Tribulation vs Wrath

Is there a difference between the time of Tribulation and the time of Wrath?


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~ by Marianne on February 4, 2012.

18 Responses to “Tribulation vs Wrath”

  1. The Bible tells us how to find knowledge and how to know
    doctrine Isa 28:9-10 It is by precept on precept, line upon line, here a little and there a little. In the Old Testament there was not truth or grace John 1:17. The Bible is the book of the knowledge of good and evil Gen 3:22. The word of God must be rightly divided 2 Tim 2:15. The bible says the Lord will create a new thing on the earth Jer 31:22 where a woman shall compass a man. This man is Satan Isa 14:16. A woman shall bruise Satan at the heel of time Gen 3:15. Satan has deceived the whole world Rev 12:9, until this woman delivers the true word John 1:1 to the whole world Rev 12:5, Rev 12:13 as a witness Matt 24:14. The bruising of Satan is now taking place at I invite you to hear the true word Acts 3:22-23 that turns the hearts of the Fathers to the children of God Luke 1:17, Prove all things.

    • What Bible are you reading??? What do you mean by : In the Old Testament there was not truth or grace John 1:17. ???

      Correct scripture
      For The Law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Yeshua The Messiah (Jesus Christ).John 1:17

      The word for law is Torah, it is the instructions and commandments on how to live our lives. The way non-Jews look at the word law is Wrath. This is not the case. As for wrath a person will bring it upon himself/herself if the Instructions and Commandments of the Creator God are not followed accordingly — Deuteronomy: 30: 15-20 Choose Life or choose death.

      There is so much of confusion in every religion, we don’t want more confusion with the true Word of God.

      • Oh so glad to hear you say this Jes. I love the Old Testament so full of the Beauty and grace and love of our Heavanly Father reaching down to us all and calling to us with love to listen and hear His Voice and Heart cry to mankind. It is His Mercy drops calling and teaching. It is His Promises that He will never leave us or forsake us and that His Promise to Adam and Eve and Abraham, etc…. and all of mankind shall come and does and will. Oh how much you have missed minigoodtale and your name belies the truth here, for I read the Old Testament Oracles as much and more than the New Testament Oracles because I learn of so much that is to go on in our day of fulfilled and unfullfilled Prophecies and lessons and relevant for today as the day they were written. To cut them off and ignore them is like discarding the face of my Heavanly Father and His wonderful Saviour and ignoring His Precious Comforter and saying all I need is your echo though I know it is all many live with and comfort themselves with when they can have all of Him.

    • Hi Jes!

      …pure waters… Amen.

      Rev 22:1 And he showed me a pure river of water of life, bright as crystal, proceeding from the throne of God and of the Lamb.


      • Shalom 45squared

        Indeed pure waters it is, which will be for the healing of the nations
        I would also add Ezekiel 47:1-12 … Umm! Healthy Free Fresh Fish can’t wait to catch some and eat as I’ve stopped eating fish becoz it’s farm raised and diseased.

        Also Zecariah 14:4-8 – As Messiah Yeshuah’s feet touches the Mt. of Olives it will split into two thus creating a valley through which the living waters shall flow and heal all the polluted and contaminated waters of the world… Can hardly wait for this to happen …. Baruch Haba B’Shem Yeshuah…Amein.

      • Shalom to you also Jes,

        I missed your comment until just now. Yes it will be very wonderful when living water causes the lowest land point on earth (the DEAD Sea) to become born again with fish living in it. I suspect the Mediterranean will be sealed off before Rev16:3 (as a kind of ‘Noah’s Ark’ for the fish) and then the Lord’s appearance @ Megiddo will earthquake cause the faultline there to open up, allowing Mediterranean water and fish to flash flood into the Dead Sea, thus stocking it with fish at the same time as drowning the multitude in that valley, causing their blood to flow 6 feet deep. If you measure that valley from the Mediterranean to its furthest point south, it is about 180 miles, in perfect accord with Rev14:20.
        Isa 50:2 …at my rebuke I dry up the sea…
        Rev 16:3 …2nd…vial …every living soul died in the sea.
        Rev 14:20 …winepress…blood upto the horses’ bridles…~180 miles.
        Rev 21:1 …a new earth… and there was no more sea.
        Eze 47:8,9 …waters issue out …east…and go down …into the (Dead) sea, the waters shall be healed….every thing shall live wherever the river comes.
        Then Rev21:1 indicates oceans have disappeared. No matter, since Rev16:3 kills all sea life. Then the Eze47 waters keep that sea’s saline level low enough to keep fish abundantly alive. Then beyond all these ‘natural phenomena’, that water will have supernatural healing properties to it. One can only trust that the few tribulation survivors who partake of that water and the Rev22:2 leaves, will be cured of their injuries, internal toxicities, infertility, cancers, radiation poisoning, etc.. Who knows, maybe even missing limbs will grow back. Wouldn’t that be something to see?


