Beloved, this post is somehow replying to pattiefarm, so I hope that you receive it and no, I have not put words into your mouth you said this in a post dated back in Dec.15,2011, is what I wrote the comment from. But anyhow, yes these scriptures in Isaiah coincide with the one in Isaiah 42vs.1-7,when you read this it gives you the servant’s full description of how he will bring forth judgment to the Gentiles and he shall not fail nor be discouraged for he has the spirit of YHWH within him, and this too is talking about the root that will sprout from Jesse and from what I remembered correctly it was David his son who was one of YHWHs most admired servant of his devotion to YHWH even after he made a wrong choice he still remain very dedicated to YHWH, and from His ‘seed’ is what YHWH tells us later in many of the other scriptures in Isaiah that will be the servant. He the servant and also called the elect is also talked about from YHWH in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and Jeremiah 33v14-26 where YHWH introduces him and his Branch as The Lord(YHWH) Our Righteousness the Arm of YHWH, and in Zech.12v8 of the same house of David, and many more, these will be the multitude of ‘seeds’ of David from generation to generation. About YHWH who says to us that He changes not, what is so hard to understand about this He does not change so that we the sons of Jacob are not consumed(fooled by lies). I mean it explains itself all in that one sentence. What you meant about wickedness and righteousness I know that it is in the heart of a man or person, and only he or she knows what he or she is doing right or wrong for the Father YHWH knows in Jeremiah 17vs.9,10. And as the one scripture that you provided in Isaiah 59 yes we will work together to serve YHWH. Now this vertical and horizontal line plume line alright mankind must reach this plateau of coming out of the darkness and serving the Father YHWH; but a cross humm real or imaginary I have not seen this in scripture but I see what you are saying in metaphor or theoretically and or calculating, but, the servant and his Branch will be working or I should say ‘serving’ YHWH and all will serve and praise unto Him of His love and goodness and His guidance for He is the Almighty Father YHWH,and this is what many need to understand not the other way around case and point. YHWH Bless.

          • Cocodol
            The part I was hoping you would focus on is the line “whoever believes will not be in haste”, or Put to shame as “haste” is translated in the NT. As you are always mocking us for our faith (belief).
            David’s life is a perfect parallel to Jesus. He (David) was first annointed as king, then he was persecuted, and an outcast. During that time of persecution, he had no throne. He had the power of his annointing, The Spirit, but not the power of the throne. then later he became King of Israel, with the full authority of a king, seated on his throne. Jesus, at his first advent was annointed king, and then rejected. At his second advent, he will come with the full authority of king. Just as Jacob was “annointed” at birth over Esau, only later to receive the birthright, and how Joseph was sold as slave for being Jacobs favorite son, only to rule over his brothers in egypt. And how about Job, Jonah, Daniel, Hosea…. As you like to point out, Yahweh does not change!! This is how he chooses his servents. he annoints them, then he tries them, and then he magnifies them. Jesus is no different. The nation of Israel is no different. She is coming out of that time of rejection and persecution, and will then be asked to acknowledge who is their king. (Who do they serve). Will you follow Ish-bosheth and Abner, or the Root of Jesse??
            So, yes Israel is the servent spoken of in those scripture, but so too is the future king of Israel, who was annointed as a humble servent, only to be Glorified by Yahweh. Think about the intricacies of this, with Jesus being the Word become flesh, It will blow your mind,? or not?
            God bless.

            • Beloved, I get your point, for many have been raised upon this image jesus as the savior all of their lives, and when you say that this what I will call as YHWH calls him the ‘ruler over the governments’ his elect, is of the root of Jessie, now this I can agree with and it would seem that many of you would notice that YHWH also uses the seed of David, David, and David and the Branch, all through the book of life, so called OT, and does this ever strike any of you as prevalent at all? It is like being in denial of this fact of David who is the root out of Jessie. But if one wants to call him the ‘servant’ of YHWH jesus I suppose this is of their own choice and preogative. But in a scripture that you yourself gave to me in Micah 5 preferably vs.5, it reads, “And this ‘man’ shall be the peace etc…vs.4, “And ‘he’ shall stand and feed in the strenghth of YHWH, etc..vs.3,”Therefore will ‘he’ etc…vs.2 “But thou, Bethleham Ephratah, thou be little amonst the thousands of Judah, yet out of thee shall ‘he’ come etc..there is really not a name for ‘him’ the elect the ruler in Israel, but if those of you feel more confortable because of how we all been raised then so be it. But YHWH does not reveal how many of the pastors priest rabbis elders have all mislead the flocks for nothing these scriptures are there to show us how we have been deceived. And this is why in Isaiah 52vs1, it says, “Awake,awake put on thy strength O Zion etc…and in Daniel 12v2, those who sleep shall ‘awake’etc. This means unto the light the ones that will be the light unto the Gentiles or nations. And many are AWAKENING today it is happening NOW, and the time of YHWH is nearing us and is why I convey this scripture in Malachi 3v18, we will have to discern who we will serve YHWH or not because the servant will serve Him and we will serve YHWH then him. Many say it is jesus,but I will go with the scripture and say ‘servant’ of YHWH. The only name that I read in the scripture that YHWH mentions is in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and it says in vs.6,”In his days Judah shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell safely; and this is ‘his’ name whereby ‘he’ shall be called, THE LORD (YHWH)OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.(meaning the Branch of righteousness of the new covenant of the Jerusalem Movement) YHWH Bless.

