Angel in the Bush

If God was in the bush, why did the angel have to be there?


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~ by Marianne on February 6, 2012.

5 Responses to “Angel in the Bush”

  1. That God was an ET who gave the new world spiritual order to the hands of Moses.
    This causes ours evolution and it is still fresh.

  2. Many times men do not listen to the Lord. Sometimes it is hard to get their attention. Look at Balaam arguing with an ass and still the Angel had to appear to him because of his biligerent ignorance. It sounds like mankind but, I suspect that in this case Moses was content to dwell in MIdian like most of us who are content to dwell in our well ordered lives and dare not to be caught out because of the cold climates we live in and we would end up on the street if we were not content to dwell in our Midians. It is quite simple and that is that the Lord wanted to get his attention. He often has to put a fire under something to get our attention if we are not fellowshipping with Him on our own volition.

    • hi marie

      I think we are all guilty to some extent of being too comfortable in Midian. We should all be more active in sharing the Word of God before it is too late.

      • Hi Marianne
        Yes that is true but our MIdians are needful for peace to raise His children until He raises the ire in a Moses to go and free some of His enslaved whether from sin or literal slavery. We are not all Moses and there is no shame in that so I did not mean to imply guilt where it is not needed. I was just answering the query of the header here, but, I have also known what it is to have a fire put in our midst or under us to rush us to prayer for people or things that need to be helped or changed. The mighty prayer warriors must be fired up to pray for the great needs of today and to blow the shofars of mercy warnings. That is just as important in these last days isn’t it? Mercy drops always precede judgement and it is the Gentile Nations that are already begun to be judged and we know the wrath that will follow if these nations do not repent and turn from the evil they cling to. Ezekiel 38 & 39 are very clear about that judgement on Islam today for it has begun with them already and they have already thought their evil thoughts of anhialating Israel, the Hebrew people and Christians just as Hitler and others have done, only this time it will be different for the Lords’ fury shall come up and they shall be stopped in time just as Pharoah and Egypt was.

  3. I really like that photo. …haven’t I seen that somewhere before… …somewhere…

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