    • Noah’s Ark:
      Gen 6:20 Of fowls after their kind(H4327), and of cattle after their kind(H4327), of every creeping thing of the earth after his kind(H4327), two of every sort shall come unto thee, to keep them alive.

      Dead Sea (after it becomes ‘Born Again’)
      Eze 47:10b …fish shall be according to their KINDS(H4327), as the fish of the GREAT SEA, exceeding many.

      Num 34:6 …the great sea for a border: this shall be your west border.
      Yes, if you notice Eze47, “KINDS, as the fish of the GREAT SEA”

      Scripture is usually referring to the ‘western border sea’ i.e. Mediterranean when it uses the phrase ‘great sea’. And since the Mediterranean is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, all oceans are implied by extension. So after the variety of fish in the ocean, will the Dead Sea be stocked.

      Wouldn’t it be something to hear the sounds of whales trumpeting their voices from the Dead Sea? Or how about Lochness?? Or fleets of dolphins and jumping marlins? Perhaps even seals, star fish, squids, clams, sponges, and great underwater kelp forests!

      Much more than fishing, I would love to go scuba diving during the new millennium in this tight little aquarium of the wide variety of fish God decides to put into the Dead Sea ! ! ! Just to see all of them together…! Since the crystal clear water of life is flowing out from Jerusalem, the water visibility likely will extend hundreds of feet, and at shallow depths the beautiful colors of these living creatures should be plainly visible.

      The Rev14:20 blood in the water potentially could draw sharks in. Not to worry, shark meat does not taste bad!

      During the beginning of the millennial reign, most land livestock will have perished along with humanity. This rapidly multiplying fish pond will serve as meat during those initial difficult years of starting over. Remember the fish multiplication miracles Jesus performed both before and after his resurrection? Our maker knows our bodies which he made; require a stable source of protein.

      John 21:9 As soon then as they were come to land, they saw a fire of coals there, and fish laid thereon, and bread.
      Blessings! : )

  2. “This man is Satan’? Satan is not a man, but a fallen Angel.

    I do not understand the Bible the way you just wrote minigootale. If anything the two witnesses are not here yet, and Old Knob’s power is being allowed to grow greatly. The US government appears to be helping Lucifer’s world system gain strength.

    See how America is helping the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, North Africa, and Syria. Also, helping hamas gain weapons that are used against Israel.

    The world is in great Tribulation now. I believe it is going to get mush worse. G-d has always used weather, and earthquakes to get man’s attention to repent. But, to many people are growing up with no love, not knowing the Bible, and believing a lie. It is the New Age.

    Just as it was before Noah stepped into the Ark. Homos marrriage, Moloch worship, crack… these are but a few examples of what the new Age states is OK if it feels good, and Christianty is hate speech.

    I pray Christ comes soon, and forgives me of my sins.