              • Cocodol.
                No you do not get my point. If Yahweh will not “give his glory to another” (Is. 42:8) yet he glorifies the root of Jesse. Yahweh is the one who Judges in righteousness, yet the root of Jesse also is able to do this (Is. 11:4) Either Yahweh is contradicting himself, or the root of Jesse, the Messiah is Yahweh. (You probably agree with that statement)
                “I (Yahweh) will raise up for them a prophet like you (Moses, Human in form) from Among their brothers (Root of Jesse), And I will PUT MY WORDS IN HIS MOUTH and he shall speak to them all that I command him. And Whoever will not listen TO MY WORDS that he shall speak in my name, I MYSELF WILL REQUIRE IT OF HIM.” (Deut 18:18-19) From this we find that Messiah will be human as was Moses, and he will speak the Words of Yahweh directly. Jesus said that he spoke what was commanded of him to speak by the Heavenly Father directly. Jesus is the only prophet who has made this claim. Jesus is the Word of Yahweh come in the flesh. For Yahweh to glorify him is no contradiction, for he is glorifying himself! Just as allowing him Judge the world, is no contradiction, for it is Yahweh who is Judging via the Messiah. The new testament is no contradiction of the Old testament, but rather a fulfillment of it, which if you have no faith, you will not see. ALL of the Old Testament points to Jesus.

                • Beloved, I followed the knowledge of the scriptures you provided, and agreed with them from the beginning of the post all the way down until you got to jesus being the only prophet that spoke to YHWH and heard His Voice and did His Word. No, many prophets shared a most unimaginable relationship with the Creator YHWH, as Abraham he was the friend of YHWHs of which YHWH chose the ‘seed of the covenant from’ in Isaiah 41v8. And Daniel, where YHWH had Gabriel to tell him that he is ‘greatly beloved’ in Daniel 9v23. Then Isaiah who’s children were the signs and wonders of YHWHs, and YHWH let Isaiah see him; now you must admit that these prophets were truly blessed, and there is no slightness to these prophets of what was said by jesus not at all.For it is not what jesus said by commandment it is if YHWH the Strong One has said it. Also, YHWH has glorified Himself in the book of life so many times that why would He ever have to come into flesh to do it?, in Isaiah 45v5-10, and in Job 40, and 41 these scripture do not look like YHWH needed any help to glorify or magnify Himself to me or anyone else with any sense that fears YHWH; are you kidding me? Yes the servant will obey YHWH and we will obey YHWH and then listen and Do for the servant of which YHWH has commanded us to. Now as I said one can keep their prerogatives and beliefs it is their choice but who created the servant?, is the question here and that YHWH will be the first, the last and none else is YHWH. There is no argument here for it is prophesied that the servant of the seed of David and the Branch will all be called THE LORD YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS for generations to generations in Jeremiah 33vs.22, regardless of who believes what; this the ‘future covenant’ and will all be YHWHs the Almighty Father YHWH. YHWH Bless.

                  • Indeed, that is what you cannot see. Yahweh has come in the flesh, as foretold by Moses, your great prophet! You are limiting Yahweh, by believing that he is constrained to his heavenly realm, and cannot come in the flesh. This is part of the “Mystery” as paul calls it, which was concealed in the OT.
                    As I said, ALL of the Old testament points to Jesus. perhaps it is you who should stop looking at the Minutia of scripture and start looking at the big picture. Creation, Fall, Sin, redemption, new creation. The cross was the climax of the whole story, his secondcoming the denoument or completion of the story. Are you going to be a protagonist or an antagonist in his story, (Book)???

                    • Beloved, none and nothing of jesus, only the root out of Jessie is the ‘seed’ of David is there and jesus was not of David nor Jessie they procreated ‘seeds” None of this is there of what you are saying in your post, what paul said, and the flesh, is not prophesied and this is why YHWH taught us that He changes not, so that we are not consumed in Malachi 3v6 (meaning do not be deceived by false statements)such as those that are not prophesied unto us in the book of life; the Book of Remembrance given to us by YHWH to remember Him and His ways and His Law in Malachi 3v16. Moses was ‘prophesied’ and all of his wonders and anointments of YHWH were ‘written’ in the book of life for us to ‘know’and what wasn’t was at least ‘implied’ according to his death. We know Moses is gone with his Maker. YHWH teaches us in His book of life many things of knowledge and whatever is not there He said to us in Isaiah 42v9,”Behold, the former things are come to pass and new things do I declare: before they spring forth I tell you of them.” This scripture lets us ‘know’that if there is something YHWH needs for us to learn or ‘know’ He has no problem in telling us of them. Which means there is no limitation on the Creator YHWH none at all. Least you have forgotten YHWH is the King and “Haven’t you heard?,Hast thou not known?,that the everlasting King, the Strong One, the Creator YHWH of the ends of the earth, fainteth not neither is weary? there is ‘no searching’ of His understanding.” which means no room for assumptions here. Will you be the bearer of deceit and lies that were warned to us in the book of life?? YHWH Bless.

