My Name!

In all places where I record my name, I will come to thee, and I will bless thee.  (Exd 20:24)


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~ by Marianne on January 23, 2012.

10 Responses to “My Name!”

  1. how strange is when I type my date of birth into calculator and I can read my name?
    name: ILLES (hungarian name – biblical Eliah)
    born : 3rd May 1977
    53771 – turn 180 degrees and read 🙂

    Kind regards:
    My ego (searching for answares)

  2. hi am very intris abot you please i need ur number to call u because always my mine is on u ;

  3. Your quote, “In all places…”, is incorrectly referenced; Thought you should know. The correct one is Ex. 20:21.

    The correct translation, as good as is possible given that Biblical Hebrew can never really be correctly translated with the implied nuances and levels of meaning contained therein, is: “Wherever I grant you permission to use my Holy Name, there I will come to bless you and rest My Glory upon you.” There is only one place in the world where this qualified and that was the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. This place was where the men of the Priestly family blessed the Jewish people using the otherwise unspoken 4-letter name of God.

    • ok.

      just a thought. we are the temple now. so wherever we are…… 🙂

      • Paul says in Romans 11 that we are the wild olive branches (gentile branches) grafted onto the Branch Yeshua, of the true root and tree of the Hebrew and as their fruit which bore Christ and his branches the gentiles I never thought of myself as much of a Temple as much as a lucky branch that still gains my succour of Israel/Yeshua the root. When a branch is grafted to any tree or vine root/tree it does not become the root/tree or alters its fruit.Paul spoke by the Holy Spirit when he used this apt description of the root and tree (Hebrews) which carried the Old and New Testament Oracles of Gods communication to us all as well as the Hebrew Branch Yeshua to the Gentiles that we might partake of life by the grafting onto Him. We are after all merely a wild olive branch grafted in and our fruit shall be different than the root./tree. I had an apple tree, a hardy green apple which bore three different graftings, spartan, macintosh and another yellow/red apple and I remember seeing the four different color fruits each on their own branches looked so beautiful and yet they never changed their fruit and became the green apple but shared its’ succour and gave out its own fruit while never becoming the root and tree. The wonder of these scriptures have never left me anything but humbled and aware that I need not pride myself in becoming anything but what He made me dependant on Him for my life. The Temple Mount bears not only the Abomination of Desolation of the two Muslim abominations but it is also suffering the ploughing up by arabs of Solomons stables etc underneath. Ezekiels Temple will be built if only to prove to the Muslims that their arrogance in filling the Eastern gate in so the Jewish Messiah can’t come though they have no knowledge that the gate would be shut up until He returns they also plough up the Temple site while getting Unesco to name the Jewish Patriarchs grave sites as muslim. Considering the work of the Beast on this Holy Temple site and knowing He returns to split the Mount of Olives in two to bring an end to this abomination I do not even think of ignoring the real Temple whether in heavan or on earth as being myself. We merely as the second witness allow Him as the Hebrews have to pour His Holy Spirit light out of ourselves as Zechariah saw the two witnesses do and the Jews and Gentile saved he did not call a Temple but a light to the world hence lighting the candlestick. I have always seen the Saints of Daniel 7 that are mentioned three times as taking away the dominion of this Beast of Islam and the UN or Gog/Magog and its’ vile liberalist mouthpiece as just what Daniel calls the Jews and Gentile saved, present today as Saints.

        • hi marie jean

          I guess one could say there are multiple levels of abomination.

          Truly, if our own bodies are an abomination, we would be condemned.

          There is the abomination of a rebuilt temple, which is the literal meaning as the man of sin stands in it and declares himself God.

          Then there is the abomination of the Mosque on the temple mount, which has replaced the holy temple, and is also an abomination.

          Islam contains all 3 levels.

          • Hello Marianne, This is true if all things were relative which they are not but the scriptures speak of the abomination of desolation which was started by Titus, temple to Jupiter built by the Jew hater and scatterer Hadrien and then wiped out and replaced by the Mohammedans Dome of the Rock and I forget the name of the other one which still stands today after 1400 years. Yes Islam contains all levels of abomination including the false prophet/pedophile/followers.
            Appreciated your exchange.

    • Thank you. This is especially wonderful because it seems to speak of the Sukkot and the Feast of Tabernacles when God comes down to dwell with His people as He will in Jerusalem and as Zechariah says that Egypt and the nations who do not come down to Jerusalem to celebrate this time of restored fellowship shall suffer the plagues etc. but, it is a Holy Time of Remembrance and Fellowship with God. Curiously as an afterthought, the Christians from many nations go to celebrate Sukkot in Jerusalem established a Christian Embassy as a show of support to Israel and her Capital where I believe no Embassies but this one established year round. However little it seems I suspect it is a show of the days to come when there will be His established peace in Jerusalem and all Israel shall welcome those who come to celebrate His Presence there.

  4. On a whim you can snub the Bible’s holy intent. Shows, in fact, how groundless all else can be to you too.

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