    • Is. 4:10-12 and more, and Acts 1: 8 , The Hebrew Planting is His First Witness and the Messianist Branches grafted in are His Second Witness as are HIs Old and New Testament Oracles Witness written and borne to the world. There is no more to come. You may look but you shall not find more for there is none greater to come. They are here today risen in the Middle East after 2300 years of trampling and death yet present in body but now alive when they rose in Israels re-birth! Oh open your eyes to see those who keep the Commandments of God and the Old and New Testament Oracles are the Jews and those who Keep the Testimony of Jesus, Gentile saved or Christians, Acts says Ye are my Witnesses to the world… Rev. 14: 12 and Zech. 4: 11-14 His two Witnesses, bringing the light of the Lord to the world. The only light and Witnesses. We must all take care because of the warning of the light put out in Islam, Turkey, all seven churches where Satans Seat is Rev: 2: 12-13 that we do not do as those is Israel were not satisfied that the Saviour should come as He did so today Christians have decided how He should come and miss the signs as well for they surely are missing them all as a whole. Mankind always has done the same thing, looking for God to act and fulfill in there way and not the way He does. Christians are exactly the same today. We must look to the truth for He is the Way the Truth and the Light and much is already happened and happening even now. Dome of the Rock began to be built in 688 and add the 1260 days of darkness and you get 1948 when the Witness arose and it has all begun because they made room for Jews to Return and for freedom of worship for Christians. So many incredible things already going on.

      • I meant to add it is to the last day church, of course the last day lukewarm church, (double meaning of the first 7 church warnings that are gone are also the last 7 ages of the church witness) that we are warned to have the Lord wash our eyes, not the unsaved, but the saved with eyesalve so we may see. The church has a problem with seeing and it is on our doors hearts he knocks to come in to fellowship and not the unsaved. WE must all wake up to see what we have been blind to and to attend and help our root and tree Israel that we are grafted on to and not look to the foolish doctrines that take our hearts away from the Lord and His Word and real work today and the prophecies that breaks forth daily in fullfillment before us. The Tree of Witness, Israel through whom Christ the Branch has come and through whom the Gentile saved and Witness are grafted upon are come together and alive, oh so alive and we together as Paul said in Rom 11 have partaken in them grafted in again a Witness alive to the world that despises them. Wjhat a wonder the days we live in.

      • well said

  3. like the pic.

    looks like the dust cloud rising, after emptying my vacume cleaner! : )

    See current discussion over on:

  4. in the 9th dimention there is one chair and its name is Compassion and Love.:)

  5. There are two “Tribulation vs Wrath” threads on the ‘heavenawaits’ blog.

    This link goes to the other page.
    Tribulation vs Wrath thread “A”
    The sidebar to the right only links with this current:
    Tribulation vs Wrath thread “B”

  6. not sure about this tread issue and where to post. So I am posting here.

    My comments about tribulation and wrath are that tribulation is something that has been going on since Jesus Christ preached. The words says we enter in with much tribulation . We receive our true annointing from the
    savior thru that firey tribualtion test of our faith.

    So tribulation is a part of every Christians cross. if you are going to follow him and enter in then you are going to have tribulation. How does he discern the heart of each of us? How does he know if we have had enough
    fire to truly remove everything of spot and blemish from sin that has entered in. When the fine porcelain vase is put into the keln, it is left until it is thumped and then sings. I imagine the one we serve does the same thing to us. We we start to sing we can come out of wondering in the wilderness and back into the fold where the joy and peace of Lord are returned.

    Oh yeah we are going to go thru tribulation if we have our hearts made uo.
    If your eye on the world or on Jesus christ? If it is on him you will enter his kingdom by fire, flood and by tribulation. It is in his word so it is a promise.

    Jesus said fear not for I have overcome the world and so shall you. He walks with us daily, he answers our prayers and he walks thru everything with us. We are no different than the children of the firely furnace, Shedrach and Meschach and Abendiao came out un-singed and who was walking loose with him therein, our savior. If they put your head on the block he will be there, if you need to speak the Holy Ghost will give you words. This is the prepration that God has been putting his army thru the past 5-7 years, you don’t put soldiers in a war that they are not fit for. Keep your eye on him who loves you, he has never failed and never will fail.

    I was saddened to read that our President is giving another 1.3 billion dollars to Egypt and 800 million to the Arab spring. Who is funding the evil and over throw of empires? Why? Yes, I would say with more tribulation
    we will enter but not with out our Heavenly Father.

    Please remember to pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and for all the Israelites through out the world. Pray for all of the unsaved people of the world. Pray that we all be guided by the HOLY SPRIT and submitted to holy prayer and not to bitterness or anger or hatred or violence but to the same love that Jesus had for us when he died on the cross. That we might be saved. As this is true salvation, that there is nothing greater than a man to give up his own life for the life of a friend.


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