        • Beloved,Let me add that this same servant from the root of Jessie, from the seed of David is also in Isaiah 49, and in Isaiah 53 and in Isa.53 all through this description of the servant I see that YHWH is telling us that he is so comely, and hated and despised and we hide our faces from him as if it were ours to shame there is no beauty that he should be desired and I then realized that this chapter coincides with Isa.52v9-15 of vs.9, YHWHs people of Jerusalem (hated)then in vs.11 go depart ye go out clean YHWH speaking to vs.10,His holy Arm (the Branch) in the eyes of the nations and all the ends of the earth we will see His chosen, vs.12 YHWH reasures him or them (these he,him ye, could be plural or singular) that he won’t be alone that YHWH will go before him,and then in vs.13-15 is of the servant or the holy Arm again of his visage was so marred more than any man, and his form more than the sons of men (more than many other sons of men or nations were ever marred ‘despised”hated”abused’) yes many think this is jesus and the other scriptures of 49 42,as well but there is more here than the carnal eye sees. jesus was loved and knew what he was here for at all times and in Isa. 53 it says this servant whether singular or plural was a tender plant as a root out of dry ground(does not have the knowledge of YHWH yet, he has to become to know his seed)where as jesus was teaching at 12. What really tips this off is in Jeremiah 23v1-8 saying it will be all called The Lord YHWH Our Righteousness the Branch. YHWH Bless.

          • cocodol,


            Where you say above to Beloved, …. “and in Isa.53 all through this description of the servant I see that YHWH is telling us that he is so comely, and hated and despised and we hide our faces from him as if it were ours to shame there is no beauty that he should be desired.” But it is not just referring to the people, but to the Messiah Yeshua.

            Yeshua was hated and despised by the Sanhedrin, who represented Israel spiritually. (You don’t care for Him much either.)
            They hated Him and killed Him. (And that whole event was YHWH’s will.)

            The words that you used to describe your interpretation, “and we hide our faces from him as if it were ours to shame, there is no beauty that he should be desired.” Doesn’t that sound more like a “people” that have been prejudiced against for thousands of years by many so called Christians, because of the incorrect assumption that “these people” killed what they believe to be the Christ? Doesn’t it sound more like it is the Hebrew/ Israeli people? You and that of your ancestry that “hide your faces from Him” as if His crucifixion was something that they had done to be shameful for? A people that don’t believe that the man that died on that particular day could have possibly been “Yemelekh HaYhudim”, (The King of the Jews) so they see no beauty in Him, so therefore, they don’t desire Him?

            Here’s a question for you…… “What if all of us here, are not nuts?”
            What if instead, we happen to be right?
            As the metaphor implies, You would then be, “Up a specifically particular type of creek, without the hand held wooden instrument necessary for propulsion.”

            What if we’re right?

            • alienated, what if?, lets try what did happen and in all of the book of life in Malachi 3v16, the so called OT not one prophecy of jesus or his story anywhere by YHWH for what is suppose to be the son of YHWH. Why would YHWH prophesied everyone but His son jesus? Why? And why would the only son and firstborn that YHWH does mention is in Exodus 4v22,23, ‘Israel?’ Why? Because this jesus is a what if?, and a belief and the only ones that were marred and abused and hated were the children of the Hebrew Strong One of Israel YHWH, until this day, the Hebrew Israelite the so called blacks and others scattered to the four corners of this earth to be called bywords and proverbs as in the prophecy in Deut.28:15-68 all in any parts of this earth are hated and in poverty all over the world being used as servants and who do not know who they are and are coming out of darkness and will be a light unto the Gentiles in Jeremiah 16v16-21. And yes a seed from David who is of these chosen people of YHWH the Strong One of Israel will come or has come along with the Branch in Jeremiah 23v1-8 and in Jeremiah 33v14-26 and this will be forever more from generation to generation as in Jeremiah 33vs.22 says,”As the host of heavens cannot be numbered,neither the sand of the sea be measured: so will I multiply the ‘seed’ of David my ‘servant’, and the Levites that minister unto me.” says the prophecy of YHWH. This is the new covenant and what part of the ‘seeds’ of David does not one understand? But many of you claim to be so knowledgeable; well please us it. Where is jesus mentioned here at all, and no one said anyone is nuts, many have been mislead is what YHWH says in Malachi 2 and Ezekiel 20, and by the pastors, priest and popes elders and rabbis that is all, and as YHWH said YHWH will take care of that. What if, well I don’t do what ifs I am sorry but I will do what YHWH expects from me to pray that we all come to realize it is the Creator of Life the King YHWH who should be praised here for His servants are His servants and they and we will ‘serve’ and the Father is the Almighty YHWH loving and righteous of peace and true and He knows us and what we need and He let man do himself and this is what we got mayhem poverty in difference racism greed hate etc…for in Jeremiah 10v23, man cannot direct his own footsteps. YHWH Bless.

