Earth wobble and pole shift in Isaiah 24

Do current noises heard around the world match the description in Isaiah?


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~ by Marianne on January 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “Earth wobble and pole shift in Isaiah 24”

  1. Hello, Marianne I am still hoping and praying that GOd intervene in my Marriage .Because I see the demon operating in my husband life he is mean ,angry ,rage,stingy at me at time and I dont do anything.I know this is some form of witchcraft attack.I need your prayer for my marriage because I am tired of this evil force controlling my husband.I should be like the Queen to my Husband .I want this back.Its seem like a marine spirit operating,I ask you for your prayers to help me destroy this form of witchcraft.I want the anointing and energy the break this attack now.

  2. I was wondering… some of these noises resemble what they “hear” in space. Is it possible that with the solar flares the magnetic field around the earth may become “weak” and the “noises of the planets and stars” then become audible?? I have not researched this yet, but sounds plausible.

    Wilhemina… I am praying for you. Break and bind those things that you have listed. Cast them away from you and him in the NAME OF YESHUA. They have no place attacking the children of God.

    • hi Lisa

      I think the earth is wobbling more than normal, which will cause things to “creak” a little. Trapped gases escaping from crevices in the earth, mechanical grinding of plates, etc, seem reasonable explanations. one way is to watch the night sky. If known stars or planets seem to be changing positions at the same time each night, then something is moving.

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