Sinner’s Prayer

Have you prayed this prayer yet, and meant it?


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~ by Marianne on June 26, 2012.

7 Responses to “Sinner’s Prayer”

  1. I love this post, so important. I wonder if more lost people would understand what this is if you call it “prayer to become a Christian?”

  2. The Bible does NOT teach or support the mistaken idea that a person can be saved by saying a prayer. There are no works that a person can do in order to receive the free gift of salvation. (Ephesians 2:8-10)
    The Bible constantly teaches that salvation is a gift from God that is given through belief and repentance.

    The so-called Prayer-salvation deceives countless unsaved persons into thinking they were saved by saying a prayer.

  3. My family and i have been tortomed by domonic forces for a yr now scratching on walls knocks on walls i very worried its strong enough to possove someone please pray for us there much more my number 9705715364 i need guidance and strenth i am a christian that help

  4. My husband Michael Newman has confessed this prayer and he still has not changed… in the street drinking and druging, I have prayed for devliverance from this Spirit and have anointed the house and did all that I know to do… can someone please pray that JHVH God will give me the deliverance that I need to break free… (have been married for 30 year and kids are grown and I don’t want to live with him anymore and he won’t leave… I have a disability and I have asked him to leave the house and just live his life… but he won’t go…. I don’t have the strength to put him out… and I pray to God everyday for an answer…. please pray with me to ask God to remove this man from my life and my house…..

    • Dee

      I am putting you on my prayer list, and will agree with you in prayer. You have worked very hard on this issue. You have made your best effort.

      you are also tired.

      so, now, just rest in the Lord, and let him do his work in Michael. there will be salvations and deliverance very close to the coming of the Lord. some loved ones are slow to come around, while others are easier to win to christ.

      I pray for strength and healing for you as well.

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