        • Beloved,Did the apostle Paul get the Word and Voice from YHWH that circumcision was not necessary?, If NO, then who is he or any of them in the NT other than mere men. If it has not been prophesied from the Creator YHWH then who are they to decide such things for Gentiles or any nation for they and all of us are YHWHs creations and YHWH changes not Malachi 3v6, and this is self explained in that scripture so that these lies and deceit will not consume us. As said in Isaiah 45v5-12, where YHWH magnifies Himself to let us know who is King here, and one should not strive with his maker. YHWH Bless.

          • Cocodol
            Deuteronomy 10:16

            • Beloved, this scripture in Deuteronomy 10v16 is not talking about the circumcision of the loins of a man, and I know you do know that this word ‘circucise’ in this scripture is used as an example here, so are we playing simple again? But yes one needs to soften their hearts and clean them to open up to receive the Word of YHWH and His righteousness and walk in his ways and Do the commandments, the Law, and love others regardless of their flaws or misfortunes and stop being stiffnecked.YHWH Bless.

              • I was giving you the verse from the OT which Paul used to substantiate his exclusion of circumcision to the gentile converts, which judaizers were forcing upon new converts to our faith. Our righteousness comes from Christ, not from the legalism. That is what God wants, inward obedience, not outward obedience to the Law. It is all about the heart, as we have discussed before! I am surprised you do not understand this yet, obviously, theLaw has not done its Job yet, of leading you to the righteousness Yahweh, only to self righteousness. Read the psalms of ascent, and maybe then you will understand this. it is with a penetent heart that we are allowed to the prescence (house) of Yahweh, not a bloated self righteous one! Our works are as filthy rags, but the fruit of the Holy Spirit (God with us), are what he is looking for.

                • Beloved, This does not exclude any gentile no more than it would a Hebrew but ‘both’ must get circumcised in the loins of a man, and it is a simple procedure no matter what age and things take time YHWH knows this or know that they can’t do this for other reasons YHWH understands this, He Knows All. There are people who were not even aware or that this is the law and YHWH has compassion and patience for them. As in the NT(not true)they have played on the twisting and changing of words in Romans 4v9-16 and in a lot of their scriptures denouncing the law of YHWH,and of circumcision. paul has no authority to change anything of what the Father the King YHWHs law is or says to us None. This is why the scripture YHWH gave to us in Malachi 3v6 is prevalent here as an example to ‘blasphemy’ of the Word and Voice of YHWH, YHWH changes Not so that we are not ‘consumed'(taken in by false witness,lies). When you provided the scripture in Deut.10v16, you also played on words (double talking again)knowing that in this scripture, Deut.10v16, the word ‘circumcision’ is used as a metaphor ‘to cleans ones heart’ for people to open their hearts and be compassionate to those of misfortune and grief. And this scripture does not relate at all to the scripture of Romans 4v9-16 which actually talks about the circumcision of the ‘loins of a man.’ You knew what you were doing here. This you have learned to do twisting the truth from the nt(not true) and as YHWH says you of no ‘faith’ in Him, rejoice in tempting and changing the words of YHWH in Malachi 3v13-15, and being proud of it. This book the nt was (that came newly up)that is why its called the New testament and was warned and prophesied to us by YHWH in Deut.32v17, that these are ‘those’ who sacrifice in devils and Not in YHWH the King. Good luck with this and people better get out of that if they fear the Father YHWH. Even the first page of mathew is a lie, and what starts out crooked is what it is, not straight, and people are being mislead by twisting the truth with lies. YHWH Bless.

                  • I do not know whether I should respond to that comment or not??? (Snip Snip) Good luck with that one!! Perhaps we should circumcize a part of the woman, so that she could understand??? I think I will remain firmly a follower of Jesus!

                    • Beloved, most people do follow the jesus myth so that they can do what they want to, and then continue to repent as if that is going to fly with the Father YHWH but it is not. Besides many people have their newborn sons circumcised anyway right after their birth at a day old. And some countries do circumcise the women they too believe its cleaner lol. Well, you are the one who presented the scripture in Deut.10v16 in regards to circumcision, when you know in this particular scripture it is metaphorically used to give example to how we are suppose to cleans and open our hearts to those who have grief or misfortunes and just in general. We are to be humble and caring and giving with one another. Living righteously and peaceful and no matter of the skin. YHWH does not force anyone to do anything, as I said He is understanding especially of fear lol. YHWH Bless.

                    • Cocodol
                      I was trying to explain Paul’s theology to you which is beyond your grasp, as you do not believe that we live under the new covenent in Christ which is not about outward appearence, but rather inward transformation, as this is what the Lord requires, obedience with a pure sanctified heart. May I suggest you read Galations 2:15-4:7 in the NT.

