How do the Sheep Prepare?

End times are upon us.  

Are we prepared for the worst times in human history?


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~ by Marianne on January 10, 2012.

8 Responses to “How do the Sheep Prepare?”

  1. I pray this will not be a self-fulfilling business…business being exactly the right word. This is not of God but of man, the worst men….and they, too, are people for whom Christ died.

    China is almost the largest Christian country in the world. People are attending churches in homes and buildings…not only for formal services, but for the warmth and family authenticity the Holy Spirit is bringing. In a country deceived by mammon and coldness of heart, God is bringing a beautiful harvest of faith, prayer, and mercy.

    Scripture says clearly that God WILL have His share of honor. And as the West chooses another god, the true God will bless other nations…just as Jesus said of His own historical time. And the physical sciences are close to honoring God as well…such a delicious irony!

    The American economy will improve but not with “bubbles”. The thing we must all fear is not Iran or China or human beings at all….but the evil spirits of the age…media lies and tyranny, hate mongering, negativity.

    I pray that goodness, people of unbending good will, will also be sharp minded. Hatred is the breath of hell and fear is satan’s greatest weapon.

  2. all over the world and mostly the western worlds people live too high, of course things change, things must be change. To have money for flat or house, and food and that is. Every 3 years a new tv, every 5 years a new cars kill the planet! Cars? if so, then electric. Ask your politics what about the movie “Who killed the electric car”.
    You say are we prepared for worst times? Makes me laughing. Go live in Etiophia, or Afganistan now, and you dont need to wait for those times.
    Satan is only inside Us.
    ps: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Let love in

    • hi dohert

      there are positive and negative aspects of civilization. the west is the most productive and educated. Without the west, there would be no charities for the eastern countries who benefit from the productivity of the west.

      and with this success, also comes problems.

      I would not want to live in Ethiopia or Afghanistan…they are oppressed countries.

      • Ethiopia? I thought they fought and threw out a marxist govt. several years back and have their own country back.

    • doher
      dohert, I hear you and agree for our Creator YHWH says to help one another, and as you say in the Western worlds people do live high. Therefore, as human beings these other eastern countries instead of being colonized, although they say Ethiopia is not colonized, I beg to differ, and by the Westerners, these eastern countries should not be robbed like this, and be given their due. Many of them have been robbed by their oppressors first and foremost and is why they are oppressed. These people lived fine in the earlier days, and not until others came to take their resources, and colonize them is now the results of tyranny, and imposed poverty otherwise these people would not live in so much anguish. And as for these charities, they need to be scrutinized for much of what they get I do not believe even reach these people not much of it, just as here in the US, the charities do not get trickeled down enough, or much at all. For YHWH knows all and in Isaiah 1vs.16-19, YHWH says to us to learn to do well, and to relieve the oppressed. This is how the flocks need to prepare for the day of YHWH by reasoning together and really do what is right. YHWH Bless.

      • Non-profits and “charities” can be huge money tanks…check them out online first…many big churches have millions invested in immoral corporations completely at odds with the teachings of Jesus.

        My rule of thumb: the more noble sounding the title, the worse it is!

      • Charity is the whole western world, which inhabitants do not deserve to livo so high. It is fake and we make tons of rubbish daily. Morally we reachd the end of the world.
        All those TOP countries sucking the Earth for money, for power, not for love and supporting another parts of the world. The charity seems like an investition, propaganda. They stole the drinking water in Africa, and later playing the angels with supporting them with a few pack of water. Now they stole the drinking water in usa and eu as well. As you said: Creator YHWH says to help one another. Every country can survive on its own way, as we did 100 years ago. We western people should look around in our flats and see those tons of rubbish which we dont need, but of course we realise it, just when we are sick, or we are near do death. Watch movie Jesus camp, and f.e. Earthlings and think who we are. How far is the perfect world for everybody, better question is Do we deserve it?

  3. prayers of repentance are on the web sight called Tribulation Now

    the Webb add: is

    God bless

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