God’s Mark

We hear a lot about the mark of the beast.

What does YHVH God’s mark look like?


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~ by Marianne on January 19, 2012.

3 Responses to “God’s Mark”

  1. This sounds like a great topic. I’ve often wondered how folks will be able to differentiate between the mark of the beast, and the mark on God’s chosen. I’ve not studied alot about this, but isn’t God’s mark intended for the 144,000 virgin Jews who God hides and protects? I’d love to hear from those in the know.

    • Hi Kay,

      I just thought that I’d fill you in here. Unfortunately this happens all the time.

      There are two ways that you can post on any given topic, however, most will use only one way.
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      You could copy and paste what you wrote above into that section, or ask Marianne to do that for you. Or simply re-write it again.
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      Just thought that I’d give you a heads-up regarding this.

      Be Blessed

    • Yes, to get over to that other ‘God’s Mark’ thread, click this link:

      The Rev13:17 mark of the beast is likely to be visible in the flesh due to its use for financial transactions, but scripture gives no hint that God’s mark will be humanly visible in the flesh. Rev7 talks about the 144,000 12 tribes of Israel mark, but Rev3:12 talks about a type of God’s mark which is most probably uniquely seperate than the 144,000 mark, for the latter is in context of the christian churches who are not exclusively limited to the 12 tribes of Israel.

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