                    • Beloved, well you can assume again what you want but like I said you are the one who used the scripture Deut.10v16, not I, and used it as an example to circumcision of the man’s loins not I. But in this scripture, you do not have to tell me I realize that is is for the purity to open the heart, and the humbleness of ones heart and how to treat one another to be with YHWH so why would I have to read anything it was your post and your scripture being used for the wrong topic. The topic was talking about circumcision of the loins ‘the flesh’ of a man, not the heart this was you bringing in that misconception so maybe you need to read it. One can twist and turn all they want to but the truth will still be the truth in the end. YHWH Bless.

                    • I will comment at bottom.

    • alienated, are you still talking about that strand of silver hair please,and these scriptures you provided are from the book of life for us to KNOW. This book of life the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, was also mentioned in Exodus 32v30-33 with Moses and YHWH, this is the book, the so called OT, and why do you think that YHWH named it the Book of Remembrance, for us to have it to R E M E M B E R, for those who become lost sheep, read it,in Malachi 3v16. The people were losing themselves Israel Judah Jerusalem forgot who ‘he’ the son and firstborn of YHWH in Exodus 4v22,23 was, and it is confirmed in Nehemiah 13, at this time Nehemiah was the governor of Judah,the people were going astray from doing idols other iniquities and they had even forgotten their own language with YHWH, and profaning even the sabbath,and Malachi was the prophet during this time as well. How else do you think that we can know what happened in those days this book of life was left to us for that reason to help us to remember all of the events prophecies and the law, there is no other books,from YHWH. The book of life is for the commandments, and the passover, the dietary plan for us, for people to remember YHWH and his statues, ordinances and judgments and the covenant until this day. When you say Old Covenant, it is redundant because many things in the book of life are not old and are prophesied for now,and the future, just like the coming New Covenant I’ve said this before but you are in denial of it that this has not happened yet in Jeremiah 31v31-40 and there are many other prophesied events that has not occurred yet as in Haggie 2 of the New Temple that will be built in the future. So there is nothing ‘old’ about the book of life and the only reason the enemy in Psalms 83 the descendants, tells people it is the Old Testament is to take us away from YHWH, it is our future. The names on a scroll now do you really believe that the Almighty YHWH needs a piece of paper to remember things on?, lol, you crack me up! this is all made up, and the names are with YHWH written in His ‘spiritual book’ it is not tangible, of names not any scroll. There is not a scroll long enough to remember all of those who YHWH had Voice with, or did right by YHWH, on this earth yes it is with Him but the name of this book that you and many have been mislead to call the the OT, bible, torah, tanakh, that is what people named it from their languages of course not YHWH He said the Book of Remembrance, book of life same thing, for following this book is our ‘life.’as prophesied by Moses the prophet in Deuteronomy 32v45-47. The reason no one wants this true name to get out is because the enemy in Psalms 83 is doing all he can to keep the chosen people ‘Israel’ from knowing who they are until this day. Now you can believe whatever you want and try to insult my intelligence, that’s ok I understand when people feel threaten they throw dirt, it will not matter in the end for YHWHs plan will Magnify Himself off of all of these misguidance of His Word,from the elders pastors rabbis priest who are teaching us wrong as stated in Isaiah 40v15-31 where YHWH is speaking to those who think that they can put another before Him, and in vs.31, to those who waits for Him shall be strengthened. And in Isaiah 40v10-14 YHWH tells us of the servant His arm that will rule for Him that He has taught him what to do, and he cannot be put over YHWH either,this is why YHWH gave this scripture to let us know who’s who here, and this does not sound like jc for according to his story he already knows everything. But, this is alright for this will only Magnify YHWH in the last days to bring us all together, and to bring a light unto the nations, and or gentiles in Jeremiah 16v16-21. We will only keep going back and forth so please take heed to my last 2 sentences, for there is no need to respond alienated it is alright. YHWH Bless.

      • cocodol,

        Your first question to what I am assuming to be your response is, “Are you still talking about that strand of silver hair?”

        Well, I guess that would depend as to which post you are referring to? My last post to you is located at the bottom of the thread, (as stated), so if you were responding to that one specifically, I would have thought that you would have utilized the “reply” link, instead of arbitrarily posting way up here, all alone above? (But hey, that’s just me.)

        I do believe though, that choice as to whether to respond, was the prerogative of the individual was it not?
        Therefore I will simply say this, “I pray that in time if it is God’s will, that He will drawn your heart to the truth of Yeshua. Though you do not understand, and though I have said this to you many times before, it bears repeating, “for He is the Way and the Truth and the Life.”

        “You” don’t have to respond.

  59. Now many should go google THE LORD YHWH OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS and AWAKEN to the light; Jeremiah 23v1-8. Or call 1-773-874-0325, and ask any question or challenge any concern that you may have do not fear or hold on to that pride. Asking questions is great. YHWH BLESS.

  60. Cocodol,

    I asked you quite awhile back if you were an anti-missionary and you never answered the question. I will ask the same thing again and also if the phone # above is PalTalk or something similar? I don’t believe any of the people you are conversing with here are part of any organization to undermine your beliefs and convert you to something else by sleight of hand. All we do here is discuss scripture and what we believe it means. We hope that none believer’s will see what we are seeing and make a decision in favor of Mashiach and I believe also the commandments. That is why I am here. But I am not part of any movement or organization. The question is, are you?
    If you are, then anyone who gets involved with your phone number or chat service better have their game face on. Just saying!!!!

    • ashupert2, No, I am not in any missionary or nor am I a jew, I have said before that I am Hebrew from the Almighty Father YHWH the Hebrew Strong One of Israel. Why is that so hard to believe that when one comes out of Egypt at evening they were then Hebrews but later they were jews is not my problem this is what transliterating and transferring words and meanings of the truth around through history does to people these days. But the true chosen people were Hebrew Israelite and I see many people shunning that today for that much truth is just too overwhelming to even deal with now with so much ingeniousness floating around. I am beginning to think that many are absolutely afraid of the ‘light’ that will be unto the nations, Gentiles for it is reaching out to one and all right now and it will magnify soon. Do not fear come on open the hearts and live the life that the Father meant for us to from the beginning. But,those who are awakening are anointed and they know the truth is gradually rising from many of the Fathers jewels Malachi 3v16. From all the ends of the earth and this is all it is its time. There is no organization and the only movement that there is, is the Jerusalem Movement of the Father YHWH from which I would think that many who love the Creator YHWH the Heavenly YHWH would be a part of something for real. And there is no game here; the phone number is for those who want something for real the truth but there are many who cannot deal with the real truth of the Arm of YHWH of our holy host and Father YHWH. This is why one will eventually return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked as said by YHWH in Malachi 3v18. YHWH Bless.

  61. cocodol,

    I am curious and left wondering as to what is or was, your vocation?

    I’m assuming that it wasn’t in any discipline of science that would entail a pursuing of new knowledge.
    I make this assumption based upon your persistence in requiring some form of proof, rather than a willingness to seek it out yourself. And when provided with that information, you don’t effectively weigh the evidence. (In that respect, it’s my opinion that you more than likely wouldn’t have made a very good Detective either.)

    Nonetheless, lets look at this from the perspective of common sense then.

    You continue to utilize Malachi 3:6 to substantiate, what I believe to be, your limited interpretation of the verse.
    The first portion of the verse say’s, “For I am the LORD, I change not;”

    Here God is saying, that His character and His attributes, His Holiness remain forever constant. His essence, all that He is comprised of, (which frankly is completely beyond our comprehension) will never change.
    However, that does not mean that He is stagnant. He is the ultimate Creator is He not?

    Ultimate Creators would normally have a plan in “mind” don’t you think?
    How does one create without first envisioning that creation?
    Look at the vastness of the Universe and attempt to comprehend the fact that not only does it exist, but it is only due to the orchestrated synchronicity of its composition that it can exist.
    Obviously then when God created it, He had in mind some sort of plan.

    My point then is, that though God Himself may not change in any respect, His overall “plan” may have many twists and turns involved. He does not change, but His Creation does.
    You would have to agree that from the smallest of atomic particles on Earth, to the largest of celestial formations in the Universe, “Creation” is constantly in a state of motion and change.
    So to reiterate, God does not change, however on the other hand, tangible evidence is available to conclude that all of “Creation” which was “His plan”, does.

    Now, God fulfilled His plan by creating the whole of the Universe, (everything in the order of His choosing) and then creating man. The fact that we can live on this rock that is flying through space is not a coincidence either. God obviously had man in mind when He created the Earth, for there are literally hundreds of necessary components that are required to be connectively interwoven, whereas if just one of those components where missing, or out of synch, the equilibrium would not exist for life to even survive. God does not change, however He followed His “plan to create” to perfection.

    Obviously as well, the fact that there were Prophets, expresses that God indeed has a plan, and His plan will be fulfilled.

    So when we express to you that a change has taken effect, we are referring to God’s plan as changing NOT God Himself.
    Therefore please attempt to understand that difference in the future.

    In that plan, initially man had no written law. Then a written law was given to man through Moses at Sinai. God did not change when that happened, it was obviously part of His plan. Then within that same plan, God decided to take that written law away again, and replace it instead with the Messiah. Again God did not change, He is simply fulfilling His plan.

    The verses that we have provided for you describe Yeshua as the Mashiach, the fulfilment of God’s Salvation plan. However you do not have the required faith to see and hear the truth. You are not in the Spirit but are carnal in your perspective and interpretation of the word. Though you may sincerely believe that you are speaking God’s truth, you have completely missed the key that unlocks the mystery of God’s plan.

    You’ve missed the boat.
    The train has left the station.
    Elvis has left the building.
    No one here wishes to join you on your journey, cause apparently, you aren’t going anywhere.

    Though God does not change, Yeshua is YHWH’s plan for Salvation.

    • alienated, you left out what YHWH specifically does not change and that is His Law, statues, ordinances, judgments of this covenant and again in Malachi 3v6. Not His Sabbath the day of rest,Leviticus 23, Not His Passover in Exodus 12, Not His commandments in Exodus 20, Deut.5 and Not circumcision, and Not His dietary of Deut.14 and Leviticus 11, and Not to live righteously and have compassion for others. You and these fancy words and books all have not in 2000 years made a better difference of this world and it won’t until we all turn back unto YHWH in Malachi 3v7. For you with your fancy words believe that this all that is prophesied in the book of life has no bearings on you. One can think that when they are puffed up with pride is all you have shown here in your post. What YHWH left for us to do in this book of life the Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, is all He wants from us not to try to figure out His next plan because whatever you find if possible, what can you do about it?,other than do as He says in Jeremiah 11v8,Obey His Voice. For YHWH ways are not our ways,Isaiah 54v6-13.YHWH in Isaiah 40vs.18-31 magnifies Himself to us teaching us who He is so that we do not confuse Him with another. YHWH left us the book of life for us to Remember Him by,and Do His Law and ordinances is all we need man you are stiff necked. There is much to learn from the book of life if you as in the scripture that Beloved gave in an earlier post learn to open your heart and be compassionate and learn to give to others in Deut.10v16, and do and live and walk in the ways of YHWH and His righteousness. And once again stiff necked if one can show scripture of where in the book of life the so called OT where YHWH took away the Law and prophesied this unto jesus or mentioned him or his story for that matter then I can ‘believe’until then nothing newly came up will do for me as prophesied in Deut.32v17. Besides the scripture says in Malachi 3v6 “I am YHWH, I change not; so that you sons of Jacob (and all people of the earth) are not consumed.” This is saying more than He changes not its also letting us know to be aware of the lies and deceit from the enemies. So with all of your fancy words it does not mean a thing if you don’t have YHWH in them. Furthermore this opinion that you have is your prerogative remember?, and for myself I have found the continual conversations of others has been quite enlightening, and I believe you are becoming rather envious of it. But it is alright as said before no one has to respond to anyones post we are not obligated take note to this if needed, and YHWH Bless.

      • cocodol,

        Thanks, this has gone from frustrating to entertaining.
        You make me laugh. 🙂

        The Word says this,
        And ye have not his word abiding in you: for whom he hath sent , him ye believe not.
        Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.
        And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.
        I receive not honour from men.
        But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.
        I am come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive .
        How can ye believe , which receive honour one of another , and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?
        Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust .
        For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me: for he wrote of me.
        But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?

        John 5:38-47.
        Words Of Yeshua HaMashiach our holy Lord and Savior.

        • alienated, I am glad for you that you find this amusing at least your are not bitter and yes these words are not prophesied by the King, and Father YHWH neither was john for YHWH doesn’t prophesied that way,and of course you would laugh for in Malachi 3v13-15, YHWH says those of you would, and tempt His words and be proud of it. And this is why YHWH taught us in Deut.32v17 that this(came newly up) was prophesied by YHWH warning us of the false witness of lies and what constitutes again the scripture Malachi 3v6, El Shaddi,YHWH the Creator changes not so that ‘we’ and Jacob are not consumed (fooled by false witness). People read Genesis – Malachi in the true Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, the so called OT,(old testament)to know how your Creator YHWH works and His ways and the truth. Praise YHWH, Selah!

        • REPOST…alienated, yes these words are not prophesied by the King, and Father YHWH neither was john for YHWH doesn’t prophesied that way,and of course you would laugh for in Malachi 3v13-15, YHWH says those of you would, and tempt His words and be proud of it. And this is why YHWH taught us in Deut.32v17, that this NT that(came newly up) was prophesied by YHWH warning us of the ‘latter days’ of the false witness of lies and what constitutes again the scripture Malachi 3v6, El Shaddi,YHWH the Creator changes not so that ‘we’ and Jacob are not consumed (fooled by false witness). People read Genesis – Malachi in the true Book of Remembrance in Malachi 3v16, the so called OT,(old testament)to know how your Creator YHWH works and His ways and the truth. Praise YHWH, Selah!

          • cocodol,

            I agree that the topic itself is vitally important, however I now find amusement in the ensuing discussion about it.
            We have expressed our views, which you vehemently deny as having any merit, and instead, you continue to express your view point, (which we believe to be correct up to a certain point), however, we believe that you simply got stuck in the past with your understanding.

            You are passionate in what you believe, as we are the same. Hence the impasse that we have been in since the beginning.
            As has been expressed before, there is nothing that you could possibly provide that would or will change our minds.
            No one here will deny the Lord Yeshua as their Savior.

            Yet you continue on in your repetitive fashion. It’s amusing, because it is ultimately a waste of your time.
            If anything, this whole drawn out discussion has verified New Testament scripture. Four of us here have expressed a variety of different points for you to consider, in which none of them were received. The scripture that I have referred to before here, is when Yeshua said, “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him:” John 6:44a. This has been verified. We here can do nothing if the Father, and Spirit is not involved. (therefore apparently, it is a waste of our time as well.)

            (John Gill (Nov.23,1697- Oct. 14,1771) puts it this way, (and this is more for my brothers and sisters here, rather than for you),

            “No man can come to me,…. That is, by faith, as in John 6:35; for otherwise they could corporeally come to him, but not spiritually; because they had neither power nor will of themselves; being dead in trespasses and sins, and impotent to everything that is spiritual: and whilst men are in a state of unregeneracy, blindness, and darkness, they see no need of coming to Christ, nor anything in him worth coming for; they are prejudiced against him, and their hearts are set on other things; and besides, coming to Christ and believing in Christ being the same thing, it is certain faith is not of a man’s self, it is the gift of God, and the operation of his Spirit; and therefore efficacious grace must be exerted to enable a soul to come to Christ; which is expressed in the following words, “except the Father which hath sent me, draw him:” which is not to be understood of moral persuasion, or a being persuaded and prevailed upon to come to Christ by the consideration of the mighty works which God had done to justify that he was the true Messiah, but of the internal and powerful influence of the grace of God; for this act of drawing is something distinct from, and superior to, both doctrine and miracles. The Capernaites had heard the doctrine of Christ, which was taught with authority, and had seen his miracles, which were full proofs of his being the Messiah, and yet believed not, but murmured at his person and parentage. This gave occasion to Christ to observe to them, that something more than these was necessary to their coming to him, or savingly believing in him; even the powerful and efficacious grace of the Father in drawing: and if it be considered what men in conversion are drawn off “from” and “to”, from their beloved lusts and darling righteousness; to look unto, and rely upon Christ alone for salvation; from that which was before so very agreeable, to that which, previous to this work, was so very disagreeable; to what else can this be ascribed, but to unfrustrable and insuperable grace? but though this act of drawing is an act of power, yet not of force; God in drawing of unwilling, makes willing in the day of his power: he enlightens the understanding, bends the will, gives an heart of flesh, sweetly allures by the power of his grace, and engages the soul to come to Christ, and give up itself to him; he draws with the bands of love. Drawing, though it supposes power and influence, yet not always coaction and force: music draws the ear, love the heart, and pleasure the mind. The Jews have a saying (t), that the proselytes, in the days of the Messiah, shall be all of them, , “proselytes drawn”: that is, such as shall freely and voluntarily become proselytes, as those who are drawn by the Father are.”)

            Cocodol, I actually appreciated it when you referred to me above as being “Stiffnecked”, because I will not be swayed from what I know in my heart as the truth. And though I have no idea as to why God is not involved within all of this, it hasn’t stopped me from including you in my prayers. Nor will it prevent me from praying for you in the future.

            Barukh attah Adonai Yeshua HaMashiach, melekh m’hulal batishbachot.
            (Blessed are you Lord Yeshua the Messiah, a King to be praised in adoration)

            • alienated, I have said this before I am not trying to sway anyone it is when there is no prophecy from the Father YHWH to what is being said by those who do not have the Word or Voice from YHWH, well, I have to find out what is the reason for that. Or give that scripture of prophecy to show the truth of what they are saying that is not right. And if there is anything mentioned that I know YHWH has said something differently about then I must reciprocate. And if one wants to think that I am stuck in the past then so be it for all I know is that I understand when YHWH says that here we go again, He changes not in Malachi 3v6. So, now why would there be any change to what He has said in His book of life? Because there is only one explanation for that and that is this is Idolatry as He taught us to ‘know.’ As a good person I want to give truth not fairy tales, or conventional mind selections when the opportunity rises you just change it. Instead of working on doing what is right. No everyone dies for their own iniquities and this is their choice I can only talk about the Word but I can’t make anyone accept the truth. But it is a small thing to spread the Word of the Father YHWH it is a blessing a reward. YHWH Bless.

  62. This is inform many of those who ‘believe’ that what is in the book of life the so called OT is being stuck in the past. In Isaiah 40v10,11 YHWH says, in vs. 10 “Behold YHWH will come with strong hand, and His Arm shall RULE for Him: behold His reward is with Him, and His work before Him. In vs.11, “He shall feed His flock like a shepherd: He shall gather the lambs with His Arm, and carry them in His bosom, and shall gently lead those that are with young. (future). Then in vs.13, “Who have directed the Spirit of YHWH, or being His counselor have taught him? Next in vs.14, “With whom took you counsel,and who instructed him, and taught him in the path of judgment, and taught him knowledge, and showed to him the way of understanding? vs.15, “Behold, the nations are as a drop of a bucket, and are counted as the small dust of the balance; behold, he take up the isles as a very little thing. vs.16 “And Lebanon is not sufficient to burn, nor the beasts thereof sufficient for a burnt offering. vs.17 “All nations before Him are as nothing: and they are counted to Him less than nothing, and vanity. So people I ask you who’s Word would you fol